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Seven crew are recovering today after they were rescued


from a sinking cargo ship 40 miles off the coast of Thanet.


A rescue helicopter from Lydd joined others from the Netherlands


and Belgium overnight, working alongside


This is the Fluvius Tamar - a 90-metre, 3,000-tonne cargo


vessel, now at the bottom of the English Channel.


In the middle of the night, the crew issued a MAYDAY call saying


they were sinking fast, before abandoning ship


And to find out that there were seven people on board


who were possibly going into the water, launching their life


rafts, it was turning out to be a major, big job.


There were three helicopters out there altogether in the end,


and there were numerous vessels all standing by.


It's the second major operation of Ramsgate in just three weeks.


It's the second major operation off Ramsgate in just three weeks.


Two men were rescued, one later died, and a third


Though this incident had a happier outcome,


poor weather conditions made it even more challenging.


It was at night, it was in force nine north-westerly winds,


the sea state was reportedly up to five metres in size,


so being either on a life raft or being in the sea was a very,


The ship's crew were airlifted to hospital in Essex suffering


from potential hypothermia, but no serious injuries.


The Marine Accident Investigation Branch is looking


Lucinda Adam, BBC South East Today, Ramsgate.


Homes in Hassocks were evacuated this afternoon after a suspicious


A cordon has been put in place in the Belmont area,


with the bomb squad on site to make the scene safe.


Sussex Police are treating it as an isolated incident that's


Roads near the harbour in Newhaven were flooded last night


The Environment Agency put in extra defences to try and reduce


the impact of the surge, and the emergency


Residents took their own extra precautions, but no


Dog walkers are being warned they need to keep close


control of their animals, even if they think they're


good-natured, after a spate of recent attacks on sheep


Ten sheep were killed last week in the space of three days,


and the police are now looking for the dogs' owners.


You may find one image in this report distressing.


It is an area of chalk grassland right on the edge of Lewes,


popular with dog walkers, but last week, some of those walkers


Most of the images are too graphic to show at all.


For the shepherd who manages the sheep and discovered them,


It's not very pleasant carrying the carcass out


How...people can not notice that their dog comes


These walkers were passing by as we were filming.


One of them had come across the aftermath.


And then there were another two dead sheep soon after that, and, erm...


You know, sometimes they also get caught up in the brambles


But the sheep have specifically been put amongst those


It helps create a nectar rich haven for butterflies


Today, the charity behind the scheme gave this reminder to owners


Please don't make assumptions about your particular dog.


You may think it's a lovely, sweet dog - it might not be


Sussex Police would now like to hear from anybody who knows


Football, and Brighton have lost top spot in the Championship tonight.


Meanwhile, in League One, it was 0-0 at home for Charlton


against Millwall, but disappointment for Adran Pennock on his first match


in charge of Gillingham - they lost 1-0 at Oldham.


In League Two, Crawley Town beat Hartlepool 1-0.


Here's the weather with Kate Kinsella.


It's been a pretty cold day, on the whole.


Some of us saw a little bit of blue sky and


Others have had rain and snow flurries, and that, in


The Met Office has issued a yellow weather


warning for snow and ice, and that ice risk is


really prominent as we head through this evening and overnight.


Anything that fell today on untreated roads and surfaces is


It's not until tomorrow that we'll start to


Minimum temperatures down to zero, maybe minus one.


Now, we'll see this cloud moving in through the early


hours of tomorrow morning and into Sunday itself.


It brings with it some rather persistent rain, which,


We could get some snowfall tomorrow morning.


It will turn back tomorrow afternoon to rain.


The maximum temperature, a touch milder for Sunday.


We are looking at seven or eight Celsius.


We are back at 6:20pm tomorrow. Enjoy


Getting the detail of this cold snap is proving to be challenging and


will continue to be so over the next 24 hours. Ice around across eastern


parts after the earlier showers then rain pushing in from Northern


Ireland across Scotland and a period of snow across eastern Scotland


temporarily. It will extend into northern Wales and England too. A


chilly night across the East, much milder. Tomorrow, everything nudges


further east which gives us an issue because a period of snow across


Lincolnshire and East Anglia could give a


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