12/03/2017 South East Today

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South East of England.

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Dog owners are being warned they could be prosecuted


and their pets shot dead if they allow them to chase sheep.


It's lambing season, and farmers across the South East


are already reporting cases of sheep worrying.


As Jon Hunt reports, one Sussex farmer is counting


the cost of an attack which saw 14 of his ewes killed.


Two dogs attacked a flock of 200 sheep belonging to Jack Holt,


14 ewes died, between them carrying 24 lambs.


Two other ewes had already aborted their lambs because of the trauma,


and Mr Holt believes that could just be the start.


We have had problems before but nothing on this size.


I would say the dogs would probably do it again if they got the chance,


but it is down to the owners to control them and just


The National Farmers Union says livestock worrying costs


the industry ?1.2 million a year, with many losses uninsured.


If a dog does worry livestock, the owner can be prosecuted


and the farmer hasthe right to shoot the dog if it is found


85% of the South Downs National Park is farmed, but it is popular


The park authority has launched a light-hearted campaign to remind


One of our favourite birds in the South Downs is the Skylark


and it has its nest on the ground, and dogs can disturb birds


by rushing at them and their nests and then the birds will fly off


and abandon their young if they are scared.


The police are investigating an incident involving Jack Holt's


flock, the cost of which currently stands at ?5,000.


Nigel Farage has for the first time confirmed his intention


in a television interview to stand for election if the seat


he contested in the general election becomes available.


The UKIP MEP lost to the Conservative candidate


Police are investigating allegations of election fraud in South Thanet.


Speaking on the Sunday Politics Mr Farage indicated his parliamentary


Winning seats in parliament under a first


past the post system is not the only way to change politics in Britain.


I would like to think I have proved that.


More than 100 former Royal Marines bandsmen known as the All Stars


will play their last annual concert at Margate's Winter Gardens.


The event commemorates the 11 men killed by the IRA bombing


The bandsmen have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity


but have now decided it's time to stop.


They've long retired from service, and many have not met


But within minutes they're bandsmen again.


They passed through the Royal Marines School of Music


And most have memories of its saddest day.


I've heard it go off and of course I did not know


what it was and I was driving to Canterbury and it was


on the radio and there was ambulances passing me and fire


engines and so I thought, this is serious.


The annual concert has been taking place every year


It began as a way of remembering the 11 who died and to raise money


for the disaster fund, but it has gone on to raise around


We've got about 800 people coming tonight and it's just


It is sad, in a way, but then everything comes to an end.


And out of this something else will happen.


It will be a moving moment from many in the audience as the bandsmen


But it will be proof that even in the face of tragedy


Football, and in the Championship Brighton's promotion


hopes remain strong following a win against Derby.


The Seagulls are level on points with league leaders Newcastle.


In League One Josh Wright scored a hat-trick of penalties


in Gillingham's 3-2 win over Scunthorpe.


Charlton drew 1-all against Walsall thanks to this Tony Watt equaliser.


And in League 2 Crawley twice went ahead against


And now the weather with Lucy Martin.


Yesterday we recorded temperatures of 17.7 Celsius in Kent.


Today it clipped back and it was fairly grey.


As we move into tomorrow, a return to more mild temperatures.


Some sunshine on the way and largely dry.


If we put the detail on the map, that rain clearing out


towards the east through this evening and overnight.


A few clearer spells developing into the early hours.


A cloudy start tomorrow but we start to see sunshine building


through the morning and temperatures not doing too badly at all.


We will see a little bit more in the way of cloud into the late


afternoon and evening. I will leave you with the outlook.


As we move through the beginning of next week it will stay fairly


mild but I think we will see more in the way of cloud.


That is all for now. We will be back after 10pm with more. Have a lovely


evening. Goodbye for now. Hello, the weather was hit-and-miss


today across