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Welcome to BBC Points West with David Garmston and Alex Lovell.


Jeremy Corbyn comes home to Wiltshire.


72 hours after the election was called, he attacks


the Conservatives over big class sizes.


Or should he be afraid, as he faces the task of winning


in Swindon, which holds the keys to Number 10?


This is a party, absolutely determined to take the fight to the


Tories about equality and injustice in this country. That's the message


that is the unity of our party now. The children's lunch clubs filling


young tummies during the school holidays because their parents can't


afford the grocery bill. Making history this weekend -


the woman chosen to represent And why there's a French flavour


to this weekend's sport. The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn came


back to the West today on a crucial mission - to drum up support ahead


of the general election. There's a lot of work


for him to do here - the vast majority of seats


are held by Conservatives. Ten years ago, it was


a very different picture. A young Tony Blair had swept


to power with a landslide victory - Labour had won 11 seats


in our region, stretching Two decades on and look


at the change - just three red areas So will the party be able


to take back key targets like Swindon or Stroud -


or could it lose ground and risk disappearing


from the West altogether? Here's our political


editor, Paul Barltrop. He's a hit with many Labour members,


especially when he mentioned his local roots.


I'm in rigour. I was born in Chippenham and my parents lived in


Devizes, and it's lovely to be home. -- I'm a Moonraker. We're 72 hours


into this election campaign. 72 hours into the opportunity of our


lifetime to challenge the inequality and injustice that exists in Britain


today. Swindon was the first stop of the


day, a crucial swing state. If he's to be PM, he needs to win year. But


the streets, it was hard to find fans.


I haven't got a lot of confidence in him.


I wouldn't vote for Labour with him as leader.


He may have a lot of good intention, but and Macron not sure whether the


way he presents himself is as someone I would want to lead my


country. It's had an impact, four Labour


councillors in the Forest of Dean have quit the party, simply worried


about what voters think. What I was confronted with on the


street is, as long as Corbyn is in his current position, no way are we


voting Labour. And that is the difficulty. It's all well and good


to be an idealist and a man Tate, but and less you're in power, you


can do nothing. Jeremy Corbyn joined youngsters at a


children's centre. We're going to catch a big one.


Today, Labour wanted the focus to be on problems in education, so it


wasn't get easy to get on to talk about his department councillors.


This is a party absolutely determined to take the fight to the


Tories about inequality and injustice in this country. That's


the message and that's the message of our party now.


No message for your councillors? Are messages come back, Joy, do you


really want another Tory Government? Jeremy Corbyn OC has a difficult


task as, he promises to be back in the West plenty more times before


June the 8th. Some teachers have told us they're


expecting pupils to turn up malnourished when the schoolgates


open next week, as a growing number of children are going hungry


in the school holidays. Charities say they've set up lunch


clubs in cities like Bristol and Bath to make sure young people


still get fed when the But demand is now so great,


some have a waiting list. Here in this church kitchen,


volunteers are cooking up lunch. Many see Bath as a wealthy city,


and for some it is. But in areas like this


in South Down and Twerton, around 40% of primary school


children are eligible So, for the 170 days a year


when the school kitchens are closed, finding the money for hot meals can


be a struggle. Families living in poverty,


either in particular areas of Bath, Just on a basic level,


when your children are receiving a hot, nutritious lunch every day


in school, to then have to try and provide that and all the snacks


that kids eat during the day, there's real financial


strain to do that too. Caring for the children in the day


and working at night We've been coming to lunch club


about 1.5 years now. It's very good during the holidays,


because being on your own More lunch volunteers like the ones


here and Bath have been trained up ready to open clubs in Taunton,


Cirencester and The cost of living has gone up,


and people's wages and stuff aren't Used to be more than ?70,


?80 for the small bags. And I get home, I don't have


anything for dinner. The lunch club here at


St Luke's Church in Barton Hill is so popular, there are children


on the waiting list. This is an area where as many as 50%


of the children at local primary schools are eligible


for free school meals. According to the End


Child Poverty Coalition, when the cost of housing is taken


into account, here in Barton Hill, 49% of children are said to be


living in child poverty, In Twerton in Bath, 37% of children


are said to be living in poverty. We're outraged, we would


like the Government to listen to us, listen to the statistics,


the surveys we've been doing. Listen to the charities that


are filling the gaps in society that All the main political parties say


they're committed to eradicating But the Institute for Fiscal Studies


has warned the numbers are actully going up,


especially amongst working families. Meaning lunches like these will


remain a vital part of the school Earlier I spoke to the Conservative


MP for Bath Ben Howlett and asked him why in 2017 children


in Bath are going hungry? Unfortunately, in Bath, one in five


children live in poverty. That spurred me and a number of charities


to set up the action against a property group. We have run hack


marathons for them, we have funding to start key products. It is about


helping children not to go to school hungry.


But it's not about charity, is it? Because in many places, their


parents work. These are people who can't afford to feed their children


in 2017? That is why the Government is in


introducing increases to the National Living Wage and looking at


the just about managing families is keep hurting. The primers debate


that a key commitment when she Prime Minister. This is a complex,


intergenerational issue. Myself and huge numbers of charities, the


council, are all working together to stamp this critical problem out.


Mrs me discussed the just about managing, but these families aren't


managing. What has she done to alleviate this problem? -- Mrs May


discussed. We have been looking at the National


winning -- National Living Wage to help those families. We have looked


at lifting the matter paying tax altogether by increasing the


personal threshold. But that's not enough, and all the surfaces need to


work together across the west of England to help those families


manage a little bit more. The issue is, those people who


already earn good money at getting pay rises. Those aren't aren't


getting pay rises, in fact, their pay is falling in many cases.


The cost of living is a staggering problem, and I think they renewed


energies of this Government need to be put into place we're just


focusing on bracket -- folk singer Brexit, where focusing on those


families. I have been to my constituency surgery just now, and


we had to do more to help them. And I can see this Government producing


a manifesto that will help those families going forward.


Thank you. You're watching Friday's Points West


with David and Alex. It's been a busy week


and it's not over yet. We've lots more still


to come, including: We meet the 75-year-old who took


on the toughest footrace on Earth. And we have another largely dry


weekend on the cards. I will bring all the forecast details see you in


the programme. An official report into the death


of three SAS reservists in the Brecon Beacons,


including a soldier from Wiltshire, has concluded that in some ways


it was an avoidable accident. Corporal James Dunsby


from Trowbridge died in an SAS selection exercise on one


of the hottest days Extracts of the official report


published by the Ministry of Defence say officers in charge did not plan


for the weather, and it concludes reservists are still vulnerable


to a further incident in the future. Avon and Somerset police


call-handlers have been given new training following


an independent investigation into contact with a young man before


he was stabbed to death. Robert Cox, who was 24,


was attacked in Bristol four years Another resident, Derek Hancock,


called the police three times The Independent Police Complaints


Commission has recommended new ways of linking different incidents


and highlighting calls A woman from Bristol will make


history this weekend when she becomes the first black


female Lord Lieutenant. Peaches Golding is taking over


the ceremonial role - which involves representing


the Queen in the city. I'm delighted to say that Peaches is


here with us now. Hello and congratulations, what we had to call


you these days? I'm Peaches Golding, and sometimes


you might preface that with Lord left cold -- Lord Lieutenant Peaches


Golding. But just call me Peaches right now, that's great.


Had that come about? It's the most thrilling feeling you


can ever imagine. But also feel greatly humbled, Alex. I am a an


ordinary person that has just achieved this extremely role.


How do you represent the Queen, who's 91 today.


I know, I hope you centre birthday wishes!


Of course! What do you do to represent her?


It's a whole range of things. You all know about the honour system,


and recommendations for honours come through my office. But so did the


Queen's Award for enterprise, and the awards through the voluntary


sector. We also celebrate by royal visits. There is nothing that cheers


up the spirit more than having a royal visitor to underline the


excellent work thating Rabin doing. So small things like that that


really mean a lot. -- that underline the things that you've been doing.


It is midnight tomorrow night, the 75th birthday of the current Lord


lieutenant. All of us Lord Lieutenant retire either at the age


of 70, but more likely at the age of 75.


Sea have years to go yet! And does she know you, would she call you


Peaches, or is it...? Her Majesty, you mean? I imagine,


because they had to do these things myself, if you are presented to


someone from the Royal Family, we as Lord lieutenants have already


submitted a paragraph about you to the royal visitor, the person you


would be meeting. So they have a brief, and they can remember a lot


of things. Something is the can't remember, because they are human,


like the rest of us. You can tell your satellite is,


thank you for sharing this with us. Thank you for having me.


A new museum charting the history of Gloucestershire County


It will be free to get in and wants to attract not just fans,


One area it's focussing on is supporting people with dementia


Our Gloucestershire reporter, Steve Knibbs, was at the opening.


Gloucestershire's first captain, player number one,


And quite rightly, the centrepiece of Gloucestershire's new museum


Here in defensive pose, and surrounded by memorabilia


I'd like to declare this museum officially open.


Today, more recent Gloucstershire legend took the wicket


Former captain Mark Alleyne is immortilised here too.


And proud to take his place among the greats.


And to be one of a group of players that players


are now talking about, they were part of that winning


group in the late 90s, early 2000s, it really is great.


The story of Gloucestershire's almost 150-year history is here.


Bats, balls, pieces of intrigue - as this batting glove adapted


for extra protection with bits of bicycle tyre.


We were very keen to make sure that it appeals


Not just members of the cricket club.


So we're hoping very much, now it's here, that we will build


and expand on the education side of things.


There's also perhaps an unexpected plan, to help people with dementia,


whose long-term memories can be prompted by the history


People can communicate much more easily about things


they are passionate about and things they can remember


And that really helps to improve their confidence


The MLC opens officially only on match days, but bringing to life


the legacy of the West Country's oldest county cricket club.


It's a big night for speedway fans in the west.


After a 14 year break, the Somerset Rebels renew


their rivalry with the Swindon Robins.


This season the Rebels have moved up to compete


We are busy, there is a lot of work going on now. It is a new level for


the Somerset Rebels. After years of donating in the division below, they


have made the step up to mix with speedway's best. They have the


Swindon Robins here who were the champions in 2012. Just how biggest


ever been standard is it? Lets talk to promoter Debbie Hancock.


It is a big step, very different and not easy. We're them to give its our


best. You have got used to treating your


loyal fan base into celebrations here every season. What are your


expectations? They have been spoiled over the


years. Realistically, if we finish halfway will be happy, everything is


higher than that we get into the play-offs and we will be ecstatic.


That is what we're aiming for. This is only our third at home, we won


the first two, that we can continue. And many will be here tonight?


Quite a lot, hopefully, because Swindon is very close, a local


derby. We haven't done it four years since we moved to different


divisions. I'd like to think we could get a lot of people here


tonight. Have a good season, thank you very


much. The tapes go up at 7:30pm here.


Rugby's European Challenge Cup has reached the semifinal stage.


If Bath and Gloucester are to meet in the final,


they both need to come through difficult


For a greater insight, we've been talking with two local


Here's their verdict on the two mouth-watering matches.


So what you think of French rugby at the moment?


I think, for the first time in many years...


La Rochelle never qualified, and now you can see


It's going to be a tough game for Gloucester.


I would love a Gloucester/Bath final, but a think La Rochelle


It would be better for one of the French teams to succeed.


Bath have got some lovely, good-looking players.


But Stade Francais have got some ugly, proper


You've been here for 40 years, how can you not support Bath?


Someone has to stand up for the enemy!


Whether they win, whether they lose, you know?


Now the big boys are back, I can see a big win.


It could also be a significant weekend in the history


They're hoping to win the Premiership title


After finishing top of the table, they now face Aylesford Bulls


in the final on Sunday - the winner gets the title.


We've always been nearly there or just about there,


but we've not have the depth in our squad, so when


our internationals did go away, nobody really


But I think this season, it's definitely our season.


It would be recognition that everyone's worked


And no-one's worked harder than the players.


They've had to go out and deliver that on a weekly basis,


and I just want them to achieve it for them, really.


It's also a big weekend for Yeovil Town Ladies football club.


After winning the division two title, they play their first game


ever in the top division of women's football,


City's men host Barnsley - that's head coach Lee Johnson


Swindon need to win to keep their League One


As do Bristol Rovers to take the playoff chase


It's also been a busy day cricket. If you want to check out the latest


news on Somerset and Gloucester, the BBC website has a later scores on


day one. And later tonight, Somerset versus Swindon, the tapes got there


at 7:30pm. I would see those chefs again, they


are so funny! I could murder a bag at right now.


Now, running a marathon is tough enough - I imagine!


But how about running the equivalent of six, over six days,


in the searing heat of the Sahara Desert.


A 75-year-old man from Wrington in North Somerset has


become the oldest person in the UK to complete the Marathon des Sables.


By profession, David Exell is an accountant.


But, at the age of 75, he happens also to be


Which is just as well, because he's just completed this -


six days running and walking in the heat of the Moroccan desert.


250km over never-ending sand dunes, in temperatures


It's called the Marathon des Sables, and David has just become the oldest


Because the support I had in the desert from younger


Were there moments when you thought, I'm not going to do this,


I had one moment where I got overheated and I didn't


The sun beat down 50 degrees, over 50 degrees, I think.


And some swallows flew over my head, and they were


And I think they were trying to tell me it was time for me


I tried to drop out, but the doctors said, no, you go on.


And, of course, he lived to tell the tale and get back to the day


job as an accountant, having raised more than ?20,000 for charity.


Now, well, he says he would encourage anyone to have a go


61, you should enter next year, you should definitely take part.


That's a shame, because we signed him up! Was blue yeah, and


congratulations, that was an amazing thing to do, I know you raised a lot


of money for good causes. Lets get up to the weather on their


roof, I'm consent would you let us with last night, the sculptor?


Before we get to that, we at least have a weekend which is going to be


a pretty decent one. The conditions outdoors for the London Marathon


will be much more amenable than you saw there in Morocco. The forecast


details for you, as we head through Saturday and Sunday, once again it


will be characterised with dry weather. But the most part, fine


weather as well. Sunshine at various stages. Through the course of


Saturday, Becker clouds around at the start of the day, fragmenting as


the day ways on. Pleasant weather sun breaks through during the course


of the afternoon. A cold night into Sunday, frost into Sunday morning.


Then once again developing into a dry and fine affair. Here is a wider


look at how things are shaping up. You see that cold front coming down


towards us, headset cloud thickening up. Very little rain associated with


that for our neck of the woods. Through the rest of the weekend, it


remains settled and benign, some major changes coming our way into


next week. Through this evening and into tonight, generally a lot of


cloud around, and some breaks as the night wears on. But for all of us,


not a chilly nights, temperatures around eight Celsius. By that stage,


the cloud will thicken up from the North as the cold front things


southwards. Some light rain from that, certainly not much of it in


any one particular spot. Picking up through to midday into the


afternoon. The cloud will vary, at other times it will be brighter and


sunnier. A light, moderate breeze, temperatures in the low teens. Very


similar after that cold start on Sunday. The key factor is, the tail


end of Monday into Tuesday cold plunge. Some wintry showers, there's


a shock free! That's it from us Rene, please enjoy


the weekend. Sunday Politics is life this weekend


what with the election. Have a lovely weekend.


Why didn't we go to the library today?


Because we don't have a library any more. Why?


The school's had to make big cuts. Cuts like with a knife, miss?


No, it means that the school can't afford to pay for things like


the library any more or shows or books or school visits.


CHILDREN: Awww! No more school visits?


Miss, will every school stop having school visits?


Well, every school in England will have to make big cuts.


They'll probably have to lose some staff, too.


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