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Good evening. for the news where you are.


Final preparations are taking place at Bristol Cathedral ahead of a very


The Cathedral will be the venue for the BBC's annual


Millions of people are expected to tune in.


A lucky few people have managed to get their hands on the free


tickets for the service, which will be on BBC One


We're really thrilled to have been asked to do this.


It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it's a wonderful


opportunity to showcase Bristol Cathedral to


A Bristol artist who paints using her mouth is part


of a campaign calling on people not to forget the tradition


Venessa Haaroff say the advent of modern technology is threatening


For the artists designing them, even longer to paint.


When I was 19, I had a spinal-cord injury, quite high level,


which left me without the use of my arms and legs,


so one of the creative avenues that were available to me was painting,


so I got into it that way in my rehabilitation centre


and I was hanging around able-bodied artists and mouth painting


artists and just realised, didn't really matter about the lack


of movement, it was just how you got the paint to the paper.


Now, Vanessa is a student artist, with an association called the Mouth


For their members, making Christmas cards is one


And that's why she features in a new video, calling


on the public to remember the joy of sending and receiving one.


One single card says more than 100 megabytes.


We are really worried about the sale of Christmas cards.


It helps the development of our art and for some members


And for Vanessa, it's also a passion.


Rugby and Bath have been taking on title rivals,


Despite tries by Dave Attwood and this one by Ross Batty,


third-placed Bath weren't able to get past Wasps.


Visiting Bath lost the game 40 points to 26.


Residents in a Cheltenham street have been counting down to Christmas


by using their homes as an advent calendar.


Each night special window displays have been unveiled


Here's our Gloucestershire reporter, Steve Knibbs.


It was a simple idea that's captured the imagination here.


Familes up and down the street revealing a different


It's meant a lot of mulled wine, a lot of mulled cider,


What started off as something quite small suddenly grew so people


were socialising and we had big reveals where bin bags over


Just generally getting together and, yeah, having a good time.


There are four calling birds, at number four, of course,


Christmas kisses nearby and a winter wonderland for the tenth day.


I'm not sure I can say there's much inspiration apart from winter


time and having fun, but it's been a great time and we've


Our street's got a really strong feeling of community.


It's just a great way to bring us all together


-- There was some confusion for the postman as the house numbers


got changed for the different days of advent but, with 23 houses down,


And the last reveal was, of course, at the pub.


So at a time when people often rue the loss of community,


this simple idea of some Christmas creativity has brought


Steve Knibbs, BBC Points West, Cheltenham.


Let's get the weather now and Holly Green has our forecast.


It's a mild Christmas Day but it's also a windy one and those winds


They're drawing in more low clouds, some patchy rain and drizzle,


some hill fog perhaps but also that mild air.


So we're looking at lows of 7 or 8 Celsius and it's a mild but a murky


Now, we tend to see a lot of cloud through the day tomorrow.


You might see a few bright spells but they'll be


Patchy rain and drizzle at times through the day.


Despite that strong, blustery wind, it's looking


like being one of the mildest Christmas Days on record.


We see brighter skies emerging on Boxing Day but it


There's more news on the BBC website and your local BBC Radio stations.


But, for now, from all of here at Points West,


Hello. Nice and toasty both inside and out. It even struggling to snow


across the Scottish hills, it's so mild outside, whether you like it or


not. It's all thanks to this storm, big windstorm in the North Atlantic.


It is drawing up warm air from the southern climes. You can see the


Azores, warm air moving in our direction. It's here to


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