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Welcome to BBC Points West with Liz Beacon and David Garmston.


The 20-minute op changing men's lives.


The treatment to cure a common prostate condition


is being pioneered in the West and gives instant pain relief.


I've had the left, I'm fixed, I'm not getting up in the night. It's a


complete transformation and I'm really happy.


We'll find out how it works and where it's on offer.


The candidate denied a job interview when he revealed


The end of a nightmare for soldiers with stress.


A new therapy to turn flashbacks into peaceful dreams.


And we're revving up with the school students


who are taking their own Formula One car to Silverstone.


An exciting new treatment's being offered at Southmead Hospital


in Bristol which could make a massive difference to men's lives.


It's called the UroLift and it's being used to help with


a prostate condition called BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.


For those who've got it, it feels anything but benign.


For something that's only the size of a walnut,


It does grow throughout your life, but rarely causes any


But once you hit 50 it can start to get bigger


and around third of men begin to experience discomfort.


The prostate begins to restrict the tube which carries


It's a bit like when you get a twist in the garden hose.


It can mean having to get up several times in the night and a feeling


Certainly an embarrassing problem, but one which Chris,


a gardener from North Somerset, was willing to share with our health


When I first had the problem, I noticed it seven or eight years ago,


I couldn't pay at all and when the doctor asked if I was in pain, I


said it was more like discomfort. He said it sounded like you was in


agony. Chris Monkton was shocked to


discover he was suffering from BHP. It's a condition which causes


the prostate to grow Until now, the only solution has


been to take medication. If that doesn't work, then


you could be facing major surgery. But now Chris has been


offered another option. A project at Southmead Hospital


is offering a new treatment And the best thing about it is that


it's not particularly invasive It's a bit like pulling


apart a pair of curtains. Permanent implants are put in place


to hold the excess tissue away, That's the tube that carries


urine from the bladder. There's no need for a general


anaesthetic or an overnight stay. It will reduce those symptoms of


difficulty being, slow flow, having 2p frequently to empty them later


because one person doesn't do it all.


Until recently this operation has only been available privately,


but recently twelve patients have received it at Southmead Hospital


as part of an evaluation trial and it very much depends


on where you live as to whether you may get it.


In Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire a 10-patient


In Somerset there are early discussions to start a trial at


There are no plans for the procedure at Bath's Royal United


a 10-patient trial was completed at Salisbury Hospital on 24th March


and it should be routinely available from April.


Chris Monkton has spoken out about his condition as he wants


more men to be offered this life-changing surgery.


Now I've had the UroLift, I'm fixed, I no longer have to carry catheters


around, I'm not getting up in the night, it takes complete


transformation and I'm happy. But with the NHS under


huge financial pressure, it may take a long time for that


to become a reality. And we're joined by


the consultant who you saw It sounds almost too good to be


true. That's the instantaneous response I had, but it's an


operation that does not involve cutting through an organ which is


rich in blood vessels and that's the main advantage, especially for the


elderly who commonly have this ailment. There is no bleeding, no


need to stay in hospital for two or three days, it's done under


anaesthetic and it works. So are the days of men taking pills to reduce


the size of it and getting up three or four times in the night over? I


don't think there are over but we always start with Pelz, but they can


have side attacks. For younger men it may affect sexual function and in


this procedure we stay away from the vessel important for sexual


function. Will Davila solve the available for everyone eventually?


It's gone through all the scrutiny and regulatory approval so I think


we will see it spreading throughout the country. There are already


centres doing it regularly and we are doing it at Southmead. The old


operation will still be necessary for certain types of prostate, the


large ones or ones with funny configurations but I think this is a


very good procedure that will help men get over things quickly and get


back to life without having troublesome affects. Is it expensive


for the NHS? It's a much cheaper procedure both in terms of the time


in theatre, occupancy of beds and the equipment, so we reckon it saves


about ?1000 per procedure, so if you have an equivalent operation that


saves money, there is another advantage. I guess many men over 50


get the symptoms but it may not always be the ninth so it's sensible


to get it checked out anyway. It's sensible to go through the right


pathway and rule out other conditions and the one people are


most worried about is prostate cancer. There is ten times the ratio


of men who have the pH than cancer but it is worth having that checked


out. It sounds like a worthwhile operation. Thank you.


Well, it's lovely to have your company this Thursday evening.


It's David and Liz with tonight's Points West.


We meet the puppet master from Somerset getting offers


And today was the warmest day of the year so far. It will be a fresher


and cooler story tomorrow. Details towards the end of the programme.


The actions of an employment agency in the West have been described


James Heappey, the MP for Wells, has taken on the case of a computer


programmer whose offer of a job interview was withdrawn


when he told them he was blind and used a guide dog.


The agency are refusing to reveal the name of the company involved,


but that hasn't stopped the matter being referred to the government's


Ian Brooks, from Glastonbury, meeting with his MP today.


Mr Brooks was approached about a computer programming job


by an employment agency called Vector Resourcing


But after finding out he was blind Mr Brooks got a call back to say


the company no longer wished to interview him.


For someone to want me and then turn me away


because of my disability, it's one of


The company said they were unable to accommodate Mr Brooks' guide dog


but discriminating against a blind person for having a guide


Vector Resourcing, who are based in offices here on the outskirts


of Malmesbury, have so far refused to tell Mr Brooks the name


Not knowing the company's name means it's impossible for him


I've also contacted Vector Resourcing on Mr Brooks'


behalf but they've refused to speak to me too.


It cannot be the case that equalities legislation can be


defeated so easily as a third party recruitment agency hiding behind


data protection or whatever else they are hiding behind for not


revealing the name of a company who have clearly breached


The Royal National Institute of Blind People has agreed to pay


They're also keen to remind employers that any extra costs


incurred making their workplace accessible to those


with disabilities can be claimed back from the government.


If I had my choice and lived my life again I wouldn't have a disability.


I always wanted to serve my country but I've never been able


to so I chose computers as my line and it's something I can do.


Mr Brooks hopes by making a stand he'll make employers think twice


about turning people away because of their disabilities.


And we'll let you know what action the Equalities


Parents of students from across Bristol are meeting


tonight to fight Government plans to change the way


A consultation on a new spending formula ended last week -


with some gaining and others losing out.


Overall, Bristol schools will get slightly less money.


Martin Jones is at the meeting for us tonight.


These are mostly parents from Fairfield High School,


This is the amount of money they are concerned that each school could


lose and some of the cuts they fear could be coming. The meeting is just


getting under way and plenty of people there. And they are also


concerned about some of the cuts already taking place in the West.


Schools across the West say they're under pressure.


The government is introducing a new system of funding -


So while this class learns about Dickens -


the head teacher is getting ready for financial Hard Times.


Over 20,000 secondary school students will lose as a result


When you consider that as a school we sit in


one of the lowest funded counties, to be losing 2.5% takes the meaning


out of the term fair when associated with fairer funding formula.


But the new formula is only part of the problem.


Even schools which gain under the new proposal are worried


because rising costs will be more than the increased funding.


We've cut back on our support staff and maintenance is cut to the bare


minimum for safeguarding and health and safety,


The most painful cut is a reduction in teaching time at A Level.


The government insists it is listening.


Schools minister Nick Gibb recently visited Swindon,


saying they're protecting funding while tackling the deficit.


We have protected school funding in real terms.


We're spending ?40 billion on school funding, the highest ever amount


we've ever spent in this country on our school system


As pupil numbers increase, so will that funding increase.


But for many there's still too little money in the system.


Unions and even the Commons Public Accounts Committee say major


That's something Simon and Terry know all about,


recently made redundant from their jobs in drama and PE.


Nobody's ever in a job for life but it felt after 30 years


of loyalty to one establishment, it was very difficult


Cuts to subjects are already happening elsewhere too.


Seven out of ten South West schools who replied to a survey


from a teachers' association said they were reducing their curriculum.


Design, German, Drama and Music were the most common GCSEs to go.


Schools try to protect core subjects like English and Maths.


The problem is, many now say they can't make


What's interesting about a meeting like this is the same groups of


parents across Bristol getting organised. There are two other


meetings in the next wake of parents concerned about the effect of


spending cuts on their skills and the organisers hope this will become


a bigger movement. There's so much to discuss about education that the


Sunday Politics are doing a special feature on this weekend. You can see


that on Sunday at 11 a.m.. One of Swindon's main roads


was closed today after a gas leak The Great Western Way was shut


for more than an hour after contractors cut through a gas


pipe on the estate this morning. Firecrews were called and a nearby


factory had to be evacuated while the work was carried out


to fix it. People with breathing


problems in the Freshbrook, Toothill and Grange Park areas


were told to stay indoors Wiltshire-based armoured vehicles


are leaving the UK today as part of a big military


deployment to Estonia. Earlier this month more than 100


soldiers from the 5th Battalion, The Rifles, based at Bulford Camp


arrived to bolster Nato Defences. The Nato operation is to reassure


eastern European members in case Imagine, almost every night,


having the same recurring nightmare about a traumatic event that you've


witnessed and always It's a common symptom of PTSD


in military veterans. Well, now a Cheltenham therapist


is getting positive results by actually changing the nightmare,


allowing veterans at last Here's our Gloucestershire


reporter, Steve Knibbs. It's not his real name but Peter


was woken up almost every night by a recurring nightmare reliving


the moment he saw his friend Right at the end there's a clang


like a gong, a bell. It was a large propeller


and I mean large. In his own words he said the lack


of sleep turned him into an ogre. Irritable to everyone,


including children and grandchildren, wife,


next-door neighbour, It's often a difficult cycle to get


out of but Justin Havens has been researching a technique called


Planned Dream Intervention - effectively teaching the brain


to change the nightmare. Resetting their sleep cycle,


if you like, and you do it by creating something


for your dream, something to allow The reason people are waking up


is because the dream is not continuing, normally because there's


something horrific happening. Justin's three-year research


involved over 100 UK veterans suffering with PTSD and over half


saw improvement One solider dreamt every night


that he was being chased and woke up when he was jumped on and dragged


to the ground. He would often fight


his wife in bed. But he changed the scene to a rugby


match where where he was running with the ball, then tackled


to the ground but went over the line to score a try with opponents


still hanging on to him So we're priming the dream process,


giving it a shot in the arm, We're not doing anything magical


or mysterious, just helping Magical and mysterious it may


not be, but for Peter changing his nightmares changed him


for the better. It turned the gong sound


from being a horrible expression, the death knell, to a dinner gong


or cathedral bells I'm not feeling guilty anymore,


I'm not feeling unpleasant. Justin's now writing up his research


and plans to share it not just with military charities but also


others who help those Last November we revealed


the pressure that some agency drivers were under,


delivering parcels for Amazon. The investigation, which was carried


out by Inside Out West, revealed illegally long hours and pay well


under the minimum wage. Well, since then more than 50


drivers from all over the country have got


in touch saying they'd had similar experiences.


Seb Choudhury reports. Six months ago Inside Out West went


undercover at We gathered disturbing evidence that


some agency drivers for the biggest online retailer in the world


were being exploited. We had one guy that he hadn't


had a single day off for three months solid,


so that was constant seven days a week for three months


driving on the roads. After the programme


we were inundated with messages from all over the country


from people who had worked as Amazon I was always running late


because there were too many stops and had to break traffic rules


and other stuff that The only way to knock time off


is to break the law by speeding. Amazon don't care about the drivers


and give impossible deadlines and as for asking for a day


off, forget it. How was the response


when the programme went out? The contact I got from drivers


was amazing, to be honest. The words they were saying to me,


they kept thanking me for standing It was quite emotional


as well, to be honest. And you can see the full


story on Inside Out West tomorrow night at 7:30pm -


they've moved from their usual And we should add that the original


investigation recently gained the team a Royal Television Society


award. Katy Perry has been unveiled as one


of the acts who will play this Part of the line-up was announced


today and the singer took to social media to say she was looking forward


to tea and crumpets Music lovers have been divided


with some saying the line-up is the best in years and others


saying the festival has moved Enjoying the weather and tea and


crumpets? She doesn't know what she's let herself in for. I'm


looking forward to going. Are you going?


I haven't decided. Students from Gloucester


are at Silverstone this evening, trying to win


a national racing competition. A team from The Crypt School has


made a mini Formula One car, which has been tested against others


from across the country. But this competition


isn't just about speed. A year's worth of work


sits on the start line. And Nathan is in


charge of the button. Anxious faces as the students from


Gloucester wait for their little car to travel 20 metres in just over a


second. That's twice as fast as Usain Bolt.


It's nerve-racking, we've all put in loads


of sleepless nights on this, we've worried so much,


we were up until 3am the other night just finishing everything off


and making sure we were happy with it, so we've all


If this all goes awfully, there will be some tears probably


This is a journey which started with this, a hard foam block.


Cars flying down a track, metres away from one of the most


This is Formula One racing - just smaller.


Those blocks have been made into cars by 30 teams who have come


Now they're going against each other to finish


But this competition isn't just about speed but design,


the sponsorship the team has managed to get and how it presents itself.


The F1 teams are very close by so we had four teams coming


to have a look around, meet the students and present some


It's an opportunity for them to take a look at what we're developing


as an organisation so they can support it in a bigger way


to attract more students and make the pool much bigger


Unfortunately, the team from Gloucester didn't make the podium.


Disappointing but we all put in a lot of hard work, a lot of sleepless


nights. Could have gone better but waiting for the scorecards,


hopefully better than last year. It's now hoped that the skills they


learned from making this could one day be used to make something more


like this. I thought that would have a happy


ending! Such passion. That's life, guys,


live to fight another day. An animator turned


puppeteer has won ?50,000 Barnaby Dixon has created his


own puppets and films He's already getting interest


from international programme makers. So I finally finished the puppet


or close enough to it. This is called Manu,


the unique creation by Barnaby Dixon With the dancing Manu,


Barnaby went on to win the Germany I won ?50,000, which is a lot


of money but that will go towards equipment, towards lawyers'


fees in terms of Barnaby studied animation


but decided to build puppets around his hands


so that he could make To do that motion, that's


a day's work in stop motion which is insane,


whereas this, it happens as quickly as you can perform


it, so fairly cheap. So far he's relied on crowdfunding


to support his work. It's meant he can spend hours


creating characters like Dinosaur. When you're in control


of every aspect of creation, you are the authority


and its very freeing. Along with the character


Dabchick, Barnaby has made The good news is, we're


doing an Easter egg hunt, With offers from the US


to make a TV series, If you're good enough


at anything and you like it and other people like it,


you can make a living doing anything, if you find


a way to make it viable, Isn't that clever? I have a feeling


we will hear a lot more from him. There were rumours of highs of 18


today. Did they come through? They did, 19 Celsius, not as high as we


saw towards the south-east of England but the warmest day of the


year so far. Tomorrow will be characterised by fresher and cooler


weather, but would you have any sunshine it will still feel


comparatively warm and there will be some rain, some of that showery to


the first part of the day and as we get later on to wards the evening


and through the evening, but most of you will enjoy a lengthy spell of


dry and bright weather. We have some light showers running in from the


South West associated with a high level cloud and in the early as a


week-old front from the South West will set up tomorrow morning with


some light rain but there was a fair stretch of the day were it looks the


opposite in terms of a balance towards a lot of dry weather. At the


moment, although your reader apps might show a lot of showers around,


not all of that is reaching the ground but the second half of the


night will usher in a greater threat showery rain. Temperatures around


tonight after ten or 12, a breezy story tomorrow and then once we


clear that first phase of showery rain, the rest of the day for the


majority will be bright, varying amounts of cloud and sunny spells,


occasional showers but many areas on a stretch of dry conditions which


will last into the evening and then we will bring in the renewed threat


of further rain in the evening and overnight into Saturday.


Temperatures tomorrow at the town on today, then Saturday will be a


classic day of sun and showers, some of those showers will be heavy,


possibly some thunder and hail, but towards the West a ridge of high


pressure builds so we will have a weekend off to have speakers Sunday


is looking settled, dry and fine. I don't think I got 18 degrees today.


I had my own personal cloud! That's it from us. I'm back at 10pm with an


app base but otherwise see you tomorrow. Thank you


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