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In tonight's programme: Weeks of trawling CCTV footage


A month after a a schoolgirl was abducted and raped in Oxford,


police say they don't have `ny images of the suspects or their car.


Also: four people died in this accident.


As the A34 is branded dangerous and not fit for purpose,


the Government agrees to look at safety on the road.


And later on: and the poem from World War One


that was filed away and forgotten...until now.


One month after the abduction and rape of a 14 year


old school girl in Oxford, Thames Valley Police says it


doesn't have any CCTV images of the incident,


Despite reviewing hours of footage as well as headcam and dashcam


video from the public, the force hasn't been able


to identify the car used in the attack or the two men


Katharine Da Costa has been following the story and is live


in Summertown close to wherd the incident happened.


Katharine, what have people there been saying?


Well, they have been expressing their shock and concern for what has


happened and indeed people have left flowers and ribbons at the crossing


behind me. It is a sign of solidarity for the teenage victim


who was snatched from a busx road during rush hour in a highlx unusual


abduction four weeks ago. A leafy, affluent area of l`w


Oxford, cafes and boutiques But the community is still hn shock


of a teenage girl in yards Many, like 19-year-old Pipph Edwards


are now taking their own safety I walk with some of my friends, now,


I don't really walk by myself. But since then it has kind


of woke me up and realise that there is things


going around Oxford, and that, yes, so I'm more


careful, now, these days. Four weeks ago, a 14-year-old girl


was walking towards Marston Ferry Police say she was abducted


and raped by two men She was reported missing at 845


when she didn't turn up for lessons About three hours later,


officers say she escaped The girl managed to make our way


to Cavendish drive, where she raised the alarm by knocking


on doors for help. Being a parent, I know how


distressing this is, The reassurance I can give people


is that we are doing absolutely everything we can to find ott who's


responsible for this, In the days


and weeks that followed, from the public and reviewed


hours of CCTV footage. The victim, supported


by specially trained officers, was able to provide an e-fit


of the two men, but so far police I would hope they are doing


that they can possibly can. I mean, I am surprised they haven't


been able to, but I can't ilagine that they are doing anything


other than working very, very hard to try to pick up clues,


and if there is anybody out there who has not come forw`rd


with any information that might possibly help,


I just have to say please do because we've got to


catch these people. Today, police declined our request


for an interview, but they say they are not linking this


with any other investigation, and are continuing to work


with schools to provide Well, despite not giving us that


interview, tonight the police HAVE provided some answers


to our questions. In so are limited what they can say


what we have been told that Doctor from dashboard cameras,


cyclists helmet cams and other CCTV, police admit they don't havd any


images of the offenders, What they HAVE said


is they believe the victim Officers, they say, are continuing


to work with her at her own pace The victim is still being stpported


by specially trained officers. A Government minister's givdn


in to demands for urgent action on the A34 -


ordering an immediate safetx review. It comes after an Oxfordshire MP


told parliament it was dangdrous There were two fatal


crashes this summer, including one in which a mother


and three children were killed. Our political editor


Peter Henley has this report: To call the A34 dangerous


is to state the obvious. In four years, in the Oxfordshire


section alone, 32 people have died. And today's debate heard


that the statistics don't include the accident-prone


junction with the A303. The A34 is no longer fit for purpose


because it's a dangerous ro`d, and is no longer fit for purpose


because the delays and accidents that happen regularly on thd A3


are having a signficant economic impact on one of the most


economically productive MPs from all parties lined tp


to put pressure on the government The problem we face


is that the A43 fulfils a motorway role without


motorway capacity Government Ministers


are past masters at dealing with these sort


of local interest debates. They'll nod sagely as MPs


make their speches, and then give


a non-committal answer. But this was not that


sort of debate, All of a sudden, like the A34


on a good day, Up until now the A34 has not been


considered a priority. A safety review was not due


until 2020, but on the spot


this morning, John Hayes changed


the department's policy. There is a criteria for this,


but I'm prepared to... I mean, I've never been a m`n


that's constrained by criteria imposed


by others as you know, Mr Chope, and


I am prepared to say that I will make


I make the decision, indeed, and


announce now that I will institute that safety review.


An immediate safety review, the promise


of more money available, and even considering cslls


to make the A34 a motorway. Now the hard work starts.


The MP for Henley, John Howdll, has given Heathrow's third runway


The government yesterday gave the go-ahead for the airport


to expand, despite opposition from some cabinet ministers and Tory MPs.


Mr Howell told the BBC he'll be monitoring the noise impact


for his constituents, but insists the announcement


Oxford Parkway station opendd a year ago this week.


Chiltern Raiway says more than 00 thousand passengers travelldd


from Oxford to Marylebone in the last year, and more


than a million have travelled between London


and the new Bicester Village station.


We made sure that this was handily located to the road network so that


instead you would use the c`r park here, and then get in


that you can't really help the local economy,


and of course we open through to Oxford city centre itself


on the 12th of December, and that will offer new journey


opportunities for people from Bicester,


High Wycombe, etc, to get into


Air pollution remains at unsafe levels in several


places in Oxfordshire - despite changes being brought


Targets are being breached in thirteen areas.


Jeremy Stern's been to Oxford where pollution levels have been cut


Ian Halliday checks the air quality in Oxford city centre,


in particular nitrogen dioxide levels.


Vulnerable people are particularly at risk.


It's the older people, it's children, and it's


those with pre-existing medical conditions,


are higher, then people with asthma,


much more difficult to breathe.


for instance, will find it


much more difficult to breathe.


Nationally, four out of ten councils are exceeding safe


Pollutions levels are still too high in Oxford.


It is an incredibly difficult nut to crack, and we as a counchl


are working in partnership with the bus


operators, the taxi drivers, the vehicle users, the HGV


operators, and the district and city councils


have had difficulties in actually trying to drive this down to an


There has been close to a 34% reduction in pollution sincd 20 6


partly because of a low emission zone, which was brought in hn 2 14.


On a day like this when it's still,


then you're going to get higher levels of pollution,


but we can bring them down to safe levels or safer levels


and what we are doing is stdadily, each year,


making Oxford a cleaner and greener place,


but we really need to take the next step, now,


to a zero emission zone in the centre of the city.


That would mean all non-electric cars would be banned


The county council's considering enforcing this by 2 20.


It's hoped this year's poppx appeal in Oxfordshire will raise more


Thousands of petals were released at Vauxhall Barracks in Didcot


The Royal British Legion saxs the money will be used to provide


care - and help to the armed forces community.


Current service personnel at 11 OED Regiment,


which carries out bomb disposal say the support is highly v`lued.


It's important that people do remember, that they never forget


those that paid the ultimate sacrifice,


for their service to their country,


and people need to, as I say,


donate for the Poppy Appeal as best they can


to ensure that our beneficiaries


can live as normal a life as possibld.


and ?200,000 in donations, but soon


Residents of Wolvercote havd clubbed together to help buy a new organ


for St Peter's Church, six xears after the old one was removdd.


Traditional methods have bedn used to build the instrument,


but with more than 800 pipes, that is no easy task,


as Matt Graveling has been finding out...


It's part Oak, part Walnut, and part Poplar,


their new church organ is made up of much, much more.


The year-long construction is the result of four year's hard


work which has seen local people dig deep.


Our target was to raise just under 200,000.


Like all projects, there's been a few extras,


so we're just looking to raise the last few


We have launched a sponsor a pipe appeal,


opportunity, as it says, to sponsor either an individual pipe or a


number of pipes, even a whole stop which is a rank of pipes.


I sponsored the first line of my favourite hymn,


Which is just a beautiful hxmn, and it starts from a


very low note and goes up to a very high note.


wind chests, which is what the pipes sit on, that's like the enghne room


And then I go anywhere off of casework, keyboards, whatever


takes my fancy, really, I have no strict order at all.


This organ will hopefully l`st for hundreds of years.


Where an electronic organ would probably only last 15 to 0,


Before you need replacing, so really you're looking


at Heritage, at English Herhtage, you're looking at something that's


really going to last the parish for a long time.


The organ weighs in at three tonnes,


and is made up of thousands of individual parts,


but the church is still on the hunt for one more.


We're looking for a director of music to come and increase the size


of the choir, and do all kinds of exciting


and the closing date is the 7th of November, and on the det`ils are


It is hoped that the constrtction will be complete in time


A fitting start for a project brought to life


I'll have the headlines at 8 and a full bulletin at 10.30.


Now more of today's stories with Sally Taylor.


Later in the programme, a World War I poem filed aw`y


and later found which was written by a well known children's `uthor.


What do you do when you're told that your rent is going to rise


That's the situation facing some staff working in the New Forest


They live in homes owned by the Forestry Commission which has


told them it's making changds to the subsidised rents


Ena Miller is in the Forest now and has more.


Renting or buying a propertx in the new fast is said to be pretty


expensive, which is quite these reduced rates are so import`nt to


some of the staff here. I'm told that those affected are carpenters


and maintenance workers who want an low salaries. They say the dxpected


an increase but they didn't know it was going to be as much as 40%. One


local carpenter who has livdd in this house for 15 years says he is


devastated that his rent is going to go from ?500 to ?700 a month.


It appears to me working with my colleagues that they have h`d a


I can't understand why they've whacked on 40% on md.


I was doing an honest day's work for the commission


In a statement, the Forestrx Commission said rent reviews for all


properties take place under the terms set out in individual tenancy


agreements... Local MP Julian Lewis has stpported


the workers here but he fears that the skills could be lost from this


area, which have been built over generations.


We're all familiar with havhng our blood pressure taken


but the Queen Alexandra hospital in Portsmouth is taking part


in a national trial to see hf this standard piece of medical epuipment


can help reduce the damage from heart attacks.


The UK-wide study has just recruited it's 1000th patient.


A short time ago I was joindd by Anne Suttling, a senior research


nurse at QA, who explained that it's all linked to what happens


When you have a heart attack one of the coronary arteries has become


blocked and because it is blocked that stops the flow of blood


and the oxygen in the blood to the heart muscle,


so the heart is being starvdd of oxygen and it then starts dying


And what's exciting is you're trialling this new device,


which is a bit like those blood pressure cuff to put on your arm.


It's a high-tech one, so this is exactly like a blood


This bit of kit on here inflates the cuff up to high pressurd


for five minutes and then ddflates it for five minutes,


so it regulates how long thd cuff is up and how long it is done.


When the cuff is up, you're reducing the amount of oxygen


that goes into the arm, so you're inducing lack of oxygen.


And when the cuff goes down, protective properties are rdleased


which go back to the heart, which is teaching the heart how


to be more resistant to lack of oxygen, so it's helping the heart


What other benefits do we know so far?


Previous small studies have shown that there is a reduction in heart


attack size of 40 to 50% and also showing there is 25%


reduction in hospitalisation, heart failure and death.


That's encouraging and we mtst emphasise this is just


a trial at the QA now, and potentially what are thd uses


This could be used in ambul`nces before the patient arrives


at hospital, so if an ECG shows that the patient is having ` heart


attack the paramedics could put this on the patient,


so it teaches the heart how to deal with lack of oxygen even before


Good news and thank you for coming in to explain it


That will be one to watch for the future. Now, on to sport. Wdre going


to start with golf. Richard Bland, you remember him, earlier this


month? He was leading the British Lasters


at one point. I couple of l`te bogeys and it all went a bit wrong.


He is a pro-locally and it could be his chance now.


The Hampshire golfer Richard Bland will tee off in his biggest


tournament for seven years later tonight.


The HSBC Champions event in China is part


of the World Golf Championship the most prestigious series


And he'll be testing himself against the best players


in the world - with 40 out of the top 50 players taking part.


Richard Bland has been driving his way up the rankhngs


at 108th in the world - his best ever position.


And this tournament will be his biggest yet.


You know you're up against probably one of the


Said that way it is no different but once


you're out there it's a gamd of golf and business as usual.


The Stoneham pro has been a consistent performer


on the European tour for ye`rs, but has never won


Then, earlier this month at the British Masters,


He missed out on victory but ended up in tied fourth


It was his best performance to date and saw him take home more than


I've played the golf I know I can play.


I still feel like I can plax a lot better.


There are still massive amotnts of improvement and hopefullx


if I keep playing the way I have been playing,


there's still so much more for me to play for this year,


world rankings and order of merits, there's still so much more.


It's those recent results which have landed him his place


in this World Golf Championship event.


Richard Bland now has his big chance in China.


And we'll be keeping a closd eye on him and updating you with hhs


progress. Reading are out of the EFL


Cup after a 2-0 defeat in their fourth-round match


against Arsenal at the Emir`tes Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


was the scorer of both of the Gunners' goals,


one in each half, the second a deflected ball which Readhng


keeper Ali Al-Habsi Nevertheless, the Royal's m`nager


Jaap Stam has described the game Meanwhile, it's


Southampton's turn tonight. They host Premier League strugglers


Sunderland in the fourth rotnd. A win at St Mary's will takd them


through to the quarterfinals Saints have conceded just three


goals in nine matches, with manager Claude Puel likely


to continue with his policy I think it's a very important game


because it's important to continue this competition for the sqtad,


for young players, to continue the work with them, to see ` good


progression It's a possibility


also to win something. You can hear the game


on BBC Radio Solent or follow it West Sussex kitesurfer


Lewis Crathern has had to settle for a second placd


in the Kiteboarding World Championships Big Air event,


which concluded over the wedkend. Crathern has made it back


to the very top of his sport after a crash in South Africa


in February left him But it was a disappointing result


for the Worthing rider. The final competition of thd series


in Sardinia finished with hhm and the eventual winner,


tied on points. Lewis lost out on the title


after it was decided it would come down to whoever placed highdst


in the most recent event, And that's the sport.


How can you be disappointed in that? He's such a lovely man.


And that was such a serious crash he had.


And to come back and do so well Lewis, you should be proud of


yourself. It was filed away and


forgotten about for years - but now an early poem by AA Milne,


the author of Winnie the Pooh, Written in 1918 and titled simply


Poem, it's about tanks - a revolutionary British invdntion


which were just And as Sarah Lowden reports,


the newly uncovered work shows that long before he was inspiring


generations of children, AA Milne was boosting the morale


of the nation. A Milne is most famous for his


Winnie the Pooh stories, inspired by his son, Christopher Robin. But here


at the Tank Museum in Bovington an earlier piece of his work h`s been


recovered. It was hidden in the archives for years.


I was working on a scanning project and I


happened to notice one of the poems I was scanning had the name AA Milne


It was written for the Tank or a prisoner of war fund, for a matinee


performance. You will have heard of the wonderful tanks, there `re


legends about them aplenty, they will frighten the woods if the cover


is no good or recline on 160. The poem tells us about AA Milnd's life


before he found fame. He was recruited by a propaganda unit where


he wrote the poem to celebr`te Britain's new weapon against the


Germans. It was the beginning of mechanised warfare and it's an


invention still being used today. It shows what the public thought of the


tank, it made such a huge arrival -- impact on its arrival in 1906. His


words described the power of these heavy armoured vehicles cap`ble of


driving over the top of enely trenches but also honour thd men


inside them, who he describds as the brain and soul of the tanks. Having


served as a soldier, he knew the conditions they had to endure and


road, so remember, whenever you talk of the tanks... The newest


invention, the wonderful tanks, the oldest intervention, the men in the


ranks, the wonderful men of all ranks, for they are just thd same


men, only more so, in tanks. You will remember them? Thanks! And that


report was from the Tank Museum in Bovington and you can listen to the


poem in full on the South Today Facebook page. Onto the weather


Thick fog Facebook page. Onto the weather


Thick fog around this morning. It was pretty grim first thing and


we're giving it all again tomorrow with another weather warning for


dense fog. Let's look at yotr pictures, many of you have been out


in the sunny spells in some places. It was a murky start, fog at Corfe


Castle first thing but some decent sunny spells on the Isle of Wight,


this was at Osborne house, but it was a cloudy scene in parts of


Oxfordshire, areas north of the region saw a lot of cloud today


Overnight tonight, like last night there is a Met Office morning for


widespread fog, dense and places, visibility around 50 metres. Stay


tuned to the radio first thhng tomorrow morning. Tonight whth that


fog temperatures will fall to six or seven in the countryside, these are


values in towns and cities with that ends up lingering until 10al or 11am


at once it clears we will sde some sunny spells, like today varying


amounts of cloud, some bright and sunny spells and temperaturds


reaching a height of 15 Celsius with milder air from the Atlantic but the


breeze will be light. Tomorrow night there will be more cloud th`n


tonight and with that cloud cover we will have less chance of fog that


where we have clear spells the fog may form in the countryside with


those of 10-12dC, once again the winds stay light for the rest of the


week and into the weekend. High pressure will build them further on


Thursday into Friday Friday will be similar to tomorrow, a fair amount


of cloud with this high pressure so more cloud than sunshine but we will


see the cloud break in placds to allow some bright and sunny spells.


Looking ahead, quite a lot of cloud about but it will thin and break, we


will have mist and fog each morning. More so tomorrow morning with that


Met Office fog warning. Light winds until the weekend and into the early


part of next week. A lot of cloud but there will be some bright and


sunny spells. If you want to become a weather watcher, here is the


website. Why wouldn't you w`nt to be a weather watcher? Get involved


We're back tomorrow at 6:30pm. We will have more this evening at pm




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