17/04/2017 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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A good evening from points West. for the news where you are.


A big clear-up is under way near Warminster in Wiltshire


Police seized sound equipment at Quebec Farm in Chitterne


and moved on hundreds of people on Saturday night.


Another bank holiday weekend, another illegal rave


This old farm shed was turned into a remote nightclub.


About 500 to 1,000 people crammed into here on Saturday night


floor, is even a tent left from


People in town centres are brawling with people,


party like this there are all from different walks of life


and it's all happy and fun and then you go


home and get back to your normal day jobs.


But it all makes the day job more of a night shift


Yeah, they were coming across the field, right across there.


Jane and her staff were up all night.


Police were called to stop the hundreds turning into thousands.


The force helicopter flew above the farm.


We had cattle in this field which are now in the


shed because the fence is broken there


and end of the other end, where


back memories of 2009, when 4000 turned up here


Just real anger and the adrenaline was rushing because I was


so angry at the sheer recklessness of it all.


They just do not understand the damage they can cause


when they are en masse, and they think they just


have the right to go anywhere they like.


Things like that shouldn't really be happening.


People should have more respect when they come


down here to these sort places but, I think it's everyone trying to get


there and once you try to get back , you've ghad your pary and you're


just trying to get home sop you just stumble across


I don't think it's all done deliberately.


rave just 15 miles away near Amesbury the following day,


it's been quite an Easter weekend for the farmers and villagers around


An ATM machine has been stolen from inside the Waitrose supermarket


The raid happened sometime between on Saturday night


and the early hours of Easter Sunday.


Police will not reveal how much money was taken


Nurses from India could soon be working at one


Staff from Musgrove Park in Somerset have visited Kochi in Southern India


In the past, the hospital has recruited from Europe but chose


India because of the high standards of nursing there.


They're expected to take up positions in Taunton.


When it was built 251 years ago the Bristol Old Vic theatre


But now, for the very first time the outside wall can


It's all part of demolition work taking plae as part of a 25 million


pound refurbishment project Lee Madan reports.


After years of fundraising and months of demolition work


knocking down the building that blocks it from view.


The Bristol Old Vic now stands exposed.


Behind us you can now see the original theatre wall.


When it was first built, it was hidden behind two houses


which stood here on King Street, owned by a Mr Foot and a Mr Gill.


If you wanted to get to the theatre, you had to knock on the door and ask


Depending who you ask, it was either because it was really


helpful to hide the theatre, because it was quite a secretive,


quite polemic activity to put to put theatre on,


and maybe it was just a bit of land that was available and they took


Either way, without Mr Foot and Mr Gill's cooperation


there would never have been in Old Vic.


Their houses have been be placed several times over the years,


meaning that the theatre itself has stayed hidden - until now.


But, despite the many rebuilds, parts of Mr Foot's house remain


We're finding little bits of his house still in existence actually,


because even though much of the 18th-century fabric was taken


down in the early 20th century, and of course, it's all gone again


We found a fireplace, bits of brickwork from his house,


so we're trying to bring his character alive again.


Maybe when people become and visit here next year when we're reopened,


we'll be able to tell the story of Mr Foot a little bit.


Not all of the money for this multi-million pound rebuild


The public will be asked to contribute to the final push


with donations this autumn, then the building work is due to be


To football and all of our local sides played today.


Bristol City drew 1-1 against fellow Championship


In League One, Bristol Rovers beat Oldham at home 1-0 and Swindon lost


Cheltenham Town gave their League Two survival hopes a major lift


with a 2-1 home win over Grimsby Town.


Yeovil had a comfortable 3-0 win over Crewe at Huish Park.


And in the National League Forest, Green Rovers bid for promotion


was not helped by a 2-0 defeat by bottom of the table Southport.


Now, just before the weather, many of you may been looking


for the Easter bunny and eggs this weekend but there've been


reports of something very different in Somerset.


This photo of what looks like a big cat was taken on the Quantocks


They managed to get this snap before it disappeared.


Well, we did see a little bit of sunshine today,


but for most of us it has been largely cloudy.


I think as we head through the week, we should see a bit more sunshine.


We've got a few showers out there, but they are tending


to clear and they've been very isolated today.


As we go to tonight, skies will clear and, actually,


We got light winds and we could even get temperatures temperatures


a little bit lower than this in sheltered rural spots.


So, do be prepared for a touch of frost first thing tomorrow.


But, it's going to be a beautiful day, dry and bright,


a lot of sunshine, almost unbroken for many of us.


We might see a bit of fair-weather cloud builing


Light winds again, and I think in the sunshine, one


or two spots could hit 14, perhaps even 15 degrees.


So, it's staying rather settled as we head through this week and,


actually, there is very little rain in the forecast.


I think on Wednesday we'll see a widespread and quite severe frost,


temperatures could well dip below freezing in some rural spots.


By day, a lot of sunshine, light winds.


We'll see a little bit more cloud pushing in towards the tail end


of the week, so perhaps not as cold overnight and temperatures


Gosh, I thought we had seen the last of the frost. That's all for the


moment, we'll be back later with another date. By my.


Hopefully you managed to enjoy some good weather this Easter. It has not


been ideal but it has not been that bad. Pretty cold tonight. Sharp


frost on the way in role areas and across northern parts. The skies are


not clear just yet but they are starting to clear. By the end of the


night, those temperatures will tumble across Scotland, maybe as low


minus eight. No surprise this time of the year. We do get frost, but


this could be even damaging. Tomorrow morning, it is looking


sunny for most of us but the wind is light in the sun will be out. A


beautiful day


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