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Hello and welcome to South Today. takeover offer for Unilever.


In tonight's programme: Assessing the damage while the search


A demolition expert gives us his view on the explosion that


Also: They saw off Newcastle - now Oxford are hoping to cause


another FA Cup upset as they take on Premier League Middlesborough.


And later on: An emotional moment - a deaf husband and wife hear


Three days since an explosion destroyed a block of flats


in Oxford, rescue teams are still searching for a man


who's believed to be buried under the rubble.


Guido Schuette, who's 48, hasn't been seen since


Firefighters are still trying to make buildings safe in the area.


Around 20 people have had to be moved into temporary accommodation.


Matt Graveling has spent the day with a demolition expert.


Piles of bricks and mortar surrounded by shards


of shattered glass - the carnage caused by Tuesday's


explosion still lays untouched, in the gardens of Gibbs Crescent.


This was the home of 48-year-old Guido Schuette, a man police


fear may be found dead, buried beneath the rubble.


But as the search for a body continues, what is happening


The first thing that occurs to me is I can't hear engines running,


so my guess is they haven't got heavy equipment in and they're


still manually searching by hand at this point.


Obviously a digger is a lot less controllable than a man,


so if there is a body under there, they'll be doing it


delicately instead of going in with all guns blazing.


If we look, there is a tree here on the left, there's a piece


In fact, I'd have expected to see more debris over this far.


The blast seems to have been directed this way,


I'd've expected to find more, really.


The homes in Gibbs in crescent are all one-bedroom flats.


Three have been destroyed, with four others left badly damaged.


This evening, specialist machinery has been brought in to support


surrounding buildings as more than 40 personnel continued


to gather evidence and look for any signs of life.


The structure that it is connected to it would be their first concern,


making sure that is stable and safe, but the second concern would be


There are gas explosions every year, but not to that degree.


Decent demolition contracts are equipped to deal with that -


making the site safe and making sure the recovery process can be done


Residents of the 20 flats within the cordon are staying


in emergency accommodation while the safety of their homes


is assessed, with police sniffer dogs now expected to visit the site


as the search for Guido Schuette continues.


A murder investigation is underway after a woman in her sixties


was attacked in her home in Milton Keynes and


It happened at her house in Orne Gardens in Bolbeck Park last month.


Detectives say the woman was pushed to the floor after a group of men


One of the men held her down with a hand over her mouth,


A man's pleaded guilty to raping a woman at knifepoint near


Mark Pearton, who's 44 and from East Sussex,


admitted the assault in a park near Harcourt Hill last month.


He also pleaded guilty to possession of a knife in a public place.


He'll be sentenced at Oxford Crown Court in April.


The family of a man who died after he was stabbed in Oxford have


described him as a "kind, loving and caring man".


Domingos Ramalho, who was 35, was stabbed on Windmill Road


In a statement, his family say he was a "good and trusted friend


to many and a family man dedicated to his partner and children."


A 27-year-old man from Oxford has been charged with his murder.


A man's appeared in court, charged with causing the death


of a three-year-old girl by dangerous driving.


Isla Wiggin was killed in a crash on the A34 at Hinksey Hill


A lorry and seven cars were involved.


Thomas Hunter, who's 58 and from Nottinghamshire, is due


to appear at Oxford Crown Court again in May.


A UK space company, based in Oxfordshire is playing a crucial


role in the next mission towards humans living on the moon.


A team of engineers at the Harwell campus have won a contract to design


a new landing sensor, for an unmanned mission.


Angela Walker has been finding out more.


It's hard to believe, but the key to humans living


on the moon could be inside this small, silver box.


It's a radar laser being developed by scientists at Neptec


Inside this box we have a laser and some scanning mirrors.


The laser will send out pulses of light and we time how long it


takes for the light to come back, and we use this to build up


The Lidar will be used to help an unmanned craft land on the moon


in a mission to locate water that could eventually be used to make


fuel and oxygen to support future manned lunar missions.


It's a stepping stone to future exploration,


so Lidars and the other sensors that we're building at Neptec UK


like infrared cameras can be used for many missions both


to the surface and for rovers and for automated


The Luna Resource mission is a joint effort by


the Russian Federal Space Agency and the European Space Agency.


It's scheduled to launch in 2021 - 52 years after the Americans


Alongside the Lidar, which will map the surface of the moon,


scientists here are also developing the next-generation


The rover has been designed to be a heavy lifter.


It's going to carry people and cargo and perform tasks.


As well as being the next step towards humans living on the moon,


the Lidar technology being developed here can also be used on Earth.


It can be applied in the development of autonomous vehicles,


which is an international growth industry worth millions.


A Chinese woman has been told she can join her husband


in Oxfordshire after a long fight for a visa.


Mary Zu has been married to Steve Bearns from


For the last 12 months she's been living near Hong Kong


because her spouse visa application was rejected.


Now the British Embassy in Bejing has done a U-turn


Council tax is being frozen in South Oxfordshire. Rates are being kept


the same for the second year running. In its budget meeting last


night he promised to make more than ?1 million worth of advances


available to community projects and invest ?500,000 in delivering


superfast broadband to more communities across South


Oxfordshire. Thousands of Oxford United fans are


preparing to make the long journey The team are hoping to cause another


upset tomorrow as they visit the Premier League side in the fifth


round of the FA Cup. This was the goal against Newcastle


that put the Oxford in the fifth round of the FA Cup for the first


time since 1994. And now they're ready


for the challenge. If we can go in with the same


mentality and belief with 20,000 supporters there,


I'm sure as a boy growing up that's the kind of support you want to be


going out in front of, so hopefully it'll be a great day


and we can do the business. And here's where they'll be playing


- the Riverside Stadium. More than 3,000 Oxford fans


will travelling more than 230 miles to Middlesborough


to support the team. It'll be a great day out and we're


going up there with one thing - If we get a draw, we can bring


them back to our place, but the main thing we're


going for is the win and to try Much of the Oxford squad is made


up of players released by Premier League teams early


in their careers and may be If they perform as well as a team


as they do as individuals, they'll stand out anyway and they'll


all do their bit. They're expected to try and get


something out of the game. There will be a few of our players


that will impress a few We've got players that we believe


can play at a high level and hopefully it will be Oxford


at some point. Moments like this -


the promotion party last year in Oxford -


prove that Us fans are well nown for showing their pride,


so while Teeside may not rank high in UK's top tourist destinations,


Oxford United fans are preparing That is live commentary on BBC Radio


Oxford. Now more of today's


stories with Sally Taylor. Still to come in this


evening's South Today... The scheme that's inspiring


and supporting youngsters who've One of Reading's most-loved arts


venues reopens tonight following a major refit,


two years after facing The South Street Arts Centre has


hosted acts like Mumford and Sons, Radiohead and Michael McIntyre


before they were famous but Reading Council considered shutting


the venue to save money. A campaign by loyal


customers forced a rethink. Just move the light


to the other side. Technical preparations for one


of the first productions New and improved lighting


and a reworking of the studio space makes this a much better place


for performers and audiences. It just has a much more


contemporary, really vibrant feel A lot of musicians and


actors and performers of cut their teeth here,


so it is kind of integral for the development of artists


from Reading who can go on to greater things,


but also it serves audiences who are looking for something a bit


different, a bit more unusual, When you wake up in


the middle of the night... Just two years ago, the arts centre


faced an uncertain future. Reading Borough Council


considered closing it, but South Street's loyal audience


rallied - as did those who've performed here,


who hold it in high regard. I remember when there


was the potential that We were like, no, you can't


close it, because it's got so much, I guess,


history, and on the circuit of contemporary theatre in Britain


it's a really important venue. The Arts Council agreed,


offering half a million pounds of public money to improve


and extend the building. That helped convince the council


it was worth saving, so it too chipped in just


over half that. This is a huge boost


for a town keen to continue Controversial plans to knock down


a hotel in the New Forest to build retirement flats have been rejected


by the park authority. Lyndhurst Park Hotel


once had connections Campaigners objected


to the proposals to demolish the building and build 75 flats


for pensioners and 12 holiday lets, saying there was a desperate need


for affordable housing Pegasus Life says it's


disappointed with the decision. It's a disease that can kill


and scar young children for life. How to you help someone who has lost


a limb to meningitis deal with it? Today a leading charity that


supports young people who've lost limbs to meningitis has held


an event to inspire them in Reading. All the children in this game have


lost limbs through meningitis. Overseeing the enthusiastic training


is Paralympian Aaron Phipps, who For me, it's just, it's the young


people getting to meet other young people in the same sort


of circumstances as them. One little boy arrived, looked


at another little boy and went, More than 100 families have come to


the Pushing The Boundaries day. Eleanor was eight months


old when she fell ill. Originally diagnosed with a throat


infection, she nearly died. I was really ill,


and they had to chop It is something she will have to


deal with the rest of her life. Coming to places like


this really helps her see very positive role models


who have had the same amputation but are going on and doing everything


in life that they want to. The foundation helps survivors with


things like state-of-the-art prosthetics but also funds research,


and the main research in that respect is bacterial meningitis,


which can be all around us. A few people carry it in their nose and


throat, which can get into the system and attack the body. That is


why in many cases amputation businesses are. In many ways those


here are lucky. The infection can kill in just 12 hours.


For those who've come through it, days like these


fuel their ambitions so they won't let this awful


An important day and a fun day called Pushing The Boundaries. It


has been a day of recognition and a special day for our Olympians and


Paralympians. After a memorable summer of sport


at the Olympics and Paralympics, many of the South's gold-medal


winners were today honoured Prince Charles was on hand


to welcome the latest Members of the Most Excellent Order


of the British Empire. Great Britain have won


the Olympic gold medal! A golden Olympic moment for GB's


women's hockey team, that today continued to bring


rewards in the form of more medals. Captain Kate Richardson-Walsh given


an OBE for services to hockey. Her team-mates, including partner


Helen and Southampton's Alex Danson, were all awarded MBEs


for their triumph in Rio. While for Hannah Russell,


who joined Guildford Swimming Club at the age of 12, an MBE


is the icing on the cake after two golds and one bronze


at the Paralympics. Absolutely incredible, something


that not many people get awarded. 13 years of hard work I've put


into this sport and to come out As parents we are really


proud of everything she has done and it is lovely


to come to the Palace today and see Hannah get presented her


MBE by Prince Charles. We have followed Bournemouth


schoolgirl swimmer Alice Tai through the years and after


taking Paralympic bronze in September today there


was more reason to cheer. Who could forget these


scenes on the Olympic Dorset's Hannah Mills


and Saskia Clarke recognised along with Giles Scott for services


to sailing. Top honours too for Hampshire


golfer Justin Rose, while Alton's Paralympian


Georgina Hermitage, Surrey paracanoeist Anne Dickins


and Berkshire's Liam Heath A summer of sport that


will live long in the memory. Congratulations to all recipients, a


fantastic day for the athletes and their families.


Bournemouth have been charged for breaching


the Football Association's rules on anti-doping.


Clubs are required to provide accurate details of training


sessions and player whereabouts so they are available for drug


It's alleged the Premier League side failed to do so.


The club has until Thursday to respond to the charge.


As well as Oxford's trip to Middlesborough in the fifth


round of the FA Cup, there's football league


Brighton's trip to Barnsley is manager Chris Hughton's 100th


A win could see the Seagulls re-take top spot in the Championship.


In League One, MK Dons host Fleetwood.


Swindon welcome Oldham to the County Ground.


Defender Gareth Evans is a doubt for Portsmouth,


Surrey Scorchers continue their push to make the British Basketball


They're only points difference outside the all-important top eight


as they prepare to welcome sixth-placed Plymouth Raiders


That match is live on the BBC Red Button and the BBC website.


Swish. Sorry storm start their netball season earlier in the week.


A couple from Salisbury who've been married for 12 years are hearing


each other's voices for the first time after having Cochlear implants.


50-year-old Helen Robinson and her husband Neil,


who's 54, have been deaf since birth.


They're believed to be the first couple in the UK to be "switched


on" at the same time - and they can't believe


Half a century without sound, changed with the flick of a switch.


Neil and Helen have been married since 2005.


They've both been deaf since birth because of a genetic condition.


They could hear some muffled noises but now the cochlear


implants are sending electrical signals directly to the brain which


I didn't realise that the sound was coming from inside my head. I


realised it was a different sound from the sound I am hearing normally


with my hearing aids. It has led to a passion for awesome


audio. I love sound and I want


to be able to hear more. You'll be surprised


at what's caught their ears. You know the car,


when you are changing For me, I knit, and when I'm


doing the knitting I can hear the needles clacking together


and it's a nice sound. Their new fifth sense can be


overwhelming at times and clinicians also have to adjust


the volume as they become They are the latest among more than


a thousand patients treated by the university team. It is exciting to


do a first session for somebody come you never know quite how it will be


go and whether the person is quite excited or anxious and nervous.


The new device can be switched off, which may have


I can call her now and also learning to put up with


Apparently Neil was saying that he could hear the birds for the first


time and Helen was saying, I could hear our cat.


First it was a hit film, then a successful stage musical.


Billy Elliott is the story of a boy who trades boxing


gloves for ballet shoes, when he discovers


It's all set against the backdrop of the miners' strike in the '80s.


This week pupils at Ringwood School in Hampshire are staging


And who better to offer some advice to the boys


sharing the lead roles, than the stars of the West End


version, currently on at the Mayflower Theatre in


So at final rehearsals the pressure is on for the four boys who share


the roles of Billy and his best friend Michael.


The ballet has been quite difficult because it pushes you to limit that


you don't want to go to but you have to. And the tap is quite hard. I


loved performing since I was little, I danced around the kitchen. I have


done singing in past shows that I think the acting is kind of the


thing that I had to work on. It is quite funny doing the swearing


because not many little kids do that and the audience loved it because


they are not expecting it. I went to an audition like, I won't get much


of a part, and they said, you have got Billy Elliot!


With six performances this week, the boys have a busy schedule.


But they've taken time out for a special trip.


The West End production of Billy Elliott is now


on at the Mayflower in Southampton, and the lads have been


invited to get some tips from the professionals.


Come on in. Welcome to the Mayflower. What do you think?


Massive. How many seats to you think that is? That is a few, isn't it?


Martin Walsh plays the role of Billy's dad.


Who wants to be an actor when they grow up? All four of you? Why not,


that is how I started out, showing people what you have got and doing


it with an open heart and just going for it.


All right boys, time to show us what you do. That is good.


You can't make kids do things like this, they either want to or they


don't, so it is good, it reminds me of my youth, getting up there.


So now it's back to school, with an added spring in their step.


That Ringwood School production is sold out.


You can see Billy Elliott at the Mayflower Theatre until March 4th.


On to the weather for the weekend. Fraser on Friday.


It has been really mild through the half-time, -- half term, why bother


with Barcelona when you can have Basingstoke?


It was a very pleasant day across the region, springlike, with


temperatures up to 11 Celsius widely. That mild theme continues


for a few days. For tonight we are dry and cloudy, the cloud coming and


going through the night. There will be breaks in it as well and with the


light winds mist patches forming by dawn here and there. Not a chilly


night, temperatures not dropping much below six Celsius. Moving on


Saturday morning, that the lawn is rather grey and dreary, low cloud


and mist, but that will lift and clear through the morning. To the


east, good spells of sunshine, bit more cloud to the West but mild


everywhere, temperatures at 11 Celsius while widely and light


breezes. There is a rainy front coming through overnight, bringing


spits and spots of rain, but under the cloudy skies it will not be


chilly, 67 Celsius in most places. Sunday, that rain sticks around


first thing for a time but it will clear away as the morning wears on


and the bulk of Sunday is looking try and find. Bright spells


developing and some warm air being brought in on a westerly airflow. It


will feel very unusually mild, 12 Celsius the most places, and that


warm tropical air is set to stick with us on Monday. Temperatures on


Monday up to 14 Celsius. Let's look at the outlook, and half term is a


fantastic start, dry and bright, 12 Celsius and light winds. Monday,


dreary start but we will see some bright spells and very mild. --


Sunday. Monday, 14 Celsius but cloudy. Cloudy and mild but Tuesday


as well. I enjoyed that, normally you are


telling us about storms. That is it from us. More at 10:25pm


tonight. Have a good weekend what ever you are doing.


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