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In tonight's programme: The fatal crash on the A34 caused by a lorry


Police are praised for the way they dealt with the aftermath.


Also: from fewer hospital beds - to more care at home -


how the group planning cuts to the NHS in Oxfordshire


Chilly encounters for the ice maidens - the soldiers


in training for a record trek across the south pole.


And later on. I just want to see what I'm capable of and what I can


do. And what I cannot do. Officers from Thames Valley Police


who dealt with the aftermath of a fatal crash on the A34 have


been given commendations The awards from the force's


Chief Constable recognise Four people died in


the crash near East Ilsley It was caused by a lorry driver


who was using his mobile Strolling through his music


playlist, which seconds later with cost four people their lives. This


was the moment Thomas Croker, distracted by his mobile phone,


caused the multicar pile-up on the A34 in August 20 16. Her partner's.


Was also killed. The family were integral to the video, because we


couldn't have made it without them, but also they were integral to the


fact it was made in the first place. It was great idea and they wanted to


make a positive change. Something so horrific had happened and they saw


it as an opportunity to make a change and save people's lives. A


police Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, three police officers and two


communications officers have all been commended for their work in


response to the crash. This afternoon's ceremony was led by the


Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police. He honoured some members of


his team for what he called outstanding work, bravery and


dedication. I think the fact that three children were involved in this


crash made it stand that for all the wrong reasons. The officers were


very proud to be recognised but ultimately they think they are just


doing their job. The lorry driver Thomas Croker is now serving a


10-year jail sentence for causing death by dangerous driving. Hope


this as cam footage will continue to be a warning exposing the


consequences of using a mobile phone while behind the wheel.


Police in Aylesbury have arrested an 18 year old man


to Stoke Mandeville Hospital following reports of


Police had been called to a property in Brompton Close in Meadowcroft.


The man died in the early hours of this morning.


Police are continuing house to house inquiries in the area.


The 36 you wrote so the products from her shop and was today given a


six-month suspended prison sentence. They were ordered to forfeit all


illegal products and together pay ?127,000 in costs and fines.


A lorry driver has appeared in court charged with dangerous


Thomas Hunter from Mansfield was charged after the crash


in August last year involving a lorry and seven cars.


Three-year-old Isla Wiggins died and her unborn brother was also lost


Today, the 58-year-old driver appeared was bailed to appear


Health bosses in Oxfordshire say a major consultation into the future


of health services in Oxfordshire's will lead to a more sustainable NHS.


Opponents say it will create a north-south divide.


The chairman of Keep the Horton General's criticised


proposals to move some acute services from Banbury to Oxford


saying lives will be put at risk by having to travel further


The NHS is struggling to cope with growing demand and over


In Oxfordshire, managers say they need to save ?200m over


The first phase of this consultation sets out 'substantial changes'


to tackle staff shortages and re-organise how and where


A key idea is to keep people out of hospital for as long as possible


and treat them at home or in the community -


nearly 150 hospital beds have already been closed in the county.


A lot of the proposals are about trying to increase the speed to get


access to diagnostics and to be able to do more the assessment and put


more caring place of people to be able to be managed at home, either


before or after hospital. Over in Banbury, the proposals


include creating a centre for diagnostics and outpatient


appointments at the Horton so that patients can be seen


and treated closer to home. That could become a permanent move.


Managers also want to send or stroke and critically ill patients to


specialist units at the John Radcliffe. Campaigners say


downgrading services means those in the north of the county will lose


out. It appears the north of Oxfordshire is suffering at the cost


of the South of Oxfordshire. They need to invest in the Horton and not


just invest into making it a daycare centre. They need to invest and make


it a fairly acute General Hospital like it used to be. But the clinical


commissioning group says it is investing in the Horton with plans


for more tests, scans and outpatient clinics allowing patients to be


diagnosed and treated closer to home.


This first phase runs for 12 weeks - the second phase starting


in May will look at Gps, A, children's services


and community hospitals - it's clear there's still a lot more


Some fear it's too complex and may put people off engaging


with the consultation in the first place.


George Michael's cousin has said he suspects the star died


The 53-year-old singer and songwriter was found dead


at his house in Goring in South Oxfordshire


Since then, thousands of tributes have been placed outside his house.


Androus Georgiou told the BBC George had resumed taking "hard drugs"


toward the end of his life, but denied his death was suicide.


More than a dozen homeless people - squatting in a former car


show room in Oxford - are likely to be able to use


They've been living in the building on Iffley road since News Years Eve.


It's owned by Oxford University who let the ground floor


A court hearing to evict the people was adjourned last week but now


the Co-op says it's hoping to come to an agreement, so they can carry


Businesses at a Government event promoting exports at Silverstone


have said they're concerned about the future after Britain


The Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that Britain cannot remain


within the single market - but says that any agreement should


allow for the freest possible trade between Britain and countries


In uncertain times an opportunity to support the UK Economy


by exploring new ways to expand businesses.


The Export Hub is a Department for International Trade initiative


It offers advice and support for companies about access


But how much should today's Brexit announcement about leaving


the European Single Market concern them?


We still are a trading nation. We still want to export our goods


worldwide and will have to cope with whatever changes are ahead of us.


And our objective is to make sure that our businesses are prepared for


whatever changes are ahead of us, to cope and adapt


Silverstone Park provides space and other facilities for businesses.


And here there's some confidence moving forward.


When people talk about things like Brexit and uncertainty, I think


uncertainty is the new norm and that has been the message on events like


the auto sports shorts and with the export event today here, companies


will have to get used to uncertainty and still for John and focus on the


high-tech activity and there are some cutting-edge companies in this


area. One local company, which exports up


to 70% of its products, They had in mind the needs of


businesses in the UK to be able to export things like administration


and keeping up with rules and regulations, tariffs, those sorts of


things will be what determines whether we can successfully


transition into the new status quo that we have in the future.


Two of the Prime Minister's priorities include tariff-free trade


But how many concessions she gets for these during the Brexit


Every MP has been given a Brexit guidebook, by a man


from Oxfordshire who raised the money through crowdfunding.


After reading "Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now?",


Justen Hyde, from Bladon, raised ?6,000.


That was enough to buy a copy for every member of parliament,


and for every member of the devolved parliaments in Wales,


I think it's important that this is from the public, not from me, the


authority publishing house. This is a bunch of concerned citizens, and


we're not even saying, you are wrong. We are saying if you are


moving ahead with this we need to be careful. With any change of this


scale there are huge risks and to pretend they're not is foolish.


Two museums in Oxford are to share nearly 200 thousand pounds


grant to open a new permanent gallery, to describe how and why


The 'Out of the Deep' exhibition at Oxford's Museum


of Natural History, featuring this plesiosaur, will get more


The money comes from a 4 million pound pot from the Government


and the charity, the Wolfson Foundation.


Police in Aylesbury have arrested an 18 year old man


A decade ago, production of Aston Martin cars


But now it's re-starting with a special model - the DB4.


The brand, named after a hill in Buckinghamshire, is still proving


All crafted by hand, how cars were always built here. Recently used to


refurbish old Aston Martins. Now, they are making more new ones here.


And this is what they are going to build, the Aston Martin DB4. They


will build 25 of them, each costing 1.5 million. This is one of the


originals. Racing at Lamont. In all, only 75 were made. This is the DB4


series one, built in 1959. All 25 are already sold. To bring vehicle


production back here ten years after the last left production is quite an


achievement. I know when we cloud production down that we never


thought we would build car here again, and to start with the DB4,


one of the first we are manufactured here, completely reset the clock.


Charlie has worked here since the 1980s. Very proud. I have been here


quite a long time and to see production comeback is fantastic.


All of the guys here have the opportunity to work on these cars


and it is brilliant. We have amalgamated old world skills and


craftsmanship with modern, digital techniques. That combined with the


450 technical drawings we had for the car enable us to recreate the


DB4 GT back he had at Newport Pagnell some 60 years after it was


first manufactured. The first ball roll off the production line in


October, car manufacturing back where Aston Martin began.


Playing loud techno music while human eggs are in laboratory


conditions could improve the chances of successful IVF.


Scientists in Oxford found that playing the music at 80 decibels


It's believed the vibrations improved the movement of fluid


around the egg leading to better distribution of nutrients.


Stay with South Today - there's plenty more coming


A special forecast from Alexis. I will have the were rest of the


week's weather and what conditions to expect sailing in the Western


France over the next 24 hours. A British soldier killed in a


friendly fire shooting was not unlawfully killed. He died when


another soldier fired in the wrong direction, hitting him in the face


and neck. The inquest heard Kelly was in disorientating when he fired.


Outside court, his family said they were disappointed that no charges


were brought or blame acknowledged. It has was been our opinion that


Kenny knew what he had done. Rather than acknowledging he did wrong, he


instead chose to step back. His errors led directly to our son's


death. A Dorset charity which provides


support for very young children with special needs is facing closure


after 25 years. The Dorchester Opportunity Group


helps 11 two to four-year-olds who have been referred by health


professionals but a vital Lottery grant is coming to an end


and won t be renewed. Edward Sault has spent the day


talking to parents and staff. We have to go to a mainstream


preschool. Sunny loves coming here and playing with his friends.


Doctors think he has autism but because of his age cannot be sure.


He has also been diagnosed with communication problems. He gets


speech and language therapy here, he gets monitored every week, we can


work with him and make sure he progresses in the right way. But the


future of the group is in question after a national lottery grant came


to an end. The group here has got over ?280,000 from the National


Lottery's big lottery fund but the national lottery say it is high and


those crimes cannot be relied on as a continuous source of income for


any organisation or charity. The group is not solely dependent on its


lottery grant. It also receives ?70,000 which comes from the county


council under charity donations. Losing ?40,000 a year that could be


catastrophic. The worst cases we will close because it is hard to


find ?40,000 from small charitable fetes, car-boot sales. That does not


generate enough to bridge that gap. The group here has been rated as


outstanding by Ofsted and if many of the children referred to by the NHS,


the charity applied to the health service for extra funding but money


is tight. It is difficult for them. Everyone has financial constraints.


It is tough on them as well and we understand that but we do not want


to stop what we're doing. If the charity does not get the funds it


needs, it could close within the year, meaning this would be the last


singsong for these children. A search is continuing


in West Sussex for a European eagle owl who escaped from her aviary last


Friday. Luna is part of a group of birds


based at the Aldingbourne Country But the birds haven't been allowed


out, for about a month, because of the current


bird flu restrictions. Let's join Sean Killick


who's at the aviary. Sad times here. Luna is one of the


stars of the show here and she is gone missing. She looks very similar


to Nova here. How did this happen? Due to the bird flu outbreaks, we


have been advised to keep our birds in close quarters. That means we did


not fly the birds. The birds are a top weight. She decided to fly off


and come back. How will she be coping out there in the wild? She


has been handwritten. She escaped after 20 minutes. I am hoping she


has caught a rabbit but she will be feeding herself and will not be


hungry enough to come back to us. She looks very similar to Nova here.


If they see her, what should they do. You can call them by name, she


might reply, she knows Luna is the name. Give us a call. Try not to


feed her because her diet is all raw meat. They are hopeful of getting


Luna back very soon because the new display season starts in March.


Sorry about the break-up there. I am even more excited to my! More


and more people are getting up every morning and asked straight onto the


website. How much is Alex Thomson close the gap? 66 miles in layman's


terms. He is continuing to close the gap on the leader in the single


handed nonstop round the world challenge. Nevertheless, another


Briton's sailing greats believes it is not over yet. The 73rd day of


racing and that Alex Thomson, it could be barely two more to go. The


pair are heading for the finish line on the French coast. Thompson is


currently moving more quickly at 15 knots. He is gaining on the prerace


favourite with every update. The lead now, 57 nautical miles. A week


ago, it was more than 200. It has been predicted finish will be very


close. A view shared by the man the first to sail around the globe


nonstop single-handed. His performance so far has been


incredible. The speeds he has been achieving has been phenomenal. He is


going five-time faster than I did 48 years ago. It is just remarkable,


the way he is kept up pressure. Taking the right course, judging


weather patterns, this race for the line could still be at the mercy of


mother nature. The two leaders will have a say in weather conditions.


10-15 knots and the south-east and with this area of high pressure, the


wins will become light. The winds will switch direction to the north


westerly airflow, dragging in bitterly cold air, and the air will


become very unstable. Irregular wind directions and speeds. If he hangs


on like this, a good chance that he can pull it off, which would be


phenomenal. Organisers now believe the first boat will arrive on


Thursday morning. If previous finishes to be repeated, the scenes


could be special, but will it be the British flag flying high in France?


Reading's accounts showed they lost 15 million pounds


in the year 2015-16, mainly due to reduced premier


league parachute payments, but that hasn't stopped them


keeping their squad strong for a promotion push.


They're agreed a new contract with Gareth McLeary.


He's signed a three and half year deal through to 2020.


The 29 year old has been one of the most consistent players this


season under Jaap Stam and has had a fine spell at the club including


scoring in the FA cup semi final at Wembley two years ago.


Hampshire batsman Michael Carberry has trained with his team-mates


for the first time since having surgery on a cancerous tumour.


The 36-year-old was diagnosed last July.


He's now targeting a return to the sport


He was able to join in a session in the indoor nets


On this day back in 1912, Captain Scott reached the South Pole only to


discover a Norwegian had beaten him to it. A group of elite soldiers is


hoping to be the first all-female team to cross of the South Pole


later this year. They will be undergoing psychological and


physical tests. These are the ice maidens,


testing themselves against Pulling heavy loads,


jumping into ice holes, digging out and sleeping


in the snow. All preparation for a 1,100 mile


expedition across the South Pole. There's that almost sadistic side


of me that just wants to see what I'm capable of and what I can


do, and equally, what I can't do. The journey is expected


to take three months. With just two refuelling


points along the way, they will have to drag food


and supplies as they ski cross-country through


hazardous conditions. I would be silly if I said I was not


scared of gaps in the glazier. They can be a metre long, ten metres


long, a mile long. 250 soldiers applied to become ice maidens after


facing a series of challenges, the team is now down to just seven


members. They have already shown what they have got what it takes


physically in Norway. They are finding the best ways to work


together. Overseen by psychologists, they have been telling each other a


few home truths. The idea, by identifying the strengths and


weaknesses, they face fewer surprises in an extreme environment.


You need to be more open. As a team, we need to work on our conflict


resolution. We are all quite conflict averse


and we all like to get on with each other, so we need to make sure we've


got a plan in place for when it does go wrong and we do end up


having a bit of a clash. After all these physical and


psychological tests have ended, five of the remaining seven ice maidens


will be selected. They will set off in October to conquer the South


Pole. Stefan Olech photographed the very


still conditions during the early hours of the morning at Southampton


Docks. Roy Venkatesh took this


picture of Old Man's Beard This picture was sent


in by Gill Richards. Will cloud for western parts.


Sunshine for the East earlier on today. That sets the theme for the


next few days. A lot of cloud for northern and western areas overnight


tonight. The southern and eastern areas, a chance of frost first thing


tomorrow morning. Frost for some cloudy for others. Clear skies,


temperatures down to minus one Celsius. With all the cloud cover,


slightly milder conditions. A chilly start the day tomorrow. When we do


have clear spells, the chance of a frost. Frosty conditions, mist and


fog patches first thing tomorrow morning. The booklet and we hold on


to the cloud for northern and western areas. The best of the


sunshine down towards the south-east. Temperatures tomorrow


will struggle in some areas, up to 2-6 C. A cold feeling day and the


winds feeling light. Through the course of tomorrow night, the cloud


will sink further southwards. Mist and fog patches which could become


widespread impresses. Mainly dry night with lows of one or two


Celsius. The chance of a frost first thing on Thursday morning. Thursday,


high pressure will stay with us. But despite that, a good deal of cloud.


Mist and fog to start Thursday morning. That will clear. We will


see some bright spells. We will draw in that clearer air from the net


continent. Through Thursday afternoon into Friday, the risk of a


frost overnight into Friday morning. Let's take a look at the outlook


because tomorrow, we will have an east-west split. The further south


and east, the chillier the temperatures and the Sunni dispels.


Fairly light winds. Some brightness will be seen and on Friday, we are


expecting the chance of light and patchy rain. More at 10:30pm. We


will be back tomorrow at 6:30pm. That I will faithfully execute


the Office... And will to the best


of my ability... The Constitution


of the United States...


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