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Tributes to the Oxford author who created Inspector Morse.


Also, charged nearly ?1500 for four Ed Sheeran tickets -


an Oxfordshire woman tells the Government why


And later on - who would you like to drop by on your 87th birthday?


Well, for Pam in Sonning, it was her Hollywood heartthrob.


Tributes have been paid to Oxford author Colin Dexter


He created the character Inspector Morse,


which spawned the TV series - and in which he made


The actor Kevin Whately said he loved being on set


Lewis! Oxford's most famous detective, a character that captured


millions. Today Kevin Whately - the man


who played Morse's sidekick - We've been lucky to have him for 30


years, and 30 years of his wonderful plots and characters and what have


you, so it's a of feelings. I said there are two characters we have to


have if we do come back, and one of them is going to beat Cavan, and


secondly, the city of Oxford. -- Kevin Whately.


The Trout pub in Wolvercote featured in a number of Morse episodes.


Bosses say it s become a Mecca for fans of the series.


There is a massive following for Colin Dexter, I think he was a


really influential person and series so everyone comes to see where it


was filmed. We have so many fanatics who come in and ask us questions.


Colin Dexter was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire


He was also given the Freedom of Oxford.


Cullen was a delightful man with an emperor sense of humour and his


jokes were often about himself as much as anybody else. We gave him


the freedom of the city because he was such an important person in


drawing attention to Oxford through the Morse series on TV.


The Randolf hotel - home of the Morse bar -


A statement said Colin would often visit the hotel. Thousands of people


come to Oxford every year because of its connections with moss, and


places like this bar will make sure he is remembered for years to come.


Police investigating a murder in Milton Keynes say they have


several new lines of inquiry after an appeal on


Hang Lin Leung died 11 days after her house


was broken into and ransacked at the end of January.


Some of her possessions were found off Weedon Road in Aylesbury.


Police believe they may have been thrown from a car.


They say they're following a number of new lines of enquiry.


Next, getting hold of tickets for sold out events


like concerts and the high prices you can be asked to pay online.


An Oxfordshire woman has been giving evidence to the Government


Claire Turnham, who lives near Witney, was charged nearly


?1500 for four Ed Sheeran tickets on the website Viagogo.


Ed Sheeran - popular is an understatement.


He is currently holding nine of the ten top spots


Hardly surprising, then, that tickets for his concerts


Viagogo, a secondary selling website, provides a place for fans


to buy tickets when they've sold out elsewhere.


It said that there were, you know, thousands of people


looking at these tickets, I was next in line, and that


I had a chance to buy the last four tickets,


which I was actually really excited about.


But Claire Turnham from Witney's happiness was short-lived.


The tickets had been ?263 each, I was unaware of that, but on top,


they had added an extra approximately ?350 in fees.


She complained to Viagogo and got refunded.


Since then, she's started a Facebook group to help hundreds of others


At the moment, they can hide behind certain things and it's not great,


and that's why there's some confusion and anger.


Today, Claire and Ed Sheeran's managements made their case


I think there should be a cooling-off period.


People should be allowed, particularly under this


pressure selling situation, to have the protection


of the law which states that if you are in this situation,


you have a right to pencil your purchase within


Viagogo didn't reply to our request for a response today.


They decided not to attend the committee hearing either.


A pedestrian is in a critical condition after being hit by a car


It happened on Marlborough Street near to


Milton Keynes General Hospital on Saturday afternoon.


A 53-year-old man was hit by a silver Peugeot 307.


More than half the building projects to extend Oxfordshire's schools


have missed their deadlines in the past three years.


It's led to some schools having to use temporary classrooms


and, in some cases, having to say no to extra pupils.


Here's our political reporter Bethan Phillips.


Lessons are now in full swing in Windmill Primary


But to get to this point the school had more than its share of problems.


The delays just got longer and longer, so come Christmas 2014


there was still no word when building was going to begin,


who our contractor would be and by this time, time


And this school isn't alone - out of 39 building projects


in the past three years that were supposed to provide new places


by the start of the school year, only 19 were completed on time.


Five extensions took an extra year or more to complete.


And in two cases headteachers had to say no to taking


It has a lot of impact because you have a class of children


who need a classroom, which means you have


to put them into a space that is a temporary measure.


That's not a great way for any child to start a school year


and for teachers not to feel they have the resources


they need in that space, and that block of time is a big deal


Some say these issues show serious problems with the system.


I fear too much of it is down to sheer bad project management.


We've been building schools for 150 years.


We know the school term starts in September.


It should not be rocket science for project management to ensure


Oxfordshire County Council has said it's "extremely concerned"


Contractor Carillion says it's working closely with the council.


Plans have been approved for a ?30 million student


accomodation scheme on Oxpens in Oxford city centre.


The scheme will create more than 500 new beds.


The project alongside the railway would see the demolition


of the Oxford Business Centre, but also create commercial


Health bosses in Milton Keynes are proposing to limit the number


of gastric band operations in a bid to save money.


The Milton Keynes Care Commissioning Group only wants


to carry out weight loss procedures in exceptional circumstances.


The move is part of a wider consultation


running this month to save almost ?10 million next year.


A Wiltshire farmer's hoping to put kid on the menu in homes


Lizzie Dyer from Cricklade gave up her office job and created


the Cotswold Kid Meat company four years ago.


The meat is low in fat and high in protein -


so can it compete with lamb and veal?


Katharine Da Costa has been to Lizzie's farm to find out more.


These inquisitive billies are being reared on a 30-acre farm


in Cricklade near Swindon, but most are killed at birth.


That's because although demand for goat s milk and cheese has


soared in recent years, there's been no appetite


Lizzie Dyer hopes that's about to change.


I was shocked that it's so widely eaten on the continent but not here,


and then when I started to look into it I realised that these


billies were being born on the dairies and were being


dispatched at birth and I thought hang on, we can find a nice little


blueprint here to rear a by-product sustainably and produce


a good-quality meat at the end of it.


Lizzie started with 20 kids four years ago


It's already the largest free-range kid farm in the country.


As well as producing the meat, the skin is sent to an organic


tannery and made into rugs and cushion covers.


These little guys are just ten days old.


They'll live here on the farm outside in the fields for nine


months until they're sold for meat, and it's particularly healthy meat -


lower in cholesterol than chicken and higher in iron than beef.


Lizzie's selling direct to a growing number of customers and businesses


across the Cotswolds, including here at The Wild


I'll break the shoulders down and the neck and I'll braise


that for a little while, and then with the leg


and the saddles, they're so delicate and delicious,


you can just grill them and serve them like that.


So it's not like the old goat you think of in a curry that


No, the kid that Lizzie's breeding is so delicious and the flavour


So as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.


Here we go, so Lizzie's kid, lovely anchovy and rosemary,


Go on, Lizzie, tuck in, it smells amazing.


The rosemary lifts up the kid flavour.


The anchovy matches with it and it's soft and tender.


As her business takes off, Lizzie hopes kid meat will one


day be a firm favourite on the Great British menu.


Keep watching to find out about George Clooney's surprise visit to a


care home. I'll be back at 10:30pm. Stay weather is because Terry has


learned has all the sport from Poole. We were the football club on


the rotor summer, up or down, all staying with the status quo. The


Biddick lament Poole Town face is coming up -- the predicament.


The jury in the trial of a Hampshire businessman charged


with the manslaughter of one of his closest friends in a boating


incident has gone out to consider its verdict.


Ryan McKinlay from Gosport was killed when the TurboJet Rib


driven by 34-year-old Aaron Brown collided with the swimming platform


of his yacht off the Isle of Wight in June 2015.


His hired skipper, Paul Carey, seen here piloting the Rib


before the fatal accident, and outside Winchester Crown Court


today in the blue shirt, was found not guilty of driving too


fast in contravention of shipping regulations.


Protestors led by a woman from Dorset went to Downing Street


today to hand in a petition demanding that rules


surrounding the sale of static mobile homes be changed.


They're angry that under current arrangements,


owners have to hand over 10% of their home's value to the site


They say the rule is outdated and needs changing.


All these people behind me, and thousands over the country, are


literally trapped in their homes by this 10% commission charge.


That they have to give to the park owner.


Basically, they cannot move on because at the end of the day, if


they try to buy something different to what they already have,


it's got to be inferior because they don't have the money after parting


There's to be another rail strike by the RMT union


The action will take place on Saturday the 8th of April,


The dispute is over staffing and the role of conductors.


Southern's owners had offered fresh talks if industrial


King Alfred the great's statue, the giant lion, and the Charles Dickens


Memorial, all public monuments that serve as artworks for all. But as


tastes change and text and he develops, what does public art look


like in the digital age? Our reporter is live, where a new piece


of art has been unveiled. Do we call this a monument statue or sculpture


or what? It is very, very modern. There is me waving, I am not the


piece of art. This is here. The man behind it is Adam. You are a local


boy. What is this, and how does it work? It as a digital canvas wrapped


around the building. We are delighted to have this opportunity


to show a very playful piece that picks up on the members of the


public's movements and translates them into abstract forms for them to


interact with and get lost in and explore. And let go of anything. Why


have you didn't? We wanted to take the normal experience of the


interactive part display you find that an art gallery and take it onto


the street so everyone can enjoy it, everyone in the community can


experience a playful, engaging art piece that asks questions about


space and how we cure rate our public area, and something that is


interesting in the ever-changing landscape of our wonderful Worthing.


It has even got to be reporters excited. Let's bringing Caryn, you


from the Worthing trusts. Why did you get involved? We are a charity


which works with local council, and it is exciting, it will help change


the way people look at Worthing, get people down there and have lower,


but also flag of the digital economy. It is a great example of


it. It will engage people. The main thing is to come and play. And have


a debate about digital art, what is art, digital art? Get involved. It


got the thumbs up from these, what about these people here? Do you like


it? Yes! Sally, you can see for yourself until the 2nd of April in


Worthing. Great to see you waving, I've thought it was you I saw, I


could recognise the gloves. You know me too well.


Onto sport, and tonight Tony's at the club that doesn't quite know


what it's short or long term future is, despite success on the field.


Let's join him now at the Tatnam ground, home of Poole Town.


By the way, no gloves. Let's get on with the sport. Interesting story,


we are getting towards the end of the football season and fans are


dreaming about promotion. On paper, in theory, that would be the


scenario for Poole Town, going very well, winter nights and they're up


into the play-off places. But this is a club which has come a long way


very quickly, all the way to the Hampshire leagues and playing


National League now. The ground isn't actually up to National League


South standard. You can see they worked hard, but it is resembling


the end of the school field. They have a big inspection next week from


the National League. If they don't meet the requirements, they could be


relegated, and all that at a time when putting so much evidence to try


and get the club promoted. The improvements have been going on, we


can see this bit of terracing which was opened at the weekend for their


game here, a 3-3 draw. But they need to keep working to try and get this


ground sorted. Otherwise, they could be in the creases duration of going


promotion and ending up relegated. I spoke to the manager and asked them


how he's kept the players' form up. At the start of the season there was


a certain amount of apprehension as to what the league would bring and


how we would cope in the league, and the players have been exceptional.


To be in the decision we are in, within touching distance of the


play-offs with six weeks is still to go, it's been a monumental effort. I


must be honest, it's taken me by surprise, but they deserve an awful


lot of credit. And against the backdrop of this uncertainty over


the stage and your state is in the National League, to stay in this


division, to get promoted, the fear of relegation, how have you managed


to deal with it? Players are players insofar as they want to play


football and concentrate on winning matches. It is easier for them, or


at more straightforward to concentrate on the job in hand. The


uncertainty around the club is not great in terms of dealing with


sponsorship and trying to get things organised. And planning ahead, it


just makes life difficult. I will be pleased when the inspection has


taken place, and hopefully it will go our way. How confident are you


you will get the green light and the club can stay at this level, if not


go to the next one? I know there's been a huge effort from everyone.


The fund raising has been difficult and a lot of people have stepped


forward in terms of that. There has been the practicalities of getting


stuff done in a short timescale, so there's a lot of people doing a lot


of work to achieve that. From what I am told, we are positive about the


inspection, but it is one of those things, until that happens and you


get the tech in the right box, there is uncertainty. Yes, it is fingers


crossed for his team. Onto the pitch, we are in March and look at


the quality of the page, is fantastic. They've worked so hard.


Behind the goal, that terracing, it is always had a covered stand but it


is proper terracing now. Things going well for Poole Town, now they


just need to prove they can get through the inspection.


Southampton midfielder James Ward-Prowse says


he will fulfil a "life-long ambition" if he makes his debut


The 22-year-old has been called-up to the full England


squad for the first time, alongside team-mate Nathan Redmond.


He's now hoping that manager Gareth Southgate will involve him


in the friendly against Germany in Dortmund tomorrow night.


Firstly I am ready. The manager thinks that as well, otherwise he


wouldn't have included me. It'll be a great occasion if I do so. I'm


just looking forward to enjoying the week and making the most out of my


time here and trying to improve. Good luck to James, hopefully he's


in the team with Nathan Redmond. England against Jamie, always a huge


game. When you are 87, you need to be


a little careful about activities But Pat Adams from Sonning has


thrown caution to the wind. As she approached her birthday,


she let it be known that a visit from a certain high profile


neighbour would be very welcome. Her people - at her retirement home


- spoke to A-lister George Clooney's people and, to everyone's amazement,


the Hollywood heartthrob At home on the red carpet, George


Clooney has a domestic retreat on the banks of the terms. A fact that


had not gone unnoticed by one committed clearly fan, Pat Adams.


Like all residents here, she was encouraged to make a wish, and Pat


aims high, requesting an audience with the charmer. Sat and waited and


lo and behold he came. He said it was very nice to meet me and I said,


not half as nice as it is for me to meet you. George Clooney didn't come


empty-handed comic greeting is packed with flowers and a


handwritten card. -- greeting past. I thought you would like some


flowers. The flowers would last for ever but the flowers will. I'm


keeping that card. I have shaken hands with George Clooney, I don't


think I will ever wash my hands again. But of course I will. This is


a day I will always remember for the rest of my life. As she well knows,


the 35-year-old is firmly attached. He married this human rights lawyer


in 2014 and are expecting twins. If the new dad needs a quiet escape


from nappies and night feeds, Pat's door will be wide open. He's a very


nice man, a very handsome man and he can call any time he likes. I love


Pat. She is grey. Now I know what happened to the birthday flowers I


was expecting. The red sofa is here. On to sport. Would you like to do


sport? Shall we do the weather? People were out early


this morning; this is And this is how Wareham looked first


thing, captured by Rachel Baker. Thanks to Maureen Coles for this


great shot of the waterfront. We are dry to start the western part


will see rain. A few showers knocking around, people will see


some dry skies, but this band of rain makes it away from the west. By


morning, some parts will be wet. Overnight lows, not too bad, five to


seven Celsius, but the winds are quite strong overnight. Into


tomorrow morning, it is a wet start are most places and the morning you


will season breaks. That rain clearing to the east. By the


afternoon, some sunny spells of other and the top temperature around


nine Celsius. With the lighter winds, it won't feel as feel as cold


as today. Through tomorrow evening, another showery Storey, plenty of


showers moving through the Channel. Some of those could be heavy at


times. Overnight lows in the region of four or five Celsius for most


places. Towards firstly, we can see the low-pressure that is dominating,


natural feed into more showers for a time throughout the day. Some


brighter skies for time but you would be wise to keep your umbrella


to hand. That low pressure that is feeding in no showers stays through


Thursday. We will see it finally move off on Friday. As we start a


season high pressure builds. By the weekend, things are starting to look


more settled, some warm sunshine to enjoy, but it will be chilly byte


night. So, gardeners, take note. The next couple of days, it is a showery


story, some bright spells, but nine Celsius the hive. Thursday is a


rainy story, much the same for Friday but things pick up for the


weekend. Thank you very much. A disabled teenager from Havant


who made a video which has gone viral has received a phone call


from Sir Elton John - who said Lewis Hine created it


to mark his 16th birthday and it's now been viewed nearly seven million


times on Facebook. He was diagnosed with a brain


tumour at just 17 months, and the video follows his treatment


and also the charity he's set up to help teenagers


like him find friends. In his phone call,


Sir Elton called Lewis The lovely Lewis. And what a video,


it had to be moved to tears. And Lewis and his mum Emma will be


telling their story on the BBC That is it, there is more at 8pm and


10:30pm. Join us tomorrow, goodbye.


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