16/02/2017 Points West

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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A deadly recipe. his administration.


The PHD student who accidentally made the same explosive chemical


Little Britain's Matt Lucas gets an honourary degree


Thank you for inviting me here today. Congratulations to all of you


with actual degrees. And the cloud will vary wildly tomorrow, but it


will be dry and mild. Details later. An investigation has found that


a university student accidentally created an explosive chemical used


in terror attacks in an experiment Buildings were evacuated last week


and a controlled explosion was carried out after the PhD


student mistakenly produced It is a simple white


powder that has become notorious for its use


in The compound is both


highly unstable and highly It was an experiment under


controlled conditions that suddenly took


a very serious turn, as a PhD student worked in the labs


at Bristol University. They accidentally created a chemical


favoured by terrorists and used Triacetone triperoxide


is highly explosive. Known as TATP, it was


in the bomb vests used in the terrorist attacks in Paris


and was discovered by Belgian police after arresting suspects


in Brussels too. Professor Sidney Alford


is an expert in chemistry. The three substances necessary


for the creation of TATP need to be I can't imagine what chemical


was intended to be produced The university hasn't said


what the experiment two weeks ago The student, they say,


was following a set procedure and that a full risk assessment


had been done first. No-one was injured,


although buildings were A controlled explosion was later


carried out to safely A man has been charged with murder


tonight after a woman's body was found at house


in Bristol on Monday. Karina Batista's body was discovered


in Kensington Park in Easton. Jaici Alfenas Rocha,


who's 36, has been charged with her murder and is due before


Bristol Magistrates' A 36-year-old driver who killed


a cyclist in Stroud as he tried to flee from the police has been


jailed for than five years. Gloucester Crown Court heard


Daryl Ackland had no insurance and was travelling at twice


the speed limit when he hit 71-year-old Joe Marchant


in October last year. He admitted causing death


by dangerous driving. The inaugural meeting of a new group


aimed at tackling the issue of wild boar in the Forest of Dean has


agreed to try and bring all parties In recent years, wild


boar damage has been on the increase and there


have been claims that not enough


is being done. Our Gloucestershire reporter


Steve Knibbs has just Welcome and the meeting has just


finished. By to say was seated an understatement. There were calls to


call all of the boar, calls to -- calls calls to manage them, to use


contraception, claims that the Forestry Commission and District


Council and local MP were not doing enough and also claims the damage in


the Forest of Dean is affecting tourism and people do want to come.


A lot of taking. This is the chairman. A lot of big views from


the public. Yes, but we expected it is. We knew this was happening. We


knew people had different views. We said quite clearly that people had


different ideas and we respected them. This was the first step,


what's the next step? One thing that will happen from now is we will


probably look to having a sit down meeting with the MP, the Forest of


murderers and the Forestry Commission. Trying get every one of


the same room. Seek legal advice to see what the standing is all the


while boar and try and sit everyone down and get to the bottom of where


we go forward. But at the moment, there is no coordinated approach to


get something done. And that is what we are looking to do. Baby steps for


now, and it was a bit difficult in places, but we will under no


illusions when we started. Sounds like quite a challenge. A small step


to light to finding a solution to the issues regarding the while boar


in the Forest of Dean and as I said, we will follow at every step of the


way and I think it will be a long running issue.


Now there's a pool with a new name in Wiltshire tonight -


Corsham's pool was re-named after its local paralympic swimming star.


And tomorrow another honour awaits the champion as Stephanie


Stephanie Millward was just ten years old when she started swimming


She could never have dreamt that one day, she would be


I've been coming here at six o'clock in the morning for years and years.


And it's not Springfield's pool anymore, it's


She's been honoured not just because of her huge


Paralympic success, two golds at Rio last year,


but also to recognise the


That is because at age 17 and showing huge


promise in the pool, Stephanie was diagnosed


Doctors said she would probably never swim


again and would end up in


And boy, was she determined to prove them wrong.


Now, nearly 25 years later, she's a Paralympic champion


I thought, yeah, I've still got that dream and


I didn't think that 18 years later I would still be here


Today, it's Corsham for the renaming


Tomorrow, it's Buckingham Palace to receive an MBE.


And Corsham's Golden girl is enjoying


Now, there were two very familiar faces among the students


receiving their degrees from Bristol University today.


Don Cameron, Founder of Bristol Balloon Fiesta


and the man behind Cameron Balloons now has an honorary


And comedian Matt Lucas was honored, too.


The Little Britain star studied drama at the university until 1995,


and found fame in Shooting Stars and for playing Vicky Pollard.


Well, David Garmston spoke to Matt earlier about being made


Comedian Matt Lucas, a master of dressing up,


donned yet another costume to become a Doctor of Letters,


from a university he left without a degree.


I've been made a Doctor of Letters by the Bristol


But I didn't know that you hadn't finished your course


when you were here at Bristol University.


No, I did two years at Bristol University


and then I left in 1995, because during my second year


I was filming Shooting Stars and it all sort of blew up,


really, so I left with the intention of just taking one year off.


I left with the intention of taking just one year off,


No, but yeah, but no, because what happened was, right,


something you don't know nothing about.


Shut up, I wasn't even supposed to be anywhere even near there.


I always think of Vicky Pollard, who's now become almost...


Yeah, it's always a surprise to me, but even today, when there's a story


about someone with an ASBO or something like that in the paper,


then you will see a picture of Vicky Pollard next to them,


And on the stage here today we had some professor,


a very learned man, saying yeah but no but.


That is it for us tonight. And leave you with the weather. .


Tomorrow looks try once again. It will be a mild day and they will be


tricky to gauge the cloud. A lot of cloud around, but some areas may


have something brighter. We currently have some patchy rain


about across northern parts of the region, including a few spots here


in Bristol. That will die away if you -- through the first half of the


night. There may just be a bit off tomorrow, certainly some areas of


low cloud and then there's a question of what degree of


brightness we see through central areas of the region, North South.


Toward the West, cloud increases in the afternoon. That introduces


patchy, light rain into the evening. Further eastwards, it will stay dry.


The winds-macro will be the lights tomorrow. My old, lower double


figures across the region, nine Celsius. It will continue to be mild


into the weekend. Apart from a bit of rain,


forthcoming weekend. Here is Nick Miller with a resume of the National


weather picture. Hello, rain for some of us today


although it won't make much of a dent in the dry winter so far across


much of the UK. A few threatening clouds in Cumbria but more than a


threat of rain across the pond for Friday. The