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Good evening, I'm Edward Sault. One is at 10:30.


Police are investigating after a human hand and forearm


were washed up on an Isle of Wight beach.


A dog walker made the discovery at Freshwater Bay this morning.


Hampshire police were called to the scene just after 11am,


and say initial analysis suggests the remains had been


They've been sent away for further tests.


Hospitals across the South have been criticised by patient groups


for the amount of money they've raised through parking charges.


This year the University Hospital Southampton took over ?3 million -


making it the third highest earner in the country.


Oxford University Hospitals didn't publish its total, but last year


The hospitals say revenue goes into patient services.


With parking charges of up to ?4 an hour in the south,


a hospital visit can come at a price.


For people in work with a fairly good salary, ?4, two


You don't know how long you will be here and it is a lot of hassle.


If you compare it with France, France is completely free.


The Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford made ?1.4 million


in car park charges last year, Oxford University hospital didn't


publish its figures but made 3.6 million the year before.


For university Hospital Southampton a similar amount,


It says revenue goes into patient services and in Guildford


it is to keep the car park up and running.


Car parks have operational costs and development


costs and we finance it through the collection


We would rather spend the money we get for clinical care on patients


The Patients' Association say hospitals take money from vulnerable


people and they want charges capped or scrapped as in


They say the charges should be fair and should be concessions


Meanwhile, St Mary's Hospital on the Isle of Wight has declared


a "significant incident" because of high pressure


Planned operations have had to be cancelled to make beds available


The Hospital says it's responding to the situation


and IS still treating people, but is urging non-emergency patients


A man's been charged with manslaughter following a death


57-year-old Nick Medlin was confirmed dead at


32-year-old Michael John Hudson will appear before Portsmouth


Two other men have been released on bail.


The number of people sleeping rough on the streets of Bournemouth has


become such a concern to churches in the town, they're now providing


Members from several congregations are running what they're calling


Dishing up a hot meal and having a comfortable bed to sleep in.


For those sleeping rough it is a luxury, but no churches


in Bournemouth have come together to offer that and more.


Our goal is to get people off and to stay off the streets.


We ask what they need help with, had to get ID sorted out and benefits,


maybe getting accommodation somewhere to work.


All of those things we have seen people sorting out over the last few


weeks because they have had a decent night's suite.


weeks because they have had a decent night's sleep.


The project is running for six months and involves seven


Each church takes one night a week offering beds to rough sleepers.


This man has been on and off the streets for 15 years and says


he has been offered a lifeline to escape the dangers


You have to watch your back and you always get robbed and have


It is never showing anyone your money and you have to safeguard


yourself because no one else will look after you.


I have seen friends beaten up and stabbed, I have been stabbed.


They have helped me make a plan of action to move on and be


independent and it is working pretty well and I have two


The charity says that rough sleepers are a growing concern in Bournemouth


and the churches felt it was their turn to step in.


While many people are relaxing over the holidays, volunteers


with a Buckinghamshire charity spend their time on standby,


with the possibility of being flown to a disaster zone anywhere


For victims of natural disasters or for those in war zones,


the work of volunteers with charities like MapAction


can make the difference between life or death.


It was the Indian Ocean tsunami on Boxing Day that saw


MapAction's first rapid response emergency mission.


It deploys volunteers to natural disaster or conflict zones


to map changes in terrain, access transport routes


as well as highlighting which areas are worst affected than precisely


where different aid organisations and rescue teams are operating.


The charity has grown to 12 staff and 76 volunteers, among them


Naomi Morris who returned from Iraq a couple of weeks ago


and juggles her voluntary role overseas with working as a teacher


and paramedic and mother of a young son.


Having my little boy is grounding in the work I do.


His understanding of it grows every year.


I think at the moment it is very much a case of Mummy is going off


to do those pictures but he understands those pictures


help lots of people including other children like him.


Despite people's seasonal hopes and prayers the New Year will bring


new disasters and Naomi and her fellow volunteers


are standing by to ensure the people affected are helped


Time for the weather now and some beautiful sunshine for many of us


across the region. We have had fog problems across


the region through the day today and more to come this


evening and overnight. Some freezing fog possible


later on tonight. And in places it will be quite


thick, stay tuned to your BBC local radio if it is causing problems


like it did this morning. Along the coast overnight,


probably remaining frost free but you don't have to go far inland


to find not only the fog but some The temperature down to freezing


in some places and some tricky The best of the conditions


in the south for Hampshire Further north, the mist and fog


reluctant to go and it may last for some time but come back again


and where it sticks, Not a lot of promise for a great


deal of sunshine moving into the New Year and we may find


that there are some breaks in the cloud but for most of us,


typical temperatures of 9-10. We're back at 10:40


when we will have the result of Southampton against Spurs


in the premiership. Join me for that., until then


enjoy your evening. Good evening, the weather is proving


hazardous and the fog now becoming more extensive and causing


disruption overnight tonight.


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