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The plans that would take an Oxfordshire firm one step closer


The jewellers claiming to be the oldest family-run


A man from Oxford says he and his partner are desperate


to get back to their home in Osney after an explosion forced


One man died in the blast which caused a three-storey block


Ian Francis, who's partially sighted, says he feels let down


by the housing group responsible for the flats and claims the repair


The cause of the explosion is still unknown.


For Ian Francis, who's been blind since birth,


it's been a difficult few weeks since last month's explosion


Ian, take me back to last month when the explosion happened.


What were you doing and where were you when you heard the news?


I heard what I thought was a thunderclap over in Cowley


and then the next thing I knew I was getting a telephone call off


the Oxford Mail and they asked me if I knew anything about explosion


Obviously I had to say no, so we rushed straight down


there and we weren't allowed anywhere near.


The thought hit me, what if we had been in there at the time


or just walking past when the explosion struck?


Earlier this month, police confirmed one man,


48-year-old Guido Schuette, died in the blast.


You've been away from your home for three-and-a-half, four weeks now.


You must be desperate to get back home?


The people where we are, the other residents there,


But the room that we are in is a small room


I've not been able to take my assistance dog there.


Trying to find our way round a new area with visual


You were supposed to be back at home today but you're not there.


Sammy and I returned there yesterday evening to get the flat ready to get


rid of all the smelly food from the freezer.


Whilst cleaning, I went outside to throw rubbish away


and found outside my door there was water everywhere.


The drainage wasn't working properly.


Also two radiators in the bedroom and in the bathroom,


they are not working any more plus there's flickering lights


In a statement, A2 Dominion told us:


You're saying there are still problems


How long will it be then until you get back?


How long do you think you will be able to wait for?


I want to be back in within the next few days.


Sammy and I are desperate to go home.


We really want to go home, but with all these things coming up


with A2 Dominion and the way that we've been treated since explosion


by A2 Dominion, I'm losing all faith and respect for the housing


association and the people who run it.


Nearly ?10,000 has been raised for the family of a Buckinghamshire


man who's been killed in a car crash in New Zealand.


24-year-old Anthony Copperwheat died last Sunday.


He was in the country as a seasonal worker.


His employers have set up a charity webpage to raise funds


Two days of planned strikes across Oxford bus company routes


have been called off following further talks with unions.


Workers were unhappy about pay they received over


Further industrial action was scheduled


This afternoon the Unite union and the bus company have released


a joint statement saying they are working towards


Police in South Oxfordshire are appealing for witnesses


after show chickens and cockerels were stolen from


Ten cockerels and five chickens were stolen from outbuildings


Their owner fears they've been taken for cock fighting.


A company developing driverless cars in Oxfordshire says it's already


bidding for a share of ?270 million promised by the Chancellor


Philip Hammond said he was setting the money aside for a number


different technologies, including autonomous vehicles.


It's as plans are being made for Culham Science Centre to become


Our political reporter Bethan Phillips has


It sounds like something from Tomorrow's World.


Letting go of the wheel and letting a computer do the driving.


But the future's not as far away as we might think according


to experts in Oxfordshire and it could help solve some


If we can centrally control where the autonomous cars are driving,


maybe we can have different cars take different routes


and reduce congestion, though if the cars can communicate


with each other then perhaps we can have them travelling more closely


together on the motorways, maybe even at higher speeds.


So because the cars can all communicate with each other,


it's much safer and we can look much further ahead than we could do


So what is it actually like travelling in a driverless car?


So it's essentially answering three questions of where am I?


Like a GPS can say I know where I am.


For what's around us, we have the laser sensors


What to do next is inside the computer.


The government is sending clear signals it believes this


It's now hoped that some of the ?270 million announced


in this week's budget for new technology will find


So we're already applying for some of that grant funding.


It's very important for a small company like us to get these sorts


of grants because it really helps us grow.


It helps us to take more risks on projects.


And when it comes to trying out driverless cars,


Culham Science Centre is the perfect place.


It's got a network of roads but is also a fairly


There are plans for it to become a major testing site,


putting Oxfordshire at the forefront of this technology.


Well it's been great because we've seen the evolution.


We started off some time ago with cars just going around closed


car parks and just trying to get from A to B.


And then we've extended onto the roads and we've used


an increasing amount of our road network with roundabouts,


crossroads and we've seen the technology evolve.


The Oxford-based company behind this car are hoping to triple


And with the knowledge and expertise that Oxfordshire has,


it's expected the county will remain in the driving seat when it


comes to getting this technology out on our roads.


A Oxfordshire charity is raising funds to build a gym that


will be adapted for people with brain injuries.


Headway Oxfordshire says 4,000 people suffer a brain injury


Now the team wants to build a neurological physiotherapy gym


with equipment designed for people with brain injuries


It would be based at the charity's rehabilitation centre in Kennington.


Ordinarily if you are going to get into a machine and it had long


handles sticking out here and you had to get around that,


but you're wheelchair-bound, you wouldn't be able to.


So the company that make these machines are actually making them


a bespoke package for us where they're making them adaptable


so we can take different parts off so that people can get


inside and across the seat and replace the part whatever it is,


so, as I say, they are very bespoke really and very


If you want a change from the traditional Easter Egg


hunt, there's a trail with a difference coming


With big ears, and standing at five feet tall, 80 specially-designed


hares are being hidden around towns and villages from Woodstock


The sculptures will be on display until September,


but we've been to a sneak preview in Burford.


It might sound like a hare-brained idea, but these five-foot hares


are hoping to raise a lot of money for charity.


Over the next few months you might stumble across


It's all part of the Cirencester Hare Trail.


Each one painted by a local artist or local celebrity and sponsored


The hares will leave Burford Garden Company


and they will be collected by the artists and sponsors and then


they will go into locations throughout Oxfordshire


and Gloucestershire, across the Cotswolds


and they will actually form a hare trail of 80 hares that you can


individually go out and see and visit and see how many you can


The hares will be going out into the Cotwolds on 25th March


and no doubt some keen walkers will try and race to be the first


That's if a tortoise doesn't beat them to it.


The idea is that the hares are out for six months on the trail and then


in October they are auctioned for charity and the net proceeds


are going this year to National Star and to local museums.


So they will be "hare" today but gone tomorrow.


And organisers will be hoping no one gets too stressed trying to find


A vicar, who is turning 100 years old tomorrow, will be talking


about his experiences as a prisoner of war in China during


the Second World War at a special event this weekend.


Reverend Joe Cotterill and his wife Joyce were interned by the Japanese.


He was in the same camp as Eric Liddle, one of the athletes


who inspired the film Chariots of Fire.


Reverend Cotterill is the minister at St John the Baptist Church


I was ordained when most ministers have already retired


I was 75 when I was ordained as a minister of the church


at Marcham who, as it were, suggested that this was possible.


And I met Joe when I was 14 in China.


I actually hit him with a snowball and we've been friends ever since,


but he married somebody else and I married somebody else


and we didn't meet again until we were both widowed


He was 85 and I was 75, so we've been married 15 years.


Alexis will have the weekend weather forecast a bit


Now more of today's stories with Sally Taylor.


adult male asylum seekers, illegal immigrants


Coming up later, the weekend forecast from Alexis,


Yes, these bowlers are taking part in what they hope will be the


longest match in history here in Dorset this weekend. The count down


clock is on, I will have all of the sport from here in Weymouth a bit


later. A week-long crackdown on people


using their mobile phones while driving in Hampshire saw


officers stop 186 people. The majority of those caught -


almost eight out of ten - were men, and seven out of ten


were over the age of 25. The figures show a small drop


in the numbers of people stopped 220 people were caught


during a previous campaign before It's promising an opportunity


for visitors to get hands-on with their local


history and heritage. The West Berkshire Museum


in Newbury has just completed A new permanent exhibition tells


the story of the area from prehistoric times


to the present day. Allen Sinclair's been


for a look round. The impressive buildings that


contain West Berkshire Museum were refurbished three years ago,


but although some local treasures went on show,


there was clearly potential to make Now a fresh injection


of Heritage lottery money, council cash and fundraising has


allowed the curators to weave the threads of local history


into a much more coherent - Many of the objects have never


been on show before. We can have a permanent exhibition


now and have temporary exhibitions to keep the locals coming back and


to tell their history through their objects.


The museum now charts the story of West Berkshire


from prehistoric times, via the Civil War,


to the Greenham Common peace camps, from the cloth trade that put


the town on the map to the industries that mean the area


A much more thorough approach to telling the story and more


opportunities to get involved personally. If people don't get


involved it doesn't have so much impact. If it's about kids coming in


and getting dressed up in historic clothes or an art project or a


school visit... Among the striking new exhibits


is a high-definition film, viewing the towns and villages


of West Berkshire from above, linked It is not cheap. This has been a


?2.2 million project. The council has spent ?850,000 on this and we


have had very generous donations from other sources, the Heritage


Lottery Fund, the green and common trust, friends of West Berkshire


Museum and many private donators. -- the Greenham Common trust.


The Museum's free for visitors, and various events are planned


in the coming weeks to celebrate its new lease of life.


Allen Sinclair, BBC South Today, Newbury.


In these fast-paced days businesses come and go.


But a jeweller's shop in Salisbury is staking a claim


to being the oldest family-run business in Wiltshire.


W Carter and Son has been trading from the same premises


Joe Campbell paid the shop a visit to find out just how it's managed


This is a historic corner of Salisbury, place where businesses


like to flaunt their heritage, but one has them all beat.


Step through the door at W Carter and Son and you step back in time.


The julep is back row claims to be the oldest family run business in


Wiltshire. -- the jewellers. It began 200 years ago with a small


announcement in the local newspaper. William Carper from London, clock


and watchmaker, Minster Street, most respectfully... The steam age, the


jet age, the computer age and umpteen generations later the


business ticks on. It is one of those businesses which is a lifetime


hobby as much as anything. Over the years we have had the odd tea are


brought in for special occasions to be cleaned up and things like that.


-- tiara. You are not saying who buy? No, you have to be discreet.


The new boy turned old boy Brian is now stepping back but upcoming


generations appreciate a bit of heritage. In this trade it is the


perfect place to wear a watch and chain and my pocket watch here,


dated 1755, so quite an old piece, older than the business! For


customers as well, the shop has been something of a fixture. They always


give you good advice and they sell good stuff. It is always quick sales


as well. Wedding ring. So that has recently stood the test of time!


Yes, 62 years. 63 years. Not quite as long as the business but a good


innings. Yes, it's good. As world-record attempts


go it's very sedate - a game of bowls by six players -


BUT they've got to keep It's going to take a lot


of stamina and let's Well, Sally, they are about six


hours into the challenge, 72 hours ahead when they started the late.


They are trying to raise money for charities including Cancer research


and help their heroes, but only six players, and with my skills I am not


likely to help them bring much. They will play in shifts, two at a time,


and I have not done too badly at that one but I don't think they will


call me up too soon. Lots of fun, lots of fundraising going on.


Brighton and Hove Albion hope to keep up the pressure


on Newcastle tonight at the top of the Championship.


Albion host Derby County at the Amex, and Johnny


Tony, Tuesday's win against Rotherham was a huge boost,


but you feel that the Seagulls will certainly have


to have their A-game on this evening against an unpredictable


There are ten games to go and plenty of those are here at the Amex.


The Seagulls have only lost twice in their last 29 at home


They also have to play several sides in the lower reaches


of the Championship and that could be the key at the end of April


to see whether they can make it into those final two places.


They have coped with the injury to Shane Duffy, Uwe Huenemeier


is set to play at centre back once again.


Goals from that game at 10:30pm tonight. I went a bit long on my


first bowl but I will see if I can do any better. I might have invaded


the world record attempt to my left so let's hope that has some turn on


it. Bournemouth defender Tyrone Mings


has said he's extremely disappointed at his five-game ban and reiterated


he didn't intentionally stamp He starts a five-game ban tomorrow,


as the Cherries host West Ham Reading hope to build


on their impressive point against Newcastle by getting


a win at Preston. Oxford and Swindon hit


the road in League One, While Portsmouth, who are up


into the top three in League Two, hope to continue their fine away


form at Colchester. Follow all the action online


and commentary on BBC local radio. Surrey Storm, based in Guildford,


take on Hertfordshire Mavericks in the London Live event which draws


thousands of fans to the capital It is another moment for this sport


to get into the spotlight and I went to see them earlier.


They are the team that has taken the Netball Superleague by storm.


Two-time defending league champions and top of the table.


Surrey are ready for the Copper Box this weekend and their game


It will be my first quite big game at the Copper Box.


Obviously, big Olympics fan, big basketball fan,


that was the basketball arena, so I'm excited to be playing


And I've just been getting the game on with my girls


The London Live event is one of the biggest in the calendar,


bringing 6000 fans together and live TV coverage.


Some girls are really nervous about playing in front


of a crowd of about 6000, which they've never done before,


and the others have and their experience


about playing in those stadiums is very helpful.


On paper Surrey are the favourites for this one.


The Mavericks have lost two of their three matches so far


I think our key is that we come together a lot.


We're a great team, we communicate well,


and it's not just on the court but off the court, too,


so having that chemistry in the team is really crucial, especially


The atmosphere, I think, is going to be amazing,


and for us it's about not getting overwhelmed with the atmosphere


If they follow that advice, Surrey will be hard to beat.


I think I need some advice on my bowls. Not too bad because I only


started practising about half an hour ago. 72 hours of bowls, why are


you doing it? One is to highlight what you are doing, bowling. Yours


was within four feet, a dustbin lid. We say that if you get within that


you will get hooked. We are raising money through the Facebook page for


charity. Six big charities, the main one was the one we did last year,


meningitis, we raised ?1500 in the little game and we have progressed


now to six charities, help the heroes, Disability Bowls, Cancer


Reach Search -- Research. You are well on the way to get the money


already? We are not there yet. We are a long way away! You ask when


this will end? One o'clock on Monday, hopefully with a new world


record. Don't join in any more, we don't


want any more disasters! Many places saw lingering fog well


past lunchtime and through tonight it will make a return. Even for


inland areas. Mist and fog will develop during the night, a good


feel of cloud, maybe the odd spot of drizzle here and there, and


temperatures falling away to a mild eight or nine. A light southerly


breeze developing. After a misty and murky start tomorrow, we are hopeful


with the dry air coming off France we will see the cloud thin and break


in places to allow Sunny spells. More cloud further to the north but


in the sunshine it will feel very mild. The warm air from the


continent will allow some places to reach 14, potentially 15 to 16 the


high. Tomorrow night, patchy rain will arrive during the early hours


of the morning ahead of a weather front double move in by dawn on


Sunday and temperatures will fall to around eight or nine Celsius, the


wind is fairly light. Through Sunday this band of rain will be with us,


two cold fronts moving from West to East. The first during the morning


clearing away, some heavy rain on that, the second one a dying weather


front, so not much rain but some patchy rain through the afternoon.


Brighter spells developing for western areas later but a lot of


cloud for much of the region and temperatures on Sunday a lot lower.


Looking at the weekend at as a whole, Saturday some sunny spells


and mainly dry, but a misty and murky start in places. Sunday a lot


cooler with a band of rain moving through. Rain at times, two bands of


rain, one with heavy rain, the second some light on patchy rain.


Here is the rest of the week's weather and into next week, a lot of


rain to start tomorrow, but he dry air from France will enable the


cloud to break up and temperatures to reach 14 to 16 degrees. Rain on


Sunday and on Monday and Tuesday it should be dry.


Do you remember the Summertime Specials of the 1980s?


It was a TV variety show featuring song and dance


The show moved around various seaside towns.


Some of the episodes were filmed in Bournemouth,


where there was something of an '80s revival in the town.


Today one of those opening sequences was faithfully recreated,


with a little help from Sean Killick.


The 1980s are in full swing and the TV variety Summerside Special danced


its way to Bournemouth, big hairdos, crop tops and all. This


light-hearted dance routine opened the show. When a video of it was


posted online a couple of years ago it became hit all over again. Now it


has inspired a tribute video which will be used to help motivate


athletes in next month's Bournemouth Bay run, which this year as a 1980s


theme to mark its 35th anniversary. It is such fun, which is what we


want for the event, all abilities, one K, five K, ten Kate, a half


marathon. As soon as I heard I thought, this is perfect. From


production perspective it has been interesting to revisit the shots and


line them up. A lot of things have changed around Bournemouth so has


been relatively difficult but it has been a fun challenge. The 1980s


video featured a professional dance troupe. The new visit video has a


group of arts students from the University of Bournemouth. We wanted


a modern twist with some new choreography, a bit of difference.


The original is very 1980s. I think it is fun, really fun, but not


something we do on a daily basis. The eagle eye will notice they are


all female but the 80s video had a couple of men, including a rather


square looking man with a suit and tie. Where on earth could they find


a stand-in today? I don't think this table make the final edit. The run


is on the 2nd of April and I hope those potentially taking part are


substantially fitter than I am. Brilliant! What a star.


John Travolta Patrick Swayze, which is John? -- or Patrick.


So, like, you get sponsored to swap clothes with somebody for a day.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. OK, I don't get that. So, maybe...


I don't get that. ..you wear your mother's clothes?


I don't get it. What does she wear? No, no, she wears someone else's.


OK, I don't get that, it's too complicated. Do another one.


So, like, you get sponsored to let people lick stuff


No, but, like, you get these flavoured... Cool, yeah.


Not going to happen. Peanut butter. Do another one.


For better ideas, get your free fundraising kit now.


Let's Sing And Dance exploded onto our screens,


setting the stage alight...literally.


Stars were a-swinging... Could somebody help me?


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