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Welcome to South East Today, I'm Polly Evans.


Families of the Shoreham air crash disaster say a new report


into airshow safety has left them still waiting for answers.


We'll be live in Shoreham with the details.


Not quite a full service on Southern Rail -


but bosses say Aslef drivers did cross RMT picket lines.


And disruption continues for passengers on Southeastern


following a freight train derailment in south east London this morning.


the New Year's Eve celebrations - now a Kent woman could lose


the sight in one eye after a fight broke out.


A signature collection, featuring Winston Churchill


and Rudyard Kipling goes under the hammer in Sussex.


This is as dangerous omission as we have ever undertaken together. -- a


mission. And a brave new challenge


for Our Girl's Ben Aldridge as the actor swaps the small screen


for a one man stage play in Kent. Families of the Shoreham air


disaster victims say they are still waiting for answers -


even though all 21 recommendations of a major new report have been


accepted by the Civil Aviation 11 men died when a vintage


jet crashed on the A27 Today's report from the Air Accident


Investigation Branch is designed to make sure a similar catastrophe


can't happen at an But the families say they're no


closer to knowing where blame The pilot Andy Hill,


who survived the crash, is being investigated for possible


manslaughter charges Nearly a year and a half


on from the catastrophic crash that claimed 11 lives at the Shoreham


airshow, today confirmation that the regulations


surrounding future airshows will be The Civil Aviation Authority


agreeing to all 21 safety recommendations put forward by the


Air Accident Investigation Branch. These are perhaps things that should


have happened some time ago and I think are common sense so that we


can go forward, that we can still have a airshows in the future which


really are as safe as possible, not just for the people up in the air


but for the people on the ground The recommendations include that the


CAA will conduct a review as to whether there should be a minimum


differences between display aircraft and the public. That risk


assessments for displays must include the manoeuvre to be


performed by display pilots and that the CAA are not satisfied with the


risk assessment, they may refuse permission for the event to go


ahead. But the announcement is little comfort for those who await


answers for the fundamental questions of what went wrong and who


or what is to blame. Wedding United lost two players -- Worthing. Why


have we waited 17 months and we still have no answers?


How difficult has it been not having those answers and having to wait? It


is hard enough for us, we are just friends. They played for my football


club, they became friends. It is really tough. I cannot imagine how


it is for the families. It is just ridiculous that it has taken so


long. The crash happened back in August 2015, prompting a series of


investigations. A police investigation into the pilot's


actions, an inquest into the death of the 11 men killed and an air


accident investigation enquiry into how it happened. To date, none of


these have concluded. What everybody wants now is how did this happen and


the final judgment will be in the final report. And it will then be


for the CAA, the koruna and indeed all the legal departments in the


country to the NSS what action needs to be done. -- the koruna. But those


who continue to grieve, the long wait


What else have the families than saying today?


Earlier we spoke to James, he is the solicitor acting for the victims


families. He says that their focus really was an awaiting that final


air accident investigation Branch report and on the pre-inquest review


which is due to happen in March. As to the future of the Shoreham


airshow, a spokesman has said this, when and if it is appropriate to do


so, we will explore the possibility of a 2017 airshow. In the meantime,


they say they are cooperating fully with the ongoing investigation.


Thank you. Southern Rail's claiming tonight


that members of the train drivers union Aslef have crossed picket


lines manned by co-workers with the RMT Union today -


which is striking over The rail company says it's been able


to run a full service, despite the RMT urging Aslef members


not to cross pickets. It comes as the influential


Transport Select Committee of MPs published a letter


from the Rail Minister stating that in order to keep the franchise


Southern will need to prove it's poor service has been a result


of industrial action At a time when relations between the


IMT union and Southern are miles from getting back on truck, a


gleeful solidarity. -- are empty. It is a fundamental right not to be


forced to cross a picket line. It is not a case of what union in, it is a


case of what side you on. According to information from the rail


operator, looks like that call was ignored by Aslef union members.


Morning, Southern's parent company told me that all Aslef drivers have


crossed picket lines and reported for work. It said there had been a


few cancellations involving the nonavailability of train crew that


these were done to sickness and a train planning error. But the RMT


says at least 15 Aslef members walked away from picket lines and


more than 80 trains were cancelled. Southern says there were 40


cancelled trains. It comes as talks are underway aimed at resolving the


dispute between Southern and the train drivers union Aslef over the


role of guards. The talks brokered by the trade union Congress do not


involve the RMT union. They have to be equal, they should not be


facilitated talks on members that we are negotiating for which drivers


and guards without us being in the room. I really do not know what they


are playing out. So is split developing between the RMT and


Aslef? I don't think so. There may be lip service towards solidarity by


the officials of the two unions. And tonight, more pressure for Southern.


Calls on the Government to get a move on and decide whether the


company is inadequate service was caused by strike action. I don't


think there is a holy grail answer to this because ultimately we need


someone to run a very challenging network. I think I would rather that


the Government and Southern come to some form of agreement as how this


franchise can be wrong, doesn't need to be brokered up, handed an early?


It is done by agreement rather than this matter ended up in the courts


which I can see happening. It is a problem with no immediate end in


sight. Charlie, the release of this letter


from the rail minister to the chair of the transport select committee


shows that whether or not the strikes come to an end,


problems for Southern continue. This is all a subplot to the strike


action. The transport committee 's view is that the Government should


be considering all options including restructuring or termination of


Southern contract following a poor service. That cannot happen until


Southern has been a strike a prove that its poor service was all done


to strike action. No time and has been given for this but person


continues. The latest on the talks between Southern and Aslef is that


we have been told progress continues to be made and the talks will start


tomorrow. Thank you.


A derailed freight train has been causing major delays for commuters


today and train operator Southeastern is now warning


passengers that the disruption will continue tomorrow.


All trains from Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks to London Charing Cross


and Cannon Street were cancelled completely after a train carrying


sand derailed near Lewisham station at around 6am this morning.


This evening, some trains between London and Tunbridge Wells


are being diverted and tomorrow trains between Cannon Street


and the Medway Towns will run from London Blackfriars instead.


Our reporter Chrissie Reidy is at Tonbridge station now.


Chrissie, services there have been affected all day and Chrissie


there are fears that parts of the network could still be


There is still certainly destruction. I spoke to Network Rail


about an hour ago and they said that destruction will continue this


evening and is very likely to continue into the rush-hour tomorrow


morning. It caused significant damage to the tracks. Early this


morning, what does that mean to you if you are travelling? It means


delays, cancellations and a number of changes to some of the roots.


Trains coming into town bridge this evening, many of them are coming


from London Victoria as a prose to London Bridge and vice versa. That


will continue into tomorrow morning, check before you travel anywhere.


Neither green nor pleasant - the land earmarked for a food waste


power generator that's rousing strong passions in Sussex.


A workman left blinded in one eye after been caught up in a fight on


New Year's Eve. Cora Jess was watching


the fireworks when a fight She was taken to hospital


and following surgery has been told Kent Police is appealing


for witnesses to come forward. She remembers New Year's Eve that


the wrong reason. Celebrating outside a pub, someone threw a beer


can in her face. The impact fractured her eye socket and blinded


her right eye. It's awful, not being able to see anything but hearing


everything going on, it's so different to when you had two sons


was there. So much pain for days after that, all the bruising came up


instantly. The 24-year-old came to this pub on New Year's Eve to enjoy


the fireworks. Her boyfriend went inside to buy some drinks. Cora was


hated just three minutes before the big can hit her face. -- Cora was


here for just three minutes. We were told there was a possibility she


might lose the eyes so we were pleased when she was told she was


not going to lose the eye, even if there is no side bar, she has still


got the eye. After the incident, police interviewed a number of


people. Detectives say they want anyone who is there to come forward


with information. I make an appeal to the people involved in this to


come forward and allow us to understand what has gone on so we


can resolve this matter and give justice to the victim. Cora lives on


a houseboat on the peninsula. Since being blinded in one eye, she is


found it difficult to move around the ship. It is completely blurred


at the moment, I have got nothing there at the moment. Coping really


well with it, a lot better than I thought I was going to. Still


learning to get around and do everyday activities like normal


which is one eye. The 24-year-old wanted more surgery on her eye next


week. Her vision will never be the same again. And nor will her life.


Kent will need 37 new primary schools and a further ten


secondary schools by 2022 to meet growing demand.


That's according to Kent County Council,


in setting up new Free Schools could leave them with a shortfall


The local authority has the statue duty to make provision of those


places, yet a Whitehall department is predominantly responsible for


delivering those new school places so we don't have the control that we


have had in the past and we have delivered very successfully the


right number of school places in the right place at the right time, we


question whether the education funding enters the comedy Whitehall


department with a structured record is capable of delivering at the


right time in the right place and at the same cost.


Simon Jones is at County Hall in Maidstone.


Some tough words from the Council leader there.


Why is there such a big rise in the number of school places that


Kent County Council says over the past three years it has managed to


find an extra 10,000 places by expanding existing schools. Why so


many places needed? A large number of couples are some families down


here, a baby boom in Kent, as in other parts of the country, an


influx of families from Eastern Europe bringing children with them


and every the next four years we are going to have a huge number of


housing estates being dealt with families moving in. It is worried


that if the schools are not Bill, children might have to be educated


in mobile classrooms. No response site from the Department for


Education. Proposals to create a pioneering


waste facility in Sussex, that would generate power from food


waste, are facing ferocious opposition from local residents


who are organising a petition to have it removed


from the local plan. Brighton and Hove City Council


earmarked the site at But local people worry it will lead


to a constant stream of lorries, be a blot on the landscape,


and encourage rats to the area. Despite Brighton having the only


Green MP in the country, it was recently was ranked


near the bottom in the country This site where the South Downs


meets the edge of the city has been at the centre of debate


and discussion over Part locked behind gates


for security following a number of illegal traveller entries,


this council owned area is also home to


horses and wildlife. Some residents here feel very


strongly that rubbish It is not suitable for


a waste transfer site. The lorries will be coming


24/7, day and night. They have got to cross this busy


road which is going to hold up it's an exceptionally


busy road anyway. This site is ideal for housing,


there is housing at the back of it, they're not going to


want the smells and the noise that And also their house


prices will depreciate. A local and sustainable


energy company now intends to develop part of


Hangleton Bottom with a food waste facility which they say could give


cheap energy back to the local We just finished the first phase


of feasibility so we feel confident that we can make it


work economically and create value So the second phase


is now going to be starting the planning permission


process so we're just looking at raising money for that in order


to start the application. This plant in west London


has a similar setup. The company behind


the Hangleton scheme say much of their activity would be


below ground, reducing smells They also claim much of


the agricultural land here would A planning application


is expected to be submitted Juliet is in Hangleton now. What


have local residents been saying today?


While we're speaking to the company behind the scheme, we were


approached by some of those who own horses here and there was a heated


discussion. They did not want to appear on camera and they were


concerned about the impact of any waste facility of the land here.


Nothing will be certain until a planning application is submitted


and the council says that planning application will be subject to the


usual normal strict planning roles and there will be a full public


consultation. Councillors here say they are determined to start a


petition and get rid of that waste facility altogether.


Thank you. Our top story tonight, families of


the Shoreham airshow disaster say they are still waiting for answers


even though all 21 recommendations major new report had been accepted


by the Civil Aviation Authority. 11 men died when a vintage jet crashed


on the A27 in August 2015. Let's make a moment to remember


rather than want to forget. Our Girl's Ben Aldridge hopes


audiences will have a memorable night out as he brings his one man


stage play to Kent. After a foggy start, a bright


afternoon. Warnings out this evening about fog. I will have the details


for you in the programme in the forecast a little later on.


Britain's first Prime Minister Robert Walpole,


and its most well known, Winston Churchill.


Just two out of a thousand signatures in an incredible


collection auctioned in Sussex today.


Amongst the items, a signed cheque from Charles Dickens


The signature of the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong ?2,500


with Rudyard Kipling's autograph raising ?423.


In total, the collection raised ?42,000.


In this room, there are 1000 signatures of people who have made


history. From Robert Walpole, our first Prime Minister to a recent


resident of number ten, this Ron Charles Dickens is no autograph for


a fan, rather a cheque he signed. There is a letter from the polling,


a postcard from the great train robbers. When the auction is well as


invited to view the collection, they had no idea what to expect. When


they spotted the centre of the man you had lived here, it really piqued


the interest. Rudyard Kipling's autograph was hanging in the hallway


as the home of John Evans, a performer and magician in the 30s


and 40s. It was his collection but with his death, the details of how


he managed to build it. Today, am famous figures am more used to


giving photographs then signatures. I think signatures will continue,


it's not part with self photographs today. Today's auctions, the bits


came from home and overseas. The autographs of the men who conquered


Everest reaching more than ?800, that of the man who first stood on


the move, ?2500. Churchill's name on a Whitehall may lead it went to


?700. From George III to Elizabeth II, the founder of the Labour Party


to a Tory peer, this unusual crowd now each heading off to their new


homes. Two friends of a student


who is blind, have designed a unique Steve Martin from Sevenoaks


and Kristian Harrison have created the special 3D printed map to help


Elliot Roberts feel where he is in the hope it'll help him


to become more independent. It's a simple idea of a map


and no ordinary bat, one that could change


a friend's life. Using a 3-D printer,


Steve and Kristian have created a tactile map of college


mate Elliot's student accommodation with different shaped raised areas


representing rooms, corridors, It's to help Elliot


get around his home. He's blind and has limited


sensitivity so can't read Braille, he also finds it difficult


to remember his way around. I can be more independent


when I leave college. The map has gone through several


designs with feedback from Elliot on what does


and what doesn't work. I am really excited about a project


and how I can help others. Happy that it's being used and a lot


of hard work has paid off. Yeah, it's all about


making something which has made Elliot's life a bit


more easier at Elizabeth House. It's thought this might


be the first time a 3-D map has been used


in such a personalised way. The students are so pleased


with invention that they are taking it to an educational


technology exhibition in London this week, which could mean


their simple idea for a friend might one day help many others


to get around. The actor Ben Aldridge


is best known for TV roles like Our Girl,


Pramface and Lark Tonight though he opens in a brand


new stage production Run The Beast Down


is a first for him - a one man performance with live


electronic music and effect. Is a bit of a first for me. Today


I've appeared on a Twitter account known as the Oldridge army which I


think it is his female following base on his TV roles. This is a new


play, it's a monologue for him and it is something new for the Marlow


on the main stage tonight, this comes out of the Marlow studio


upstairs. It is new writing, something completely different and


the challenge I think for Ben Aldridge.


They moulded around my body and I smiled.


A challenging solo performance in the intimate


Run The Beast Down is new writing by playwright


Titas Halder, it is one of the first productions commissioned and


It's a kind of fantastical, exhilarating,


very unique piece involving me, it's a one-man show, it's a monologue.


And it's got a live score, mixed along to it live so it's


soundtracked throughout which is very unusual,


A hard-working, ever popular actor, there's quite a long list of things


Now this is as dangerous a mission as we've ever


I'm trying to trace someone hereabouts.


I am a journalist from the Oxford Post.


The beast of the play is the urban fox, it's among a


series of fantasies in the mind of the central character Charlie.


His girlfriend just left him and he kind


of descends into a world of insomnia.


And he starts to believe that we have kind of got it wrong, that


humanity has got it wrong and that the city foxes have got


a plan to reclaim the world back into nature.


It's new, fresh and challenging and the first


Eightfold for the rest of the week and tickets are available to members


of the Aldridge army and others. It is a new development for the theatre


and it comes on a nightly city covers are discussing whether the


Theatre in future should be run by a trust. Robin Gibson has its own fan


base. Time for a check on the weather.


More fog. Temperatures dropping again below freezing. A foggy start


to the day but by the afternoon we were seeing lots of sunshine, a bit


more cloud around more than yesterday. Highs of three or four


Celsius. Once again as we head to tonight, we're good to be seeing


some really dense mist and fog. Warnings out from the Met office


about the poor visibility. Heading to tonight, clearer skies once


again, temperatures are going to be plummeting. Rural spots of minus


four Celsius. Once again, everything start to the day. It is misty and


foggy. Slightly milder along the coast. An area of high pressure.


Tomorrow is going to be a dull day. Still by the afternoon, we should


start to see some brightness. The mist and fog really stubborn to


clear. By the afternoon perhaps some breaks but definitely it is going to


be duller than today. Temps are staying cold, highs of three or four


Celsius. The winds are coming from a south-easterly direction. It is


bitterly cold air. As we go to tomorrow night, it is colder still.


Temperatures in towns and cities -1 or minus two Celsius. We should not


be seeing much anyway have way of mist and fog because those with


pick-up as we head through the day. They are dragging up the cold air


from the near continent. Said Thursday, we will do well if we see


temperatures above freezing. Perhaps two or three Celsius. Friday, the


windows back to a south westerly direction so it is slightly less


cold. We are going to the less cloud around, start the day dry that by


the afternoon we are good as the outbreaks of rain. As we look


towards the weekend, it's going to be less cold but slightly unsettled.


Take care if you're going to be out and about on the roads, poor


visibility and freezing and lots of fog.


Now you may remember we covered a story a couple of years ago


about Budi the baby orangutan, who suffered months of starvation


and neglect before being helped by a rescue team from Sussex.


International Animal Rescue, based in Uckfield, took little Budi


to their conservation centre in Borneo, where he has been


He's up in the trees and enjoying himself. It's good to see him so


much better. And he is he as it suggests. I will see tomorrow.


Goodbye. Hello and welcome to The One Show


with Michelle Ackerley. As with every show, we had


to make a few decisions Choose some short films


including one about 75 years


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