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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South East of England.

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Welcome to South East Today, I'm Natalie Graham.


The footage released by a desperate mother who says her family can't


cope with her violent son - and is being let


He is the best and his self-esteem is at rock bottom because he has no


friends and cannot access Bencic in the wider community.


A trebling in reported rapes across Kent and Sussex -


We'll be talking live to Kent's Police and Crime


Brighton's heroes will tour the city in an open top bus -


to celebrate the Seagulls rise to the Premier League.


Drama King - the teacher who's become the first person to win


a prestigious award for his work inspiring his Kent pupils.


Rampage until we stand strange, right now...


And we meet Kate Tempest - the performance poet who's also


the youngest ever director of the Brighton Festival.


The mother of an 11-year-old boy with violent behavioural problems,


says her family is in crisis after his school said


he is too disruptive, and must be taught at home instead.


Holly Batten, from Sedlescombe, says the council can't fund


an alternative school place - and that she's desperate for help.


Her son Rupert has Asperger syndrome -


She's given us video footage of him when he loses control,


to try and explain how difficult it is for the family to cope.


In this exclusive report, she told our Education correspondent


Bryony Mackenzie that she believes that system is letting her,


Roberts's mother, Pauline, has released this


footage to show how children with Asperger's can become anxious


Went out right onto the top table of the roof and


we had to call the fire brigade. To help him down.


He had a really bad experience, he was really, really


Rupert's behaviour, as a result of his


Asperger's, means he is now not allowed back to his special needs


Despite East Sussex County Council funding ?40,000 for


his place there, he is now being offered minimal home tuition.


I do not believe that one hour per day at


home is a suitable education for a child.


Rupert needs to be in a provision that can


Just having one teacher turned up for one hour per


Gets out of control and become monsters in


Highly intelligent, Rupert himself is aware of his own


Why don't you? I was different.


I don't know why, I just felt different.


You'd like to go to school where you feel happy?


The family want Rupert removed from the school and quickly placed


at a special needs school in Hampshire.


They say they are consulting with other


Lots of parents and families out there are


What we are seeing is a lack of provision locally to do with


the full spectrum of needs that comes with autism.


Tonight, the school says they will give Rupert


2.5 hours per day children, and help fight a permanent solution.


We are a family in crisis, definitely.


At the end of the day, Rupert is the child stuck in the


The number of rapes reported to police in Kent and Sussex has


nearly trebled over the past four years - to more than


But the number of convictions has remained roughly the same -


Police say investigating rape is a priority for them and one


victim is tonight urging people to come forward despite facing


But charities say more effort needs to be made to convict offenders.


Raped repeatedly by her husband. At first, Carol, whose identity we have


protected, stayed silent. It was only when he was arrested for


indecent images, she decided to report to the police. Although it


was going to be grooming, two or three days of sitting giving


evidence -- gruelling, you know you will have helped put a dangerous


person behind bars. Just watching some of the things on television


where rape does not get a proper coverage, you see whether in a


marriage or a relationship it is a crime. It should not be accepted.


Inc and, more than 1300 reports last year. Up from just under 402,000 12.


In Sussex, 1000 reporting 2016 compared to 460. Across the two


forces, the nub of -- number of convictions has remained roughly the


same. Many reports we receive are not made by the victim with any


intention of supporting the police prosecution. We want accurate data.


Charity say it is encouraging to see more victims, including historic


offence victims, are going to the police. But they say the conviction


rate is still too low. The people who start in the process are the


ones who may drop out when it comes to fruition. If you can keep the


person in the process mentally, they are not going to go forward


physically. -- if you cannot keep them mentally. The husband is now in


jail and she urges people to pursue a conviction no matter how difficult


the circumstances. We can talk now to the Police and Crime Commissioner


for Kent. How concerned are you about this dramatic rise in reported


rapes? I am concerned because behind every number is a human being, a


victim who has been through something very substantial and


heinous. It is my final two to make sure those people see justice. I


think we can be confident that more people are coming forward because


they believe that police training means a lots more effort will be


placed around the victim's need, but we need to do more work with people


in the criminal justice system to listen to victims and make the


process quicker and more simple. The danger is that if conviction rates


stay so low, and they have been using for four years, people won't


want to go to the police with a gruelling process with no realistic


conviction? I agree. There are another -- and above reasons for so


few convictions, including one or two light years to get from


reporting to court. Because of that, sometimes they choose not to take it


further to court. My concern is that people have the confidence to come


forward to the police and there are support services in Kent and other


parts of the country so the victims can get help they really need.


A raw deal for muscular dystrophy sufferers in Kent


and Sussex say campaigners - with no NHS specialist care


Brighton and Hove Albion's achievement in winning promotion


to the Premier League will be rewarded with an open top bus


The Council announced it will happen on Sunday the 14th of May.


One more victory will see them go up as champions.


It caps a remarkable turnaround for the club which almost went out


of business 20 years ago, and spent more than a decade


without their own ground. Ian Palmer has more.


Writing, writing, writing. Scenes at the annexed the game when the


Seagulls booked their place in the Premier League. They are being


honoured with an open-topped bus tour through the city. It is the


tradition for teams winning trophies or getting promoted. Hopefully


writing will have the championship trophy to show off, one more win for


the title. Playing in arguably the world's biggest domestic football


competition will bring around 2 million to the club. People are


delighted they are being honoured on and off the pitch. I am glad. It is


wonderful and I am glad the city is salivating. Great, good news, why


not? -- this was the reception in 2004. And the crowds were just as


big seven years later following promotion to the championship. One


person definitely at the parade will be Don, who has followed around the


country. I have loved every minute of it. At today's press conference,


I have to raise student if he had walked through the city of Brighton


since Monday. My normal routines are home and training ground. I am very


conscious of the excitement out there and what it means to the city.


Chris Hughton and his players will get their chance to say thank you to


the city. The best bit, you have been invited, too.


Ian, do we know what route the parade is likely to take?


Rob, after the near misses, the failure to get into the Premier


League, I don't think anyone wanted to transfer by preplanning this


tour. It has not been planned. It is being planned. There will be a civic


reception for the players and the staff somewhere in the city. And


then the tour will start somewhere on the seafront and come along here


on Madeira Drive. It will be busy, so if you intend to come, get here


early. We have just heard that... Nigel


Farage will not be standing for election in the general election. He


is a reader of a group in the European Parliament, he said, and


that did not compare to being a backbench MP. He will be around


tomorrow for a social event. A gang of burglars trying to blow up


a cash point in Southborough early this morning was foiled by a member


of the public - There's a growing trend


across the country for criminals breaking into cash machines


using flammable gas. Three men were arrested


by the Metropolitan Police's flying squad near Pembury at 6.30 this


morning. Meanwhile a former Medway Labour MP


and a veteran member of the party has announced he's moving


to the Liberal Democrats. Bob Marshall Andrews represented


Rochester from 1997 to 2010 He described Labour under Jeremy


Corbyn a "political basket case". People supporting patients


with the muscle-wasting condition Muscular Dystrophy say they're


getting a raw deal from the NHS in Kent and Sussex ,


because there are NO specialist care advisers here -


while other similar regions More than 70,000 people


across the country have Muscular Dystrophy or a related


condition - and around 5,000 of them live


here in the South East. but campaigners say the NHS


could save around ?5 million pounds a year in unplanned hospital


admissions if it funded Our Health Correspondent


Mark Norman has more... I am pressing the button to see


if I can change the TV channel. Dan is a big sports fan


and loves television. He has all the latest technology


to help control the screen. His mother leaves that NHS funded


care advisers are vital to help They help out with the family, right


from the word go with diagnosis, they can then support the family


through the terrible grief And as time goes on,


they can help signpost them A leading charity uses this video


to show how it works Care advisers funded by local NHS


health commissioners. In other regions,


they found the money, The South East the only place


in the country without this The real problem about that is,


there are no special But many people are still hundreds


of miles away from those Most of the time, atom,


in the team unity where they need The charity believe it


would save the NHS money to pay for the care and avoid


unplanned hospital admissions. You feel as though you are battling


the system the whole time. Philippa has been campaigning


about this for almost a decade. It seems bizarre that we are


the only area in the country - we are supposed to be the affluent


South East - that does not have And in response to Dan's campaign,


the NHS tell me they are working to develop the role of care advisers


and are bringing together all to develop the role of care advisers


and are bringing together all commissioners across the Southeast


in the coming weeks to ensure that the service is provided


as soon as possible. The mother of an 11-year-old boy


with violent behaviour problems says the family are in crisis now that he


has to be taught at home. The school will not expel him and the council


cannot find an alternative place. 40 years after Virginia Wade won


Wimbledon, can Johanna Konta from Eastbourne match that


achievement in a few months' time? And it has been a cheery, dry but by


day. Will we see an end to the fine weather? You can find out shortly.


They're usually the preserve of the country's most accomplished


actors and directors - but for the first time


the Olivier Awards - the Oscars of the theatre world -


have rewarded other people who make a unique contribution to drama.


One of the winners was Stuart Clement -


he's a teacher at a special needs school in Thanet and won the award


Peter Whittlesea has been to meet him for tonight's special report.


The Oliviers are recognised as the highest honour in


I'm Kenneth Branagh, and welcome to the Olivier


This year, alongside the famous faces from the West End,


Clements for the award for his


My name is Donna, and I nominated Stuart


Clements for the award for his


infectious enthusiasm and his ability to inspire a love of drama


in young adults on the artistic spectrum -- autistic spectrum.


Back at school, Stewart's students were


proud their teacher had won such a prestigious award.


It is not everyday you get of those teachers,


I don't know what it is about him, but he is just very special.


I'd say he is just an awesome drama teacher.


He is a good teacher, a funny person, I do like Mr Clements.


He is great in general as a tutor, and I really like him.


Mr Clements says his students are the


And admits he enjoyed his day in the spotlight.


Then you get used to seeing famous people about the place.


It became a little bit blase at the end by the time I got to


the after show party, it was a bit like, oh, yeah,


The names that you see, the faces you


They are standing right next in me. Brian May walked past me.


He says it is an experience he will never forget, but says the real


reward is building children's confidence through drama.


An artist, performance poet and playwright -


Kate Tempest has been described as one of the brightest


British talents around - and this year her talents have been


recognised by being named as this year's guest director


She's the youngest person to do the job and follows in some


Vanessa Redgrave and Aung San Suu Kyi.


Lets cross to Chrissie Reidy in Brighton now and Chrissie


she says she wants to open up the festival to people who think


She does. She says she does not want any walls around the arts. Not


purely around red carpet events, but for everyone. Community stages


directed at the Whitehall estate -- white hawk.


Rapper and poet Kate Tempest, she performs passionately and right say


passionate home. As the guest director of the Brighton Festival,


she follows Brian Eno and company. When I read the rest, it was


daunting. -- the list. I was awestruck. I am looking forward to


spending more time here as the festival kicks off. And feeling how


the energy might change. Follow that light with your tired eyes, it has


been a long day, I know. In 2013, she was awarded the Ted Hughes


award. Her debut album, the Mercury prize nomination. I thought it was a


runners-up prize. We were like, oh, my God. I have personally been


making music for over a decade by this point. With very little


success. As this year was my guest director, she says she wants to


bring down the walls surrounding the arts, encouraging people to look


with fresh eyes. If anyone is thinking of coming to check out


anything, I would encourage them to do it and not feel like any


particular piece of programming is not for them. Kate hopes her love of


words was due to everyone and people will immerse themselves. It was a


joy chatting to Kate Tempest. She really doesn't like talking about


herself. It is fair to say, it is a treat is having her on the


programme, and hopefully you have been inspired. We have, thank you.


This summer marks 40 years since Virginia Wade won Wimbledon.


Since then British tennis has struggled to find someone


But Sussex star Johanna Konta is the most credible hope in years.


Now 25, she's already our most successful female tennis player


And it's been a remarkable rise over the last couple of years - in June


of 2015 she was ranked 146th in the world - now, after winning


the Miami Open last month, she is ranked number seven


And she harbours increasingly realistic ambitions


to become world number one. Charlie Rose reports.


It was 1977 when Virginia Wade won her Wimbledon singles title.


And Eastbourne's Johanna Konta would love to follow in her steps.


This year, she became the first British woman to win the Miami open,


meaning she is now the most successful British woman on a tennis


I have still got a way to go to match Virginia.


She has a grand slam title to her name.


I think she was as high as number two in the world.


It is an honour to be mixed in with names such as hers,


and also just even current players, to be just alongside those names,


I think it is a great time to be part of women's tennis


But Johanna Konta instead of having a pushy dad,


He told me that if I wanted to be the best player I knew


You know, we need to get up in the morning before


Once my dad realised I was really going to be waking him up


at the crack of dawn every morning, and initially he was


And it was then that she knew she wanted to be world number one.


That has been a dream of mine since I was a young girl.


Will always be as long as I am playing this port.


Like I have also said, I need to keep focusing on my work.


Because I know that will bring the best out of me.


Ranked 146 in the world two years ago, she has now


climbed to number seven, ready for another


It has been so dry in April. The pattern is set to stay. We had a


frost. The lowest temperature was minus two minus two. Most stuck at


around... Overnight tonight and this evening, the cloud will thicken.


Light and well scattered showers, nothing significant. With more


cloud, not as cold tomorrow morning. Starting the day at 8-9d. Some


brighter spells coming and going on Friday. Still cannot rule out light


showers, but most places will miss them and stay dry. Lighter winds


compared to today. Similar temperatures, but feeling my other.


As we start the weekend, not particularly cold. Overcast skies


persist, and a week weather front keeping the patchy rain. Nothing


useful for gardeners or farmers at significant wet weather.


Temperatures down to 12-13. Later on, eventually some brighter skies.


A cold front is moving through, clearing away the cloud, and high


pressure builds in for the second-half the region. Clear skies,


colder nights, chilly first thing on Sunday. At the moment, it looks like


being the brighter day of the weekend. The temperatures staying


around about average. Monday, temperatures falling away. More


typical April weather with some showers and sunshine. I bet all the


heavy weather is waiting for the school summer holidays. We do need


the rain, so we will not complain. That is it for you! But I will be


back with the eight o'clock and the latest news. -- late news.