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Our other headlines tonight: A shocking report into the project


to electrify the railways - MPs say the western line


The well heeled donor who left a thousand pounds in a sock


The South Korean teaching us how to talk Bristol.


A group of street salesmen from Bristol who say they're raising


money for good causes deny they've been misleading the public.


They sell leaflets across the country in the name


But concerns have been raised that they could be


mistaken for a charity, when they're not.


Scott Ellis has this exclusive report.


Two street vendors from the Bristol based organisation.


Filmed by a passerby in Northampton recently.


Their leaflets offer dietary advice - in exchange for donations.


What worried the man filming was what appeared to be


charity fundraising was in fact a business.


One I was the well-intentioned that people should give money in the


belief that they were giving to charity. It is certainly the case


that everyone who gave thought they were donating to charity.


Dan Plews called for a council licencing officer.


Who arrived and said the leaflets were misleading.


Because they featured the names of two charities.


Since they weren't licenced for charity collections


There have been others who've raised concerns about the street vendors.


This is the same vendor being questioned by police


Dan Budd says he spotted a vendor in Thornbury last year.


Having lost his younger sister to cancer,


he tried investigating more about where the money was going.


There is no information at all about what percentages are going towards


the publicity costs, staff costs, the people collecting or obviously


ultimately what percentage is going to charity.


The group behind the leaflets is called "Salubrious Periodicals."


Their website has been taken down recently.


It has a mailing address here in the centre of Bristol.


But we managed to contact them by email.


"A representative told us they set up Salubrious Periodicals


after their son had to undergo tests for cancer.


Saying they want to expose carcinogenic foods sold to children.


They say the vendors we've mentioned thought they were acting legally.


And they'll take steps to maintain good conduct.


They add that if any customers feel they "misinterpreted


the transaction" then they can have a full refund."


They wouldn't tell us what per centage of their money


The two charities mentioned in the leaflets told us


And now they want their names taken off the leaflets.


This former employee who worked for them but was an anonymous contact


us. He left after four months saying that he discovered while he was


there that the organisation was not linked to charity. It was not a good


thing he was doing if you not being a charity because he was not proving


to us he was paying a charity, we did not see any preferred evidence.


We contacted the company about the claim that they have not replied.


The Charity commission say they are aware of the concerns raised in the


sub -- raised in this report and they say that street fundraisers


should have a local authority licence. Adding that transparency


with the public is key. Gerald Oppenheim is Head of Policy


at the Fundraising Regulator - I asked him how people can be sure


about where their money is going when they donate


in the street? Look to see whether the person


asking you for money is wearing something that identifies them


clearly from a charity, check they have some identification and check


that they know what they are collecting four. It is fine for them


to ask these questions before they give? Absolutely because you need to


be sure you're giving to something that is real. It is not illegal to


sell leaflets but some people are finding it confusing and assuming


that anyone holding a bucket in the street is from a charity. Does the


need to be a change in the rules to make that clear? I think the rule


change by the become located because there are things given out on the


street, morning newspapers, that that is Beverley legal to do that so


you would not want to catch things like that in changing the law. The


important thing is if you think somebody is doing something they


shouldn't that you report them to the police or the local authority.


Lots of money is collected on the streets and health charities usually


but what is your advice on the best way for members of the public to


give? The best way is to take your time and make your own decisions


about what you want to give to, how much you want to give up when you


want to do it. All good charities have websites these days, you can


donate online or you can even send an old-fashioned check if you want


to. Thank you. A police search at the former


Swindon home of murderer Christopher Halliwell has finished


with no significant discoveries. Specialist officers have


been checking the garden and garages of two properties


for nearly two weeks. Halliwell's serving two life


sentences for killing Becky Godden A driver who crashed well using his


mobile phone and killing a man from Swindon has been jailed. He was


arguing with his girlfriend when he caused the crash on the 34 in June.


28-year-old Gavin Roberts died, his girlfriend met Stratford


face-to-face as part of a scheme called restorative justice.


The scheme to electrify the Great Western Railway has been


The Public Accounts Committee say it's a "stark example of how not


The work is already up to 3 years behind schedule and more


Now there's concern that several sections, including around Bath,


will never be electrified - even though 130 million pounds


has already been spent on preparatory work.


Our political editor Paul Barltrop is at Temple Meads now.


What has gone wrong? I am sure plenty of passengers would like to


know. This is the busiest station in the West Country, 10 million


passengers a year make their way through the beautiful building in


me. And it is one of the last major links in the country, not yet to be


electrified. The line from here to London. This was the plan, they


wanted to run electric wires from Paddington down to Swindon, on to


Bristol Parkway and on to Cardiff and there would be a sudden spurt


splitting Swindon, going through Chippenham, Bath and future Bristol.


But the project ran into trouble and the education was then disturbed in


places from Chippenham three here to Temple Meads, and from here to


Parkway. The last few months MPs on the Public Accounts Committee have


been trying to find out why it all went so wrong.


The report by MPs highlights the millions of pounds paid to lease


new electric trains, which can't yet use the tracks.


Installing the wires has proved very challenging,


With costs soaring the government indefinitely deferred


electrification on the section between Chippenham and


The report demonstrates how badly planned, conceived and delivered


this whole project has been in for us in Bristol it is really worrying


because we were promised certification but now seems unclear


what the benefits are or indeed if it will ever happen.


All the electric trains are having to be fitted with diesel engines.


On a visit to a Wiltshire firm which provides parts


for the new trains, the Rail Minister


Technology means we have combined trains, that can run an electric and


diesel. That is a compromise, it is not about mentally clean. It brings


benefits to the passengers, more rapidly than would otherwise be the


case. the ?130 million spent preparing


for electrification in places where it's now been deferred,


such as here in Bath where line was shut for six weeks in summer


2015 - and there are more This time the work's


definitely needed. They're lengthening the platforms


to take the new trains which will But it means more


inconvenience for passengers. It's just makes it so frustrating,


trying to get somewhere, using what is the alternative? I can drive by


the traffickers is a nightmare. There is no alternative. It is just


a pain because you have to find another way. It is ridiculous.


Network Rail insist the project is now on track


for completion by the end of next year.


It must be said that the MPs are not quite so confident, they say


December 2018 might be optimistic and are also looking at the budget,


2.8 billion for the whole project, they are not entirely sure if it'll


stick that plan. Thank you.


A tree's been planted today in memory of Bijan Ebrahimi,


a disabled man who was murdered in a vigilante attack in Bristol.


Last year, a police constable and a community support officer


were jailed for failing to protect him.


And today the chief constable gave another public apology,


There's a new tree in Queen Square today.


In 2013, Bijan Ebrahimi repeatedly called the police


Two days before he died, he filmed this encounter with Lee James,


the man who would later punch and kick him to death.


But he was seen by the police as a time-waster and a nuisance.


A lot of his life was a tragedy, and avoidable tragedy. We should have


saved him. Political leaders, senior police


officers and a choir joined Bijan's It is the first time actually that


we could celebrate, get together and remember him as the Love the guy


that he was. It is an emotional day for us.


A police officer and community support officer were jailed last


year after being found guilty of misconduct in a public office.


But the time for anger has passed, say Bijan's sisters.


They hope the police have learned from the mistakes they made.


Wants more including... They have in Mecca, the story of a giraffe who


cleans windows is put to music. And it is a battlefield in the


commonly surprising number of people with wartime relics in the back


gardens. Police are trying to trace the owner


of a pair of socks that were handed to a refugee


agency in Taunton, because there was a thousand


pounds tucked inside. No-one knows if it was a genuine


donation or a mistake! Small wonder they're checking


the donations more closely today. Just imagine the surprise


of volunteers at this refugee aid warehouse when they came


across a sock which was, well, slightly heavier than normal,


inside was ?1,000 in cash. We are used to be giving -- given


donations and taking changing everything, but ?1000 is a lot of


money to finance a sock. The thing is the charity isn't


sure whether this was a genuine, We have plenty of socks still here,


not so I am afraid the ?1000 writing. They were taken to the


police have now backed the cash while they try and solve the mystery


but we do have a picture. Take a look at this and tell me, in these


socks yours? Because if they are the police and the charity would be keen


to hear from you. From this warehouse in Taunton


the agency collects donations It's been running for more


than two years now. Plainly the hope is


the donation is real. We can do so much with that money,


support a lot of refugees in Syria and Greece and we can provide food


and nappies, toiletries, a lot of aid to them.


Not a glass slipper maybe, but this is a story with a real


I wonder if it is someone being very generous! Or someone is missing a


thousand quid. Her Majesty the Queen


came to the West today. She visited the Royal Welsh


at Lucknow Barracks in Tidworth, armed with leeks to present


to the soldiers. It's part of her role


as their Colonel in Chief. She also met this goat -


which is the regiment's mascot. Of course it was Saint Davids day


today. The world premiere of a new piece


of classical music will be performed in Bath tomorrow and it tells


the story of a Roald Dahl classic. It's been written by the author's


official biographer and is the first time 'The Giraffe and the Pelly


and Me' has been set to music. Michelle Ruminski joined


the choir in rehearsal. 'The Pelicantata' sets


the Roald Dahl classic, The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me


- to music. It's a story about a ladderless


window clearning company, whose employees - a giraffe,


a pelican and a monkey - use their physical attributes


to get the job done. The new work's been commissioned


by Stroud Choral Society. We are thrilled, it is amazing to be


able to do something new, big, world premiere. At a liberal style, one of


the reasons we went to him was he used to say to me, children in


schools today are not getting exposed to good classical music. I


think he would have loved that. His widow Felicity loved the idea


too and invited Roald's Tries to have his voice in my mind,


whole time I like it, what would he have said? Would he have like this


are not like that? Hanging on that magical imaginative inventive


spirit. And helping to tell that


story are the Minpins, a newly created children's


choir, named after one of And the actor Tony Robinson will be


the narrator on the night. The world premier of


the Pelicantata is at Bath Abbey tomorrow night


But the hope is a simpler version of the work will be sung in school


classrooms around the world. Michelle Ruminski, BBC


Points West, Stroud. It's the battle of the bottom two


in rugby's Premiership this weekend, Ali Durden is here


with tonight's sport. Not too much time left for Bristol


to save themselves is there. Six games to go, and that's why this


one is so important - If Bristol lose, it's hard to see


how they'll make up the gap. Lets have a look at the remaining


games for both clubs. After this weekend,


Bristol have a home derby Then in April they play


all of the top three - wouldn't expect them to get much


change out of those games. They finish Newcastle at home


on the last day looks a must win. As for Worcester, tough


home games for them. Sale and Newcastle


away will be targets. And finishing with a difficult


game against Leicester. So, the first task for Bristol


is to ensure their fate is in their own hands by winning


this weekend's game. Worcester have been playing very


well at home, they got some big scalps there. They have got to be


visit this weekend but we are going there with ambition and will turn


them over. We win on the weekend and we go two points above them, we


again have a two and a half week break before Gloucester. Then the


three top teams coming up, and we're not looking at the fate of the


moment, let's get Worcester out of the way!


Whoever is relegated to the Championship will be playing


It's a team made up partly of students who squeeze in rugby


The Gloucestershire club could clinch their promotion


from National League One this weekend - and they're on course


for a perfect season, having won every single game.


There's no late nights and lie-ins for these students.


Reporting for training at 7.30 so they can get


It's a combination of work and play that's taken them


We are in a unique environment year with a college of 16-18 -year-olds,


young players they have the background of a degree going forward


and sport, it encourages them to train and read/write, and it is


second nature to them now. Gloucester and England wing


Johnny May is a famous name to have Winger Jonas Makalcius


hopes to be the next. He's in the third year


of a sports condition degree. But he'll be heading


to Premiership Harlequins once he's This is a brilliant place for your


future career and to pursue your goals and all that and at the same


time study, so I'm very happy with my decisions.


Hartpury have dominated National League One -


scoring nearly 50 points a game on average.


But can they make the step up sucessfully?


Next year I think will be a huge challenge, certainly with the


professionals and professionally environment. We will stay part-time


and train three mornings a week, we do not have the funding to go


full-time. We will have to train harder. The challenges week in week


out will be tough. They are seven games away


from completing the perfect season. First, promotion is


possible this weekend. Elsewhere, Bath are at home


to Premiership leaders Wasps - and it's Gloucester against


Harlequins. In football,head coach Lee Johnson


has described Bristol City's game Only goal difference is keeping them


out of the relegation zone. Swindon are going for a third win


a row against second It is that time of the year, the


results feel more important. I can't believe it is that the early six


more matters to the end of the rugby season. Where does the Yugo? March


already! Now last week we told you about this


world war two gun turret from a Lancaster Bomber,


which was found in someone's garden and fetched more than two and a half


thousand pounds at auction. We thought having one


of those outside your back door would be unique,


but since then, we've First, we head of one in Bath, being


used as a greenhouse. We genuinely don't know how this ended up here.


Then Sheila said in a photo of one of her house and Winterbourne. And


here in a back garden in Swindon is another, same thing, aluminium frame


and Perspex gnome. And this one does not looking bad neck. It sits in the


garden and gets under way, nine times out of ten. When we had a cat


the cat used to shelter under it. This Lancaster bomber turret belongs


to Mike, the body 23 years ago for what seems like a bargain. ?20. And


you know the one we featured last week when the 2600. Tempted? I am


very interested in two and half thousand pounds but we have no


interest in selling it. Why are these the Second World War and it's


popping up here in the West Country? The heritage centre as one possible


answer at its current exhibition. It goes back to the 1930s to a factory


in the town called particles. And territory being mass-produced that


Parnell aircraft, and following the bombing of the factory dispersal


sites in Kingswood and nearby were also making these gun threat, a


vital part of the war effort. There were more people working for Parnell


aircraft on the books than there are in the parish of yet at that time.


The 3000 staff made thousands of West Country wartime turret so it is


maybe not so much of a surprise that a few of them are still about. Just


70 years on. Now we have an unlikely internet


sensation to show you. You are looking for suggestions?


Soccer challenge? Best bits from Sunday politics? Worst bits from


Sunday politics? No - the latest star


of the web is Korean Billy. He's based in South Korea


and spends his time making videos teaching people to talk


in different dialects. Our colleagues at BBC Radio Bristol


joined up with him and his unique take on Bristolian has already had


nearly half a million views. The evil! -- there you go. I think


he did jolly well. Spoken like a true local.


The whole video is on Radio Bristol's Facebook page.


Let's go up to her outside weather studio and unions there. Good


evening everybody, let's take you through the forecast for the


weekend. It is going to be one that will see some periods of rain, yes,


but equally some dryer faces and indeed for some of you, some of the


dryer faces will be quite dark, more noticeably during Saturday. A number


of district will enjoy a comparatively dry day and as we head


to Sunday we find a band of rain moving up from the south-west in the


morning. Some of that were quite heavy. Wanted clues to their will be


a window of some dryer and probably sunny weather for a time before we


see a returning risk of showers into Sunday afternoon. He is a wider look


at how things are shaping up, low pressure dominating the path of the


jet stream, high-altitude ribbon of wind across the Atlantic gearing up


to well over 200 mph, driving a sequence of areas of low pressure


towards us and as we head to the weekend they are never too far away,


as will be the risk of showers and bands of rain about. That is what we


see moving stooges in the course of Sunday morning. But the rest of this


evening we still have some shadowy outbreaks of rain about, some of


those looking quite heavy. So tonight this will fade away and so


we are looking increasingly at a dry slowly starting to emerge as the


night wears on. Temperatures will be rightly in the range of 5-7d by the


time we get towards daybreak tomorrow. It looks like a dry start,


right across the board, to get Saturday under way in for some of


you it will be a grey start as well. It will -- we then started pick-up


the risk of some rain coming out of the West initially and as he the


afternoon we see some of that is migrating eastwards but still


populated by dryer faces as well. The further east you are, the lions


share of the dry weather lasting longer. Temperatures are around ten


or 11 degrees. The temperatures will go down about as we head into


Sunday, there will be rain in the morning moving away and the brighter


phase and further showers as well. We continue any similar theme as we


head into the start of next week. Whatever you're doing have a grey


weekend. Thank you. It is time for us to


review. Cheers for now. It's like bake a cake,


but we flipped it. Oh, my God, we love flipping.


Cake-a-bake. Cake-a-baking. I love it.


I so love it when this happens. 15 celebrity acts


are coming together to Sing And Dance


For Comic Relief. # And the haters gonna


hate, hate, hate, hate, hate


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