17/05/2017 Points West

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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A soldier from Wiltshire's trapped by an amateur detective posing


How these students managed to dupe the world's press.


And in stark contrast to today, many districts will stay to ride


tomorrow. Details at the end of the programme.


A soldier from Wiltshire has admitted attempting to meet


a child after being trapped by a vigilante detective.


Samuel Dallow thought he had been chatting


to a 14-year-old girl online, but it was all a set up.


It's the latest case to use evidence gathered by groups calling


But as Lee Madan reports, their work has been heavily


Private Sam Dallow says he was waiting for a friend,


but really he was waiting for what he thought


was a 14-year-old girl he'd been chatting to online.


That girl was actually Shane Brannigan, a vigilante


He poses as underage girls on the internet then tricks


paedophiles into meeting him before handing them over to the police.


This meeting at a train station was all streamed live on Facebook


and uploaded elsewhere on the internet.


It was from inside his room here at Tidworth Barracks that


Samuel Dallow sent the explicit messages online to Shane Brannigan,


As part of his work as a vigilante detective, Shane Brannigan printed


those messages off and handed them over to police alongside the video


It's that evidence that's today led Dallow to admit the offence


of attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming.


Dallow will be back in court on June 8th for sentencing.


The judge told him that maximum credit will be shown


for admitting the offence, but to expect a custodial sentence.


This is the latest case to use evidence gathered


There's now at least 15 of these groups in Britain.


The vigilantes say they're helping out police forces,


whose budgets they say are at breaking point,


by doing the detective work detectives are unable


They've got no money, resources, no funding.


There isn't enough people in the teams to do this sort of stuff.


Leave it to people like me who care about the investigation.


But the police are critical of these amateur detectives.


They say they can jeopardise ongoing investigations,


giving paedophiles a chance to destroy evidence.


And their actions can have other consequences.


This sting by paedophile hunters in Essex caused this mass brawl


outside a shopping centre on Easter Sunday, when


I believe they are vigilantes, they are taking the law


into their own hands and they are taking, in my view,


risks that are simply not acceptable and the risks that they are posing


to children are simply inappropriate.


As tonight Samuel Dallow contemplates his future,


the debate about paedophile hunters and their work continues.


Earlier, I asked the legal expert Joshua Rozenberg if this case


encouraged other people to take the law into their own hands.


I don't think we want to encourage people to take the law


into their own hands, but obviously people will look


at this and see this was evidence gathered by a private individual,


doing what he thought was in the public interest,


but nevertheless not a police officer, a detective or anybody


else, not even a public body, but an individual.


And if this has led to a conviction, well I suppose it will encourage


Whether we think that's a good thing or not,


given the difficulties that the police have with resources


But obviously, it does have consequences, particularly


As I say, it might well be that Private Dalow could have challenged


the evidence at chosen to do so. When does this become entrapment?


If the crime would have been committed anyway,


the courts generally say that's fine.


If they're actually trying to entrap somebody into committing an offence


that they wouldn't have committed in the first place, then


the courts say it's not fair. From a legal point of


I think it is worrying because we rely on the police.


The police are subject to all sorts of restrictions.


There are limits to what they can do.


If they arrest somebody, they have to read them their rights and so on.


If you have a member of the public simply acting as a policeman


and trying to capture people who this individual thinks have


committed criminal offences, there are no protections,


and we don't know where it's going to end.


Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has been criticised for discussing


alcohol during a visit to a Sikh temple in Bristol.


He mentioned the whisky trade in India during a visit


One member of the congregation said it was outrageous.


Mr Johnson said he was making an important point about


A new housing development in Bristol has been pulled


from the market because it hasn't got planning permission.


Four-bedroom homes have been built on the site in Bridgwater Road.


The developer, Highridge Homes, only had permission


Some local residents have now asked for action to be taken.


I got in touch with enforcement, and we were told it would be action


within ten days. It transpired that no action was taken.


Bristol City Council says the development is unauthorised.


A bid for retrospective planning permission has been submitted


and will be considered in the summer.


It's a video of a Gloucestershire student getting a first


after finishing his assignment in a nightclub.


The footage made news around the world.


But it turns out the film and the story were entirely fake.


University students created it as part of a project.


Here's our Gloucestershire reporter, Steve Knibbs.


It started as a project to create a comedy video to see how far it


could spread online, and it soon went viral.


Not long after, the Press Association, a well-respected,


trusted source, contacted the students, who decided to then


PA then published a story, which was picked up by several news


organisations online, including the BBC local


A university student filmed working on an essay in a nightclub has


revealed he got a first for the assignment.


It shows a lack of diligence in regards of the press,


and just kind of makes you question what is real and fake


I think people should be a bit wiser when they open the newspapers.


I'm a little bit shocked in terms of, they haven't


Like, they've literally taken everything on face value.


They were just a group of students going to make a video viral.


We never thought how easy it would be to do it.


I call the fake news the enemy of the people.


Of course, fake news isn't new, as we know, and this


But the Press Association said they spoke to the students


and acted in good faith, saying "We are confident


that our hecking procedure is as rigorous as any in the media


business, but if two people separately maintain at length that


something is correct when it isn't, it highlights what a


Were the students right to mislead the press in that way?


We don't condone any student or any members of staff,


or anybody at this university, deliberately misleading the press.


What the Press Association didn't do was to contact our press office


at the University of Gloucestershire and talk to us about the story.


Had they done that, we very clearly would have explained the situation.


This is a second time the film production course


has fooled the press, and in this era of the internet,


it seems that not believing everything you read or see may


I'm telling you the truth, it is all staged.


The heavy rain didn't stop people turning out to watch Antiques road


It's been 20 years since the programme was last


This time around 3000 people came out to show


One man had been to see the show 200 times.


Another had even come from New Zealand to get his vase valued.


We watch the programme quite a lot. We enjoy it. I thought, I'd like to


come. This morning we've had a deactivated by from 19 30. It is now


used as a doorstop. It will not go bang, I can promise you that.


If you missed today's filming, the programme will be


There's more news from around the region on the BBC News website,


and of course on your local BBC Radio Stations where you are.


We're back with you in Breakfast tomorrow from 6.30am.


But for now I'll say goodnight and leave with Ian,


To date we have made some further inroads into the deficit of rain


fell but has been building up over many weeks. The forecast for


tomorrow is that tomorrow we will struggle to see much rain at all in


a good number of districts. The Bobby shallows around, particularly


in the afternoon. One of two of those will be moderate, but many


heirs will stay completely dry, and a good deal brighter as well. It one


day compared to the one we have just had. For the course of tonight, the


skies will continue to generally clear. It will be a killer night


compared to the last two, perhaps as low as about five Celsius in the


countryside. Tomorrow, the legacy of those clear skies will be a good


deal of sunshine. It is looking like dry conditions well prevail. And to


the afternoon, we will see jabber is building up. Preferentially perhaps


a crosspatch of Somerset and some of those stretching out across the


north-east and in to watch. There might be one to elsewhere, but I


think between those are good number of people remaining drives through


the day. With light winds, edible feel pleasantly warm, temperatures


getting up to 16 showers. But it will be a bit


warmer. Before today, many gardeners were


crying out for rain. Some of the those garden may now be water


logged. And Lincolnshire was one of wettest places with 40 millimetres.


That is nearly a month's worth of rain in 24 hours. Some difficult


travelling conditions. Some parts of north-west England stayed dry. This


was the main rain-maker. It is pulling away. Tomorrow a day


sunshine and showers and that freshing feeling air will filter


into those parts that were muggy today. It