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And we will ask why so many more people over the age of 65 are


getting married these Today's main headlines


in the south-east: Aslef and Southern agree a new deal


to try to end their dispute over We're live with the


latest this evening. The super scaffold is up


as Canterbury Cathedral's And it was the warmest


day of the year so far, A fresh deal has been agreed, aimed


at resolving the bitter industrial dispute between Southern Railway


and Britain's biggest train drivers' union, Aslef,


over driver-only operated trains. The offer, details of which have


not been made public, will now be put to Aslef members


in a referendum. A previous deal between the two


sides was rejected in February, but union leaders say they believe


the new agreement offers solutions It has been deal then no deal,


now it's back on again. Leaders of the train drivers' union,


Aslef, say the new agreement offers solutions to all the


concerns after a previous proposal was turned down


by their members last month. Commuters tonight still


expressed concern. For God's sake - they really ought


to get on and agree it. They've had enough


time to debate it. This is just history repeating


itself, over and over again. Yeah, I don't know if the end's


in sight - it's probably not. People are getting very despondant,


very annoyed with the whole affair. And I think it's great - if the end


is in sight, then brilliant. The director of Govia


Thameslink Railway, the company that runs Southern,


said today, " We've had constructive talks with


Alsef and pleased we are able to He said it has been an


extraordinarily difficult period for passengers and said we look forward


to restoring good industrial I earnestly hope now they have


done enough to persuade their drivers that this style


of operation driver-only is safe and they can vote this deal through


and we can get back to a reliable You can bring this to an end,


you can stop the strike. It has been and remains


an fierce fight, For the conductors' union


and the RMT it has been a long-running dispute


with the union having now taken 30 days of strike action over the past


year, the most recent But it will not be


involved in the talks. If it is a safety requirements


and it's critical, then I feel quite bitter about what has


happened, but I can only assume some of the Aslef drivers who have been


very supportive of my members feel The RMT said tonight they had


not seen the details of the proposed outline agreement,


and are requesting a full copy as it goes to the heart of their


dispute with the company. In the meantime, they say,


they are pressing yet again for their own urgent talks


with Southern. Let's cross live to Simon,


outside East Grinstead station. Simon - fresh hope tonight


for commuters, but how likely is it Don't forget we have of course been


here before. Bosses at Aslef Aachen vent convinced it is the right deal


and should be accepted. But we don't know what is in the deal. The last


time there was an agreement there was a news conference to announce


it. Today just statements and they said they would say nothing more


until the route results of the ballot on April three. But even if


this dispute is resolved, the dispute with RMT is still ongoing.


An open verdict had been recorded over the death of a 36-year-old


Sussex woman which had been investigated as murder.


Emma Crowhurst, who was addicted to drugs and alcohol,


died after being found with serious head injuries in


Despite witnesses reporting hearing her argue with a man


before her death, the coroner said there was not enough


evidence to prove she had been unlawfully killed.


A teenager from Kent who claims she was beaten up


by her ex-boyfriend has made a formal complaint to Kent Police,


after they failed to bring assault charges against him.


Melissa Caffell says she suffered head injuries during an incident


at her home near Faversham, two years ago.


Sean Cheeseman was convicted of criminal damage,


But he never faced prosecution over her injuries,


because the police investigation wasn't completed within


Melissa was just 17 years old when she says her boyfriend lost his


temper, punched her in the face and smashed up her bedroom.


I went to bed and he came upstairs and he started screaming


Two years later, she is receiving counselling for


PTSD and still suffers from a lazy eye.


I didn't want to go out, I just wanted to stay in.


While her boyfriend Sean Cheeseman was


convicted of causing criminal damage, no


connection with the alleged assault which he previously said was in


Melissa was told the police officer involved missed the


deadline for a common assault charge.


They said that because he didn't put the evidence in


within six months, that's why they couldn't.


This is a particularly unfortunate case where the officer


has made a very honest and very genuine mistake.


And as a result, we have missed the opportunity to


charge someone with the common assault offence.


Melissa has been so distressed by what happened at home,


here on this street in Teynham, that she had her mum


have decided to move to Wales to try and build


But finding closure has been difficult, particularly as


she feels her opportunity for justice has been denied her.


I have come across quite a lot of these cases


where the criminal justice system, particularly since 2010, has been


creaking under the weight of work and with a lack of resources.


Kent Police and the Crown Prosecution Service


Melissa says she wants to make sure other people


aren't put off by her experiences from reporting


Normally All Access Scaffolding in Margate would be involved


in helping people re-point a chimney, or install


But they're currently working on a project in Canterbury that


It involves some eight and a half miles of tubing and covers an area


It's all for a ?24.7 million conservation project to protect


and restore Canterbury Cathedral - inside and out.


This is one of the more unusual building sites you'll ever see.


More than 50 feet above a working cathedral, the team of Margate


scaffolders pause to allow a moment of peace.


Then they continue on with their task of building a


giant working platform the size of a sports


pitch, another day in an


No one has seen this up here before in our lifetime.


Apparently I am the first geezer up here to have a selfie.


So you aren't going to do that anywhere else, are you?


You clearly need a cool head for heights,


clambering amongst the miles of steel poles up here.


It is atmospheric, surroundings which would


encourage anyone to enter into the spirit of the place.


The cathedral's open for business so we've got to take that


into factor to make sure everyone can


still do what they need to do in the cathedral.


We are as close to these wonderful vaulted ceilings


in Canterbury Cathedral as the builders were - so


Through the efforts of the scaffolders, we have a room,


I have been up on the deck 20 or more times but every


time I come up here it is extraordinary.


It is such a privilege to have this once in a many,


many generation's opportunity to see it.


?24.7 million - the knave roof is one aspect, conservation


of Christ Church Gate, re-landscaping the precincts,


western towers, along with lots of learning


It is about heritage but it is also about people


and communities and actually engaging people with the building -


It is more than just the work itself, it's


Future generations may well look back on our time as


the era when the Cathedral was saved and wonder how


That's it from me, your national weather forecast is coming up,


but first let's get the picture in the south-east


Good evening. It was the warmest day of the year so far. We had 19


degrees in Gravesend in Kent. For tomorrow temperatures not quite


reaching 19 but it does stay mild. There will be some sunshine. It is


all change so as we look towards all change so as we look towards


Friday on the weekend. It will be cooler. The wins will pick up and it


will be wet at times. Trish might we will stay dry, a mile night,


overnight temperatures of just six or seven. We'll see clearer skies


and mist or fog. A cloudy, misty, murky start to tomorrow. Eventually


we will see this cold front tracking eastwards. First thing there will be


a good deal of cloud then it brightens up for a time. During the


afternoon the cloud thickens and temperatures will be widely 12 or 13


degrees. We could see 14 or 15. Into Friday we see outbreaks of rain and


behind the cold front things starting to feel fresher.


Temperatures into Friday dropping to four or 5 degrees. A cooler feel to


the start of Friday. By the afternoon temperatures in the low


teens and eventually, as we look to the weekend, it will turn wet and


windy. Here is the been. The outlook, rain around, if


it stays dry I will be surprised. Here is Nick with the national


headlines. For large parts of Wales and England


there was blue sky and warmth. Warmest day of the year, a clumsy


way of saying the UK had the highest temperature