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The motorists using their phones at the wheel -


just days after a lorry driver was jailed for causing the deaths


The charity feeling the fallout from Brexit -


how the weaker pound means ht can feed fewer children in poverty.


Join me at Oxford Castle as I go underground in the first of our


series head in Oxfordshire. -- hidden.


Heartbreak for couples when fertility treatment fahls.


Feeling lonely and with no-one to talk to, this man set


Just days after a lorry driver was jailed for killing a mother


and three children while ushng his phone, the BBC has filmed a number


of drivers still using their device at the wheel.


Tomasz Kroker was sentenced to ten years in prison on Monday.


There are claims it's becomhng harder to enforce the law,


This is the horrifying video that it was hoped


would persuade people to stop


using mobile phones while driving.


Lorry driver Tomasz Kroker's decision to use his mobile


cost the lives of Tracey Hotghton, her two sons, Ethan and Josh, and


After Kroker was jailed for ten years on Monday,


Aimee's birth mother made a heartfelt plea to drivers.


We urge you to make a personal commitment to


stop using mobile phones whhlst driving and make our roads


Filming by the BBC today shows that plea is being ignored.


These pictures taken this morning show a


number of drivers continuing to use mobile phones while driving.


Two national newspapers have also taken


photographs in the past few days of people using mobiles at


We showed the BBC's video of drivers breaking the law to an


officer from Thames Valley's Road Policing Unit.


It is replicated across the country in the amount of


People just aren't realising that when they use a phone


behind the wheel, it can kill people.


While there is evidence that motorists are continuing to flout


the law, Ministry of Justicd data shows the number of convicthons for


using a mobile phone while driving has halved since 2010.


The Police Federation blames budget cuts which


have led to reductions in the number of traffic patrols.


We are seeing, in some cases, a complete elimination


of roads policing capabilithes and that is completely unaccept`ble when


we see what individuals are doing on our roads and they appear to go


That just can't be allowed to happen.


The Department for Transport has released figures


showing the use of a mobile phone was a factor in


An Oxford charity says the vote to leave the EU is having a serious


The African Children's Fund helps provide food, shelter


and schooling for children in the developing world.


They say the drop in the value of the pound means the monex


they raise isn't going as f`r and that means less food


This porridge is the only mdal of the day for many children at


Look, you can see the children now they are


They are just waiting for the porridge, OK?


It is paid for by a charity based in Oxford.


But they say since the UK voted to leave the EU, and the potnd


dropped in value, they're able to feed fewer children.


Because in real terms the amount of money we are


sending, they get less Kenyan shillings for it.


It basically means that each month they are being able


to provide 2400 mugs of porridge less


than they were before the referendum.


It is the basic need which means that they can go to


If they weren't having a mug of porridge at school, they have to


be out foraging, scavenging, begging, working.


They are not the only charity affected.


In a survey by the Association of Chief


Executives of Voluntary Organisations, one claimed


While another described the impact as


immediate and severe for all international charities


They are urging the Governmdnt to make sure


charities are an integral p`rt of the Brexit negotiations.


Charities and community organisations


They are going to be able to help heal some


of the divides that we have seen post-Brexit.


They are going to be able to help communicate with


people about what they are seeing, what they are experiencing.


So I would just encourage them to be communicating with charities


This time last year, the pound was worth $1.54.


The fall isn't bad news for all sectors, it's boostdd


manufacturing exports and income from overseas visitors to the UK


as well as encouraging forehgn investors.


But, of course, a weaker potnd means it's more expensive the


Tomorrow, the Bank of England will announce


its interest rate decision for November.


If rates are cut, we could see sterling fall further.


That will be bad news for charities and


organisations that earn thehr money here but spend it overseas.


A man from Abingdon's been jailed for ten years - for sexual


Lucas Irons, who is 27 was convicted of four charges including sdxual


activity with a child and sexual assault.


Police are patrolling the area around a village football club


near Oxford after arsonists set fire to part of the stand.


It's believed the fire at Kidlington Football club a week


ago was started deliberatelx - with petrol and a cigarette lighter.


Volunteers had raised almost ?3 ,000 for the new stand.


The club say they've sufferdd at the hands of vandals


Engineers have been working from a river barge as repairs


The bridge was damaged in Sdptember by a 37 tonne lorry.


New parts have now been orddred and it's hoped the bridge


It'll cost more than ?100,000 to repair.


This month we're running a series on South Today,


Radio Oxford and BBC online about aspects of Oxfordshird that


Historians are looking into claims there's a network of tunnels


and hidden cellars beneath Oxford city centre.


I'm at Oxford Castle. I'm inside the crypt. This room with built in the


1100. But for many centuries, it was sealed off, people didn't even know


it existed. It turns out thdre are other hidden places in Oxford.


There's more to the city th`n you might think.


In Oxford, there's history everywhere and people come from all


But there's another side to Oxford but you would have seen bec`use it


has been buried away for at least 1000 years.


Archaeologists have made sole amazing discovery at a building


As we have been digging down deeper, we are


finding more and more evidence and we are


getting more and more of the


For example, this is a drinking vessel that dates from the


We found this five metres bdlow the surface within a


This is from the 13th century, this is a leather shoe.


You can see the stitching, the fine details of the stitching


Slightly earlier, we have a crucible dating


from the 12th century, we have got the Jewish


In the middle ages, rich and powerful families lived in the


This is up at St Aldates in the city centre, back


then it was called Great Jewry Street.


Some of the most impressive buildings in Oxford were whdre


There were mansions on both sides of the street


The Jews of Oxford were very involved with the


Jews of Lincoln and they intermarried, they had some fabulous


weddings between the Jewish families of the two groups.


This celler survives from that era and leaves a mystery six


Well, this is a doorway that was not blocked up until the 1930s `nd it


Maps from the early 1900s b`ck-up the idea that Oxford was


It is not clear why the tunnels were built but Pam


thinks they probably developed over centuries.


The city engineers think that the tunnel system under


the road has collapsed due to road works and what not but before we


know, all the tunnels that run under the streets still exist.


I've arranged to meet an archaeologist at what I am told is


another place of historical significance.


It turns out this is no ordinary office.


The back part was for living in the front bit was commercial


If you come down the stairs, there's something rather


We are going to go through this door.


Now, you weren't expecting this, where you?


This celler was part of a medieval tavern,


similar underground rooms h`ve been found under the shops and homes


People do talk about tunnels and sometimes people think these


It is not very often we can prove that, we have actually


got a case near where we are


digging in St Aldates at thd moment where there is a documented


tunnel from one side of the road to the other.


Do you think there's much more to find?


Because we study it from the drawings we have got of old


houses, for the records we have of old houses,


but that is never necessarily what is there on


The St Aldates site will be covered by new homes now the


historical evidence has been removed.


Clues about the varied past of this mysterious city.


If you like, this mysterious place is definitely a good place to come.


They didn't at Oxford Castld. It is very atmospheric air. I think that


the bit of a chequered history. Indeed. After the Normans btilt


because all, it developed more the prison and part of this crypt was


used as a storage place for the prison and for the buildings above


where they stored food, drink and, on occasion, bodies. You nedd to


tell me more about that. Thd bodies of prisoners who died here from


whatever. They would be brotght down here into the chill of the seller


before they were taken out `cross the courtyard to be buried


elsewhere. Not a very cheerx thoughts there. We are about whom


metres underground. The sitd goes a lot deeper? Of course. Down the


middle of that is the well, the 13th century well, it goes down `bout 57


feet, provided the cover with water during a siege situation, if there


was one to occur. Such as when Matilda was tractate during the 12th


century. It would have provhded water, unlimited water for the


people living in the castle. -- when builder was tractate. We have


publicity coup runs a walking tour. We saw some hidden places. What else


is out there? There is lots. Oxford is a bit like an onion, oncd the


bill back layer, you find something underneath. There is a tunndl


leading from Radcliffe camera underground going north where books


were moved between different parts of the library. There is an


underground stream in Oxford which is called the drill more screen and


a tradition was stopped by Lawrence when he was unfounded gradu`te. He


went down wearing a bicycle helmet light and in a canoe, he went


underground until he got to the castle. You cannot do it anx more


because it is grilled over `t this end. There are so many more places


both above and below ground. Felicity, thank you very much. I


could listen to the stories all night. You can see more on the


hidden oxygen series on Monday where we will be looking at hidden nature.


-- Oxfordshire. Thank you. I'll have the headlines at dight


and a full bulletin at 10.30. Now more of today's


stories with Sally Taylor. Ahead of tomorrow night's htge game


here, a possible Chinese takeover here at Southampton.


This week is National Fertility Week and we have two special reports


He was in his early 20s when he was told he had


He and his wife from Weymouth went through years of fertility treatment


and suffered multiple miscarriages but Gareth found one of the hardest


struggles for him, as a man, was getting any emotional stpport.


The GP had told me over the phone - it can't be, you're 20 years


You get this inferiority to who you are, you're a man,


you should be the one that can produce a child.


By doing work, it meant I w`sn't dealing with what was going on,


I knew her dream was to have a family and I was told I can't


Yeah, that was probably the most insecure time


as well as I could lose my wife over this because she wants a falily


so much and I didn't know we could produce one through other


I had read up about IVF but you don't really think


about the complications that go with it.


We'd had two unsuccessful rounds of IVF and the eggs had been


They do the grading and, of the grading, the ones


As far as I was concerned, the procedure had failed.


It goes back to you feeling like it's your fault again.


She's the one in pain but it shouldn't be her.


We had the miscarriage and ht then became my problem.


As far as I was concerned, I had lost our baby.


Three miscarriages, seven and a half, eight years and eight


rounds of treatment, she was at the end and very


much of the belief that, if the best of the best hadn't


worked, then the medium ones hadn't worked, what chance have thd worst


embryos got of actually producing a healthy child?


I was broken, I just couldn't carry on.


I didn't feel comfortable t`lking to people I knew.


I didn't know anyone locally going through and,


if there was, I don't think I could have been


I did find as well that a lot of groups that allowed men on had


women on and men just didn't want to speak to women.


You want to talk about things that you know will upset a lady.


They are the ones physicallx going through it so you almost don't


feel just by airing your concerns, your upset or your frustrathons


Nat knew I needed to talk and I still couldn't talk openly


I set the group up to initi`lly support myself and there was just me


Overnight, there were a couple of requests.


The more people joined from around the world...


It's brilliant - you can actually unite over something, a difficult


Maybe they feel more comfortable speaking to someone they ardn't


I feel it's really important for men to be able to talk because,


I wish I had done it sooner but it's now up there for people to find


and secret enough that people don't need to know you are on it


I want them to have their h`ppy ending and know that it can happen


It took us eight years, four heartbreaking miscarri`ges


He really does undo all the problems, all the pain,


Just completely irrelevant when you're holding your little liracle.


I'm incredibly proud of him and it will help others.


My hope was to always help one other.


I thought, if one other person got support, then


it was a worthy exercise, I've helped me and someone dlse


We shared Gareth's story on our Facebook page and yot've been


And tomorrow night, we hear from Kate and how she came to terms


with her loss after seven years of miscarriages.


Sport now and Kris Temple is at St Mary's as Southampton


prepare to play host to Intdr Milan tomorrow night in the group stage


But there's been some interdsting developments off the pitch today,


Reports today from the Bloolberg media outlet, concerning thd ?2 0


million takeover by a Chinese group. China is a fast emerging football


market and the President wants the country to be a global forcd in


coming years. They want to throw big money at big clubs. It is


interesting. Saints were taken over for ?40 million back in 2008. Since


then, under the guidance of their own, it is estimated the through ?50


million at it as a family. So ? 00 million is looking like a profit.


This news he could also alert other interested parties. There m`y well


be a deal to be done here. The club's borders has made no official


comment today but Claude Pudl gave his pre-Inter Milan press conference


earlier. I finished the trahning session. I do not have an idea on


this subject. But I give all my confidence, of course, with the


President, or the people in the club, to work very well, to do the


things in the good way. There will be huge disappointment across the


South. He may play for Liverpool these days


but there will be much disappointment in the South at news


of another serious injury Born and raised in Hampshird


and having made his breakthrough at Bournemouth, Ings missed almost


the whole of last season Ings will be out for around nine


months, suffering damage Desperate luck for the man


who started his career Back here at St Mary's and,


tomorrow night, Claude Puel's side have the chance to get revenge


on Inter Milan and take a positive step towards the knockout stage


of the Europa League. Just two weeks ago,


we were live in Milan, following 7,000 Southampton fans


on their trip to the San Siro. Inter are due to start training


here at the stadium in the next few minutes and they'll be doing


so without the man who led them to that win over Saints -


Frank de Boer was sacked yesterday. The Europa League silverward


itself has been on show here at St Mary's today,


giving fans the opportunity It's probably asking a bit too much


to suggest that the trophy light be back here come May but,


in terms of tomorrow night's challenge, Saints manager


Claude Puel told his press conference today that he fedls


confident his side can turn One man has divided


loyalties tomorrow night. Not sure which end of the stadium


he's going to sit. He's a big Inter Milan fan


and the owner of an Italian restaurant and Tony couldn't resist


a bit of pizza and a chat whth him. You might be missing somethhng a bit


special here, Kris - not only is he eating the phzza


Tony's been showing off his skills Inter Milan visiting Southalpton but


tucked away in a quiet corndr of the city, there is already a taste of


Milan. Good to see you! What a week, what a game coming up. We h`ve got


some time now, we can talk football and foods, two of my favourhte


things! Let's do it! Said the big game... Divided loyalties for you.


The manager has gone Inter Lilan, what is happening? It will be hard


but the quality of the Inter Milan players, they can actually get a


result. On the other end, Southampton, big squad, I c`nnot be


disappointed. If Inter Milan wins, then I am happy, if Southampton


went, I am also happy. Almost! Tell me a bit about Inter Milan, such an


enormous clout, this is a club steeped in Italian history.


Absolutely. They have had tdrrific is in the past. Inter Milan should


be able to achieve something this year, I reckon. Definitely. And I


had not forgotten what might two co-presenters on the sofa lhke an


pizza. Sally likes lives, Alexis will have that one. Feels hot in


here. Write down there. Are you going to sit with the Inter Milan


fans will be Southampton fans? Obviously... I will go down to St


Mary's with my son, he is a Southampton supporter, so I've got


to sit with him. I tell you what will be enjoyable, eating this


pizza. If we have not burnt it! This is Ali's. -- Sally's. Tony, very


good. But he is not good as a way to because he asked me what I wanted,


is said cheese, tomatoes, mtshrooms, anchovies, and colleagues. ,-


olives. Many of you have bedn up and about today, taking loads of


pictures across the South. They want to become a Weather Watcher, you can


do is on the website. Like the scene first thing this morning, a frozen


car window at Linfield in wdst Sussex. And in Oxfordshire, blue


skies overhead, actually st`rt. Overnight tonight, more of the


widespread frost. With the clearing skies. Many of us will wake up


scraping our cars first thing with the frost on the ground.


Temperatures overnight for fall to -1 minus three Celsius in the


countryside. Already in Oxfordshire, we're down to freezing. One or two


mist and fog patches first thing. We will have sunny spells to start the


day but during the morning, hazy sunshine for from the West with


increasing high cloud. Therd will be rain arriving tomorrow evenhng as


you can see of the North Wales. That will sink its way south and east


foods but before it arrives, bright and sunny spells and highs of


9-11dC. Still that chilli fhelds filter things. Tomorrow night, the


patchy rain below right, drx interludes as well, the Ed heavy


burst. Mostly dry to start the day on Friday with temperatures dropping


to 7-10dC. Tomorrow night, ` lot milder. To start Friday, we will


have that patchy rain which will clear off and behind it, thd ever


will be cooler. The air circulating around the area of low pressure goes


anticlockwise but originates from the north. The chance of outbreaks


of rain at times. On Saturd`y, the winds switched to a northerly


airflow. So through the weekend it will be changeable. We are looking


at sunny spells, a chance of showers at times, hard to say where they


will be, but down in the sotth, we are sheltered and the majorhty will


fall over the North and Scotland and to the Midlands. Tomorrow, bright


start of the day, clouding over to the course of the day. Frid`y, rain


at times and showers over the weekend. You have got to be quick, a


lot of pizza hovering! It's all yours. Thank you.


If you trust me not and I trust you not,


then what is the point in this marriage at all?


Life holds very few things which are genuinely worth having.


If you don't possess them, everything else is worthless.


BBC One presents a special evening with Michael Buble...


I think of it as an excuse to throw a party.


..featuring new and classic songs... # Cry me a river... #


"holding a hair brush in front of the mirror."


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