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Farmers in the West say they're hopeful a new way of tackling


rural crime will help protect their livelihoods.


Farm machinery and livestock are regularly stolen in our area.


Now though, with the help of a new text message service,


police hope to catch more of those responsible.


Sunday morning - but there's no rest for Rob Walrond,


These ewes have lambed early - and he's keeping a close eye on them


- especially after what happened here a year and a half ago.


The sheep that were stolen were worth some ?14,000 -


it's a bitter pill to swallow - but Rob's not alone.


Farmers living and working in this area say they have noticed a


dramatic rise in recent years in the number of animals going missing.


Within two or three hours of us being told about the number, there


was already a case. Now though the police are fighting


back - via technology We have launched this system on


Tuesday where the farmers and rural community context does. The text


messages are coming through a lot quicker and it's something we can


respond to. Most farmers are going around with mobile phones anyway so


they can send details in quickly. Whilst protecting


livestock and machinery from criminals will always be


challenging, it's hoped that this modern initiative will be


a significant step in the age-old Police are becoming increasingly


concerned for the welfare of a missing 24 year old man


from Weston super Mare. Deacon Wilkins left Motion nightclub


in Bristol in the early hours of last Saturday, and


hasn t been seen since. Today police released this CCTV


image showing the clothes A bike ride was held


in Gloucester this afternoon in memory of Zac Evans,


the nineteen year old who was killed in a machete attack outside a pub


in Tuffley two years ago. The route took friends


and family past Zac's final resting place,


and ended at the spot where he died. Zac's mother wanted her son to be


remembered, and to raise awareness about the danger of weapons


on our streets. The MP for Bristol East has signed


a letter to the Prime Minister Kerry McCarthy is one of dozens


of Labour MPs to write directly to Theresa May to advise


against taking the UK out of the single market with no


new trade deal. She told today's Sunday Politics


West programme that if MPs get the right to vote on triggering


article 50 - she doubts she'd give her support


without further safeguards. I think unless the reason may come


forward with clarity, unless she explained how on earth she feels she


can get this deal on the table... He said he expected all Labour MPs to


support it. I'm aware of that. Finally our congratulations


tonight to newly-weds Marlene Robinson-Franklin and Ronnie


Franklin. The couple, who are 79


and 85 and from Uley in Gloucestershire tied


the knot on Saturday. with Marlene wearing a bright


pink gingham dress. You can see their story in full


on Points West tomorrow evening! We have submitted starting to form


and simple, with temperatures dropping rapidly, it's going to be


freezing fog. Further west, we will see some clear spells but quite a


bit of cloud, hit and miss whether you get a frost and would you get


that fog. If you miss wake up to the fore, it will be slow to clear. Away


from the pub, some decent spells of sunshine and whether you keep the


cloud or not will effect if you keep the temperatures. Where you get the


sunshine, we could see spotted in sunshine, we could see spotted in


eight or 9 degrees, staying largely settled as we head through the week.


Largely dry with some brightness on Tuesday and the breeze will pick up


towards the end of the week and it turned milder.


Good evening. If you are dreading the trudge back to work in the


morning I'm not going to help matters. There is the prospect of


nasty, freezing fog over the next couple of days. Quite localised but


tricky out there on the roads. Disruption possible. Check out your


BBC local radio station, go online for the latest updates where you


are. The fog thickening up as I subpoenaing, particularly across


southern parts of the UK. There are warnings in force with some patches


of fog elsewhere, too. A cold one, needless to say. Some places already


well below freezing. Where you have cloud cover, hovering just above.


Some showers around, too, coming out of the cloud. So ice around first


thing in the morning. Let's concentrate on the fog. It includes


the London area, some of the airports could


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