18/12/2016 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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The brand new South Bristol link road had a test drive today.


Hundreds of cyclists became the first to use the route


The ?45 million road will also form part of the route


for the city's new Metrobus, in a scheme designed


It's not every day that cyclists are offered the chance to ride


And so hundreds turned out today to ride the five kilometres


Many of these cyclists live locally and think the new road


will help to ease the amount of traffic on certain roads.


I guess it'll take a lot of pressure off of Winterstoke


And I do a lot of cycling myself so, yeah, it'll be great


And it was really smooth and easy to cycle on.


I think it's going to make a massive difference around the


Parson Street area, where we are, in Bedminster, it'll


really relieve the traffic going through there, yeah.


The majority of those here today were positive


But the Green Party has opposed the plans right from the start,


and say building new roads will never help cut traffic.


At the moment, some of the plans that are coming


forward, only seem to be moving the air quality issues that


currently tend to be concentrated in the centre of


the city and moving them out to the fringes, in areas like


But, in rush hour, parts of South Bristol


For a business here which employs 1500 people, the feeling


is that this road can only be a good thing.


Really, the congestion in Bristol has made it very


Really, the congestion in Bristol has made it very difficult for them.


The new road will definitely improve their travel times.


It will improve the air quality in the area, I'm sure.


And generally, for the residents, it will reduce the amount


In the New Year, this new road will open to cars.


After that, part of it will be used by the Metrobus.


And if it helps to get South Bristol moving then it


won't just be these Santas who are the only happy customers.


A seasonal warning's been issued to Christmas partygoers in Bath


to take extra care around the River Avon.


12 people have died after falling into the river


in the past seven years - the last only a few weeks ago.


The River Safety Group in Bath is urging people to stay away


from the water after drinking, and says even strong swimmers can


To football - let's take a look at the weekend's goal action.


In the Championship, Bristol City lost 2-1


Aaron Wilbraham headed in this equaliser with 12 minutes


to go and City looked the more likely to win,


but with five minutes remaining the visitors snatched victory.


Bristol Rovers went down 2-0 at Shrewsbury.


Rovers almost took the lead in the first minute,


but Peter Harley's header clipped the top of the bar.


Swindon drew 1-1 with Fleetwood - Luke Norris with an early opener


for Swindon, before the visitors cancelled it out ten minutes later.


Yeovil tested Carlisle's resilience with a second-half comeback -


Nathan Smith scoring three minutes after the break - but the hosts held


Two goals in the space of one second-half minute saw Cheltenham


come back from a goal down to beat ten man Morecambe, Billy Waters


and Harry Pell sealing an important victory.


And it was a draw for Forest Green Rovers and Dover -


you might not be able to see it through the fog, but it was thanks


to an injury-time equaliser from Kieffer Moore.


Gloucester Rugby suffered a heavy first defeat


in the European Challenge Cup this season, as La Rochelle ran


in six tries at home - formidable in front of a home crowd.


In festive news, knitters from a church in South Gloucestershire


have created their own Christmas tree, which will later be recycled


Over 800 woolly green squares have been knitted or crocheted and then


by the St Michael's Yarn Bombers of Stoke Gifford.


Three squares even came from a knitter in America.


In January, the tree will be taken down, and sewn into ten blankets


We wanted to do something that could involve as many people in the


community as possible, so we could celebrate Christmas to melt


together. It was always in our plans to do something that we could give


to other people, so the plans to make the blankets were always an


important part of the project. 50 dancing Santas brought part


of the Forest of Dean The flashmob-style event,


by the clock tower in Coleford, was organised by students


from a local dancing school. They were performing to raise money


for the Make a Wish Foundation. Time for weather


check with Holly now. Some of us have had some


stubborn mist and fog for today and it's quickly re-thickening


for tonight so the Met Office has Some of it could be


quite thick and it could be quite


a hazard on the roads. Mostly staying frost-free


for tonight but, given some clear spells, we could see a bit


of patchy stuff perhaps But these are typical


low temperatures. An odd drizzly shower


or two but generally dry. Poor visibility, then,


to start the day tomorrow. Slowly that will lift and break


but it could be a pretty slow Some bright spells perhaps


coming through but, in And highs of 7 or 8 -


feeling a bit chilly, I think, A little bit of drizzle,


but turning more unsettled We're back a bit later than usual -


after those Sports Personality of the Year


awards, here on BBC One. Hello. Exactly a week to Christmas


but it did not feel that way in north-east Scotland today with


temperatures as high as 13 Celsius in Aberdeenshire. This is one


Weather Watcher's view. It is colder and Misty and murky in South Wales.


You could see some dense fog patches developing tonight and into tomorrow


morning. Southeast Wells, the Midlands and southern England are


most at risk of that. They're out Brexit rain for Scotland later in


the night.


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