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Blocking up the sewers - a plea from Thames Water not to pour


The fact sticks in the pipes and it can cause blockages in the network.


That could flood people's houses and gardens. It's something that we


would like to stop. Small is beautiful -


the intimate gig in a front room becomes a showcase for up


and coming singers. Five weeks after it was leaked,


a report into the future shape of health services across the area


has been officially published. The draft report sets out areas that


could see changes at our major and community hospitals


and in the way care There have been regular protests


against the possible downgrading of the Horton Hospital in Banbury


and there are fears that some But health bosses have insisted


they're planning to find "new and better ways"


of meeting people's needs. Our political reporter


Bethan Phillips joins me now. Bethan, how much


more do we know now? This is a 112-page document -


but it's still pretty So if you were hoping to find out


what's going to happen to your local community hospital or GP service,


you're going to be disappointed. In fact, the health bosses have


admitted that there's still no date for when that sort of detail will be


published, despite repeated We've been told it's


because options for these services However, today's draft does confirm


that changes are being considered to Banbury's Horton Hospital,


including to emergency care, Why are people so worried


about the plan? The fact is there's


a big hole in the budget This plan covers west Berkshire,


Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, and it's expected by 2021


there will be a ?480 That's around a fifth of what's


currently spent on health And because there have been a lot


of delays to finding out what's in this plan it's led


to a lot of speculation. Campaigners for the Horton fear


the hospital could lose its A department, along


with other services. Oxfordshire's Green Party claims


all the county's community hospitals Cherwell District Council fears that


cuts to the Horton would hit those They've looked for a body can find


savings, sizeable savings, quickly and easily. But they are doing it on


the back of the most honourable people -- honourable people in the


county. That cannot be right. I ask them sincerely to think again.


But, some people say this is a chance to change


These plans are happening all over the country -


they're called Sustainability and Transformation Plans.


The influential thinktank the King's Fund has said


they provide an "important opportunity" for improving


But on the other hand, some argue you're unlikely to make


the NHS better at the same time as cutting large chunks


Meanwhile in Oxfordshire, redundancy notices have been sent


out to 90 members of staff at the county's children's centres.


There have been protests at the county council's decision


The council says the unfortunate timing is down to a legal challenge.


The council's talking with various groups about how to keep


many of the centres open and is planning a new service


A Sunday league footballer from Swindon is facing jail


after breaking an opponent's ankle in a foul.


28-year-old Dayne Lewis-Peapell was found guilty of unlawful wounding.


It was after the tackle in a game between G-Power Solutions


and Shrivenham in a Division 2 match in October last year.


Thames Water says cooking fat has caused nearly 40,000 blockages


in the sewage system so far this year.


The company says the problem gets worse around Christmas


and is warning people not to put fat down the sink after


Ben Moore has been to their treatment plant in Reading.


Just a warning if you re eating - some of the pictures might


Whilst we hope that this raw sewage doesn't put


you off your Christmas dinner, it's turkey and all the trimmings


At Thames Water, they're glad it isn't Christmas every day


because at this time of year there's festive filth in the filters.


And do you notice a difference as we get into Christmas?


Oh, yes, a lot more tinsel, more fat as well.


It just builds up and sticks to everything, makes everything ten


This is the raw sewer inlet and, believe me,


Over the Christmas period, they start to pull more exotic


Half eaten food, especially, of course, Brussels sprouts,


and sadly over the Christmas period, a lot more deceased pets.


But the big nightmare before Christmas is fat.


As people cook their dinners, many drain it down the sink.


It then congeals deep underground and forms what are called fatbergs.


We ask everyone right across the country, please


look after the three Ps, three Ps only down the toilet


Please put your fat in a jar, put it in the bin and that


Festive feasting is doing some good, the methane produced


Across the Thames water region, we make enough energy to power


So the power could go to TVs on Christmas Day to watch


It will be cooking thousands of turkeys, you just won't even know


So give yourself an extra helping and pile on the pounds -


Next, the pub where David Cameron bought the Chinese


The Plough at Cadsden near Princes Risborough


was sold to a Chinese firm earlier this month.


It's reassuring residents there are no plans to change it.


The investment company is investing billions


Its managing director told Jeremy Stern why


A traditional English pub that's making its name in China.


Last year David Cameron took the Chinese Premier


Almost instantly the plough became an international attraction.


We've been inundated with Chinese visitors.


It's been quite funny, it's been exciting.


They seem to land at Heathrow Airport, picked up by a coach,


stop at The Plough for fish and chips and a pint of beer


and then off to the village to buy their designer clothes.


Businessman Peter Zhang spotted the potential and bought


His plans are, to say the least, ambitious.


He wants to build 50 Plough at Cadsdens across the far east


The British pub concept is getting more and more popular in China.


That's because more and more Chinese students are coming to the UK


Sharon and her partner Steve have been taken on as advisors.


Their exit after nearly twenty years in charge led


to much local speculation about The Plough's future.


But the pub will stay largely as it is.


The rumour mill in the surrounding area is fantastic


and there was talk that it would be turned into a Chinese restaurant


rather than being bought by a Chinese investor.


Yeah, there was a lot of concern initially.


The Plough plays a big part in people's lives here.


It's quite famous throughout the county.


Trade between China and the UK is worth tens of billions of pounds.


But could The Plough become the next successful export?


Whether it's travelling to see families, commuting to work or doing


that last-minute shopping, roads and trains are getting busy.


Add to that the prospect of more rail closures than usual,


and the possibility of a strike at British Airways.


Our transport correspondent Paul Clifton has been


I asked him whether getting away is going to be worse


If this was a pantomime production, you would be


shouting back at me, oh, yes it is!


The people who monitor traffic jams can't quite work out whether to more


-- whether tomorrow will be the worst day of the entire year


One of the sat nav operators calls it carmageddon day.


But on the railways at least we know what is going to happen.


On the Great Western, the lines into Paddington station


They won't reopen for several days because of engineering work.


Great Western are suggesting that passengers could go via Oxford


There's the new service that Chiltern Railways offer from Oxford.


Most railway lines will remain open through the Christmas period,


but journeys will be longer and the routes may be different.


Dan Panes from Great Western is with me.


This is a really important opportunity for Network Rail to get


on the ground and do work they need to do to operate the railways.


It will allow us to run our brand-new trains from next year help


facilitate the introduction of the Crossrail service when that


Two years ago when you did this it went wrong.


The work overrun, the contractors didn't tell Network Rail,


Network Rail didn't tell you - the result was thousands


What are the chances of that being repeated?


I can't say that it won't happen but certainly the relationship has


But also, we've got more routes open to us.


We've got the Marylebone that you talk about,


we've got the Waterloo route that you mentioned, but we've also got


the route into Ealing Broadway, which is quite important,


because that is just a ten minute journey by tube


On Saturday, we are told, there will be a third more cars


I hate to be the harbinger of doom and gloom but, well,


The jockey John Buckingham, who with Foinavon rode


into Grand National folklore, has died aged 76.


Buckingham became steered the 100-1 outsider through a mass of fallen


He served his apprenticeship with Oxfordshire trainer Edward Courage.


He retired in 1971 and became a jockey's valet.


In later years he lived in Chipping Warden near Banbury.


There are only two more advent calendar doors


But one of the country's largest and most unusual advent calendars,


in Buckinghamshire, can be explored right through the holidays.


24 doors have been hidden in the vast gardens at Stowe,


as part of a festival celebrating the work of Capability Brown.


I think we are supposed to go that way. I think that's ready Christmas


tree is. It's an advert on a monumental scale. It gives an


opportunity to restore the naturalistic landscapes made by


England's most famous gardener. It's been fun. We are out in the fresh


air and surgeon. We've found for five so far. We are in the church,


it's marked by the Christmas tree and there is a poor win to reach. It


was here that capability Brown was married. He worked for ten years in


total and had chosen here. He created the estate's revered Grecian


Valley. He thrusts it the... Reporting to the certain time path


that makes its way down the valley. The plans are created so that


surprise is created. The views include the recently recreated


circle of the dancing fun. It's been inspiring to follow in his footsteps


out of the interpreters work. The planting is now mature and some has


been lost. We will have to be planted the aspects of the garden.


It's creating the natural style of gardening that is huge for people to


enjoy. It's just so beautiful. The trees and the open spaces. It's


lovely to get some exercise in fresher. The last daughters had an


image will of the Crown. So gardens will be closed on Christmas Eve and


Christmas Day, but opens on Boxing Day and feeding doors will be easier


to explore till the end of the first week in January. -- at the great


indoors. A small part of Oxford has been turned into Transylvania.


Tomorrow, we'll be talking to the stars. She might also mobile from


Coronation Street. -- she might allow one From Coronation St.


Later on: Why the Hollywood actor James Mason opened a new shop in the


1970s. Cameras have been used to improve


accountability. Hampshire and Dorset have introduced similar cameras to


their offices. People in a village in Dorset have


been learning to bake bread to feed The project based in


Sutton Poyntz near Weymouth has attracted dozens of volunteers,


who've been turning out loaves to be handed on to charities helping


the hungry in the town. They've also been selling


their produce to raise money Every month we have at least one day


where we each bake loaves in our own kitchens and then take them


down to anywhere else where homeless people need


food and we donate that 40 years ago a small shop


in the New Forest received a special The actor, James Mason,


was there to support a local organisation called


Animal Vigilantes. He became President


of the organisation based in Fordingbridge, and we've


discovered an interview with him recorded at the time


as Richard Latto reports. Atypically traditional new Forest


town with shops that have been here for decades. In 1976 a very famous


star of the screen came for a visit. James Mason, the British actor who


became one of the world's biggest stars in films such as 20,000


Leagues under the Sea. We are and educational trust and wildlife


rescue, and that means we go out to schools, clubs to talk about the


work of animal welfare. I have had the privilege and


pleasure of opening an establishment called James Mason's House, also the


headquarters of Animal Vigilantes. The charity later changed its name


to Animals Voice. It was so exciting because a long


time ago I had actually joined his fan club and I had my bedroom


covered with his photographs. And on one occasion, James Mason saw


a rescue Fox and asked Betty for a special favour. He said, Betty, do


one thing for me? He said, would you call the new Fox Clarissa? After my


wife? Of course, I said yes, of course I will. I used to send


photographs of Clarissa to them. What is your own interest in Animal


Vigilantes or caring about animals? Nothing, really, other than I am a


carer for animals. I care about other things and other people as


well as animals but I feel a personal obligation I suppose and


desire to do what I can for animals. He raised money for us all over the


place and told everybody about us. He turned up and special occasions.


This was one of them, when he bought this place for us, he came to open


it. That was wonderful. Great memories. Let's move on to


sport. Tony is here. Looking forward to Boxing Day and a great racing


spectacular. Always look forward to it on Boxing


Day docked a timely moment over the festive Herriot. A big day of sport.


Also the football. -- festive period. We will have some football


from last night. We might have swelled the attendance had we gone


last night. Reading are through to the last 16


of the much maligned Checkatrade Trophy after beating a Southampton


Under-21s 11 last night. The Royals came from behind


after Lloyd Isgrove scored a fine opener to give the home


side the lead. Niall Keown, son of Martin,


scored the equaliser which took With the spectator on the edge


of his seat, the Royals triumphed, keeper Ansii Jaakaola saving two


spot kicks before Yakou Meite scored Over the next three weeks


there will be two world The more lucrative event run


by the PDC is on now in London and Hampshire's James Wade


is through to the second round. The three time semi-finalist,


nicknamed The Machine, had few faults against


Dutchman Ronny High-breckts, beating him, three sets to nil


at Alexandra Palace. The original world championship run


by the British darts organisation One of the highlights of the festive


sporting programme is horse racing's King George


the Sixth Chase at Kempton. It's second only to the Cheltenham


Gold Cup in jump racing prestige. And this year, a Dorset stable


will be the centre of attention on Boxing Day and in particular,


two horses as Kris Temple reports. It the in-house head-to-head that's


got tongues wagging. The yard near Sherborne is preparing the defending


champion to go head-to-head with Thistle Crack. They really race each


other before the Cheltenham Festival in March but with this pair both


having different owners, both parties have decided to take their


chance. They are individual horses with


separate owners and they have to be treated fairly. You can only keep


them apart for so long and then you have to be fair to the horse because


there is only one King George a year and only one gold cup per year. Once


you liked him up, he is right there for you. That certainly helps get


it. Q Card warmed up for this in the bet


fair chase. A potential ?1 million bonus.


He is in the form of his life. He really is brilliant again. He was


brilliant all last season, on a par with that again.


Thistle Crack is favourite to win the Cheltenham cup, despite it being


his first season as a steeplechaser. It will be a furious race. It is no


good to say it is an easy three miles. It is not. They will go flat


out and he will be the best was running, always on the turn. It is a


furious race. I would say it is a more furious gallop than the Gold


cup. And Nicky Henderson isn't out of the


equation. The gloves are off on Boxing Day for the clash of Tizard's


tightens. -- tight ons. Sussex have signed batsman


Laurie Evans from Warwickshire. The 29-year-old has signed a three


year contract at Hove. Evans has been deployed more


as a limited overs player in recent years but has won trophies


in all three formats It can be difficult for aspiring


singers and musicians to get their break -


even to find places to perform. But an idea called


Sofar is changing that. People open up their homes, offices,


cafes and many other unusual One singer has introduced


the global movement to Winchester and it's growing fast


as James Ingham reports. Josh Savage has racked up


dozens of Sofar sessions Each one unique - but each


one intimate, special. I am playing a living room show in


someone's home I've never met before. Are they completely look


after you. That is the biggest surprise, I find.


So it was a natural step to set up Sofar in his


home city Winchester - this one in his


actor you get to see the audience actually watching you as well and


also just the kind of relationship between the artist and the audience,


it is a lot closer and so much more intimate and quite magical really.


You get to see a lot of music you wouldn't necessarily hear or see.


You get to meet nice people and you don't know who is playing until you


come on the night so that is nice. It is nice not to have a row of


smartphones in the front row. It is nice to hear the band. It's amazing.


It is so intimate so they are right there and you can feel their breath.


You come away feeling quite overwhelmed. It is such a sharing


thing. You share something of an evening.


Josh has built audiences and made friends through Sofar.


It was perfect. I would love to have you here again.


In this ever competitive and difficult industry


the sessions are opening new avenues for musicians and bringing


music fans more chances to appreciate them.


It inspires me to go on and find people who want to listen to my


music and carry on with the journey. Sofar sessions are also held


in Southampton, Reading, And Josh Savage is playing tonight


at the Railway Inn in Winchester and he's launching a new single


in London in the new year. Good luck to him for 2017. On to the


weather. It is looking windy and wet.


Is there a storm coming? There is but not for us. It will affect


Scotland and the North. For us in the south we will have gusty winds


over the next 24 hours. Greg Stretch photographed


the sunrise on the River Martin Dolan captured the sun


rising at Durdle Door. And Ali Lansley took this


picture of Father Christmas Today we saw some lovely sunny


conditions. The odd isolated shower through this evening and overnight


tonight we are looking at clear skies and an initial frost with a


strengthening breeze, which should keep the frost at bay. Under the


clear skies temperatures in the countryside falling away to two or


three Celsius with patchy cloud. The chance of hill fog in some places. A


dry start to the day tomorrow. Through the course of the day sunny


spells through the morning, increasing cloud from the West


during the afternoon and the weather front. Merging its way in during the


afternoon and evening. Temperatures tomorrow will be up to around ten or


11 Celsius but with a strengthening breeze. There is a Met Office


weather warning in place for Dorset. We could see wind gusts of 50 or 60


mph. Elsewhere, 40 or 50 mph widely. Gusty conditions, especially with


the weather front pushing eastwards through tomorrow evening. It will


clear quickly and once it does the skies were clear but the breeze will


continue and temperatures will fall to around 4-9 C. Looking ahead to


Christmas Eve it will be a mainly dry day with sunny spells, patchy


cloud and the odd isolated shower. It will feel quite chilly because of


the strength of the breeze continuing to blow in from the West


or south west during the day. Increasing cloud through the latter


part of Christmas Eve into the evening, with this warm front moving


through. The air behind it will be very mild so Christmas Day very mild


indeed. The warmest Christmas Day was back in 1920, where we saw a


high of 15.6 Celsius. If we beat that this Christmas could be the


warmest Christmas Day of all time. Windy with lots of cloud through


Christmas Day and the odd spot of light rain or drizzle. Into Boxing


Day high-pressure starts to build and that


may well stay with us. Remember our appeal to try to find


the young lady who played the piano at West case shopping centre? An


elderly gentleman had been singing with her by chance and wanted to say


thank you and wanted us to find. We have tracked her down and it was


within minutes on our Facebook page. Tomorrow we've got something a bit


special for you so make sure you join us. Our last big programme of


Christmas and the New Year so until then, good night.


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