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Welcome to South East Today, I'm Rob Smith.


Relief from the family of a worker crushed to death in a care home,


after bosses finally admit their responsibility.


If they had put the lights are saying, this accident would never


have happened. A man is arrested by anti-terror


police at Gatwick airport The mother of a severely


disabled boy says losing her support keyworker has left


the family feeling abandoned. for all the disabled children, we


have no one now, and that is not OK. Starting married life with a bang -


the couple who wed as a famous battle raged in the channel off


the Kentish coast. And the photographer who's helped


make some magical dreams come true for seriously ill children


at Demelza House Hospice. The son of a woman who was crushed


to death while working at a care home in Kent says he's relieved that


bosses have finally admitted Joan Daws died five days


after she was pinned to the wall of a lift by a snagged chair


at the Laleham Care Home KCRH Limited has now admitted health


and safety breaches, something Simon Daws,


Joan's son, told our reporter Sara Smith should never


have taken so long. For a living years, Joan worked as a


carer here, but in 2013 what should have been a straightforward task,


moving a chair from one floor to another, cost her life. He became


trapped in the old-fashioned lift at the home. It was later revealed that


it hadn't been serviced and didn't have a safety sensor. This could


have been avoided by just following what is required if you have a lift,


they're meant to have it inspected. They will give you recommendations


for any safety work that needs to be done. If they have put this light


sensor in, the accident would never have happened. Those Mac today the


home is under new ownership, but the owners of the time have now pleaded


guilty to safety breaches. What this really highlight is that people have


a responsibility not only funny people who use their services but


also to the people they employ. Joan Dawes died when the handles of the


weighing chair became trapped in the deal is that and real style gates.


When it moved, she was crushed. Colleagues heard her scream that she


was unable to breathe. By the time the fire brigade released her, she


was unconscious. She fell into a coma and died five days later,


suffering asphyxia, brain damage and broken ribs. The care home's first


reaction was to blame his mum fund using the left. Now at last they


have accepted wrongdoing. When our just over three years, they have


finally pleaded guilty, and glad that we are near the end of the


process, but nothing brings back my mum. They will be sentenced at Crown


Court where they will be expecting a hefty fine.


A man's been arrested at Gatwick Airport on suspicion


He was stopped after he disembarked from a flight from Iraq.


The 44-year-old from Hertfordshire is now in custody.


Our reporter Piers Hopkirk is at Gatwick Airport now.


As you say, he flew into Gatwick in a plane from Iraq. He was questioned


then arrested by officers from SO 15, that is the Metropolitan


please's anti-terror command. They then arrested him on preparation of


suspicion of... Terrorist acts. The details about him personally I


scanned. He is 44 and from Hertfordshire. And how unusual and


arrest is this? They are not that unusual, at the moment the state of


preparing this fight terrorism, the threat assessment risk is very high,


so there is a high state of vigilance, but the figures I've seen


show that between 2015 and 2016 there was something like 214 terror


related arrests in the UK. We don't know how significant this arrest is,


we only will know that if the arrest leads to charges.


Sussex Police investigate after the body of a man is found


following a housefire in St Leonards.


Hundreds of drivers in the south -east have been flouting


the law by illegally using disabled parking permits, some even


using permits belonging to relatives who have died


Nationally more than 2.4 million disabled people are entitled


But East Sussex County Council says it believes as many as one in five


And since January last year - more than 300 badges have been


Today our reporter John Young has been out with a team cracking down


on misuse of disabled parking badges.


They are taking it very seriously. Special warning signs are giving up,


they call it operation Bluebird, Sussex PC 's logo is on this because


they are involved. Look at the e-mail address. Badge fraud. The


word fraud is used. The message is that this is a crime.


Five days a week, he's on the streets of East Sussex,


a colleague covers Brighton and Hove.


With identification badge on display,


there is nothing secret about these investigation officers.


They probably know more than you think.


From the front of the badge, we can establish a bit of information.


We can establish the sex of that badge-holder, and also the age.


From that, we would also have a look within the vehicle, maybe look at


seating positions, depending on whether it was a male or female,


but we would also look for any signs of disability equipment,


This car caught the inspector's eye this morning.


The interior didn't suggest an elderly


lady driver, but it turned out no offence had been committed.


Some people have repeat offenders, though.


This Doctor was recently convicted in court for using his


dead mother's badge, and as he left court,


it turned out he had parked illegally for the court


It is cases like thatwhich have made the two local


councils join Sussex Police to produce a video.


I could be ill for days because somebody has not


They can go five minutes away and walk


The video now forms part of a training course


offered as an alternative to a court appearance, a ?1000 fine and a


On the streets today, full support from the blue


I think it is the best thing, because there are so


many people who are abusing them, and as soon as they get caught it


gives people who need the space more chance.


I have personally seen people going into Tesco and parking in the


disabled bay, getting out of the car and then running into Tesco and I'm


How difficult could it be for you if you can't


Well, if I can't park, I have to go home.


A high percentage argued to be family


members, whether it is with the Batchelder's


We may find that people, either through ignorance or lack of


education, are carrying out those errors and we're trying to that out.


Hello, can I have a quick check please?


Other councils and police forces, including Kent and Surrey,


are now considering using the Sussex and Brighton scheme themselves.


Only two people have been arrested so far by the council. If you think


this is only taking place in car parts and supermarkets, that he is


now have permission to go into private line for abuse there also.


The message tonight is these inspections are spreading.


A man who raped a woman in Gravesend more than 26 years ago has been


John Clayson from Maidstone attacked the woman in


the Anglesea Centre multistorey car park in 1990.


Clayson, who is now 60, was found guilty of a number


of sexual offences and has been sentenced to 27 years in prison.


He was caught after the stocking mask he wore during the attack


A Bulgarian gang which smuggled migrants from Dover, has been


jailed. It has been taught that the used garlic bulbs do sheepdogs of


the centre. A heady migrants in special containers in their van.


Jailing them for a total of 28 years, the judges conduct a


sophisticated and bracing criminal enterprise.


A man's been arrested after more than ?17,000 worth of fireworks


were stolen from a storage facility in Eastbourne.


The 26-year-old was arrested on suspicion of handling


stolen goods and has now been released on bail.


The mother of a severely disabled boy from Sittingbourne says


struggling families are being badly let down after the keyworker who


Charlotte Skillen's three-year-old son Lee has a rare genetic disorder,


and his care package involves up to eight specialists.


The local NHS has restructured their system in a bid to reduce


But Charlotte Skillen says she now has to spend hours


trying to contact people - who often have no knowledge


Our social affairs correspondent Bryony Mackenzie has


Not just for three-year-old Lee, but his mum


Lee has a rare condition that requires constant


dialogue between medical and educational professionals.


Before this complex care was simple, one


person to give advice and help, but now that is gone.


Before, I had a plan, and if I had a problem, I


had the key worker, I could text her, I could call her,


She would always get a response, have an answer to whatever


Now if I had a problem I've got no one to go to,


Local responsibility for key workers has


led to what Charlotte calls a postcode lottery.


While her area has no key workers, neighbouring


Today health bosses told us that many people who


needed the support previously experienced months of delays.


After a review, the key worker was made


redundant and instead there post was reinvested into a new service


They say access to support is now more


resilient and tailored for each person.


Families have access education, health and social care.


If they are having to navigate their own care, that is just added


That key worker can really take away a crucial part of


their stress so that they can concentrate on being a parent.


For all the disabled children and their


Health bosses are asking for feedback on the new system.


Sussex Police are appealing for information after the body


of a man was found inside a house following a fire in St Leonards.


This footage contains flashing images.


Fire crews were called to the property in West Hill Road


The cause of the blaze is currently being treated as unexplained.


Our reporter Ian Palmer is there for us now.


Ian, what more have the police said today?


It's a little over 24 how is since this man was found, and the alarm


was raised. Police have said that if I probably started at the back of


the building in the basement. They also say that the incident was


reported by someone who lived inside the property who had recently


returned. A little earlier, I spoke to Detective Inspector Andy


Eggleston from Sussex Police who told me his team is working hard to


try and find out what happened. We were already on the scene, they


had entered the premises and found one deceased male, identity unknown.


We are following up from there. There is a lot of forensics


examinations that go on at this time. What happens next? Tonight


police are continuing their house-to-house enquiries. Via


examiners will carry out more tests, a report will be compiled and


further investigations will be carried out if needed. Please say


that they are appealing for anyone with information to come forward to


them. For now, this fire and the tragic loss of life that followed


remains unexplained. The son of a carehome assistant


crushed to death at work says his mother was robbed


of her future by the Joan Daws died five days


after she was pinned to the wall of a lift by a snagged chair


at the Laleham Care Home KCRH Limited, who no


longer run the home, has now admitted health


and safety breaches. The best playground -


how an international photographer created a fantastic image


to celebrate the children And we've had a bitterly cold grey


day, temperatures struggling to get above freezing, and we seen some


snow as well. Warnings about further snowfall, Hal Harvey details later.


-- I'll have the details. A secure mental health unit


in Sussex that houses some of the region's most difficult


and potentially dangerous patients has for the first time


allowed our cameras Hellingly Hospital in East Sussex


looks after 45 patients who present and who have committed


criminal offences. A recent inspection of the unit


rated the service as "outstanding". It looks after 45 patients in the


wards. Our Health Correspondent, Mark


Norman, has our exclusive report. Once one of the largest


institutions in England, for more than a century,


Hellingly has housed Today it is a purpose-built secure


unit that aims to rehabilitate patients with complex conditions


and a history of The Weird Things are a local


band who regularly play They are playing for patients


who we cannot identify for legal reasons, but unlike prison


sentences, patients here can be We obviously address their mental


illness and their treatment needs, and where we need to,


their offending or their risk behaviours, but also,


part of the treatment is about developing their vocational


skills and getting them prepared to move back into the community,


because, obviously, So, today is part of a very long


process to get people As long as you listen and learn,


you'll solve the problem. We've got some pretty serious


people with issues here, but we all seem to muck in and get


on with each other. And like a leg that gets broken,


it's a mental problem, Some of the staff were looking at


inmates, patients, wary. They started open up and people will


start to ask questions, we didn't realise much they were opening up


until the staff said they were. They never even made eye contact before.


Music just touches people. I always think that if you work somewhere


like this, you need to treat people how you want to be treated. People


are in here because some of them have come middle have needs, and I'm


not here to judge people, and here to work with people and trying get


the best out of them. And the unit's recent inspection


rating of good and outstanding would imply that sessions like this


are achieving that goal. Mark Norman,


BBC South East Today, Hellingly. The 12th of February 1942 saw one


of the most extraordinary incidents of the Second World War,


when a trio of German battleships ran up the channel


through the Dover Straits, pursued and pounded


from both the air and shore. It was a day that would especially


never be forgotten by Ted and Edna Richardson,


who got married in the Tabernacle Church in Folkestone at the same


moment as the battle raged, so loud they had


to shout their vows. Robin Gibson has been speaking


to their daughter, Ruth Alston. We entered the church


to the sound of gunfire, The wedding ceremony proceeded


with the accompaniment of a fanfare of thunderous gunfire,


making it difficult to hear the words of the questions


and the responses. It was a life-and-death struggle and


see which came known as the channel dash. Doesn't escort of warships


that while making a bid to reach the safety of German waters through the


Dover Straits. The RAF, and the Dover shore guns were doing all they


could to stop them. In Folkestone, no one knew what it


meant. And that they meant something else to care and Edna, seem to be Mr


and Mrs Richardson. There are lots of them,


all standing in the snow. Wick-mac and all smiling,


no sign of any nerves. 75 years later, Ruth treasures the


souvenirs of an extraordinary wartime wedding.


Everyone at the wedding was terrified.


The pass and fled back to London as fast as he could.


Buxton was in the front line, it was called


So the people coming from outside Folkestone would


have had no idea quite how bad it was.


What a contrast, swathes of aircraft were attacking the ships need German


battle group to little effect. The cost was huge. Sex outdated


swordfish aircraft were lost any single suicidal daylight attack. 13


of the 18 aircrew were lost. But the wedding went on. You could say it


was what they were fighting for. They always remembered it,


it was a big event, but if you have had a wedding that can,


it is something you are glad to have


come out of a life! Any single day, the tragedy of war


and hope of peace where in evidence. Eastbourne's tennis star


Johanna Konta has helped Great Britain top their group


in their latest Federation Cup After an early wobble


she beat world number 86 It followed Heather Watson's


earlier singles victory. Great Britain will now face


either Croatia or Hungary Football, and in the Championship,


Brighton play Burton Albion at the Amex on Saturday afternoon,


hoping to get their charge In League One, Charlton


are away at AFC Wimbledon, while Gillingham host Port Vale


at the Priestfield. And in league two,


Crawley are away at Luton. The artist calls it a series


of magical images creating a huge fairy tale playground -


and the children who feature in it The new picture, called


the Best Playground" is the centrepiece of the newly


redesigned entrance to Demelza House children's


hospice in Sittingbourne - Ellie Crisell is there


for us now - Ellie - This is called the best playground,


physically many of these children are restricted, but not here where


the only restriction was the limit of their imaginations. I think


people often see life... Young people as being objects of pity


young people who can't do a great deal, whereas nothing could be


further from the truth. The young people overcome incredible obstacles


to live really full lives. We wanted a piece of artwork that showed that.


These photos were taken by the German artist last summer. He used


props and captured the judging from above to show them living as freely


and creatively as they wished. I'm balancing on some balls. On your


finger. On my finger. I had to lay down and Logan had to lay down, two,


but he was pretending she's been me around. What you think photo says


about the hospice? That we can do things that people don't know that


we can do. In what which favourite bit of the whole day? Having any


snacks. Yeah, that was my favourite bit as well.


Rachel is here with the weather. Lots of cloud around, during this


afternoon we had been seeing snow flurries as well. There's only set


to intensify his to tonight. Warnings out from the Met office


valid until ten o'clock tomorrow morning, overnight tonight. Good CDG


two and five centimetres of snow. Generally for the weekend, it is


bitterly cold. In the south-east, it is cloudy with wintry showers and


particularly as you go to the day on Sunday it will be bitterly cold


north easterly winds. This is the picture as the go through tonight,


one of two scattered showers intensified and was the early hours


of tomorrow morning. 'S rain, sleet and snow on lower ground, overnight


temperatures dropping to -1 minus two Celsius in Google spots. Really


rather started the weekend, potentially some problems. On the


roads. Doug really chilly easterly airflow. Not vertically strong for


tomorrow but it will feel really chilly. Cloud around, we will see


some sunshine over the weekend, at Saturday it mainly grey. By the


afternoon, much of that snow will be falling as rain. Tebbit is around 23


Celsius, feeling cooler than that possibly. Saturday into Sunday, we


start with Chavez following as rain, sleet turns to snow as you get was


the early hours, but Tebbit is not quite as chilly as tonight. The wind


is really starting to pick up. Lows of 12 Celsius, dropping below


freezing in the rural areas. Scattered showers first thing on


Sunday, dry by the afternoon, we might even see some brightness now.


Temperatures are around five or six Celsius, but that north-easterly


airflow feels cooler. This is the picture into the new week. Blustery


on Monday, wins back to a south easterly direction then


south-westerly, so less code through the week, but warnings tonight for


snow. Before we go, we're going to pop


back to Demelza House, who have just opened a new artwork. This is been a


long time in making. Has been. Demelza House has helped around 500


families across Kent, E Sussex and London a year to the tune of ?10


million. Sprucing up the reception area was on top of the list of


priorities, but I think they're glad they've done it with the help of the


artist behind this, thank you so much for joining us. How do you come


up with the concept? We had a year before we started working. I was


asked to do something and I was wondering what I could do with the


kids. Let's work with dreams, because that all I could see when I


was here, I could see the kids... It was so beautiful however thing


worked. I thought let's just make something that replicates that idea


and visions and dreams that these kids have. It was very easy to work


with the children, I thought it would be complicated, but the house


is great, everyone chipped in, they were so much support from the people


working here. It was really easy. ID please post hand-out? Yes, it is it


is big and beautiful. It makes a real impact. I can for joining us.


That is it, have a great weekend. I hope it doesn't snow to heavyweight


you are. Goodbye.