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Welcome to South East Today, I'm Ellie Crisell.


Four of our hospitals on the highest alert,one of them almost


every day for a month, an NHS director says pressures are


I was just siting there, I asked them if they had any chance of a


bed. They said they had none. How hundreds of grammar school


pupils drop out halfway through their A-levels


because the school doesn't think Could there be stormy weather


on the horizon as plans go public to double the size of this


Thanet windfarm? As the new President takes office,


a Kent author's novel about Russian spies and US politics hits


the bestseller list. And seeing the light -


we get a sneak preview of an illuminating new exhibition in


Eastbourne. One of the south-east's biggest


hospital trusts has been on the highest possible state


of alert since Christmas, meaning that patient safety has been


compromised every day In addition, this programme has


discovered that patient groups have been warned


that the Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton is expecting to continue


in that state all winter. It comes on the day that one


of the NHS's senior Directors said that pressure on the health service


is the "toughest" Our health Correspondent


Mark Norman has more. Another week, another insight


into the pressure the NHS is under. This trust has been at the heart


of the highest state of alert every The impact is being


felt by patients. I was taken to A and I


had to sleep in A I was just sitting


there and said, any There are four levels of alert,


Opel 4 is the highest, The trust told us its


staff were working hard to give patients the emergency


care they needed and it was making improvements to help


with the flow of patients. However, the impact on patients


is concerning some. Some who have been


in hospital, as soon as they are ready to go home,


or likely to be asked to go home, the support systems


in the community, whether it is family


or friends or a service that they pay for, provided


by the local council, they are At least three other trusts


in Kent and Sussex went to the highest level


of alert last week. All our trusts failed to hit


the specific target for A At Durham Valley, they even took


to social media to encourage former staff members to come


back and cover shifts. For our members, they would say


they are at the end of their Most organisations across the system


had been working at high While Brighton is not in the worst


performing trust, it is under pressure and is telling patient


groups it doesn't expect to come out Our Health Correspondent Mark


Norman is with me now - It is not good news. It is the fact


they had been on high alert for a month, and other parts of the NHS


have had to get involved. Nearly a 5% increase in the number of people


going into it A Delayed transfers of care. The fear is the impact on


patients. It is serious. I spoke to the Royal College of nurses and they


said it was more bad weather or a flu epidemic it would take the


system over the edge. Its being claimed that Kent grammar


schools are forcing some children to leave halfway


through their A-level studies because their Year 12 grades


were not considered good enough. Parents have told us their children


have been made to feel like failures, separated


from their friends, and given just weeks to find a new place


for their final year at There are 32 grammar


schools in Kent. In the last year, 266 Year 12s,or


students in the lower sixth form,left by the end


of the academic year. Invicta Grammar School had


the highest number leave, Our education correspondent


Bryony MacKenzie has more. Selective education not just


from primary to secondary but in many cases


in year 12 as well. But for one parent


who wanted to remain anonymous, their child didn't reach


the required grades at AS-level They claim the policy


at Invicta Grammar left them We felt not completing her education


with her peers would be detrimental She just needed more support,


mainly with revision techniques. Whether they acted legally or not,


their treatment of our daughter, and the harshness of pastoral care


we received, was shocking. There is no legislation that allows


them to remove students on the grounds of performance


halfway through a course. Students are asked to sign


a home-school agreement at the beginning of the sixth form


course, but that actually Invicta's sixth form


learning agreement states: If a student is allowed to continue


despite serious reservations... It's a common policy but not


one that works at every school. A lot of them make significant


improvements between year 12 and the end of year 13,


and I think schools need to have faith in their own students


and to push them hard Invicta Girls' Grammar denies


the claims and says students are supported and advised


about what is best for them. Bryony MacKenzie,


BBC South East Today, Maidstone. Why does one MP says she is dating


the return to southern rail? Controversial plans to double


the potential output of the Thanet offshore windfarm have gone


on display today in Ramsgate. The windfarm owners, Vattenfall,


want to build up to 34 extra They would be significantly bigger


and more powerful than the existing 100 and once completed,


the whole windfarm could generate enough electricity to


supply up 430,000 homes. But some local industries


are worried about their impact. Our environment correspondent


Yvette Austen has tonight's report. Thanet wind farm generating


electricity on a winter day. The idea is to make it bigger. Reacted


more top buys of the offshore wind farm. It is a great place to develop


and extend and we are confident about it. Technology has moved


answers to that then ten, and by ending 34 more turbines, output


could double. These turbines look so much bigger up close compared to how


they appear from the beach. The new ones will be twice the height of


these at 210 metres tall. This will improve the economies of scale. But


not everyone is happy with the idea, like the operators of boats who taxi


pilot to and from container ships to navigate them through sandbanks and


busy shipping lanes to port. They fear losing an additional 27 square


miles of seed wind farm, putting ships at risk. The ships require a


lot of room to manoeuvre. This is where they are slowing down to pick


the pilots up so they become affected by the tides and the wind.


This is where you don't want to close in the area. It will be


uncomfortable if you are the captain of a cargo ship. You would be


worried about slowing down. Fishermen are worried too. Anything


that takes up any area that we are working in and reduces our


capability of catching is a concern. It is said the plan is still an


early stages and people views would listen to. This is part of a


consultation process. We have already engaged them I will be again


about their issues and will be addressing those as a movie project


forward. Early next week, exhibitions are being held so people


can learn about the plan and see what it might look like. There is a


lot to before construction. Yvette Austen joins


us from Ramsgate now. They look quite sizable


turbines, Yvette? And they are the latest technology


capable of generating up to 80 megawatts each. They say that you


will see little difference from the shore because they are so far away


and local people say they welcome the boost to economy. I am sure that


the company would want to see collisions with ships because it is


the people who are out at sea would be most concerned. We will see how


it develops. A Sussex teenager who admitted


selling thousands of pounds worth of fake festival tickets has been


sentenced to 21 months in a young Benjamin Hyland-Ward from Saltdean,


left hundreds of people disappointed after taking ?60,000


for tickets that he failed to produce for the Bestival event


on the Isle of Wight The 19-year-old had pleaded guilty


at Lewes Crown Court. Two members of a drugs gang have


been jailed following the discovery of almost 8 million pounds worth


of cannabis in Sittingbourne. 57 year Thomas Cullen from Liverpool


was sentenced to 8 years in prison and 48 year old Joseph Graham


to 6 years. Kent Police discovered the drugs


when they searched an industrial A Sussex MP says she "dreads"


the prospect of returning to what the Southern's operator


calls a "normal timetable". A full service is expected to be


restored from Tuesday next week after the train drivers' union ASLEF


suspended industrial action. Our reporter Juliette Parkin is live


in Uckfield for us now. Juliette, surely this is good news


at last for passengers. Then it is understandable. After


what she calls 18 months of misery for commuters in her constituency


and elsewhere in the south-east, places like New Haven had been cut


off at the height of this dispute. Those talks, we have just heard will


resume on Monday and there is a promise of a fool normal timetable.


She says even a fool and normal timetable on Southern is inadequate.


We do dread returning to a normal Southern timetable,


we want a good Southern timetable, trains that


turn up on time, that aren't cancelled, aren't delayed, don't


terminate early at stations, are accessible for all passengers.


And what was the Government's response today?


In response, the transport minister said the service has been utterly


not good enough. He says they have to get back to improving the line.


There is another union involved, the R in the union, who are angry that


they have not been included in this round of talks. Southern say they


are happy to get involved in another round of talks with the RMT. No


cause this evening for commuters to start celebrating.


Campaigners in Folkestone have vowed to fight plans to demolish


a dance studio in the town, which has been teaching dance


and hosting community events for 80 years.


The decision to close the Dance Easy Studio in order


to build 6 private flats comes at a time when traditional forms


of dance have never been more popular, thanks to shows


It is a family entertainment show that has millions of fans of all


generations. Strictly Come Nursing is a successful programme. They last


dance at this studio in Folkestone. But that hasn't stopped it from the


threat of been closed down. I causally tell people when they start


new businesses, to come here. The building came a dance school in


1934. These dancers have been... The owner was a knock it down and turn


it into flats and locals are fighting it. There are lots of flat


already here. There aren't community spaces. When they demolish it, they


will demolish more than 1970s light fittings and an oak sprung floor,


they will demolish aspirations of young people. It is for yoga, for


dancing,... Protesters have produced this video urging people to oppose


the plan is. The owners bought the dance school in the 1970s. They


competed as dancers before and after they were married. The only bit that


persuaded me to do it is that the law was Canadian maple. All the


professionals have danced on it. They all remarked on the floor.


Opponents to the plans have until Tuesday to object. If approved, the


dance Easy studio could be holding its last dance by the summer.


This is our top story tonight. For other hospital trusts are on high


state of alert, under pressures one NHS Director


says are the toughest The Royal Sussex Hospital


in Brighton has been in that situation every day for a month -


and warns it will remain the rally driver with a race on her


hands. Louise Cook puts out charges at Kirby on eBay to raise funds.


Baulk and if you are enjoying the weather, good news, lots of


brightness over the weekend. This afternoon Donald Trump has been


sworn in as the 45th US president. His campaign has been


controversial throughout, not least because of claims


and counterclaims that Russian spies were somehow


involved in the outcome. The situation has led


to a spy novel written by a kent author in 1980,


becoming top of the book Ted Allbeury, from


Tunbridge Wells, wrote a spy novel about how


the Soviet Union tried to get their own man


elected as US President. Jon Hunt has tonight's


special report. Ted Allbeury, A former


British spy, a prolific He wrote more than 40 novels,


many from his home. But, in 11 years


since his death, a book he wrote nearly 40 years ago


is once again popular. It is all because it


bears an uncanny resemblance to current


political events in America. It is about what would happen


if the Russians were able to effectively get their own


man in the White House. Sally Bowman is the


author's daughter. --Boorman She is pleased


that her father's work is I think it is quite a nice


testament to my dad, and I think he would


be quite tickled. I don't think the attention


is undeserved. Donald Trump was sworn


in as the new US President today, amid claims that Russian


intelligence agents hacked Ted Allbeury's spy thriller tells


a story which has parallels The whole nation is excited that


they've got a new kind of man, somebody who isn't


a lifetime professional politician. The author's former agent isn't


surprised that life appears to be Ted was often described


as the spy writer's spy Partly because the had a very


distinguished career in He was very aware of


the kinds of things that Ted Allbeury is believed


to be the only secret agent to have parachuted


into the Germany in World War II. He ran agents during


the Cold War, and was Speaking to the BBC


in 1986, he explained that it was his own experiences as a spy


that made his books authentic. Authenticity comes


from knowing how you got recruited, knowing what


the training is like, knowing


what it feels like when you His book is now in the top ten


of its genre on one online store, and now there is talk


of new publishing deals and even the From the time man first


gripped a paintbrush, artists have been fascinated


and inspired by the study of light. Now the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne


is dedicating its major new exhibition to art


influenced by light. Called 'A Certain Kind of Light'


the exhibition covers six decades featuring artists from LS


Lowry to Anish Kapoor. It opens tomorrow but today Piers


Hopkirk was given a sneak preview. It is somehow fitting that the town


which boast the Sunnis climate in the UK should devote a exhibition to


artists and their relationship with light.


Baulk light has always fascinating artist, both as material and as


subject matter. What you see here is an extraordinary mirror ball that


has an is very surface... It's recorded every solar eclipse that


has been documented. The whole room circles and spends as a solar


eclipse is place. Dry together paintings, sculpture, installations


and photography, this is a reflection of British art over five


decades. This is a work by Anne Easterbrook, one of the great


British sculptors. He is interested in -- Annish Kappoor. It is was like


hours going through the rabbit hole. This shoddy editing work oppose the


Eckstein rephrased to give the exhibition space its own rainbow. It


is made up of 360 lives and requires twice that. People were being around


for twice that... Tensioning and walking around. It is quite a


beautiful thing. You can't visibly see the thread but you could see


people walking and shipping it around. It's an odd form of my


neighbours on for days. In the exhibition has been drawn from the


Arkansased collection, the touted as one of all venues as part of the


partnership programme. It is brilliant for Towner, it is built


for Eastbourne developed to bring these big names and lesser-known


ones together an ease and basses thematic group shows. It is


brilliant. A certain kind of light opens tomorrow.


Brighton are hoping to bounce back from their defeat at Preston


when they face Sheffield Wednesday at home this evening.


The Seagulls suffered their first loss since September on Saturday,


but they'll go back to the top of the table if they win


They are a good side. That showed in the fact that they got in the


play-off final last season, and I think they have added well to the


squad. That makes them equally as good if not better than last year.


Charlton athletic at Scunthorpe. They will travel to Sheffield United


in League 2. Maidstone rally driver Louise Cook


is the first woman to win a non-gender FIA rally championship


trophy, and it's her However, if you're an eBay bidder


you could be its new owner, she is so desperate to continue her


rallying career she's been forced to auction it


online to raise funds. The situation has come


about after two major sponsors dropped out,


leaving her needing to find 25 thousand pounds to start her season


at the Rally of Sweden Louise has been competing


professionally in rally driving for seven years. In 2012, she became a


world record in the sport. When I first set foot in a rally car, I


found it amazing to just be controlling it and instantly hoops.


It is such an amazing feeling. But now she may be forced to drop out of


the latest competition. Her main sponsors have delayed their plans.


She is trying to raise the money herself by putting her winning


trophy for sale. When effort lifted it, I felt sick, it didn't feel


right. After a couple of days, I got used to the idea and edges are, I


would rather let the trophy let the whole season go. Crowd find a group


set up by supporters have raised enough to halt the option for now,


but with nearly ?20,000 left in fine, the 29-year-old may still be


forced to sell. Women face greater challenges in finding sponsorship


for the sports than men, partly because of the perception of the


sport, that it is sometimes perceived as a women's sport and and


so less technical and less valued than men's, partly because of the


lack of coverage. Despite this, Louise says he's not giving up. The


higher, crossing the finish is her only option.


Bravely day. Rachel, is it that continue been a skilled?


-- this cold? Today we had highs of around two or three Celsius. The


sunshine will last. Clear skies mean those temperatures plummet tonight.


Those of around minus five Celsius. It stays dry over the next couple of


days, lots of sunshine, perhaps a touch more clout for Sunday, but


very bright and it is going to be very cold. Overnight, like the wind


and clearer skies, we expect to see some hill fort here and there, and


once again, the temperatures plummet. Several degrees down on


that in the rule all spots. Widespread, hard frost is that the


weekend. Saturday, lots of sunshine from the word go. We are still under


the influence of this area of high pressure. The wind will change


direction, but it is light, 510 mph. We will do well with temperatures,


they will creep up... Keep the heating on, lots of sunshine though,


but crisp and cold winter's day. You can spot the difference between


Saturday and Sunday. As we head to Saturday night, temperatures will


quickly fall away, it is more likely to be a cold night and I'm tonight.


In towns and cities LB around minus two Celsius. You can see -6 and -7


in rural spots. Italy killed at least at Sunday. A touch more clout


cover around, but very similar picture. A good deal of sunshine, by


the afternoon the temperature will be around for five or six Celsius.


Many of is still hovering around two or three. Enter the next week, even


as we look towards Thursday, the high pressure doesn't look to be


going anywhere. There will be a touch more clout and Tebbit is ever


so slightly less cold. Sunshine over the weekend but staying cold. That


is egg from us for the moment. I am back with the late news at 10:30pm.


Have a good evening. TV: He's not your father.


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