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Welcome to BBC Points West with Alex Lovell and David Garmston.


He's confronted by a worshipper after talking about trade deals


on alcohol inside a Sikh Temple in Brisitol.


I don't want alcohol. I'm a practising Sikh. To me, that is


absolutely outrageous. Mr Johnson says he was


making a good point. We'll have the latest


on the election campaign. Rough justice. A soldier


from Wiltshire is trapped by paedophile hunters on


his way to a non-existent date. The new housing estate where


the homes appear very different from the terms of


the planning consent. And journey's end - the fan from


Austrialia who turned up for the There's been criticism of


Boris Johnson after an uncomfortable He was taken to task for talking


about boosting sales of alcohol Members of the community were also


unhappy with other aspects Here's our political


editor, Paul Barltrop. But plenty of phones recorded


what happened at the Sikh What started as a standard


political visit To deliver a strong and table


approach to those... about boosting sales


of whisky to India. Their religion


disapproves of alcohol. When I heard that on the news, I was


like, no way am I going to vote Tory. I don't want alcohol. I'm a


practising Sikh. To me, that's outrageous.


Later, a discussion about foreign affairs caused further friction.


We think there is no more evidence to be produced. Are I don't think


that's a very good answer. The Foreign Secretary's visit


clearly didn't go well. Surprise the way it was handled. He


did manage somehow. Could have been handled a little bit better. People


are not happy about that. Not too many happy. Because, everybody wants


some help there. It wasn't very useful? I think so, yeah. Not too


many people happy about this. Up the road in Yate,


he was on easier ground at a cafe - the day's only event where TV


cameras were allowed. He was reluctant, but eventually


explained what had happened earlier. I think, if I remember correctly, he


she said she'd some personal experience of alcohol abuse within


her family. I said I was sorry to hear about her own circumstances.


That was the issue. There was a clear political significance to


today's visit. This temple is in Bristol East, a Labour constituency


the Tories would have much like to take. The visit shows their


determination to hold on to a seat with the west ease smallest


majority. As is so often the case with Boris Johnson, the atension was


on other things. And this is what they'd


hoped today's visit - but instead became


another Boris moment. Joining me now from St George


is the person who challenged Boris Johnson on today's visit


to the Sikh Temple, Balbir Kaur. For coming on the programme. Why


were you so offended? Sorry, I didn't hear you. Why were you so


offended by what Mr Johnson said? Basically, he was standing inside


the prayer room next to the holy book. He was promoting, selling


alcohol to India. Doing free trade with India. It shocked me because


he's in a temple which promotes no alcohol. Sikhism abhors alcohol at


all times. Alcohol is not good for you. Also, the fact alcohol... Sorry


to interrupt. It is doing so much damage already in India. There's so


much people dying of alcoholism. The Indian Government is buying alcohol


from Britain and then giving it away free to buy votes. Let me put the


other side of the story to you, if I could. He'd covered his head, taken


off his shoes. He was trying to respectful and not all Sikhs ban


alcohol. Many Sikhs in Britain enjoy it and in India, billions of litres


of the stuff are sold? It's not consumed by baptised Sikhs. He was


in our temple which is about Sikhism. Alcohol is not something


you will promote. If he wanted to talk about alcohol, he could have


talked somewhere else. He should have made it apparent to the people


who arranged this meeting, they should have done it outside the


temple. It is not a place where they should be discussing alcohol.


Especially to promote it. If he was saying they were doing something


about stopping alcohol, I would have no objection. But it was the fact he


was actually promoting it and he was promoting it to the fact of asking


people to vote for them so they can do free trade with India so they can


sell more and get more people drunk and let more people die. It needs to


be stopped not just in India but in England as well. Governments should


be standing against alcoholism not promoting it. Anybody who wants to


vote for the Tories, who want to do free trade with any country with


alcohol, should not be voted for. We're fighting against a bad line


with you. We'll leave it there. Thank you for coming on the


programme. Nice to see you. Thank you.


And tomorrow, we're on the election trail again.


This time in Cheltenham, a seat the Lib Dems


would very much like to win back from the Conservatives.


So, if you spot me and the sofa, come over and have a chat.


A soldier from Wiltshire has admitted attempting to meet a child


after being trapped by a vigilante detective.


Private Sam Dallow thought he'd been chatting to a 14-year-old girl


online and arranged to meet her at a train station.


But when he arrived, he found he'd been set-up.


It's the latest case to use evidence gathered by groups


calling themselves Paedophile Hunters.


their work has been heavily criticised by the police.


What are you doing here? Waiting for a friend.


Private Sam Dallow says he was waiting for a friend -


But really he was waiting for what he thought was a 14


-year-old girl he'd been chatting to online.


That girl was actually Shane Brannigan -


He poses as underage girls on the internet then tricks


paedophiles into meeting him - before handing them


You're scum. You are a disgusting individual.


This meeting at a train station was all streamed live on Facebook -


and then uploaded to Shane Brannigan's website


It's the latest case to use evidence gathered by paedophile hunters.


Shane Brannigan was posing as a young girl. As part of his work,


Shane Brannigan printed those messages off and handed them over to


police alongside the video of his meeting with Dalow. It's that


evidence that's led Dalow to an offence of meeting a child. Dalow


will be back on June 8th for sentencing. The judge said maximum


credit will be given for admitting the offence but to expect a


custodial sentence. It's the latest case to use evidence


gathered by paedophile hunters. There's now at least 15


of these groups in Britain. The vigilantes say they're


helping out police forces - claiming their budgets


are at breaking point - by doing the detective work


detectives are unable They've no money, resources, no


funding. There isn't enough people in the teams to do this. Leave it to


people like me who care about the investigation.


But the police are critical of these amateur detectives.


They say they can jeopardise ongoing investigations giving paedophiles


And their actions can have other consequences -


This sting by paedophile hunters in Essex caused this mass


brawl outside a shopping centre on Easter Sunday -


they are taking the law into their own hands


and they are taking in my view risks that are simply not acceptable


and the risks that they are posing to children


are simply inappropriate" As tonight Sam Dallow


begins his sentence in prison - caught by another paedophile hunter


- the debate about the vigilantes and their work continues.


A wet Wednesday, and you're watching BBC Points West.


Stay with us, as there's much more still to bring you tonight.


We find out how gloucestershire students duped journalists


And the rain will depart. Tomorrow is much brighter and drier. Details


towards the end of the programme. A new housing development in Bristol


has been pulled from the market as Three-bedroom homes were supposed


to be built on the site in Bridgwater Road - but instead


four-bed houses have appeared, Now the council is considering


whether to pull the buildings down. These are three and


four bedroom homes. The thing is, the developer,


Highridge Homes, only has permission The planning application shows


what they're supposed to look like. The reality is very different -


they're taller, and include dormers Catherine Withers says


no-one locally is against What they are against is


the developers being allowed to get We're desperately disappointed


with Bristol City Council, with the actions of the planning


department. I got in touch with enforcement


and we thought there's be some action in 10 days -


no action was taken. For one resident, though,


the development's Highridge Homes, using different


trade names, has been using Jo Hopkins's address


to drop off their deliveries. And she's now starting to get


demands through the door On top of that, she believes they're


trying to grab her land. This triangle of land


belongs to her house. The developers need it


for their access road. Jo says they've already knocked


down the fence once, and used the land to put in gas


and electricity supplies. Also, every attempt


she's made to contact I just feels like


nobody's listening. We've told the council


about our land, we've reiterated the protocol about how to develop


on land not solely owned If we come to sell, we'd be


answerable if we let this go. High ridge homes have amollingised


and will take steps to ensure it doesn't happen again. As for the


land, they say it was offered for sale but they declined to buy it.


In a statement, Bristol City council acknowledges


the development is unauthorised, and says a retrospective planning


application has been submitted for consideration.


A decision will be made by the Council's Development


If councillors refuse planning permission they do have the power


to force the developers to rebuild the homes to the correct size.


But it's not something councils like to do.


In the meantime, the estate agents marketing the homes have


An inquest has heard that concerns were raised about the mental health


of a young father from Cheltenham who took his own life in prison


27-year-old Callum Smith had a history of mental illness


when he was remanded in custody last February.


after threatening to burn down his mother's house.


His family want to know whether more could have been done


Meanwhile in Bristol people at risk of a mental health


crisis are being offered a new card to carry.


It contains details of how they can be helped if they have a breakdown.


The trial scheme is the first of its kind in the West and it's


hoped it will relieve pressure on the emergency services.


This is the first design of the card.


Printed on one side are the details of helplines.


But the idea is the person carrying the card fills in the other side.


Meaning that someone who finds them in a mental health crisis might


The ambition is that people have a better experience of response in a


crisis situation but also that we can steer them away from using the


blue light services. Mark's an artist and raises


awareness of mental health through exhibitions -


and his own experiences. Suffering from anxiety myself, I


find it really hard to find my voice. So, I think those cards would


be really, really good. All the information is there. So then when I


feel like really anxious, if I'm in a social situation, somebody, if


they do want to help me, they can see it all there in front of them.


But if they're to work - people need to know to look for them.


Jayne has epilepsy and has also struggled with depression.


I've had it where people have walked past me and I've really needed help


and I've felt really scared. Scared to ask anyone. You feel a bit of a


freak. But if somebody goes up and they can look in your pocket and


they can see it, then they know that you've got a problem. You can help


somebody. At the moment there are only 1,500


cards as part of the trial. But if it's successful they could be


rolled out across the city. A video of a Gloucestershire


student getting a first after finishing his assignment


in a nightclub has gone viral But it turns out the film


and story was entirely fake. University students created it


as part of a project but then went one step further


when the press got interested. Here's our Gloucestershire


reporter, Steve Knibbs. It started as a project to create


a comedy video and see how far it And it soon went viral -


not long after the press association, a well respected


trusted source, contacted the students who decided to keep


the fake story going... PA published the story


and which was then picked up by several news organisations


online, including the BBC local A university student filmed working


ons an he is say working in a nightclub revealed he got a first


for the assignment. Shows a lack of diligence in the press. Makes you


think what's real and fake out there. People should be wiser when


they open their newspapers. I'm a little shocked in terms of they


haven't checked their sources. Taken everything at face value. They were


just a group of students trying to make a video viral. I call the fake


news the enemy of the people. The fake news.


Of course fake news isn't new, and this was just a frivolous story


but the press association said it spoke to the students


Were the students right to mislead the press in that way? We don't


condone any students, or any members of the staff, deliberately


misleading the press. What the Press Association didn't do was to contact


our press office at the University of Gloucestershire and talk to us


about the story. Had they done that, we had very explained the situation.


This is the second time the film production course


In this era of the internet, it seems that not believing everything


you read and see may on occasion be true.


Are you tell me the truth now? No, of course I am. Yes, I'm telling the


truth. It is all staged. Who do we believe anymore? Helpfully our next


guest. Ian Mean is a journalist with over


50 years experience, with Gloucestershire Media,


the Western Daily Press, the Daily Mail and the Express


and he joins us now. Thank you for joining us. The fact


checking here was done. The student said, this is real. What more could


have been done? Well, Alex, they went out to deceive straightaway.


There are two red lines in journalism, whether it's in print or


broadcast media. One of those red lines is trust. And the other, the


most important, is accuracy. In my view, the person who's running this


course didn't do a great job. If he's actually encouraging students


to lie - because that's what they did - let's be really clear, when


Donald Trump talks about fake news as he has done a great deal today,


in my view, that is untrue news. And it's totally unacceptable. Of


course, we understand as you do, this was frivolous by the very


nature of it. However, it can be more serious as you've alluded to,


Donald Trump there, we're in a period coming up to an election. We


are indeed. I think if you look at the political parties and you


analyse the newspapers every morning, as you do and I do, you


could say there's a lot of fake news in those newspapers. Fake news ie


stories that are not going to come true. One of the issues I think we


have today in journalism is that there's too much reliance,


particularly by inexperienced reporters on social media. They grab


at a social media story immediately, believing it to be totally true.


Sometimes, without checking the facts. In this story, as Steve


Knibbs did, it would have been clear early on with a simple call to the


press office, was this a true story or was it frivolous? So, when you


have a story like this, you know, I was always taught on the Daily Mail,


you probably need three good sources to stand that story up and be clear


that it is true. Of course, the Daily Mail's not always without


blame but I do understand your point. With regards to consumers out


there, people are sitting at home thinking, What am I meant to do? If


it comes from a reputable source, then I believe it. Even these fake


news stories people people doubt those. What would you do as a


consumer? You make up your own mind. Whether you look at Points West or


another channel or you buy my old paper the Daily Mail or the Daily


Mirror. It is a simple choice. But you do need, Alex, trusted news. The


Press Association you quoted in this story is the national news agency of


this country. Highly yes reliable. Very, very respectable. The students


lied to them basically. Well, thank you so much for joining us to


discuss this. Very interesting. I think probably read as many papers


as you can, listen to things. The social media site's taking it really


seriously. They're going to have little alarms come up if there's any


doubt to the validity of the story. Now, it's 40 years to the day


that the BBC's Antiques Roadshow Today, the show was in Minehead


kicking off it's new series, as ever, trying


to unearth some gems. And the awful weather


didn't put off the crowds, The queue told it's own story 3000


people who weren't to be I have a nice little teddy here.


He's 60 years old. His birthday soon. It is a 1930s German pillar


drill. Where did that come from? My dad's shed. A wooden Meccano box.


The Beatles, a hard day's night. Some had made quite


an effort to be here. Like the man from from


New Zealand desperate to get an Antiques Roadshow opinion


on his vase. We watch the Antiques road show a


lot. We enjoy it. When we were coming here, I thought, if there's a


show on while we were here, I'd like to come. If you have brought any


arms, armour, guns, knives... As for the experts, well, every show


throws up a surprise or two. This morning, we have had a


deactivated bomb from the 1930s. Now used as a door stop. It will not go


bang, I can promise you that. Then there's John, who doesn't bring


treasures to be valued. In fact, he's watched


200 live shows. Do the now get bored? No, different


place, different people, different items. It's all different.


It's 20 years since Antique Roadshow was last here.


It was a working railway station then.


So did a Picasso, a hidden gem turned up today.


Well, you'll need to wait until this show is broadcast.


And that'll be some time in the autumn.


Our locals are the hidden gems. And those people queueing up in the


rain, I take my hat off to you. I would if it wasn't raining! We saw


the rain but I think it will be a bit brighter. I've had an e-mail


from someone asking if I've had enough rain for my garden. I've


wished for it too much and am being blamed for it.


Always this dichotomy with the weather, I'm conscious it is cold to


wet, dry, we need to be somewhere down the middle. Some people want


the rain and others will be quite the opposite. Let's look at the


forecast into tomorrow. If you're not after further rain, a good deal


of you will be pretty happy. It will be a very different day. A much


brighter and warmer one. For the most part, a fair amount of sunshine


around. There will be the risk of showers as well. Not necessarily


every where. A favoured area for those which I'll come to in a


minute. Here's how things shape up on a wider scale. The front giving


the rain today easing out to the east. Taking the last of the


drizzle. Skies clearing during the course of tonight. A much quieter


story for the most part tomorrow barring the risk of some showers


developing into the afternoon. For the time being, the rain is dragging


its heels. A lot of drizzly rain at the moment still across some western


areas. The back edge of all of this has been closing in through the


likes of ex-poor into the Bristol Channel. It will take a while for


the last of the light rain to go. Ultimately, the skies start to clear


tonight. It will be a noticeably cooler or chillier night in places


compared to the last two. Gones are the 13-15 Celsius. More like 5-8


Celsius. Tomorrow, a bright and dry start. We'll see one or two showers


forming towards late morning into the early afternoon. As the


afternoon wears on, a strip through parts of Somerset, close to the


Mendips across into Bath, North East Somerset and wilt shire catching


showers. Temperatures tomorrow getting up to 16-18 Celsius. With


light winds t will feel a good deal warmer. That's about from us now. No


fake news. We better leave it there, I think. See you again tomorrow.


The choice you now face is all about the future.


Whoever wins on the 8th of June will face one overriding task -


to get the best possible deal for this United Kingdom from Brexit,


because making Brexit a success is central to our national interest


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