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Good evening. and on BBC One we now join the BBC's


All non-urgent operations have been cancelled


at the John Radcliffe Hospital today and Monday - due to the pressures


Squatters win a reprieve, which means they have shelter from the


winter weather for another seven days. It means we have more time to


plan stuff, rather than worrying where I will sleep or eat. They know


they have shelter the week, and hopefully longer. And the talented


Mr Webster, a gallery shows off the diversity of his work -- Whistler.


All non-urgent operations have been cancelled


at the John Radcliffe Hospital today and Monday - due to the pressures


In a statement, the hospital trust said everybody


Peter Cooke is live for us tonight outside the JR.


Peter, what more do we know? Hospital trusts in Oxford,


Buckinghamshire and rubbing our monks 25 who said they'd been under


serious pressure -- Reading are monks. They issued a statement. She


said they had taken this decision to help with the flow of patients


through the hospital, Tilse to ensure they can continue to see


patients in the emergency department is in a timely way. She added, all


of those affected have been notified, all urgent emissions and


day cases would still go ahead. Staff at the hospital have been


asking people to consider all options before going to A We've


been speaking to members of the public to see if they have any


sympathy with the situation. There is a disparity between what the


public expect from NHS and what they deliver. I can't fault the staff at


all, they treated me well. Quite a lot of people could either be seen


by doctors or be seen by the pharmacist. The picture here is very


much reflected of course in other parts of the country. More than ten


hospitals in England have had to cancel routine treatments as we've


seen in Oxford. Basically, they are not seeing patients quickly enough.


They've had to bring an extra staff to cope, and given the current


pressures on the NHS in the country, many trusts are warning we are


likely to see further cancellations in the weeks ahead.


A man's been arrested in connection with a rape investigation in Oxford.


Police have today been continuing their searches


of the area surrounding Raleigh Park and woodland close to the A34.


The man has been detained in Eastbourne in Sussex.


Officers are appealing for witnesses to the incident -


adding evidence may have been thrown from a moving car.


A shop keeper near the Cowley road has pleaded guilty to 16


offences relating to selling unsafe legal highs.


Darren Manley admitted selling the products -


including King B and Charlie Sheen - as research chemicals


from his Red Eye store, which has since closed down.


Trading Standards launched an investigation into the substances


and found them to be illegal and dangerous.


Next, inspectors at the troubled Woodhill Prison in Milton Keynes


have raised concerns over staffing levels in a damning new report -


The Care Quality Commission findings - published today -


criticise the level of mental health care.


Today's findings will do little to allay the concerns of embattled


over its safety procedures, Woodhill's high suicide rate has now


The report underlines the prison's ongoing problems with recruitment.


Inspectors found the mental health team was insufficiently staffed,


with just three registered nurses and one lead clinician.


Half the roles within the main healthcare team


The conclusion, there was a potential risk to


There are glimmers of hope in this report.


There are plans, for instance, to open a specialist 12 bed


mental health care unit, and all prisoners


entering Woodhill at the


weekend are assessed for signs of mental illness.


An improvement, inspectors say, on the previous


Improvements that came too late for Kevin Scarlett.


Found hanging in his prison cell in 2013, an


inquest found the 30-year-old, who had a history


of mental illness, was


Nobody actually believes he wanted to kill


It was a cry for help, the prison guards should have found him,


should have treated him medically, and then should have dealt with his


Last year it emerged Woodhill Prison had recorded


the highest suicide rate amongst inmates over the past three years.


The authors of today's report seem to suggest those numbers could drop


The mental health services at the prison are run by Central


and North West London NHS Foundation Trust.


The trust's clinical director of offender care,


Dr Shamir Patel, says the picture is a complicated one.


Death in custody and deaths in prison is a complicated question,


depends on a number of factors. If it was an easy question we'd be able


to solve it quickly, but what we see is an ageing population, an


increasing number of psychoactive substances in our prisons, including


Spice. And also the complex is he of the environment. We must bear in


mind Woodhill is a category a present, therefore the compact


cities of the prison and the environment asked by the unique in


themselves. I think we can do more and if we have more stuff we can do


more interventions. At the moment the staff is to be higher than that


which was identified by the CQC, because we have moved on since other


weeks. It is interesting the report concluded the staff were


compassionate and enthusiastic about their work.


Campaigners squatting in a former car show room in Oxford say they've


claimed a small but important victory for those needing shelter.


They've been at a court hearing in the city today -


where the case to remove them was adjourned.


Protestors say it gives people with nowhere warm to sleep another


Adina Campbell has been following developments.


Cuddle time to Lewis and his dog. For the next seven days at least,


he'll be able to stay on living here in this former car dealership in


Oxford. This is your room. You've made it into your own. Big up I have


it's an upgrade. How long were you in the tent? Four nights. It felt


like an office in the first night, so I did something to make at my


own. Campaigners say they were relieved after a judge at the County


Court in Oxford adjourned the hearing which could have seen the 16


homeless people living in this building addicted. They decided to


move in on New Year's Eve after finding the property and occupied


and open. Since then, thousands of people have signed a petition to


keep them here, and donations have been flooding in. Lots of warm


clothes, we've got bedding, beds, someone donated and there are today.


A couple of sofas, we've got Hobbs, fridges, cooking equipment. Pretty


much everything you need. The building is owned by the college, is


says it is profoundly sympathetic to the plight of homeless people but


plans to use the site for student accommodation. The college, however,


that is to mid County cooperative, who've told us in a statement they


requested and a German today to give the homeless time to time to


continue to work towards a collaborative outcome. With


temperatures set to drop to -3 overnight, this is welcome news for


the people who been using this building to keep warm. But this may


not be a permanent decision, and even though they will be able to


stay here for the next few days, that could change of course


depending on the outcome of next week's hearing. Police say eight car


has done 131 mph on the macro goal M4. It was spotted this morning in


freezing conditions, a 31-year-old man is due to appear in court -- M4.


Two years on from a fire that completely destroyed


South Oxfordshire District Council's offices near Wallingford,


residents say they're frustrated the site remains derelict.


The building was one of the targets in a series of arson


Critics have dubbed the burnt out remains an eyesore.


SODC says it's investigating a number of options


for the future of the site - but must consider value for money.


People with impaired sight are now be able to enjoy


A guided walking group's been launched by the charity BucksVision.


Despite the weather - Angela Walker joined


There is quite an interesting story about this, it is a site of a civil


War battle. A quick briefing from members of BucksVision's newly


formed walking group, a little snow and ice was not enough to stop these


visually impaired and blind people from taking part. If you are a cane


user, it is difficult to walk at speed. Because of the hazards and


everything around. To be able to walk with a partner and to be guided


and to know you can trust our partner and then you can walk at


speed and enjoy it, enjoy the countryside, enjoyed the birds. As


well as being a chance to socialise, these guided walks aimed to help


people with sight problems become more confident. Too often or not we


are so involved with everyday life we never go outside, and when you've


got a visually impaired person, that's magnified even more. So just


to get outside and have a bit of pressure is just wonderful for their


body, spirit and mind. A lot of those are isolated at home, no one


to talk to, nothing to do. And when events like this happen, it gets us


talking. I love it, because you're getting help, I used to be very


frightened to go out by myself. The charity BucksVision start of the


walks to meet demand. We had quite a few of our members who were


interacting with a local walks put on by the council. But obviously


because there's not always a possibility of getting the right


guide, sometimes they can't go on those forks, so that when we


thought, why don't we set up our own walking group? BucksVision is


looking for more visually impaired people to take part and is also


appealing for more people to become walking guides, special training be


provided. Finally - have a look


at this snowy scene. We may have missed the brunt


of the winter weather, but this aerial shot


across Stokenchurch and the Chilterns shows a fair


spread of the white stuff. The shot was captured


by the police helicopter. We'll have a full weather update


later in the programme. The forecast for the weekend


is coming up in a few Now more of today's


stories with Sally Taylor. We are expecting some flood alerts,


and we have some flood alert in place already across West Sussex


and Hampshire tonight. And we do have one flood


warning in place at Bosham. Anjana Gadgil meets a hunter that


scares the pidgeons. Willow flies outside


the hospital three times a day She's really become


a local celebrity. Environmental concerns have been


raised over plans to build new homes on and around a lake near Theale


in West Berkshire. It's not the first time the site has


been targeted and developers says they'll provide much needed housing


while also taking measure Opponents think it could put


the area at greater risk. It may look a little barren


and grey in the rain, but this lake formed


from an old gravel gravel pit This is a very important site


for wildlife, primarily for the birds that breed here,


but we're also concerned While the Wildlife Trust understands


the need for housing in this area, we think that developers should look


elsewhere, and there are spaces in Berkshire that we think are more


appropriate for this They fear house-building will harm


and land protected nightingales. It's one of the most important sites


not only in the county, The damage that it would do,


it's just unacceptable. More than 200 houses


could be built here, including 24 floating homes


on the water. But this part of West Berkshire


is prone to flooding, and the Environment Agency has


concerns about the plans, as do The developers say their proposals


go far beyond the new homes They say they're investing


substantially in local infrastructure, and designing


a flood alleviation scheme which will bring


relief to nearby homes. The developer will provide


it with new facilities There's a lot for planners


to consider, but the demand The Thames Valley as a region


is growing very quickly. There's industry is coming in, a lot


of businesses want to be based here, and so that is attracting a lot


of new families. You've got to couple that


with the existing population who want to have homes


for their children and grandchildren Where to put those houses


is a very emotive subject, and this is one of the sites


that is up for discussion The council is due to make a


decision about the plans next month. A drive to save money could see bin


collections in Basingstoke reduced The proposal comes as Hampshire


County Council is cutting opening Basingstoke and Deane Council's due


to discuss the idea next week. It says fortnightly collections


are now common elsewhere. Pigeons nesting at Southampton


General Hospital created four So to deal with it they employed


a full-time Falconer. And each day Andy Crowle goes


to work, he's reminded of his late wife because Sue was treated


for cancer in Southampton. Before she died, she encouraged


Andy to pursue his dream That's her rousing and getting her


feathers in place for flying. High-level operations


above Southampton General Hospital. Willow the Harris hawk casts


an eye on the ground. The aim is that they see


a predator on site, and it deters them from nesting,


and so in that way we Once pigeons have bred here,


it's their home, and they're almost Willow and Rogue are well rewarded,


and they're well-suited to the job. They're very easy to train,


they're very easy to get to do And they're almost like


the Labrador of the bird world. They will follow you


around wherever go. So, Willow flies outside


the hospital three times a day She's really become


a local celebrity. Andy started working


with birds in March, He was encouraged


by his late wife, Sue. Two years ago, my wife bought me


a falconry experience day. And it really sort of unlocked the,


unlocked the lid of that Sue came to Southampton


for her treatment, giving Andy's She would probably be furious


that I dug up the garden But actually, it was Sue


that started it all. You know, she enabled


me to do this, so... I feel that she's had


a hand in it, really. As well as caring for the birds,


Andy's own brood has grown. The day I met him, he became


a grandfather for the second time. We are going to talk about football,


we're going to talk a little bit about what's going to be happening


off the pitch in the new future with Reading. I feel like we have kind of


been here before. Because we have. This has been ongoing for several


years now. Now, that brought some stability, but they want to move on


themselves. Now the question is, is the latest planned takeover going to


happen? Reading were beaten by QPR


at the Madejski stadium on a night where the ongoing impasse over


the protracted takeover of the club by a Chinese brother and sister


pairing was brought to the fore A frustrating night for Reading,


only their second home league defeat of the season. Nevertheless, Jaap


Stam's engineered a fine campaign on the pitch, with the club pushing for


promotion. It has come against a backdrop of more confusion over the


ownership of America. The Royals are currently controlled by a consortium


from Thailand. They're keen to sell. -- the ownership of Reading.


Potential buyers are brother and sister from China. One is a property


developer. They tried and failed with others to buy Hull city last


year. Senior figures at the stadium see the Chinese offer is the dream


ticket, but the Premier League, who still have a say in takeovers of


clubs who could compete in their early, are thought to be cautious.


Last night, Jaap Stam's frustrations over the takeover were made public.


It annoys me that there's nothing told yet. Basically, that they want


to sell the club. I don't know if we can still build the team for next


season or the season after, but we can achieve, you know? There needs


to be structure within the club, the owners and the team need to have a


certain vision within what they want to achieve. I don't know if it's


there at the moment, to be fair. So, well, we need to wait and see what's


going to happen. Former Royal Jamie got this goal just before the


half-hour. This was the closest equalising, just off the bar. Matt


is becoming off the pitch serious, too. -- matters becoming. Fans and


staff are pressing for answers. Indeed.


Here's a look at the top of the championship,


Reading stay third but could be down to fifth by the end of this


Chris Hughton's men have gone 18 league games without defeat,


a run which stretches back to September.


It's seen them overtake big spending Newcastle at the summit,


tomorrow the Albion travel to Preston, managed


Of course, our games against them in recent seasons,


We certainly know what to expect, and the manager has done very,


very well in the time that he's been there, since they were promoted.


In the Premier League, any hopes Bournemouth had of signing


John Terry appear over after his manager ruled out


the prospect of the defender leaving Stamford Bridge this month.


The Cherries are at Hull tomorrow Southampton


are on the road as well, they're at Burnley.


In league one, Swindon are at Bolton, Oxford


In league two, Portsmouth host struggling Leyton Orient,


Pompey have lost just once in the league since November.


BBC Local radio has full commentary of all the games.


One other line of football news tonight.


Basingstoke Town have announced plans to go


The southern league premier division club held a special meeting this


week to plot the way forward after owner and chairman Rafi Razzak


announced he was to step down at the end of the season.


Town now want to launch a drive to gain support from the Basingstoke


community to take the club into their hands.


Our nightly update, because it is getting to the wire.


Gosport sailor Alex Thomson is clawing back the deficit to


There's likely to be just six more days of racing before the boats


arrive in the French port of Les Sables D'Ollonne.


But the leader Armel le Cleach has hit an area of lights wind.


He was moving at a speed of just one knot, while Thomson is moving along


further south in the atlantic at ten knots.


He's bidding to become the first Briton ever to win the single handed


It's a massive weekend, I think in that race now. He needs to narrow


that gap in the next couple of days. I think it's exciting, given that


they've gone right round the world and it's coming down to last few


days. Amazing, isn't it? By Monday night, we'll know just how close


it's going to be. In the 1930s he was one of Britain's


most prolific artists. Rex Whistler produced


everything from romantic portraits to theatrical sets,


book covers to giant murals. He also spent eight months creating


a stunning drawing room So it's appropriate that Mottisfont


is now hosting a major David Allard has been


finding out more. He grew beautifully, just with a


pencil. He was like Spencer. A great, great draughtsman. He was


very humorous. He got on well with people. Portraits, particularly. He


seemed to did get into the heart of people. The sugary seemed to get.


You can't pigeonhole Rex Whistler - as the volunteer guides


at Mottisfont have discovered. From high society portraits


to a soldier's despair, Rex Whistler's life is reflected


He's doing advertisements, commercial work, murals, constantly


coming up with ideas and jotting down and making beautiful pictures.


Interesting, complex person who was working hard. Quite an ordinary


actually. -- an ordinary background. Mottisfont is already home


to Whistler's last great work - In 1939 he designed,


remodelled and painted this drawing The curtains are real, the permits


an optical illusion. It's just a great example of painting that is


designed to trick the eye. He painted the smoke billowing out, and


it's just the most wonderful effect. A new exhibition draws together all


aspects of ten mayor's work, from his juvenile sketches to his final


pieces, documenting his time with the Welsh Guards. In this room, we


have one of my absolute favourite pieces in the whole exhibition. It


is this one, which is Sergeant Isaacs, the regimental clock. It is


fantastic, as an example of somebody who is planted here, this is the


backbone of the British Army. I just think he has such presence. Rex


Whistler died in action in Normandy in 1944. He was just 39. Some feel


his was a talent cut short. This exhibition helps us we discover a


singular artist. -- rediscover. An exhibition where synchronising your


agree. Onto the weather, it's going to be called this weekend.


We have had a few showers today, and still lying snow in a few places, so


the risk of ice in many locations. Lewis Horsley photographed the snow


and sunrise near Basingstoke. Jill Grimwood took this picture


of the snow falling first thing this And Robin Boultwood photographed


the sunshine and highland Many of us saw the sunny spells,


little more cloud in part of Oxfordshire, and a few showers


drifted through Oxfordshire down towards Berkshire and Hampshire.


Showers mainly falling as rain, and overnight we could see the odd


wintry showers the risk of ice. There is a Met Office ice warning in


force through parts of oxygen. We'll see more cloud spill in from the


north-west, but generally we are looking at clear skies, and


temperatures will fall away in the countryside 2-4 C. These are


temperatures in our towns and cities. Met ice warning -- minus


four Celsius. Ultima, ice during the morning. The could be wintry in


higher part of Oxfordshire, showers. Temperatures ranging between four


and seven Celsius, but a key north-westerly wind. Not as strong


as today. It will take the edge of two bridges. A lot of sunshine


tomorrow, the possibility of some patchy rain at times. Where we have


clear skies towards the east, temperatures will fall away to


around two or three Celsius. Showers in some places in Oxfordshire could


be wintry at times, but mainly rain showers during the early hours of


Sunday morning. Things are starting to turn a bit milder. More so as we


head into Sunday, because we are expecting that milder air to move in


from the Atlantic from the west, and with it some outbreaks of mainly


light and patchy rain. Sunday will be a complete contrast from


tomorrow. Tomorrow is the better day of the weekend. Sunday will see our


breaks of rain at times, it will be quite grey and murky particularly


over Hilltop errors. No pressure well in charge of our weather.


Similar on Monday as well. Tomorrow a lovely sunny day, more cloud


filling in through parts of oxygen, Buckinghamshire during the


afternoon. And the chance of a wintry showers. Rain at times on


Sunday, a lot of cloud on Monday and the first part of Tuesday. Late on


Tuesday, it becomes brighter and colder. A cold weekend, at least the


start of it. That is it from us this morning. We have more for you in


bullet in the APM and temperature again. We are back on Monday at


6:30am. Enjoy your weekend. Goodbye. Parents are facing an explosion in


the number of children saying


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