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Welcome to BBC Points West. so it's goodbye from me -


Tonight we're in Swindon with exactly four weeks to go


We start a tour of the West taking our sofa out on the road,


unpacking the key issues and speaking to you the voters.


I like Jeremy Corbyn. I want to continue that. So it is Theresa May


The U? I think so. We'll be looking at


the issue of housing and asking whether anyone


has a solution. The South African grandmother


fearing deportation after undergoing a medical examination to see


if she's fit to fly. Every minute of every day,


even Christmas Day, your birthday, there's somebody in here working


on your blood. And the little girl with leukaemia


seeing what happens A South African grandmother staying


in Bristol with her family because she's too ill to fly home


fears her deportation has Irene Nel's visa has


expired and the Home Office But her family say she


won't get the treatment 73 years old and living


in constant fear. For nearly five years now


the South African grandmother has been fighting for the right to stay


here in the UK with her daughter Desree, her three sons


and seven grandchildren. I'm terrified, I can't


take that any more. The day they come to arrest me


and say I must go, that is going to It was during a visit here back


in 2012 when Irene fell ill and was diagnosed


with kidney failure. She's still very ill and needs


dialysis three times a week to stay alive,


treatment that the family say she But the treatment is expensive,


legally Irene has no right to be here, and so the Home Office have


been warning for more than a year that she will have


to be deported. It has caused so much


stress and worry. I am terrified they are going


to come back and say, Today, Irene and Desree need


to head to a police station for Irene to sign on to prove


she's still in Bristol. They have to do this regularly


but there's always the fear that this might be the day they get


the news bad news. Although Irene and Desree


dread their visits here, the visits themselves are normally pretty


straightforward and don't take very long at all,


sometimes just a matter of minutes. However, today, something that


seemed to be different. They have been in there for more


than an hour already. We don't know what


is going on, we will They've done a medical


assessment on mum. To me, that looks


like they are trying It just shows they are not going


to sit back and go, let her stay. They are going to try


and get my mum out. So this evening, after yet


another difficult day, there are still no answers


and the future for Irene It's four weeks to polling day,


a key day in the election calendar as nominations have closed


and we now know who To mark the occasion,


Points West is taking to the road We're in Regent Street in


the constituency of Swindon South, a place which has backed the winning


party ever since When Swindon South votes Labour so


does the rest of the country. In the last couple of elections they have


gone Tory as has the rest of the UK. Over the next four weeks


we'll be out and about, taking our red sofa to different


places in the West, profiling some of the key marginal constituencies


and touching on some of the hot Later in the programme,


we'll be talking to our political editor


Paul Barltrop, discuss housing and the political wheeling


and dealing of the day, but first, Robin Markwell has been


taking the temperature of this Yes, Brenda from Bristol,


another one. A battlebus would


have cost too much. Well, at least you can


do U-turns in this. Forget about exiting the EU,


trying to leave the town's most famous landmark


was challenging enough. The south of the town has


always been a tussle It's currently held


by the Conservatives They say whoever wins


here wins Downing Street Swindon was a town


forged by the railways. Labour's leaked manifesto says


renationalising those will be But while tradiitional Labour voters


welcome the policies it's the leader who


still divides opinion. You've got to have a bit


of a personality and I'm sorry, I don't think


Corbyn's got it. He is a very good


university talker and with his own little liberal set


around him but I don't think he is the right man to run the


country. Down the barbers, they're not


talking holidays but politics. Darren's a Corbyn supporter


who likes his policies But he thinks he's getting


the brush off by the press. It is breaking through the media


for Jeremy Corbyn, I think, He will speak for me


and speak for a lot of people Head south from the Parks area


and you'll see just how much Spacious new homes are springing


up to house the town's The employment boom is driven


by the service sector. The firm Carpeo is typical-


creating hundreds of jobs, That will take effect


on the 11th of May 2017. Their director is also good


at sticking to the script. I think people probably do


want strong and stable Yes, I'm not giving away who I am


voting for, of course. But it has sunk in


there, it is embedded. It is probably the key


issue of the campaign. On the streets of South Swindon


today it is clear this election is more than just Brexit


all May versus Corbyn. There was talk too about


cuts to local services This is a battle being fought out


on many fronts and it We'll be back later in the programme


at the National Self-Build Centre, You'll be seeing a lot of him over


the next four weeks. Don't away because I will be at the national


self build Centre. But now for a look at the rest


of the day's news, here's Alex. A court has heard how a man


beat his former partner with an iron before setting her alight


in her own home in Swindon. 32-year-old Anthony Porter


was today jailed for life after admitting murdering


Andraya Lyons in December. Her family's appealed to any one


in a violent relationship A fun loving and bubbly mother,


someone who saw the good in They expressed their grief


outside court today. We miss her so much


and our lives have been completely devastated by the act


of one evil, vicious, selfish, manipulative and


cowardly individual. Her partner Anthony Porter had


a problem with drink and drugs and a history of violence


towards women, including Andraya. The court heard that on the night


of the 9th of December they were at Andraya's works


Christmas party at a hotel in Swindon


when Porter became aggressive and Andraya left with friends saying


it was over between them. But Porter got back into her house


drunk and using cocaine. He beat her with an iron,


broke her nose, stamped on her, before dousing her with white


spirits setting the house Post Mortem examination show Andraya


was unconscious but still breathing Porter gave himself up


to the police, saying But the judge didn't accept that,


saying he clearly intended to kill Andraya, adding what he did to her


unconscious body was appalling. She had tried to separate from


Porter but he was still living with her because she does want him to be


homeless. I would simply say to people they can come forward and


speak to the police with the confidence they will treated


sensitively. If they can't speak to the police, there are other agencies


such as Women's Aid who will give that help and support.


Porter serve 17 and a half years in jail before


being considered for parole, and will remain under licence


An inquest into the death of a nine-year-old girl


from Gloucestershire has heard she died after a horse


Bonnie Armitage was taking part in the Cotswold Hunt


It ruptured a major artery, even though she was wearing a chest


Her father describe her as a "positive, glass half full2


kind of girl who could ride before she could walk.


coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.


The Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, based in Gloucestershire


is celebrating a double anniversary today.


Made up of hundreds of soldiers from over 20 different nations,


the ARRC has pioneered the command and control operation of NATO troops


But its relatively short history can actually be traced back much further


with surprising links to the county it now calls home.


Here's our Gloucestershire reporter, Steve Knibbs.


It gives me great pleasure to formally rename this


2008 and RAF Innsworth became Imjin Barracks - the Allied Rapid


Formed in 1992 it was the first of NATO's high readiness


Its role - to command and control troops during military


Some of the things it has done in the operational


deployed sense have been genuinely game changing.


The deployment to Afghanistan was extraordinary in so much


it was a declaration of trust, particularly by the US because it


devolved under command of a British officer.


A very substantial US force, the first time this had been


there since the Second World War, 45,000 American troops.


The ARRC may be only 25 years old but its origins can be traced


back 200 years to the Battle of Waterloo where you'll also find


The ARRC formed out of the former 1st British Corps,


set up originally by the Duke of Wellington in 1815.


In the entrance hall at Cirencester Park hangs a huge


portrait of Wellington atop his infamous steed Copenhagen.


It was commissioned by Henry, the third Earl Bathurst


from Cirencester, who at the time was Secretary of State


He was responsible for putting Napoleon into St Helena for


He was, I supposed to a certain extent, the equivalent of


He would have been heavily involved in the first corps, especially


Two centuries on, the ARRC is conscious of the role


it could play in future military history books.


In uncertain times its role this year to command NATO ground troops


should they be deployed anywhere in the world.


Welcome back to Swindon, where we've taken our red


sofa out of the studio for a little runaround.


Tonight we're in the constituency of Swindon South, one of the key


marginals in this election and we've come to the


In a moment we'll be talking housing, but I'm joined now


by our political editor Paul Barltrop.


One of the big stories of today is the close of nominations,


What is interesting as to who is standing as to who it is not


standing. There has been talking between the parties. 31


constituencies across the West counties. Conservatives, Labour and


Lib Dem candidates everywhere. Ukip a massively down sitting at less


than half the seats. They have been telling supporters to vote


Conservatives but that is not the case in Cheltenham. What is


happening there is interesting. Isn't a 15 heads of the Lib Dem


seed, taken by the Conservatives. Cheltenham last day's referendum


voted to remain so the anti-Brexit Lib Dems fancied their chances of


getting it back. They have suffered a double blow today. Ukip withdrew


their candidate and many of their supporters in Cheltenham likely to


vote Conservative. At the same time, the Greens say they will put up a


candidate after their offer of an anti-Tory pact was rejected.


At the moment in Stroud, Cheltenham and Gloucester there are three


Conservative MPs and it was a really great opportunity to return three


candidates from the Green, Labour and Lib Dems across those


It is very frustrating that we didn't get to


the stage of talking to the other parties.


People of Cheltenham won't have a Ukip candidate so I would


hope they will look at what they want to achieve, look at the


manifestos, listen to the arguments and then make the best choice


I think it'll play very big in the selection.


We have had Tim Farron for the Lib Dems them in the West Country today.


He seems to live yet at the moment. What has been very action? This is


an important reason for them, they want to take back places like


Cheltenham. He visited there today met a group of supporters trying


their best not to look disappointed but the reality is he just hopes


Labour and the green supporters in Cheltenham or do some tactical


voting. For many voters, that is something they want to be aware of.


Help yourself to a cup of tea! We're in a show home which is then built


inside the centre. For many voters, the lack


of affordable housing is one Even today, a report has come out


saying there just aren't enough houses out there,


which is why prices Some of our councils, however,


are starting to build again but it's not quite the council homes


you might imagine. In Bristol, they may be


building council houses. But elsewhere, our councils


are turning their hand to building houses for profit


to make extra money In Bath North East Somerset,


they've set up a new housing The old council house


building in Keynsham They're going to build


new flats in Bath. While others, like this one


in Kingsmead Square, This has been empty


for about four years. It used to be managed by the social


housing company, Curo. And now the lease is up,


the council's taken it back. Nine properties have already


been let in this way, The problem is at the moment our


sources of funding are reducing and we are having to be creative


to find new ways of generating revenue to provide the services


we want to provide. In Swindon, they're hoping to make


?3.5 million in two years These initiatives may be adding


to the country's housing stock, Sadly, though, according to one


local government think tank, all this commercial activity


is unlikely to end in Many places aren't doing


it for that reason. Places are engaging with this


because they want to find a way of filling in holes that


exist in budgets already. The amount of public


services is increasing, people need to find


a way of generating people need to find a way of


generating the money from somewhere. All this commercial


activity is a huge cultural But building new houses is now


a political imperative. And how the different parties


approach the problem could win or lose them votes


at the ballot box. We're joined now by Harvey Fremlin,


the director of the centre here and Julien Robinson,


an estate agent who himself is trying to get onto


the housing ladder. Welcome to my lovely home! How much


would it cost me to buy a semidetached house in Swindon? A


three-bedroom, in the region of ?240,000. Is there a demand for


them? What is the cue? The housing market is strong, that is a demand


very much from various people, first-time buyers, investors from


upsizing and downsizing. Can people afford it, obviously they can all


the prices would have come down? Our people financing its? First-time


buyers find it harder so they are financing and saving up for a


deposit. The bank of mum and dad is helping out. Rental prices are so


high. You need ?25,000 as a deposit on a house costing 250,000. Harvey,


lots of people here tonight are going to this auction buying land


and houses for renovation. Is that way of doing cheaper?


It is. We find we have got to mix of people. People who wanted buying


plots of land and we've got people who will take on a property that not


have been maintained over the years and it is a cheaper way for them to


get onto the housing ladder. Perhaps they can sell it on and move up the


ladder that way. How much would it cost me if I wanted to buy a plot of


land? What is the minimum you could arrange a plot of land for me? It is


the number one question we get asked. There are so many variables


depending on where that plot of land is, the accessibility, services. One


thing to consider is where that plot is, there will be a natural cap to


the value of any home. No matter what you end up building on it.


We've got lots of land available across the UK at the value of


70-80,000. Then you've got to build the house


on top of it. How much is that going to be? 100,000?


100,000 plus, realistically. Depending on the Dude you have taken


and the design and specification, you could have equity in the home so


it is worth more than the many you have spent.


We watch these TV programmes about building your own health and that is


always a crisis and drama. It wouldn't make good TV unless


there was a crisis. If we were to commission a TV series is to be the


family that designed a nice efficient house, stuck to the budget


and moved in when they expected to. But that doesn't make good TV. But


that is the majority of people who build their own homes.


It'd be an important issue during this election. That is it from me.


Over the next four weeks our red city will be on tour. Maybe you will


be sitting is one day. If you want to build your own home you need one


of these. It would look better on you, Alex.


Thank you for leaving me a bit of sofa.


Now many of us don't like injections or blood tests


but for children it can be particularly daunting.


So to help young people overcome their fears


some hospitals are allowing them to become scientists


Jenny Walrond joined nine-year-old Idara at Musgrove Park


Blood tests and other invasive treatments are a fact of life for


She has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.


But today she is finding out what happens to her blood samples.


Hi, Idara, nice to meet you, welcome to the laboratory.


She is becoming a lab scientist for a few hours.


Every minute of every day, even Christmas Day,


your birthday, there is somebody in here working on


It benefits the patient but it is a benefit for our


staff because it provides an opportunity for them to engage with


patients where usually the laboratory doesn't even though


they are directly involved with patient care.


Idara's visit has been organised through a charity called


Harvey's Gang, named after Harvey Buster Baldwin who had


leukaemia and wanted to know where his blood went.


Sadly, Harvey died in 2014 but his curiosity has led


to children in other hospitals being allowed into labs.


They can see why they need to have these tests done so we can then


ensure they can carry on with their treatment.


My best bit was interesting about the cells.


My next interesting one was the blood around here.


And when she next has her blood taken Idara knows


Ian is on Ian is on the roof with the weather.


It will be warm but it will be brighter with cloudy faces. We


watched a band of showers forming across Somerset today and March its


way northwards. They were persistent across the Bristol Channel. Still a


chance of a few showers forming for the rest of this evening. Here is a


wider look. Tonight, showery rain moving northwards and it will give a


wider in the. Tomorrow, a bit oddly potluck story with showers


distribution out towards the west. So, for the rest of this evening


shower with fading but up comes that band of rain during the course of


tonight. No great amounts, modest amount. It will be a mile and humid


night, temperatures between 11-13dC. The cloud base lower. Tomorrow,


still a lot of cloud alone but the heat gets to work on that and it's a


bubble up giving way to sunnier spells, some of you will stay dry


through the rest of the day but others less so. It has for heavy


showers but temperatures tomorrow into the upper teens. That is all


we've got time for. That is all we have got time for. See you later.


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