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plans for children as young as four to be taught about


The vulnerable brothers in Oxfordshire


sexually and physically abused by the man


There are now questions over how they were placed in his care.


Stupid. I know I shouldn't have for people caught using a mobile


Stupid. I know I shouldn't have texted.


Plus: up close with their sporting heros.


The students in Oxford playing host to the England rugby team.


The school has been incredibly welcoming for us. I think they


enjoyed having the England team training.


And later on: the made-to-measure mini Rolls Royce putting


a smile on the faces of some poorly children.


First tonight: An opportunity was missed to protect two


vulnerable brothers who were seriously sexually


That's according to this report, published today,


which concluded suspicious bruising on the children should have led


The children's carer, identified as Mr K,


has since been convicted of raping one of them.


The parents of the boys were unable to look after them so they were


placed into the care of Mr K and Ms L under what's known


That's because Ms L is distantly related to the boys'


Now the boys both had special needs and neither Mr K nor


The boys lived with the couple for a year until March


2015, but during that year Mr K physically


He was caught, arrested and charged and found guilty of rape.


He was sentenced to a long prison sentence.


Now, the report has found that there was no way anyone could


have known in advance that Mr K was going to be abusive.


There were opportunities to spot and stop the


At one point, one of the boys were spotted with bruises


on his face, but they were explained away as being related to his


The report also says that the desire for the placement to be


successful inappropriately affected the child protection processes.


But under the framework that was in place under


everything was done as it should have been.


The two key areas that we need to focus on are improving our work with


children with disabilities and ensuring that there is a recognition


that they may be a greater risk from safeguarding perspective and


understanding how forensically to test that.


The second, I think, is to ensure that we have robust


arrangements in place to assess those people who come forward to


At the same time as this review was taking place, the


government was also tightening the rules


Now the two boys in this case are now


with new carers, and are said to be recovering well.


People who use hand-held mobiles while driving are facing tougher


penalties in England, Wales and Scotland from today.


Those who are caught, will get six points


In Abingdon this morning, Thames Valley Police


were out stopping drivers still ignoring the warnings.


Using a mobile phone while driving can cost lives.


Undercover and in plain sight, nobody flouting the law


This woman was caught texting in slow-moving traffic.


Because I know I shouldn't have done but I texted that


Because the traffic a nightmare all the way through.


The new rules mean that anyone caught using their mobile phone


behind the wheel now get a ?200 fine and six point on the licence.


New drivers get their licence revoked.


Eleven people were stopped during this morning's operation.


This 19-year-old told me why he was using his


I was just trying to find a garage to get my tyre changed


I didn't know the law was changing but he just informed me it is.


There have been several high-profile crashes involving drivers


Thomash Crowcer was jailed for ten years after his actions led


to the death of a mother and three children.


And earlier this week, BBC's Inside Out broadcast


the moment a driver who killed a man in a head-on crash met his


I'll never forget it, ever, and I can never say sorry enough.


But every time I say sorry I'm thinking it's bit cheap.


It's just not good enough but I am...


Thames Valley Police said it would continue to hold sting


operations to crack down on the problem.


The fact that we've caught 11 motorists today in just


People need to get the message, do not use your mobile


Switch it off, put it in the glove box, put it in the boot.


From next Wednesday, drivers using their phones


in the Thames Valley region will no longer be offered a course


as an alternative to a fixed penalty notice.


They hope it will encourage people to send their texts, outside,


An RAF pilot has been cleared at a court martial


of lying to investigators, after the military passenger jet


he was flying from Brize Norton went into a nose dive.


Flight Lieutenant Andrew Townsend had been accused of lying


in a technical log and service inquiry, when he initially claimed


the incident had been caused by a technical fault.


At a hearing in Wiltshire, he's been cleared of two counts


of perjury and one count of making a false record.


Thames Valley Police is hoping to recruit 200 new officers -


as part of their latest recruitment drive.


Candidates must have two A-level grades, A to E,


The Force says it's lowered the requirement from two


higher grade A-levels, following recent proposals


It's also encouraging applicants from minority backgrounds,


Now, it was last Autumn when a 37 tonne lorry got stuck trying


The driver had ignored a three tonne weight limit,


causing serious damage to the crossing, months of delays


to drivers and hundreds of thousands of pounds of lost trade


Now, a six week campaign has started, checking vehicles aren't


But it is causing some conclusion. -- some confusion.


Van after van, car after car, being turned around at Marlow Bridge


this morning for exceeding the three tonne weight limit.


In the last half an hour there have been 13.


It's part of a police operation after a 37 tonne lorry got


stuck trying to cross the bridge in September.


The resulting damage and testing meant the bridge


While some drivers intending to cross Marlow Bridge Today


were blatantly in excess of the 3 tonne limit, many car drivers


were adamant they weren't breaking the rules.


Many were confused abut the maximum gross weight of their vehicles -


that's the capacity of their vehicle full of people and fuel.


This car could be if it was full of passengers


but I know that it's not overweight at the moment and I know it's not


oversized at the moment so I figured I wasn't breaking the law..."


"Hello i'm atraid you're too heavy to go over the bridge....erm well


I looked up the weight of my car and and it's under three tonnes.


Do you mind turning here and we''ll clarify that but I believe an x5


I've got a BMW and I think it is max.


Last autumn's bridge closure cost businesses


And the rerouted traffic caused long tailbacks on the A404 affecting


very old and the idea of the weight limit is try and reduced


the amount of maintenance and regular wear and tear.


What this operation is about is stopping the overweight


vehicles so we do keep the wear and tear down and that reduces


For the next 6 weeks police will be stopping overweight vehicles


from crossing marlow bridge - in future, drivers who ignore


the limit will have to pay a fifty-pound fine.


Oxford Bus Company is warning passengers to expect disruption


to services because of strike action in the coming days.


It's been unable to reach a deal with the Unite union


in a disagreement over pay during Christmas last year.


Strikes are scheduled tomrroow and next Monday.


It's as the company has seen a drop in passenger numbers,


which it's blaming on redevelopment of the Westgate Shopping Centre.


We're really disappointed and we do apologise to our customers


that their days are going to be inconvenienced on


We do hope that a resolution can be found and we wish to enter


meaningful discussions with Unite to try and bring this dispute


If you live in central or North Oxford you may bump


into some of England's rugby stars this week.


The squad are staying in the city for a training camp.


Eddie Jones's men are currently top of the Six Nations table but don't


England's finest being put through their paces this morning.


The squad will be staying and training in Oxford this week.


Their home away from home, the Randolph Hotel and


It's brilliant that they've come back to Teddy's.


And wonderful for us that they are out there


on our fields, training, using our facilities and so on.


A close encounter causing much excitement for the pupils.


They are achieving their goals by training really hard,


it shows to students at our school that they can in fact


achieve their goals and use them in their sporting endeavours.


It's created a massive buzz around the school when you have your role


models and idols training down the pitches near us,


it's amazing to see just how hard they train and what they do


So what have the visitors made of the city so far?


It's a brilliant place to come and train.


We're staying here in the centre of the city, the school have been


As you see in training this morning, I think they enjoyed having


the England team training there as well.


So what to expect to get out of the week?


We expect a great week's training, intense preparation as we get ready


But despite the sights on offer, it's very much


That's the only thing we are really concentrating on now,


we know what happened before and last week but it has worked well


for us so far in this Six Nations and in the tours before.


Our focus is what comes up in front of us.


Our training weeks are getting better, we are getting more


physical and quicker, the boys are getting better for it.


It's only a matter of time before we do get on that pitch


and everything is flying at the same time.


England is the only team left that could win the Grand Slam.


Next up, Scotland on the 11th of March.


Oxford United are 90 minutes away from Wembley,


They're away to Luton tonight in the semi-final of the EFL Trophy.


Last year more that 30,000 Oxford fans


saw their team lose in the final of the same competition.


Tonight's game is live on BBC Radio Oxford from 7pm.


I'm back again with headlines at 8pm and another bulletin at 10.30pm.


Sally Taylor is next with the rest of today's news stories.


says it's committed to supporting the academy


Later, concern for a charity helping amputees -


and why useful equipment may have to be dumped.


The train drivers' union ASLEF has resumed talks


They're discussing the ongoing dispute over


A previous deal between union bosses and the rail company was rejected


Yesterday, the conductors union - the RMT - announced it


will stage another 24-hour walkout next month.


Now for some good news about a story we've been following.


When May Brown from Weymouth was diagnosed with Leukaemia


she explored all avenues to find a stem cell donor who


It seemed hopeless, until she found out her sister was a match.


But then her sister - Martha - was refused permission to travel


A petition signed by 60,000 people helped to get the decision


reversed and tonight we can tell you that the procedure has taken


Our reporter James Ingham is with the sisters in Weymouth.


The stem cell transplant has taken place and a couple weeks later it


seems to be a success. May, how you feeling? I'm feeling great. I feel


really fine from the last time I was very ill. How do you feel about


which assisted that view? -- about what your sister did for you? What


can you say to somebody who saved your life? I'm feeling very happy I


was able to help save my sister 's life and that it is accomplished.


This nearly didn't happen when the Home Office said your sister


couldn't travel to the UK. Had did that make you feel at the time? I


felt very upset that they couldn't better in the UK. This is somebody


who could help save my life. This was your only chance really. Yes,


the doctor said if I did not have that stem cell I would not see


Christmas, I would die. So I felt really upset and scared at the same


time. Then there was a campaign to try to get the decision reversed.


60,000 people signed it. I felt overwhelmed and grateful that people


could actually come out, members of the public, and show so much love to


somebody had not met and signed a position to help save my life. We


wish you well for your continued company and master after you return


home to Nigeria. -- Martha, for your return home to Nigeria.


A charity which supports amputees by recycling walking aids


and prosthetic limbs is facing closure - after losing


Limbcare, which is based in Camberley - sends


the old items around the world, helping those in need


But it fears if it doesn't find somewhere else to keep the items -


I became a quad amputee in 1987 at the age of 32.


I thought there's no charity that really does what I need


to do to get help and support for myself and the family.


Ray Edwards is the UK's longest surviving quadruple amputee.


He has met the Queen, Princess Anne and endured


the struggle of learning to walk again, but now Ray has


These were in our old storage which we had to get out of.


If we didn't have this space, this type of item or all these items


Limbcare gets calls every week from right around the country


offering mobility aids and even whilst we were filming,


volunteer Tony arrived with more wheelchairs.


But storage is not the only problem facing the chairty,


Not only have they been told they have to give up their storage


facility they've been told they have to move from their Head office too.


Unfortunately the landlord has decided to sell the property


which of course was lovely free of charge offices.


Not only do we need storage for storing the stuff,


Many of the wheelchairs and mobility scooters


are repaired and re distributed through the charitys


Down the road in Farnborugh we meet Kenneth.


His mobility scooter was saved from being dumped,


I love going out in the sun to Aldershot and back again.


As the donations keep on coming its getting


It's hoped more storage and a new home for limbacre will be


found soon so the charity can keep on moving.


And now the sport with Lewis Coombes.


It was a night of what could have been for Brighton. Newcastle and


Brighton head-to-head in the chance for Brighton to lay a marker down


and try to win the title and get promotion.


For the winners, it was billed as 'a huge step towards promotion' -


for the losers a case of opportunity missed.


Brighton went in to their top-of-the table clash with Newcastle knowing


victory would take them nine points clear of third in the race


They ended the night looking over their shoulder.


The Championship's best home record against its best away performer.


Two titans of this year's title race both aiming for top spot.


Ciarran Clark judged to have hauled Glenn Murray to the floor early on.


Murray himself tuned in - to make the Toon pay.


The most critical penalty of the season so far. The keeper could do


little about a freaky equaliser with nine minutes to go.


Mo Diame's heel...knew little about its decisive touch.


As comical, as it was pivitol....You'd laugh if the goal


Now fuelled by momentum...Subsitute Perez punished Albion further


...Leaving the Geordies to laud it at the top of the Championship.


Brighton now have the Terriers of Huddersfield biting at their heels.


Only six points behind with a game in hand.


It was good in the first half but then Newcastle really came back in


the second half. Disappointed. Can you say? Where do they go from here?


They keep their confidence and keep on and go for it and they can do


foot. -- they can do it. Elsewhere in the Football League,


Swindon's second win on the bounce helped


their fight against relegation. After falling behind,


three second-half goals, including this from Jon Obika -


moved the Robins to MK Dons twice let the lead


slip away at Bradford. Goals from Stuart O'Keefe


and George William's miss-hit cross While in League Two,


Portsmouth's promotion charge Kal Naismith's 6th of the season


deservedly put Pompey in front, only for former Southampton defender


Lee Molyneux to level Good luck tonight to Oxford


who play at Luton in the Chekatrade Trophy Semi Final -


the U's one win away from Wembley. Kick off at 1945, commenatry


on BBC Radio Oxford. Bournemouth's Polish


goalkeeper Artur Boruc has announced his retirement


from international football. The 37-year-old said in a statement


the time is right to concentrate Sussex cricketers Tymal Mills


and Luke Wright have pulled out of the Pakistan Super League final


in Lahore, citing safety fears. The pair had helped


'Quetta Gladiators' reach the final with all previous rounds held


in the United Arab Emirates. But with the final itself


being held in Pakistan, both announced on social media


they felt with a high threat of terrorism it


"was not worth the risk". A difficult decision on that one.


Newcastle play Huddersfield max. They are inferred soulfully another


chance to get the top that league. -- they are stirred so hopefully


another chance to get to the top of that league. -- third.


Young patients at St Richard's hospital in West Sussex have been


The team at Rolls-Royce have built an electric car for children


to drive between the ward and the operating theatre.


Nurses and parents say it'll help make hospital


Eight-year-old Molly was a way around the theatre. Now she will


travel to the theatre and stealth. I feel rich when I drive it and I feel


really good. This car will give children a lot


more than what they come here. This car at five and a half foot long is


the smallest Rolls-Royce in the world and the detail that has gone


into the design means it is far from being a toy. The laser cut and


engraved in-house badge is on the front and a miniature Rolls-Royce


numberplate on the fact. The car was custom-built to give children the


paediatric wards are left. For this seminal boy it does more. How do you


feel when you drive this car? Happy. -- seven-year-old boy. The nurses


are pleased it does not have horn but are pleased it is a distraction.


The excitement when they come can override their fear of coming into


hospital. The car is already making hospital visits into memories. Who


else keeps a roller for a runaround? Dear Rolls-Royce. My journey home


would be much less daunting if I had a nice electric Rolls-Royce. Do you


think I'll get it? Onto the weather. Alexis, I don't like it. We have a


good day in store for you tomorrow. This the first day of meteorological


spring but in the astronomical characters calendar it falls on the


20th of March. -- calendar. Also a very sunny picture in Lymington in


Hampshire. But a good deal of cloud across much of the region and this


was the scene in Berkshire. Through the course of the night we are


expecting a few clear spells in one of two showers. The main feature


tonight is the winds. All the higher ground and the coastal could have


some deals. Gusts of 40 mph and across the south coast of the Isle


of Wight of 50 mph. A chance of a few showers and temperatures tonight


will fall waited three Celsius to five Celsius. -- will fall away.


Through the course of the morning we will see some lovely sunny


conditions. Slightly more cloud the further north you are here. We may


have the odd shower. Showers are likely almost anywhere tomorrow. The


winds will ease throughout the afternoon. A high tomorrow of 9


degrees to 11 degrees tomorrow. It will be very springlike conditions


tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow night we will have increasing cloud ahead


of the arrival of a band of rain moving up the south. This will


become quite torrential during the early hours of Friday morning.


Temperatures falling awake to around 4 degrees to seven Celsius. The


winds will be fairly light saw this band of rain will be slow to clear


northwards through Friday morning. We hope it will clear mid to late


morning in most places but falling it will be a few showers. They will


be fairly scattered. Outbreaks of light and patchy rain in the early


afternoon. Low pressure is not far away. That weather will clear during


Friday into the evening. The weekend looks fairly dry during Saturday but


chance of rain showers on Sunday. Tomorrow is a lovely sunny day.


Enjoy the sunshine because through Friday global of rain in the


morning. The breeze coming in from the south. A breezy day on Saturday


that should be mainly dry during daylight hours. The chance of the


odd shower here and there. On Sunday we are looking at a mixture of sunny


spells and scattered showers. We all have the car. -- coughed.


Jane Austen: this year marks 200 years since the author's death


and tomorrow we will be live at the Jane Austen House


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