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A mother from Cheltenham is campaigning for a change in the laws


surrounding organ donation - after her daughter had


Kerry Smith says it made her realise there was a shortage of donors.


She wants England to adopt the Welsh system,


where it's assumed everyone has given consent, unless they opt out.


15-year-old Megan Carson from Cheltenham fell ill last year


Luckily, she had a liver transplant within two months.


But that anxious wait made her family aware


of a shortage of donors, one they think would be improved


if England adopted the Welsh system of presumed consent.


Well, one person can donate several organs,


and I think that presumed consent can help so much more


than just opting in, because not enough people opt in.


Presumed consent would enable everybody


I still believe they should have the choice and they can


opt out if they need to, but it would ease the decisions


that their upset relatives need to make at that time.


Kerry Smith is canvassing politicians for a change


In its first year, it has led to an increase in transplants.


People we spoke to here are in favour.


If we did, like, adapt to it, then it should be more advertised


on the fact that you can opt out if you want to.


I wouldn't mind my organs going, but I just don't have a donor card.


There are those, though, who worry about presumed consent -


the thought the state in some way owns your organs, and might death be


hastened if an organ was needed by someone else?


But a leading medical philosopher in the West says it is worth


remembering that you are more likely to need an organ than be a donor.


We emphasise the donor's perspective, another equally


important question is, would you want to have an organ


available to you if you were in a situation where you needed one,


The Department of Health in England says it has no plans


to introduce an opt-out system, but it is watching developments


in Wales, where the UK as a whole has one of the lowest rates


A device, believed to be from World War Two, has been found


It's thought it may have been a Spigot Mortar.


Because of its size, a 1,500m exclusion zone was put


in place and residents were advised to stay in doors.


The final beams were put into place today for


a new bridge for MetroBus - going over the Portbury freight


line near Winterstoke Road in South Bristol.


Completion of the bridge has been called a milestone.


It'll mean the MetroBus can avoid congestion on the Winterstoke Road


The scheme, which has been criticised for the intensive


roadworks needed and the amount it's cost, is due to open in the Autumn.


Staff caring for an injured swan that was shot with a crossbow have


told us they're pleased with his progress this weekend.


George was found on Cheltenham's Pittville Lake with a bolt


But these recent pictures show he's already standing on his own.


Vale Wildlife Hospital is watching his recovery closely


before attempting to operate on his eye.


And around 500 amateur singers and musicians pulled off


The challenge was to learn a concert-full of music,


Then this morning they all met for the first time to rehearse


and there was a full performance at the end of the day.


The audience made donations to Cancer Research UK.


Now in its eighth year, the Scratch Orchestra challenge has


raised tens of thousands for the charity.


Now let's have a look at the weather forecast


at the start of a new week - here's Emily.


Hello, we're continuing with unsettled but also some milder


weather through the week ahead but tonight, still some


patchy light rain and drizzle for a time.


Also a lot of cloud, mist and fog forming


Temperatures tonight no lower than between 6-9.


So a mild start tomorrow but also quite misty


and murky for Monday morning and through the day tomorrow.


Further outbreaks of rain will spread in from the west.


Very mild, though for the time of year.


Temperatures tomorrow afternoon up to 12.


Tuesday looks similar - mild, cloudy with rain at times.


Some dry and brighter weather on Wednesday,


We're back with you in the morning in Breakfast News.


Good evening. Very soggy down south today. A wash-out of the day for


some of us. Scotland, northern parts of England, had sunshine. It's going


to be cold. Already is. This is what is heading our way for the week


ahead. We need our brollies out and it'll turn Wendy later in the week.


The rain is clearing. I wouldn't say necessarily particularly drying out


after this rain band boost towards the east, it'll stay damp but cloudy


and murky in the north. Maybe freezing fog in places. It will be


cold in the glands of Scotland. It could be down to -10 degrees, it's


already about -5 or 6 degrees right now. Monday we've got another band


of rain heading our way. Most of the West Country, Wales, spots into


Northern Ireland. Most of southern England overcast with some rain.




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