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Prison for the boss of a chaotic transport company.


He's jailed for seven years - his mechanic gets five -


after their truck killed four people in Bath when the brakes failed.


As a company owner, Matthew Gordon had no transport manager and if


loaded every regulation put in place to put public safety in danger. His


mechanic sign of vehicles as safe when they were clearly not.


So how many more cowboys are out there?


We're with the safety inspectors searching for other


All along the' for care, there are cameras starting number plates. John


Meek M4. That means we know what vehicles are coming down towards


them. an event in Bristol to recognise


the man who brought thousands And in football: Bristol City


forget their problems and prepare for better luck


in the FA Cup. A court heard today about the chaos


inside a transport company which was responsible


for the runaway truck in Bath It was said the office


was so disorganised it looked Today, the man who ran


the company and his mechanic The judge said they had


shown a cavalier attitude February ninth, 2015


and a crash that changed But today, Bristol Crown Court


heard how it all could A 32-tonne truck careered down


Landsdown Lane in Bath Three men from Wales


and four-year-old Mitzi Steady Last month, these two men were found


guilty of manslaughter. Today, in court, the judge said


the brakes on the truck, owned by Matthew Gordon,


we so poorly maintained And that the lives of the four


victims were lost due a bodged As a company area, Matthew Gordon


had no transport manager and effectively floated every regulation


would in place to ensure public safety. His mechanic, Peter Woods,


sign of vehicles as they when they were not. Tragically, this incident


and subsequent loss of life, series injury and long-standing effects on


the community were totally foreseeable and avoidable.


Emma Jade Steady, the mother of Mitzi Steady,


told the court of the heartbreak of losing her four-year-old daughter.


She spoke of the devastation that their bright beautiful,


vibrant, outgoing little girl will never have her


first day at school, learn to read or have best friends


She also spoke of the impact on her mother, Mitzi's grandmother,


who lost both her legs in the accident.


Sharon Vorderman, whose husband Stephen was also killed, said they


were robbed of their future. -- Sian Vaughan. We should have never had to


go through all this. If that was the case and it was avoided, we would


have a family by now. Philip Potter, who was driving


the lorry, was also a victim of Matthew Gordon's cavalier


approach to safety. In sentencing the company as now,


Matthew Gordon, the judge said the vehicle was so dangerous a judo


never been on the road in that. He said they have a history of cutting


corners with a reckless disregard for the consequences. He didn't want


to take the lorry off the road for fear of passing of the giants of


work. It was highly variable that death or serious injury would occur.


That would the culture of the business. In sentencing the


mechanic, Peter Wood, he said he had a cavalier approach to safety.


Matthew God was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison, Peter Woods to five


years and three months. -- Matthew Gordon. Now the family can get on


the grieving, knowing the men responsible for this tragedy are


behind bars. The judge said the brakes


of the truck were in an appalling condition and that Matthew Gordon


wasn't concerned for the public, So what's being done now to stop


other companies cutting Scott Ellis has been out


with the safety patrols. This is one way to make


sure HGV's are safe. The operators, when they sign up for


licensing, they say they will their vehicles in a fit and serviceable


condition as we really want to send a message to those who doubt that we


are here, we will stop them and will target them.


The DVSA keep tabs on hauliers - using data such as MOT failures.


That information's used by offciers as they patrol our motorways.


All along the M4, there are cameras watching numberplates, so they know


which lorries are coming down towards them. They can quickly jack


is operating lorry and, if it's someone with a poor track record of


maintenance, they are more likely to be polled in.


Across the UK - the DVSA checks 220,000 lorries


One in three fails some aspect of the mechanical test.


The Road Haulage Association wants more enforcement like this.


And it wants new operators blitzed with an audit


Saying that would have stopped Grittenham Haulage in its tracks.


The complete ignorance of the rules and disregard for the safety rules


would have been learning about. It would have been reported to the


traffic Commissioner and the traffic Commissioner who then, potentially,


have taken action against the operator to curtail the licensed or


force them to actually take action to remedy the problems that existed.


Truck drivers we spoke to hope the Bath tragedy will send


But the reputable drivers worry corners will still be cut.


People are undercutting each other all the time. It is just the


pressure on these companies to make money.


It can cost a ?1000 a month to maintain a truck.


The message now more than ever is profit cannot come safety.


The judge said this 32 tonne trigger top -- o'clock had review safety


warnings. They said company owners must dare to a duty of care to the


public. -- Hella Hewison. -- adhere. Police are setting up a mobile


station outside Motion nightclub in Bristol tonight -


where Deakon Wilkins was last seen The 24-year-old, who's


from Weston-Super-Mare remains missing despite police searching


the land and river Officers will speak to people


as they arrive at the club tonight in the hope


of getting new information. There's been four confirmed cases


of mumps at a school in Bristol. The City Council is asking any


parents who are unsure whether their child was immunised


to check their records. Symptoms include swollen


or tender glands at the side Public Health England says anyone


with symptoms should seek medical attention but phone ahead before


visiting the GP as it's The Bristol West MP


Thangam Debbonaire is to rebel against the orders of her party


leader by refusing to back Brexit She says she is reflecting


the wishes of her constituents who voted strongly for remaining


in the EU. But her decision is made


all the more complicated by the fact she's a party whip and is meant


to be telling Labour MPs She's refused to say whether she'll


resign her position. I am making a difficult decision,


along with lots of other colleagues. The Labour Party have a hard


challenge to do. We want to wade through this. We represented 25


remaining constituencies as well as they leave constituencies. We have


to represent all of them. Everyone has their constituents in a


different way based on their understanding. I rather than Bristol


and the people of Bristol. She is one of three MPs in Bristol. Kerry


McCarthy is consulting her constituents but is expected to vote


against the start of the Brexit process. Karen Smith for Bristol


file will, however, stay loyal to their party leader. We will have


more to that in the Sunday politics west, this weekend from 11am.


You're watching Friday's Points West with David and Alex.


Thanks for starting the weekend with us.


Another historic day to day in the use. Yes, press conference going on


in Washington right now. Stay with us because there is more to come


right now. The man who saved


the sight of thousands. Tributes to one of the West's


and the world's top surgeons. And it's farewell to be culled and


settled spell as the usher in a much more change will happen through the


rest of this month and into the glass of Valkyrie. The gel at the


end of the programme. -- into the month of February. -- more at the


end. Events have been held


across the West to mark In Bristol, there was a celebration


of the work of Sir Nicholas Winton, who saved more than 600 children's


lives by bringing them from Prague to Britain and finding


families to take them in. He didn't speak about his work


for nearly 50 years. But when he appeared


on That's Life in 1988, it was very apparent


what a difference I should tell you that


you are actually sitting next to I wore this around my neck and this


is the actual purse that we were given to come to England,


and I'm another of the Is there anyone


in our audience tonight who owes their life


to Nicholas Winton? Well, that wonderful man, Sir


Nicholas, died in 2015. But today his daughter


was in Bristol and Andrew He was 29, he had no authority and


he was told by people in authority that he should not go to the


governments and has permission to bring in children because there was


another organisation dealing with German and Austrian children, and he


was only muddy the water. His was the response was, I'm going to do


it. Organising trains out


of Czechoslovakia In the weeks before


the outbreak of war. I am Soo jail and I am the child of


a Winton child. -- Sue Taylor. Sue Taylor's mother was Separated


from her family at the age of 15. Almost everyone she left behind


Was detained and then killed. He was not somebody who spoke about


the horror of anything very much. I didn't think she ever cooed. All but


one of her family were ready. -- could. -- saved.


Sir Nicholas Winton's daughter Barbara


now uses the story of his life to make sure


the lessons of the holocaust aren't forgotten.


He has a lot of scrapbooks from the time and he kept it.


A priceless record of the lives he saved.


I would not be anything was not from Barbara and her family. -- the here.


The final train Nicholas Winton organised


Almost none of the children on board survived the war.


But for the 669 children able to reach Great Britain,


it was a seat on a train that meant the difference


It's just so moving, isn't it, that footage? And Andrew's report as


well. A little later in the programme


we'll hear from a 92-year-old who was put on a train from Germany


at the age of 14 and taken Then later. First, more news from


across the west. people in Somerset


will carry on running -- A group which supports young gay,


lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Somerset


will carry on running 2BU had been facing closure


after the County Council said it would be ending


its contract with them. But after a campaign to save it,


the council has given the group A boy from Wiltshire


with severe cerebral palsy, who learned to communicate


using just his eyes, Jonathan Bryan from


Stanton St Quintin -- is campaigning to help other


children with disabilities. Jonathan Bryan from


Stanton St Quintin Since learning to read and write,


he now composes poetry, Before Christmas, he met his hero -


the author Michael Morpurgo - who talked to him for an hour,


and even read one of his stories. Family and friends will come


together in Cheltenham this weekend to celebrate the life


and contribution of a man who's been described as a rock star


in the world of opthalmology. Rob Johnston was a top


surgeon and innovator based at the Cheltenham General


eye department. Sadly, he died last


Autumn at the age of 50 and left an enduring legacy,


as Amanda Parr reports. His skill has saved the eyesight


of thousands of patients. Those he's helped,


those he's worked with remember his rapport,


his drive, his energy. A fantastic surgeon. He was a


surgeon to its core. He loved operating. He had fantastic surgical


results. As a friend and colleague, Hebrew patients first. -- he put.


He came up with a new electronic patient record


system that's now widely used - it was revolutionary -


award winning - allowing teams to record and analyse the results


of treatments - improving the quality of patient care.


It's the only jewel in medicine, I'm aware of, that has been designed


purely for clinicians by other clinicians. It's no extra efforts to


doctors to acquire that information. -- the only tool in medicine.


Rob also transformed this place - the outpatient facilities.


Despite failing health he chased funding, helped plan the layout -


chose seat colours, flooring and artwork.


There's loads of space, the corridors are nice and wide, it has


been forced out very carefully as an ideal environment for ophthalmology.


And a great legacy for Robert. Yes, another great legacy. It's a great


part of it. You have the patience, but you want the atmosphere and


everything to be like this. It's lovely.


But staff were determined to surprise him on opening day -


sneaking a plaque onto the wall to thank him.


Tomorrow, many will gather to remember Rob Johnston.


A man described as unfailingly modest - but one of the most


influential opthalmologists of his generation.


A party was held at a care home in Bristol this afternoon,


where one of its residents celebrated her 107th birthday.


Lorna Grey used to work as a nurse, loves playing the piano


and says she's partial to a glass of wine.


Bristol City can put their league troubles aside tomorrow as they head


to Premier League Burnley in the fourth round of the FA Cup.


Alistair Durden is here - so the pressure is off,


No-one is really expecting Bristol City to win but it'd be


a huge confidence booster if they did, but defeat isn't


A break from the league has given City the chance to put out


The club's owner and the players have been uniting behind


His job is under fierce scrutiny and Lee Johnson says


But after a club record eighth league defeat in a row,


City's owner has this week given the head coach his


He has never faltered or wavered from being a supporter and -- as


supportive and consistent as his message was. I'm very resilient and


I got a belief in the squad. A belief in myself and my staff. Read


on everyday our best. He's also found an ally in star


striker Lee Tomlin - who's recent absence from the team


had sparked rumours There's no argument. We sleep each


other every day and I've got so much respect for him. Our performances


have been nowhere near what I'm capable of. If I was on top of my


game and playing, everyone would know if we'd had an argument.


Burnley's manager Sean Dyche knows all about


He traces his own sucess back to an ill-fated spell as a City


I learned more from two years there it's not going right in my career


than I did for the rest of my career. It was invaluable to


understand more about myself, the game and Lee will know what he's


going through, what his team are going through at the challenges to


the ageing consistent, deliver performances, it's soft. -- tough.


City haven't beaten a Premier League team in the FA Cup


since that famous night at Anfield in 1994.


Only one hand, it's a way and we need to focus on the league but it


will be some respite if we get a wind there, and that will help


following league games. Lee is on a hiding to nothing, to tell you the


truth. Tuesday's league game


will be more significant, but tomorrow is a chance to show


some strength of character. Interesting to hear from Sean Dyche


mayor who is one of the leading British managers. I found a bit of


footage hair from 20 years a ghetto, signing for Bristol city. The cat


that. He has not aged at all. On the front row, you might recognise that


chap. Yours truly. It's Harry Potter! You have grown into church.


Yeah, probably the biggest shirt you could ever find. Anyway, enough of


mocking me. The other big match tomorrow is Bristol Rovers visit


Swindon. Bristol Rovers got the points back in September. Steve


White has played up front to both clubs and said Swindon have devised


a way to score more goals. A return of 27 goals in 28 games is not good


enough and that has been a major problem. They are modest but for the


points than Rovers, so they don't get sucked into the bottom fall. Of


course, Rovers abolished prison -- Rovers where political ad. They have


more points than Swindon have scored. If Rovers have the chance to


wind, they could be promoted. That's all the kick-off here, the rested at


3pm. Gloucester centre Henry Trinder


makes his return from a long-term injury in tonight's Anglo Welsh cup


tie against Bath. The 28-year-old was


on the fringe of the England side before a succession of serious


injuries, including This will be his first appearance


since April last year. The only other fixture to tell you


about... it is Holocaust Memorial Day


and for one woman from South Gloucestershire,


that's particularly significant. Hella Hewison escaped


the horrors of Nazi Germany by coming alone as a teenager to


Britain. I'm Hella Hewison. I am now 92 years


old and I feel ancient. I came the age of 14 in 1938. In the gender


transport. My parents could be on the train and saved my life. --


Kinder transport. This country has looked after me well. I came in


England to a family in Knole, Bristol. They stayed with them for a


few months. They were carrying. They could speak no German, so I learned


English and I went to Golden girls school why I was there. My mother in


1942 wrote in one of the Red Cross letters, wishing us goodbye. --


Coldstone. She told me she would be sent by transport from Bell in June


that year, where all the people were taken into the woods and shops. --


from Berlin to Latvia. I have had tremendous support in this country.


I went to a school, worked as a nurse and a health visitor. It is


important that the Holocaust and what has happened to the Germans


during the Nazi period should not be forgotten. We read forget.


Absolutely. It's nearly time to get


the weekend weather with Ian - but just time to tell you that one


woman got more than she bargained for on a night out


in Bristol last night. Normally watching


a musical encourages us Well, I think you can see what's


coming. at the Bristol Hippodrome had


Rachel Robinson going into labour. to hospital where little


Digby was born. Today one of the stars


of the musical, Jason Manford, congratulated the family


on social media. Apparently he waved off off with the


gas as well from the stage door. I didn't even notice. I was busy


getting into the car to get to the hospital. In an tom cat members were


there any audience watching ours get going. He and some cast members. And


my mother managed to have a chat with him as well.


And she managed to get a programme signed by Jason Manford


Many imaginations. What a sweet little baby. I wonder if any viewers


are now having contractions watching ours. I think I had a bit of a


twinge earlier. Is that what it was? Over to Ian on the roof. Still


raining? It is indeed. Can't complain. Earlier this week, I


was trying to think of new way to describe a stagnant weather pattern.


Not so now. A very changeable period carrying out the rest of January. It


seems that this book commence to the first part of February as well. Let


me tell you about the forecast for the rest of the weekend. Rain at


times but, having said that, on Saturday, losing the current period


of rain developing overnight and some wind generally brighter weather


for a while. We will see showers moving in from the west for the rest


of the afternoon. As we head into Sunday, turning wind yeah, but it


might as well. Quite notably, milder as well, with a very big change


eventually pattern we have had every reason days. He is a bigger loot as


to how the weekend shapes up. A window dryer, brighter weather


followed by some writers showers in from the west through tomorrow.


Waiting in the wings, the next system in the Atlantic, that heads


into Sunday. A better finish on Saturday. For the rest of this


evening, period of rain developing quite readily. That whole pattern is


spreading bloodily from west to east. You can see rain coming up


from the south. Temperatures for all of us will be somewhere in the range


of about 4-6 C. Quite a bit of help for the associated with this


particular front. Then it's a question of how that plays away.


Then comes this period of generally drier, brighter weather spreading in


through towards lunchtime on for a while through this afternoon. Rescue


showers to late evening. Some quite lively. Some go all the wind as


well. Temperatures up to around 8-9 C. -- squally. Into Sunday,


temperatures picked up further with a push to 10 Celsius. It's been a


while since we've had these kind of values. Milder still due Monday. We


could see some pretty windy weather developing later on through next


week and anything question of how far into February this pattern


develops. Thank you very much. Have a lovely weekend and I'm glad it


will be a bit milder. Yes. It has been really Jimmy. Really cold.


Reading! Freezing! Me better go. Then forget the sunny politics this


weekend but we will see you on Monday. Thanks for watching.


Goodbye. We know you understand the risks


associated with your pregnancy. Because I'm smaller, people think


my hopes are not so great. You know what it's like when


help is needed. You just jump in. Are you saying that


he's stalking you now?


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