29/10/2016 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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Hundreds of campaigners in Bath have warned "the NHS is not for sale


during a rally against plans to award more than 200


adult and children services to a private company.


Virgin Care says it won't profit from the ?500 million contr`ct,


and will ensure nurses and carers get more time with patients.


Branson's already got two Caribbean islands.


He doesn't need a third one, does he?


Film-maker Ken Loach rallying the troops,


all here worried Virgin Card is about to be handed


..to run NHS and council care services, including support


for the elderly and mental health services in the Bath area.


We don't want to see the NHS privatised, the dislocation that


brings, the marketisation, which is costing billions, not millions.


Virgin Care says it's got a track record in bringing in new tdchnology


to health care, so the likes of community nurses have more time


The local council thinks a new approach is needed.


You might go to the hospital and then you go back to the doctor.


The doctor won't actually know what they said in the hospital


and vice versa, so it's all a little bit of joined-up thinking


The council and health officials say Virgin Care has spent two ydars


looking at what improvements can be made in the Bath area and they say


Virgin Care's already looking after 5 million people across the UK


and any profits will have to be put back into health care.


But today's campaigners don't buy it.


It's a curious thing for them to have promised


and if they want to do this, I can't understand why they haven't


made Virgin Care a charitable trust or a not-for-profit company.


The final decision to award the contract to Virgin Care


If successful, Richard Branson's company will have seven years


to prove they can help councils meet a growing demand for


A man has been charged with causing the death


The 70-year-old man died after a collision in the town


36-year-old Daryl Ackland is charged with causing death


by dangerous driving and driving without insurance.


Two other men and a woman h`ve been released without charge.


To football, and in the Championship, Bristol Chty


conceded a late equaliser, drawing 2-2 away at Barnslex.


In League One, Bristol Rovers threw away a 1-0 lead to go down 2-1


Not a great day for Swindon, who lost 4-1 away


In League Two it was a 2-2 draw between Cheltenham


and Blackpool at Whaddon Ro`d, while it was 0-0 for Yeovil


And Forest Green stay top of the National League


despite being held to a 1-1 draw at home by Dagenham and Redbridge.


In rugby, it was a close battle for Gloucester


at Northampton last night, with the home side winning 23-2


It ended Gloucester's unbeaten away record in the Premiership


Wurzels songwriter Adge Cutler was honoured in Nailsea


this afternoon, with the unveiling of a statue at his local pub.


The bronze sculpture has bedn on tour with a local tributd band


But it now has a permanent place at the Royal Oak,


the pub where the Wurzels recorded their first


Adge died in 1974, but his family want to


Adge wrote about the villagds and the local people,


and so Adge was a local and this is what I wanted to do.


The end of my dream, this is, and hopefully


people will read the plaque on the actual statue


Let's get the weather now with Bee Tucker.


Again it's been a fairly quhet day in terms of our weather.


We had a lot of cloud out there and that cloud will rdmain


It will tend to lower in places so we will see


Some of us didn't lift the list all day today but we did sed


Quite a mild night, temperatures down to 11 or 02.


It will start to pick up a bit quicker tomorrow than today,


To the lee of any high ground we should see some


decent spells of sunshine, still staying mild,


temperatures in one or two spots will hit 16 degrees,


then it looks like for Halloween itself it will be dry,


a lot of cloud about with overnight mist and fog.


By the time we get towards Wednesday it will start to turn that little


That's all from the Points West team for tonight.


For now, from me, have a lovely evening.


Good evening, it has been a rather cloudy but certainly very mild day.


In fact where we did see sunshine breaking through, in Hull for


instance, temperatures rose as high as 19 degrees, more typical of the


middle of August and late October. Things remaining mild and largely


dry down to this big area of high pressure really dominating the


weather. Bringing light winds. Still a lot of ploughed through this


evening and overnight. A few spots of drizzle coming out of the cloud,


three central parts of England and Wales. Scattered showers towards the


far north-west of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Where we see clear


spells we the seat missed. Locally dense fog patches especially across


parts of the south-east of England and East Anglia. Look out for


reduced visibility Sunday morning. Mild start to the


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