15/03/2017 Points West

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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Detectives investigating the murder of Jordan Taylor


say four men could hold vital information.


As Marine A is cleared of murder, we hear from the man


who launched the campaign to have the conviction overturned.


We're back to a cloudy tomorrow and rain also. The details later.


The police are trying to find four people who were in Trowbridge


within minutes of a young man being stabbed to death.


Jordan Taylor died early on Sunday morning.


Detectives believe the four people may hold the key to what happened.


Here's our Wiltshire Reporter, Will Glennon.


The pictures aren't easy to make out, but police think


someone out there will know who these people are.


The footage was all taken in the centre of Trowbridge -


near Prospect Place and Timbrell Street -


at the weekend, in the early hours, as Saturday night turned


We have evidence which can eliminate these


people from all enquiries, so we would urgently like to hear


from them or anybody who might recognise these individuals


It is likely some of the four would just walking home from a night out,


they all passed closely to the incident and they may hold


They're especially interested in a white man with receeding hair,


wearing a green parka, carrying a black bag.


We are certain that someone knows this man and he might be


If you think you know any of the people in the CCTV,


I would urge you to get in touch with us.


Also, we are interested in speaking to anyone who matches


the description and who may own a Star Wars logo bag.


Most of the police cordons in place on Monday have now been removed.


The searches for physical evidence are almost complete.


Just one side road remains sealed off.


Flowers and messages are still being laid outside


the community hospital, the spot where Jordan collapsed


and died after struggling there with his friend.


When you look at all the flowers and read some of the tributes,


you can tell Jordan was a popular person.


His mum described him as "The funniest, most loving young


She said he loved life and lived it to the full.


Jordan's brother, Damian, said they'll always be


Now as we've been hearing on the national news,


a former Royal Marine from Somerset jailed for shooting an injured


Taliban fighter in Afghanistan, had his murder conviction


Alexander Blackman is now awaiting a new sentence,


after five judges agreed he was mentally impaired


People on both sides of the argument gave


I can understand how he did what he did, but I don't


We have rules, we have to keep them, otherwise we are


While he behaved in the most despicable way, what he was


He was mentally ill when he did


He had not been looked after by his chain of command and he had seen


things that would have snapped the will and senses of anybody.


And what he did was awful - truly, truly


awful, but it was not murder, it was manslaughter.


Well, earlier I spoke to John Davis, who led the drive to get Alexander


I asked him why he started the campaign.


I didn't know Al at all at the start of this,


but nobody else was doing anything and one of the main parts


of being a Royal Marine is to look out for each other and that is what


keeps us alive on the battlefield and that is why


You've got to know Alexander Blackman and have visited


What kind of strain has this taken on him?


Every time I have been to see him, he's


always tried to be as normal as he can and it's really difficult,


this has put immense pressure on him inside,


knowing he shouldn't have been there


in the first place and just trying to deal with it day by day,


exactly like you would do on tour,


you know, out on the battlefield, so it is an immense strain.


A lot of people would say, she is under immense strain and of


course she is, but she is a tremendous woman and I really don't


know how she does it, how she keeps her strength, day in,


day out, and she always puts other people first.


So although the strain is there, she very, very rarely shows it.


You have of public support, but also a lot of


voices have not agreed with what you are trying to do.


We get a lot of people who do not look at the ins and outs of the


case and obviously, those comments are discarded, but a lot of people


come out with very reasonable arguments and I think it is


important we look at both sides of the arguments and be objective


There are lessons to be learned from this?


view, which are not for me to speak about, and we need to look at those


from the well-being perspective of the men on the ground, the


equipment, the manning and so forth, and also from the court martial side


of things, where so many elements of that were


highlighted to be flawed, in effect,


and errors were made, so, I think a review of both would be


And you can see a special edition of Panorama about Marine A in just


Now it's been Ladies Day at Cheltenham Festival and that


meant a huge occasion for one young jockey.


Fittingly, Lizzie Kelly made her professional debut at the event.


And she did well, finishing in fifth place.


This Friday she becomes only the second woman ever to take


Damian Derrick's been to the family yard to meet her.


I wanted to dress like a male jockey, you know,


with all the right gear, the proper riding out boots


and the proper britches and everything.


I had to do more to fit in and look the same as all the lads.


Lizzie hasn't just fitted in, she's stood out,


making her own piece of history along the way.


A first ever grade one win for a female rider.


That win at the highest level in jump racing 15 months ago


The confidence side of that, you know, really was massive.


It set in stone sort of where I was going,


Being able to say, look, I've won a grade one to myself


when things are, you know, a bit bleak.


Despite her success, opportunities are limited for Lizzie.


Many owners and trainers are still reluctant to expose women


The majority of her rides come from the family, not that she is


She is not given anything, she writes for us


and we run a business and if we do not get success,


we will not be here, so it is not a gift, she has


And I feel very proud that somebody can be that dedicated


And it is that sheer hard work that Lizzie


And although long since used to being outnumbered


in the weighing room, she does understand the significance


of being the first female jockey in 33 years to ride in the Gold Cup.


I think more than any other girl reference, I've really,


Riding in the Gold Cup is massive because it's such an elite race,


reserved for the best horses, the best trainers


And in such illustrious company, Lizzie has already


Now just one football result to give you tonight.


Yeovil managed to get a 2-2 draw earlier away


The visitors scored in the 91st minute to equalise, after Barnet


took the lead just a few minutes before.


Some of Bath University students are conferred in an International


science competition and created a device that people can breathe on


the moon. If they can secure UK funding, they will see their design


built. Today, we saw cloud breaking up to


be replaced by sunshine. Through tonight, we will bring that cloud


back and forth tomorrow, there will be extensive amounts of it around.


Equally, as we get late into the afternoon and evening, there is


liable to be some patchy rain. But that will be fairly light. Tonight,


temperatures will drop to about 5-7 sources, perhaps a little below in


one or two spots. We've also seen fog forming in North Somerset and


all is well. As the night wears on, there will be low cloud developing


in the south-west. By tomorrow morning, extensive overcast skies


across the West Country and for many of you, that is how things will


remain. Coming in from the North West, a weak cold front. The first


will come through in the afternoon, the second into the evening. Two


phases where we will see some light, patchy or showery rain running


across all of our district. But it will be particularly heavy.


Temperatures tomorrow down on today, 11 Celsius. A cooler theme on


Friday, turning windier, dry and bright


been. The outlook, rain around, if it stays dry I will be surprised.


Here is Nick with the national headlines.


For large parts of Wales and England there was blue sky and warmth.


Warmest day of the year, a clumsy way of saying the UK had the highest