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The threat of legal action against a Kent council leader


by the company wanting to reopen Manston Airport.


Is the NHS prejudiced against obese people?


We hear from the Sussex woman who says she was


forced to go private for life-saving weight-loss surgery.


I was bloated out with water retention and it was causing my


other organs to fail. The driver of a lorry that brought


down a bridge on the M20 And the man in the mummy -


how 21st-century technology is unlocking 3,000-year-old


mysteries at a castle in Kent. South-east politicians have called


tonight for migrants in northern France to be relocated far


from the Port of Calais after a huge fire destroyed a camp housing 1,500


people near Dunkirk. Wooden huts were reduced to ashes


after the fire last night, which followed a large-scale fight


between Afghan and Kurdish migrants. Riot police were called in and at


least 10 people have been hurt. There had been concern that this


camp was becoming increasingly unstable and ruled by people


traffickers from The authorities had


planned to shut it down. The flames might well have


done that job for them. Big trouble happened


with the Afghan people and Kurdish. Afghan people, first time,


attacked Kurdish with a knife. Well, it is an eerie atmosphere


here in the camp today. The fires are now out,


but you can still smell What people used to call home is now


largely reduced to ashes. The police ushered out any migrants


who turned up today. Hundreds of migrants have been


given temporary shelter But charities are warning


that many have already What they were doing


here, which was trying Do you think it is


going to get worse? You know, I mean, it


was bad here anyway. The closure of the Calais Jungle


camp last October cost the numbers In February, we discovered migrants


from Dunkirk where making nightly attempts to smuggle themselves


into Kent using public And last month, five migrants


were injured in clashes at Dunkirk. What this does is it puts


more than 1000 migrants, all of them desperate,


on the streets, around That means danger


for our lorry drivers. The French authorities say


that they are now trying to persuade the migrants to go


to secure shelters. We need to round them


up and get them back I think it is in the interests


of Dover and Calais that we work together to ensure that the


Dover-Calais trade route is And charities point out


that the people who lived here have Lawyers for RiverOak -


the company that's hoping to reopen Manston Airport in East Kent -


are threatening legal action against the leader


of Thanet District Council, It follows an e-mail he sent


to fellow councillors claiming that Belize,


where one of RiverOak's key investors is based,


is a "major money-laundering country" linked to the illegal drugs


trade and human trafficking. Peter Whittlesea has


our exclusive story. It might have closed by the company


RiverOak, that plans to reopen Manston Airport, is threatening to


sue the leader of Thanet District Council following comments he made


regarding the company's financial interest in Central America. In an


e-mail to a local resident and copy to 35 members of panic counsel,


Chris Wells Road, Belize is one of 14 Caribbean nations named by the US


as a money-laundering country, with transactions from international Mac


to traffic in. And it is a shipment point for marijuana, cocaine and


human trafficking is a concern. Campaigners say that they are


shocked and reputable company trying to create employment in Thanet has


been written about in this way. The allegations that RiverOak have


something to do with unobscured country in South America is an


extraordinary thing to say about apparently respectable organisation


that has been trying hard for years to get a fair hearing. RiverOak's


legal team have written to Chris Wells to demand an unqualified


withdrawal of the allegations and an apology. Confirmation that you will


recuse yourself from the involvement of any decision of Thanet District


Council relating to the Manston Airport site. And payment of a


significant sum in damages for the damage to the company's reputation.


No, no comment at all. That was Chris Wells' response today. When


elected as Ukip's first council leader, G promise to keep Thanet


council out of the headlines. We will see what happens when we adopt


a more calm approach and doing things, and we could find that


Thanet council becomes less the object of people's attention and


more the object of admiration because they simply get on with the


job. But critics say that when it comes to Manston Airport, the


council has not got the job done. We can cross live to


Peter Whittlesea who's in Manston. Peter, what have RiverOak


had to say today? RiverOak said that they gave Chris


Wells a deadline of 5pm this evening to meet the demands he would face


legal action. They have said he has not tonight corrected these


libellous allegations but he has asked for extra time. The


interesting thing is what happens next. Chris Wells does not defend


this, then what his political opponents say is he will become a


lame duck council leader because he will not be able to make crucial


decisions when it comes to Manston Airport. If he does defend it, I


understand these claims against him personally, not the council, so that


the question is, does he have enough cash to fight a legal battle against


a big company? Because we all know that legal battles can be expensive.


Peter, thank you very much. The World War II scrapbook


revealing what school life Medical experts have accused the NHS


of prejudice against obese patients and even turning some away


for surgery they desperately need. Last year, obesity was a factor


in more than 33,000 hospital admissions in Kent, Surrey


and Sussex - that's a 15% And it's estimated that


obesity-related treatment costs the NHS more than


?5 billion each year. Tonight, as Charlie Rose reports,


one woman from East Sussex, who was forced to pay privately


for weight-loss surgery, has said she would have died


without the treatment. 52-year-old Karen, from Eastbourne,


had her gastric bypass It is where the digestive


system is re-routed past But the numbers of NHS surgeries


are falling and Karen felt that she had no option but to pay


for her treatment herself I was bloated out with water


retention and it was causing my Some view obesity


as a lifestyle issue. Others see it as a disease that


needs specialist treatment. Since April 2013, national policy


stipulates that patients undergo a diet and lifestyle programme


for two years called Tier 3 services Don't think I could have


taken the risk, going I don't think I could


have waited that long. In the UK, severe obesity rates have


trebled over the last three years and type two diabetes has seen


a similar rise. But in the last five years,


the number of bariatric operations in the south-east,


those are procedures such as fitting a gastric band


or performing a gastric bypass, It might be that there is a bit


of prejudice out there. It might be that people


do not feel this sort of treatment is not only


worthwhile, but deserved. Do you think there is any prejudice


within health care professionals? Unfortunately, I have to say,


yes, I think there is. This is surgery to improve


health ? diabetes, blood NHS England says that decisions


are informed by best evidence and national


guidance where appropriate. But there are fears that the number


of operations undertaken You can see the full programme -


Obesity: How Prejudiced is the NHS? - at nine o'clock this


evening on BBC Two. A long-awaited decision


on the location of a new Thames Crossing linking Kent and Essex


is expected tomorrow. Highways England has been


recommending a new tunnel east of Gravesend, but ministers have


also been considering another The decision follows the largest


ever public consultation Gatwick Airport claims its policy


on disruptive passengers is working, with fewer incidents reported


in 2016 compared It comes after a Parliamentary


report said the sale of alcohol to holidaymakers jetting off


on early-morning flights should be restricted


because of an increase in rowdy The airport says it has a strict


policy of not serving alcohol to passengers unable


to prove their age. Police officers attending incidents


in Thanet involving someone experiencing a mental health crisis


could now be accompanied The pilot scheme aims to ensure that


people receive the most A driver of a lorry which brought


down a footbridge over the M20 in Kent last year has denied causing


serious injury by dangerous driving. The incident last August saw 170


tonnes of concrete collapse onto the motorway -


forcing a motorcyclist to throw himself from his bike,


breaking three ribs. Sara Smith reports from


Maidstone Crown Court. Two lorries crushed,


a motorcyclist in hospital and a footbridge destroyed


by the impact. The low-loader carrying a dumper


truck and excavator had been travelling London-bound


when the bridge was struck But the whole motorway had to be


closed while the remaining structure Today, lorry driver Alan Austin


was at Maidstone Crown Court to hear Alan Austin had two counts put


to him today ? dangerous driving and causing serious injury


through dangerous driving. He pleaded not guilty to both


of them and will be back here early The motorcyclist was


Jim Shaw from Thamesmead. He explained from his hospital bed


where he was being treated for broken ribs how


the scene unfolded. The bridge was coming down, almost


like in slow motion to start with. Because it is eating


its way through the lorry, But then it tore away


from the other side. As that came down,


it was a matter of throw the bike The footbridge itself


had been empty. But on the busy bank holiday


weekend, the closure The motorway was closed for a second


time the following weekend for the rest of the bridge


to be removed. South East politicians have called


tonight for migrants in northern France to be relocated far


from the Port of Calais, after a huge fire destroyed a camp


housing 1,500 people near Dunkirk. Also in tonight's programme,


what's in a name? How the latest scanning technology


is revealing 3,000-year-old It has been another dry day with


sunshine, but will be settled weather come to an end?


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There are just over three weeks to go, until we go to the polls


in county council elections across the South East,


and today the Ukip leader Paul Nuttall said he is expecting


these elections to be the "most difficult" the party


In 2009, there were no Ukip councillors elected


in Kent, Sussex and Surrey But four years later, the party won a total


Enough to make it the second-largest party and official opposition


against the Conservatives. Our political editor Helen Catt


is in Cliftonville, near Margate. Helen, Thanet has come


to be seen as something For Ukip comment yes. In 2013, they


won seven seats here in Thanet. It was wet night of Irish chose to make


his Parliamentary run in 2015, so this area does not have just


political importance but symbolic importance. A lot of trains eyes


will look here. I caught up with the man in charge of that future,


Parliament when he was canvassing today. It was a quieter affair than


the sum of former Ukip readers that it is. Palme d'Or on his first trip


to Thanet chose Broadstairs. They will represent the community and put


the community needs first, and opposed to any building on green


belt across the south-east. The Southeast has a huge problem with


the number of people in the south-east. We need to keep Ukip on


the pitch because we add the guard dogs of Brexit. Ukip gained almost


40 seats across the region in 2013. It went on to win the European


elections the week after, and take control of Thanet District Council.


But in recent months, several power and profile members have quit,


raising questions over the party's future relevance. I do not know what


the future will be and others will speak for themselves, but for my own


part, I wish ex-colleagues well. We have achieved our joint objective of


winning a vote to get out of the EU. On the doorstep this morning, a vote


of confidence. Ukip did get help to get is out of the EE you, but there


are many other things that Ukip can do to help ring Brexit further on.


Do you think there is still a role for them? Very much. These people in


Cliftonville went entirely sure. I think they have achieved what they


set out to and I have not heard any more. Anything Althea wanting to


achieve. I do not think they are as relevant as they were before. There


are other things happening in the world at the moment. If people stick


to their guns and say they will stick with it no matter what, they


should be all right. These will probably be the most difficult local


elections we will face before 2020. There ran no illusions there, we


know where we stand on this, but we are confident we will get Ukip


councillors serving their communities well. By the way, these


elections could be crucial in what comes next for Ukip. It is no


challenge to underestimate for a party to win elections while still


being in transition itself. Paul Nuttall told me the party is there


to make sure to reason it walks the walk on Brexit, but it is not a


single issue party. Trying to get some traction on the policies it has


an social care, rail, that will be a challenge for them, too. We will be


talking to Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats before


polling day. You can find lists of all candidates on the county council


websites. A series of paintings and drawings


by a wartime art teacher is giving pupils at Maidstone Grammar School


for Girls a unique insight into what it was like being


at school under the threat of bombing and surrounded


by military defences. Helen Keen's colourful


World War two scrapbook, showing teachers and pupils in air


raid shelters and trying to work under their desks,


has been given new life in a memoir Pictures of school life


in the midst of war. Here, the paintings and drawings


by art teacher Helen Keen. During World War II,


she recorded life at The echoes of those days


resound loud and clear deep in the air raid shelter,


excavated and preserved Its poignancy is felt most by two


former school pupils who used it Numb down here, I think.


Yeah. Her memories are part of the story


etched in the scrapbook belonging I remember the siren going mostly


during lunchtime or break time, The cook and her helpers


all served lunches down here, running to and fro to put


the potatoes on. Ruth's recollections are woven


into a new book describing a world This shows two teachers resting


in the shelters back-to-back. I think telling the story of the war


from the perspective of schoolchildren and schoolteachers


in paint like this, I don't know We'd started to bring primary school


children down to visit the shelters, and when we really discovered


the book of paintings, we thought it would be lovely to put


these together in some way, partly so the primary school


children could enjoy them and have But actually, also,


so that we could give Miss Keen's paintings a wider audience,


which is what I think they deserve. Her full story remains undiscovered,


but Miss Keen's way of making sense of life during war in a school


in Kent will be cherished forever. Since the 1950s, Chiddingstone


Castle in Kent has been harbouring a mystery dating back over 3,000


years, the lid of an ancient Egyptian coffin, and until now,


no-one has been able to say But thanks to the latest


scanning technology, experts are actually able to reveal


the name of the man It is beautiful, and spellbinding,


in an eerie sort of way. It was made as the last resting


place for an Egyptian man But it is a coffin lid,


something we tend not But say the word "mummy",


and our imagination let's rip. It is a very important object,


and for our visitors, I think it is probably the most


popular object with visitors. You just walk up the stairs,


you do not expect to see something like this,


so beautiful up here. Its exact origins remain


undiscovered, and though it is marked with hieroglyphs,


no-one knew the name That is until a group of visitors


from the British Museum came round. They knew what they were looking


for and they flashed their cameras and they thought that they could see


hieroglyphs that they That is where the name is, yes,


running down that middle plank. The foot of our mummy was scanned


by experts using a technique called It still doesn't look much,


but it seems to have done the trick. The camera, which has a greater


sensitivity than the human eye was able to pick up very fine


remains of pigments that spelled out the hieroglyphs


of this person's name. Irethorru is, in fact,


a relatively common name So here is Irethorru,


the man in the mummy, if you like. And as the ancient Egyptians


believed, to speak the name of the dead person was to give


them life eternal. And that is just what is


happening in this case. A life-after-death story remembered


by people of the future, in a place and a cold climate


he could never have imagined. Robin Gibson, BBC South East


Today, Chiddingstone. Incredible what they can reveal with


technology. We started off today with a


beautiful sunrise at Broadstairs, all calm and lovely with clear


skies. That led to sunshine. Temperatures have climbed to around


14 Celsius inland. It has been a touch cooler around the coast as we


would expect. If we look at the satellite picture, new can see how


much of the country has been enjoying clear skies. Across the


north, there is more clout. These will bring a lot more clout towards


us, but not a huge amount of rain. Qui risk eyes to the night and it


will turn chilly just like last night. We could get down to three


Celsius. For most places, we are starting at around six Celsius. Good


spells of sunshine around the morning. Weather front is moving its


way south, so thickening up the cloud. Later on, there is a small


chance we will catch a shower or two, especially parts of North Kent.


Through the afternoon, is temperatures will be similar. 14, 15


Celsius. You will see it is a cold front. Not a huge amount of rain on


it, but it will bring cloud as it heads across into Thursday night.


Occasional showers, not everyone will see them. Certainly would not


rely on them. As we start Thursday morning, six, seven Celsius. Once


the weather friend has cleared away, we're back to dry weather with good


spells of sunshine. The cold front will introduce some cooler air


throughout Thursday, so even with sunshine, we are looking


temperatures of around 11 Celsius. As far as Easter is concerned,


settled, a little bit on the club decided. Possible showers. Does not


look too bad does it? Thank you very much, Nina.


Before we go, let's recap tonight's top stories.


British calls for additional sanctions against Russia to force


it to withdraw support for Syria's President Assad


have been rejected by G7 foreign ministers.


The High Court has ruled that doctors can withdraw life support


from a baby with a rare genetic condition, against


And south-east politicians have called tonight for migrants


in northern France to be relocated far from the Port of Calais,


after a huge fire destroyed a camp housing 1,500 people near Dunkirk.


We can cross over to Dunkirk now to our reporter. Do we know what is


going to happen to the hundreds of migrants living in the camp there?


1500 migrants call this place their home. The police are still here


tonight stopping any of them returning. I think the authorities


will try to disperse the migrants to centres across France, like when


there was the closure of the Calle jungle. But some may not want to go.


The front runner in the French presidential election has joined the


debate. His team say that France is increasingly acting as bodyguards


for the UK and that many to be discussed during Brexit. That is it


for us from this evening. We will have updates in our late Litton at


10:25pm. There have never been


so many people in work - that's what the Government


keeps telling us. But what's the reality of this


Tory jobs bonanza?