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Welcome to South East Today, I'm Ellie Crisell.


Aslef and Southern agree a new deal to end their dispute over


We'll have the latest on the situation live.


An official complaint from the teenager who claims


she was beaten up by her ex-boyfriend after Kent police


I went to bed and he came upstairs and started


Migrants determined to reach Kent clash with police at a makeshift


camp the French government says it will now close.


"It's a political move," says the Labour activist expelled


from the party over his criminal record for breaking Iraq sanctions.


And the super scaffold is up as Canterbury cathedral's


A fresh deal has been agreed, aimed at resolving the bitter industrial


dispute between Southern Railway and the biggest train


It will now be put to Aslef members in a referendum,


following a long-running row over driver-only operated trains.


They rejected a previous deal between the two sides,


but union leaders say they believe the new agreement offers solutions


It has been deal then no deal, now it's back on again. Leaders of Aslef


see the new agreement offers solutions to the concerns after


their previous proposal was turned down by members last month.


Commuters tonight still expressed concern. It is just lots of strike


and the sable gets sorted but really I am not feeling too hopeful. The


need to sort it out, it should be done months ago. The doing this, the


arguing that and then they don't keep their promises. The director of


the company that runs Southern, said today... He said it was an


extraordinarily difficult period for passengers and looks forward to


restoring good industrial relations with Aslef. I earnestly hope now


they have done enough to persuade their drivers that this style of


operation driver only is safe and they can vote this deal through and


we can get back to a reliable service. You can bring this to an


end, you can start the dad-mac stop the strike. It has been and remains


an ugly sight. The disagreement over sea fishes, who closes the train


doors, the changing role of the conductor, has been going on for


almost an year, with the RMT taking 30 days of strike action and the


most recent walk-out on Monday. It is a safety requirements and


critical, they have to be there. I feel quite bitter about what has


happened, but I can only assume some of the Aslef drivers who have been


very supportive of my members feel exactly the same way. RMT said


tonight we have not seen the detail of the proposed outline agreement


are not requesting a full copy as it goes to the heart of disputes with


the company. They say the RMT is pressing yet again for urgent talks


with the company. Let's cross live to our


reporter Juliette Parkin Juliette, fresh hope tonight


for commuters desperate Yes, certainly there is hope tonight


but nobody we spoke to year was optimistic at all that this new deal


would go any way to ending the dispute, especially as only on


Monday we saw further strike action by the RMT union which represents


guards, disrupting services between each year and Eastbourne and


Brighton and further along the coast. If the Aslef deal is agreed,


that could go a long way to ending the dispute as the strike action had


a lot more impact than the RMT's. Let's not forget the shock rejection


of that last deal, people here in Eastbourne won't be celebrating


until the result of that ballot on April three. Indeed, Juliet, thank


you. A teenager from Kent


who claims she was beaten up by her ex-boyfriend has made


a formal complaint to Kent Police, after they failed to bring assault


charges against him. Melissa Caffell was just 17


when she suffered head injuries during an incident at her home


in Teynham, near Faversham, Sean Cheeseman was


convicted of criminal over her injuries,


because the police didn't press Melissa was just 17 years old when


she says her boyfriend lost his temper, punched in the face and


smashed up a bedroom. I went to bed and he came upstairs and he started


and hitting me. It was horrendous. My head hit the wall. My phone was


thrown at my head. Two years later, she is receiving counselling for


PTSD and still suffers from a lazy eye. I didn't want to go out, I just


wanted to stay in. Not to talk to anyone. It was horrible. I have had


nightmares. I get them quite often. I have flashbacks. While her


boyfriend Sean Cheeseman was convicted of causing criminal


damage, no charges were brought in connection with the alleged assault


which he previously said was in self-defence. Melissa was told the


police officer involved missed the six-month deadline. Be said because


he didn't pick the evidence and within six months, that's why they


didn't. This is a particularly unfortunate case where the officer


has made a very honest and very genuine mistake. As a result, we


have missed the opportunity to charge someone with the common


assault offence. Melissa has been so distressed by what happened at home


here on the street in time that she had her mum have decided to move to


Wales to try and build a new life together there. But finding closure


has been difficult, particularly as she feels her opportunity for


justice has been denied her. -- Tainan. I have come a lot of these


cases, the criminal justice system particularly since 2010 has been


creaking under the weight of work and with a lack of resources. Kent


Police is under Crown Prosecution Service. Melissa wants to make sure


other victims of domestic violence aren't put off by her experiences


from reporting what happened. Amanda Akass with that report


and she's here in the studio. Melissa is not at all happy with her


experience. Kent Police say dealing effectively


with domestic violence I think Melissa would agree the last


thing she would want from speaking out for other people to be put off


coming forward, that is not what she wants to do. The police say they do


take all of the report is extremely seriously, we do investigate them


very thoroughly. This was a specific case where a mistake was made. The


Sea victims are at the heart of what they do and they would really like


to encourage anyone to come forward with any kind of domestic violence


report. We did try and speak to Melissa's boyfriend to get a


response from him, but he didn't want to comment at this stage.


Amanda, thank you. How the biggest restoration project


the National Trust has ever undertaken is bringing a Kent


mansion back to its former glory. A jury has heard police


interviews with a man accused of murdering a Sussex teenager,


which reveal that he changed his Michael Lane denies killing


his former girlfriend, 19-year-old Shana Grice,


who was found dead at her home Piers Hopkirk reports


from Lewes Crown Court. Shana Grice was found dead


at her home in Portslade She was thought to have died


between 7:25am and 8am. Michael Lane, her former


boyfriend accused of her murder, had insisted


he hadn't been to her house on the But the court heard today


that when presented with Shana Grice lived on Chrisdory Road,


Michael Lane on Thornhill Rise. On the morning of her murder,


CCTV footage shows Lane walking south down Mile Oak Road


near Chrisdory Road at 7:29. His car can then be


seen on bus CCTV on His vehicle was then


seen again driving south Lane had consistently


denied that he'd been to Shana's house


on the morning of her murder. But in his final police


interview, played out to the jury this afternoon, he did


eventually admit that he had been He said that he walked into her


bedroom to find her lying on the But rather than telling


anyone, he went home, had a shower and then went to a shop


to buy a lottery ticket. DC Lee Taylor said


to him in interview, "If you were innocent,


why didn't you come out of there and say, "Oh,


God, my girlfriend is dead, I need this investigated?"


"I just thought you'd think it was me.


Michael Lane denies murder, the case continues.


Piers Hopkirk with that report and he's outside Lewes Crown Court.


Piers, what else did the interviews reveal?


The jury was shown the moment and police interview where detectives


revealed to Michael Lane they had discovered what they believed to be


a player of his trainers, which had been dumped in a hedgerow in


Portslade, around five days after Shana Grice had been killed. The


explain to him very carefully that a member of the public had seen him in


the vicinity at the time, had contacted them, the police had sent


a search team and then discovered the trainers and forensics showed


they contained both his DNA and Shana Grice's DNA. When they asked


him how the trainers got there, he said he simply didn't know. Thank


you. A second man has been charged


in connection with a hit-and-run crash that killed a pedestrian


in Brighton city centre. 78-year-old Jonos Sasvari died


in January, after being hit by a Vauxhall Astra that was being


pursued by Sussex police. Richard Woolgar, who's 35,


is accused of dangerous driving, having no insurance


and having no licence. Another man has already been


charged with causing death A coroner has recorded an open


verdict at an inquest into the death of a 36-year-old woman,


which detectives had been Emma Crowhurst, who was addicted


to drugs and alcohol, was found with serious head injuries


near Eastbourne fire She died two weeks


later in hospital. Despite witnesses hearing


an argument between Emma and a man before her death,


the coroner said there was not enough evidence to prove she had


been unlawfully killed. A Sussex Labour official has been


expelled from the party after it emerged that he'd served


time in prison for breaking United Riad El Taher admitted paying


Saddam Hussein's regime more than $500,000 in


surcharges on oil deals. But he says he has never


hidden his conviction and believes his expulsion now


is a political move by Labour members opposed


to Jeremy Corbyn's leadership. It's the latest twist in a series


of ongoing problems affecting Labour activists in Brighton and Hove,


as our Political Editor The Iraq War remains a deeply


divisive issue for Labour. Now the actions of one activist


in the run up to the conflict have In Hove, Iraqi born former oil


dealer Riad El Taher has been expelled from the party over


a conviction for breaking sanctions against


Saddam Hussein's regime in 2001. But he claims it is


a political move. The dig up something


which happened 17 It is trying to muddy


the name of Jeremy Corbyn. Riad was recently elected


as an officer of the newly formed I know him personally


as his character because he has been supporting Iraq


against the sanctions He never wavered and he


was against the war. Riad had worked with MPs


to highlight the situation in Iraq, but in 2011 he was jailed


after admitting he'd paid $500,00 to the Iraqi


regime against UN rules. He says he did it to help civilians,


but a judge said she believed his Former defence minister Ivor Caplin


says Riad's expulsion is a straightforward application


of the rules. It's a very serious crime


and Mr Riad went to prison for it, he was convicted


in a custodial sentence. So this is not something to be


sneezed at or anything like that. It was a very serious offence, dealt


with very seriously by the judge Last year, the Brighton and Hove


party was temporarily suspended It was seen as a battle


for control between those who supported the leader,


Jeremy Corbyn, and his opponents. This latest development suggests


that row hasn't ended yet. Helen, Jeremy Corbyn has won


the leadership twice now, why are we still seeing this


sort of row? In the normal run of things, there


is no reason Jeremy Corbyn should have been brought into this row at


all. You've got a conviction, that is not disputed, the party's


National executive committee making a decision it is entitled to make


about a membership. The fact that Riad El Taher can think this is


being done because of his support for the party's only deck shoes you


the level of division and distrust that still remain within Labour.


That is not that much of a surprise if you think in the long-term.


Jeremy Corbyn has been leader for less than two years and is moving


the party away from positions they have held for the last 20. You would


expect that to take time. There are signs in Brighton that perhaps it


could be on the turn. The elections for the Kent town and civilian


branches did go a lot more smoothly. Helen, thank you.


A migrant camp near Dunkirk in northern France will be closed


by the French government, after clashes there this week.


The camp at Grande-Synthe houses around 1500 people,


including many who say they're determined to try to


smuggle themselves onto lorries bound for Kent.


It's grown since last year's closure of the so-called Calais Jungle,


which was a much larger camp near the French port.


Our reporter Simon Jones joins us live from Dover.


Simon, the French interior minister says the clearance will start


Yes, I was over at the Dunkirk just a couple of weeks ago, squalid


conditions, muddy, makeshift shelters. It feels like the Calais


Jungle, albeit on a much smaller scale. The French Government has


decided it must act after clashes broke out last night. In order to


get into the camp, migrants need wristbands, some of them didn't have


them, they set fire to a building, the riot police were called. The


French Government says this is the situation cannot continue and the


Dover MP Hugh agrees. The camp at Dunkirk has been a source of


increasing concern ever since the Calais Jungle was dismantled. It is


important this Dunkirk camp is dismantled as soon as possible and


we take the battle to the people traffickers and help these


vulnerable people back to their home countries as as soon as possible.


But charities in northern France say you can bulldoze another camp but it


won't take away the desire of people to get to northern France to get


over here. Thank you, Simon. A fresh deal has been agreed, aimed


at resolving the bitter industrial dispute between Southern Railway


and the biggest train It will now be put to Aslef


members in a referendum. The Kent and England cricketer


inspiring disabled youngsters And it has been the warmest day of


the year so far with 19 degrees in Kent. Is this warm weather set to


continue? I will have the details for you in the forecast later in the


programme. Normally All Access Scaffolding


in Margate would be involved in helping people repoint a chimney,


or install some new windows. But they're currently involved


in a project in Canterbury that is quite a bit bigger


than normal, involving some eight and a half miles of tubing


and covering an area of some It's because they're part


of the ?24.7 million conservation project to protect and restore


Canterbury cathedral Robin, it's quite a feat for these


Thanet scaffolders. Of course it is, it is like a


building with any building. Why is it happening? If you can see on the


roof there, it is going to be replaced. This for one reason is a


gigantic safety net in case bits and pieces start to fall when they start


hammering on the roof. It is a monstrous feat of engineering, just


in its self. This is one of the more unusual


building sites you receive. More than 50 feet above a working


cathedral, the team of Margate scaffolder 's pause to allow a


moment of peace. Then they continue on with their task of building a


giant working platform the size of the sports pitch, another day in an


extraordinary office. It is a different world. No one has seen


this up here before in our lifetime. Apparently I am the first diesel


appear to have a cell C. You clearly need a cool head for heights,


clambering amongst the steel here. It is atmospheric, surroundings


which would encourage anyone to is get into the spirit of the place.


Yellow mac because he'd is open for business with got to take that into


factor to nature everyone can still do what we need to do. It is a


moment in history. We are as close to these wonderful vaulted ceilings


in Canterbury Cathedral as the builders were, looking back about


1000 years. Through the efforts of the scaffolder is, we have a room,


an attic. It is a proper goose bumps moment. I have been up on the deck


20 or more times but every time it is extraordinary. It is such a


privilege to have this one any many, many generation's opportunity to see


it. ?24.7 million, re-landscape in the precincts, working on the


western towers, along with lots of engagements, it is about heritage


but also people and communities and engaging people with the building's


heritage, its magnificence. It is more than just the work itself, it's


about the people. Future generations may well look back on air time as


the EU out when the Cathedral was saved but wonder how the people went


about it. The work is on-time and on schedule, this giant platform will


be in place well in time for the very important period of Easter


coming up in the cathedral. Looks lovely still. You, Robin. -- thank


you. Sam Billings is one of Kent's most


high profile sportsmen, playing cricket for both the county


and for England. This afternoon the wicketkeeper


batsman was launching an ambassador programme to get young people


with disabilities Sam Alderson from Kent has severe


physical disabilities, but it doesn't stop him playing


the game he loves. Two inspirational


players with one aim - England player Sam Billings


spent the afternoon here at Bromley College,


as an ambassador for Lord's Taverners, a charity to bring


the sport to disadvantaged He caught the cricketing


bug through the charity and when he found his powered


wheelchair was hindering more than helping, abandoned it


to bowl on his knees. I love playing the game,


I love getting out there I don't make excuses


for my disability. If I want to do something,


I'll go and do it. And I'll be determined


to do it no matter what. And you would encourage other


people to do the same? Here, training with his England


team-mates, Sam Billings may have plenty to teach the youngsters


he met today, but he admits being an ambassador also reminds him


why he plays in the first place. I think sometimes as


a pro-sportsman you can actually So it puts it in perspective


and it's fantastic to see the smiles on their faces and to enjoy cricket


again and really see the effects Yeah, for me, that's


as good as anything. Many of these young people


won't have had a chance to try cricket before and the hope


is that inspired by elite players, like Sam Billings,


and the determination of those with disabilities,


like Sam Alderson, they'll Maybe this will be the first


of many team photos. It's a grand historic


mansion that was once, But crumbling walls


and falling ceilings left Knole House in Sevenoaks


and the treasures it contains in desperate need


of some serious TLC. So it's become the focus


of a restoration project costing almost 20-million pounds,


the biggest National Trust A new conservation studio showcasing


the work will be opened John Maguire has been finding out


more. With almost six


centuries of history, oldest, grandest and most important


houses in the country. This is the great staircase


at Knole, created at We've got, I think, probably


overwhelmed by the scale of what we have here at Knole,


seven acres of roof and just keeping on top


maintenance of the building is an enormous task.


And because the building is so old, we got to a


point where actually we needed to do something,


a major intervention, like a project that we are working


on now, really to secure the house's future.


So a state-of-the-art conservation studio will, with


painstaking patience, work to protect the building and its


Conservators employ the same skills and techniques that have


embellished Knole for hundreds of years.


I suppose the whole point of it was to show off your wealth,


really? Yes.


That is why, quite often in the past, re-gilding


was done, because if the gold gets worn or dirty, or just


really doesn't look as shiny as it could do, that was the stage where


the owners would have chosen to re-gild.


Through the ages, dust, rain and wood smoke have all taken their


toll and this x-ray shows damaged caused by woodworm.


The team has to preserve the ornate and the


elaborate of Knole's past while ensuring the health


and the safety requirements of the present to


protect not only the house itself but also those who come here to


That was John Maguire, at Knole House in Sevenoaks.


Rachel, you are looking very springlike.


Top temperatures of 19 degrees, the warmest day of the year so far. For


the most part, clear blue skies, hardly a cloud and really liked


winds. All of us across the board seen temperatures well above the


seasonal average. Is it going to last? For tomorrow again it should


be mostly dry, by the afternoon, temperatures a shakedown on today


but mild for the time of year. As we look towards Friday, and the


weekend, it is going to be cooler, windier and wetter, particularly by


Saturday. It stays dry through tonight. Overnight temperatures very


mild, only dropping to eight, 9 degrees. These are the values we


would expect to see during the day at this time of year. Mild and quite


cloudy, misty and murky as we start the day. Mostly it is a quiet day,


eventually we have got this cold front, we start to see more cloud


cover as we head to the tail end of the afternoon. Staying dry during


daylight hours, but will start to see some rain. Temperatures tomorrow


a shakedown on today but still in the low to mid teens, highs of 1314


degrees possible. Thursday into Friday, we see the cold front,


bringing drizzle and temperatures feeling fresher. As we start the day


on Friday, quite mild, four or 5 degrees, all change as we look


towards the weekend. Wet and windy. Tomorrow the sun is still shining,


highs of 15. Back with the late News at 10:30pm. See you tomorrow, have a


good evening. 'The UK has voted to leave


the European Union 'Ukip leader Nigel Farage


celebrated the result, 'declaring that dawn was breaking


on an independent nation. 'Prime Minister David Cameron is


expected to resign 'The pound fell sharply as the


referendum result became apparent, 'and traders are bracing themselves


for panic when the markets open. 'and England are confident


of advancing to the next stage 'ahead of their upcoming European


Championship game against Iceland.'