21/01/2017 Points West


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More than 1,500 people have marched through the centre


of Bristol in protest at the new US president.


The demonstration was organised in just three days


There've been similar marches around the world,


with women's groups saying they wanted to highlight issues


They came from all over the West with one clear message...


To stand in solidarity with people across the world who do not feel


that Donald Trump is fit to be President of the United States.


The demonstration was organised by a local fitness instructor


when she realised there was not a march already


I put it online to see if anyone would join me and within three days


we had over 1,000 sign-ups, I had to close registration


because there have been so many people, so much interest.


For some, it was their first-ever demonstration.


For others, the continuation of an ongoing struggle


We are here today because we are half-American and we really


We want to stand up for equality and women's rights.


I think his campaign was based on hate and stirring


up hatred in America, which is already incredibly unequal.


So, today, a show of unity, but what happens next very much


depends on how this presidency plays out and whether the hopes and fears


of millions of people around the world will or won't be realised.


Laura Jones, BBC Points West, Bristol.


The bookies' favourite to become the West's first ever


In May, voters will go to the polls in South Gloucestershire, Bath


The main parties have been choosing their candidates and today


it was the turn of the Tories, who are considered frontrunners


South Gloucestershire Conservative councillor Tim Bowles won today


They are optimistic he will do so again in May's election.


Genuinely absolutely thrilled, but more importantly, humbled.


It was an amazing turnout, terrific to see so many people.


I know the other two candidates, I have got to know them well,


There were two other brilliant candidates,


I was really surprised to learn from everybody else how


many other good quality candidates we had.


Based on the votes cast across the three council areas


in the last general election, the Conservatives, who came well


ahead, reckon they are favourites for the Metro Mayor contest.


But go back to 2010, it was the Lib Dems who came first


And Labour know the area can be good for them.


They got the most votes in the three previous general elections.


Labour went first, recently choosing Lesley Mansell as their candidate.


The Liberal Democrats must decide between former council leader


Simon Cook and the ex-Bristol West MP Stephen Williams,


Ask me a year ago, "Could the Liberal Democrats aspire to win


an election across the West Country?"


but the referendum votes, the Brexit outcome has transformed


May's vote may not be so dramatic but 900,000 people of the West


will get a brand-new type of political leader.


Paul Barltrop, BBC Points West, Bath.


In football, the misery continues for Bristol City


who have slipped further down the Championship table after a 1-0


Bristol Rovers fared no better in League 1,


Swindon also lost at home against Peterborough.


In League 2, Blackpool equalised in the 95th minute


to deny Yeovil victory, whilst Cheltenham also conceded


a stoppage time goal to lose at home against Plymouth.


Forest Green Rovers drew 1-1 with Braintree


Bath Rugby secured a home quarterfinal in the European


Challenge Cup as they scored ten tries to beat Pau 69-10 at the Rec.


Anthony Watson and Paul Grant both scored two tries.


And Bristol lost 37-21 at Cardiff Blues.


Jordan Williams scored two tries for Bristol.


Time for a weather update - here's Bee Tucker.


Well, we have had some sunshine today, we have seen a bit of cloud


push in over the last few hours and it think it will be


slightly thicker as we head through the night.


It could even turn a bit wintry over higher ground,


There will be some breaks in the cloud so most


towns and cities will be hovering above freezing.


If you do get some breaks rurally, you could dip below,


so we could get a touch of frost first thing tomorrow.


And the risk of some ice on the untreated surfaces.


I think it will start off grey and cloudy with some mist


but we should see more sunshine developing as the day goes on.


Still bits and pieces of cloud about, temperatures slowly


climbing up from today, highs of 8, perhaps even 9 degrees.


It stays largely dry through to next week,


quite a bit of sunshine but remaining cold.


Good evening. It does not get warmer. If you check the UK as a


whole, it has been one of the coldest days so far. The hard frost


to come in areas where it stays clear, parts of East Anglia, the


south-east, fog across Scotland, at West, a change, showers and parts of


Wales and England, some snow on high ground as well. Meanwhile, down


under through the early hours, Andy Murray will be getting ready for his


next match in the


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