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Hello and welcome to South Today. and on BBC One we now join the BBC's


In tonight's programme: A big rise in recorded sex


Figures show they're up by more than a third in the Thames Valley,


so how much of that rise is down to online grooming?


Also: described as a tragic case, an inquest hears how four-year-old


Barnaby died after he was run over by his father.


And later on: Telling a story, the artist working


on a larger-than-life project of the author Terry Pratchett.


The number of child sex offences recorded


by Thames Valley Police increased by more than a third last year.


Figures obtained by the NSPCC show just under 2,500


The charity says the figures may be down to the rise of online grooming,


as well as survivors feeling more confident in reporting abuse.


Here's our Home Affairs Correspondent, Peter Cooke.


This Thames Valley father knows more than most about child sex offences.


His daughter was groomed online and abused by this man, Billy Byrne.


The then 22-year-old took explicit pictures of three underage girls


and blackmailed them into having sex.


How did they come to be on your mobile phone?


Byrne is currently serving a ten year sentence for his crimes.


His victim's father was grateful for the support


We've protected his identity for his daughter's safety.


The special unit they've got in the local police station was very


homely and the officers were very caring.


She was losing weight but she confided in a teacher.


They should talk to their teachers initially and then


Figures obtained by the NSPCC show a significant rise in recorded child


sex offences by police forces across the South.


Only Wiltshire Police saw a reduction.


But there was nearly a 40% rise in the Thames Valley.


The crime recording processes have changed so we are much better,


much slicker at recording the right crimes, which is very positive


and it demonstrates that people are happy


They are confident in the service that we provide.


They say they understand youngsters may not always


We are working proactively to encourage people to come


forward, through schools, education and through


voluntary sectors that have contact with children.


And using our best detective skills to then follow-up


and to give the best service to the victims and give them


Some of these offences are historical, but the force


insists it'll take any reports seriously when victims feel


Today's figures were published by the NSPCC.


Earlier I spoke to Chris Cloke, the charity's head of


He told me the growth of online grooming is having a major effect on


the figures. We know that both family


members can sexually abuse children in their families,


and, you know, we've always said that a major threat in terms


of sexual abuse comes from other family members or people


who are known to the child, but online abuse is also


increasingly significant. And with online abuse


we know that abusers can, may be abusing several


children at one time, What can be done to reduce


the number of children We need to see prevention starting


early and we need to see, we need to see children being warned


about the dangers of child sexual abuse, and this can be done


in a nonthreatening way. The message that we really need


to encourage all children to hear is that if they have got concerns


that they are at risk or are being And that maybe somebody at school,


it might be a parent, and of course at the end of the day


children can always telephone Childline,


we're here 24 hours a day. What more can the police


do, do you think? I think there is a need


for training, and certainly in releasing these statistics today


the NSPCC is calling for police We know that police officers


are under a lot of pressure, a lot of stress, they have got


a huge workload. We need to make it easy


for policemen and women to do their jobs and so part


of that is trading and we think they need to have training


in dealing with online abuse. Of course, this abuse doesn't


just affect the child at the moment it's happening,


it can live with them That is absolutely right,


and again the NSPCC is calling for improved treatment and recovery


services for children And you're absolutely right,


child may be being abused, but the actual impact might not


happen until much later. So we need to have flexible packages


of support and this needs Next, Thames Valley Police says it's


working closely with local communities to allay fears linked


to yesterday's terrorist It says it has a particular focus


on supporting Muslim communities It says there is no intelligence


to suggest a specific terror threat Questions are being asked


about whether national security forces could have done more


to prevent the London attack. What happens to people


when they come across MI5's radar is that they are divided into one


of two categories. Essential targets


or Desirable targets. The London bombers of 2005 did


come across MI5's radar, they were deemed to be Desirable


but not Essential. An inquest has heard how a family


day out to a swimming pool ended in the death


of a four-year-old child. Barnaby Cork's father reversed


over him in the car park of the leisure centre in Thame,


two weeks before Christmas. The Coroner recorded a verdict


of accidental death, Barnaby's parents, Stefan and Ela,


didn't attend today's hearing The Coroner, Darren Salter,


said the facts were not contentious and therefore there was no need


to add to the family's distress. Barnaby had travelled


with his family to Thame Leisure His father had parked


in a disabled bay. The children got out


of the car to go swimming, while the parents made arrangements


to meet up later. Stefan then reversed, not


realising his son was behind him. He said he didn't realise


he'd run him over. Barnaby was airlifted to hospital


with serious head injuries. The family launched a Just Giving


page for the charity Our thoughts are very much


with Barnaby's family at the moment and we were incredibly grateful


and humble but they chose donating to us as one way of remembering


Barnaby, and we have been absolutely overwhelmed by the support


that we've had. Closing the hearing,


the coronor recorded that Barnaby He offered his condolences to the


family on the loss of a young life The mother of an Oxfordshire


teenager who died after taking Ecstasy wants all drugs to be


legalised for over-18s. 15-year-old Martha Fernback


died after taking MDMA Her mother campaigns for drugs to be


regulated and licensed. Plans for a single unitary authority


for Oxfordshire have been Oxfordshire County Council along


with the district authorities in South Oxfordshire and the Vale


of White Horse want to see a single But West Oxfordshire,


Cherwell and Oxford City Education leaders in Swindon have


set out their vision for improving It's after Ofsted published


a letter in November, claiming pupils there


were being failed The Swindon Challenge Board is now


aiming to make sure that every school is rated good or better


by Ofsted by the year 2020. The RSPCA are appealing for help


in finding a home for one Tyson came to the charity after


a cat scratch cost him his eye. On average, most dogs get


re-homed within six weeks. Despite extensive social media


campaigns Tyson has spent 10 months at their animal


shelter near Aylesbury. Katharine Da Costa has


been to meet him. Tyson is a five-year-old


Rottweiler cross. As you can see he has


only got one eye. So he came into us because in his


previous home a cat attacked him, which meant that he had


to have his eye removed, and sadly his previous owners


couldn't afford the operation, so they signed him over


to the RSPCA care. Obviously with his one eye,


we do call him Captain Tyson and we have done a few Facebook


posts where we've dressed It does suit his temperament as well


because he is a little explorer. We do like to say that he's


Captain Tyson, looking We have been mixing him


and he has made a friend She is a nine-year-old crossbreed


and she only has three legs so they are kind


of the missing parts club. It is quite unusual for him


to be here for so long A lot of dogs don't really show


themselves to their best in the kennel and people forget


that, so it is quite a high stress environments,


with lots of dogs barking and lots of people walking around,


so I think he just gets overlooked. He is very relaxed


in his temperament. He really likes to just sort


of lounge about during Like I said, he's got a very good


sense of smell so he likes We are looking for a nice sort


of loving family really. He can live with children


over the age of 12. That's mostly because of his size


really, and he could possibly live with another dog,


a female would be good No cats though, which I think


is quite understandable because he didn't like


the last time. Yeah, I would be very sad to see him


go but also if we find him the right Maybe someone will take


Tyson and Lexi, then I'll be back after tonight's


extended ten o'clock news. Now more of today's stories


with Sally Taylor. Later, Sarah Farmer


has the forecast. We've got a blustery


couple of days to come. But a promising weekend


on the horizon. Join me later for


your full forecast. A decision is expected


shortly on the future A government minister has been


asked to decide if nine It would save millions of pounds,


but would getting rid of local councillors make


decisions less, well... Our Political Editor


Peter Henley reports. Olive bottling in deepest Dorset.


Olives Et Al have their production Buying the best olives


from around the world and exporting globally,


too, but they rely on local councils Getting a decision can take too


long, they say, and as a result, the county's businesses aren't


prospering as they should be. It's trying to find the right mouth,


the right person to speak to. And inevitably, when you have spoken


to one, you have to speak And I think this whole idea


about trying to streamline the local authorities into just two


will simplify that beyond belief. From Sturminster Newton


to the world, the olives bottled here travel down in Dorset's


superhighway, the A35. And according to the leader


of Dorset Council, reducing nine councils to two will really help


keep the wheels of the Surveys have shown that in general,


people quite like decisions That's what we're


seeing with Brexit. But in a modern, increasingly


complicated world, it's one way of saving money


and providing simplicity. Three councils are against


the merger and the Christchurch MP Christopher Chope has been urging


the Secretary of State not Can we have an early debate on how


to prevent ineffective and wasteful councils seeking to seize


by compulsion the assets and powers of their financially


sound neighbours. He's talking about this man,


the council leader in Bournemouth. The criticism is that overturning


years of history to form one new super council in the urban east


of Dorset will lead I think with the right councillors


doing the job that they are elected to do and being accountable to local


residents, it's the local residents The mayors' portraits tell


the story of changing local We'll find out soon


whether the government wants that Peter Henley, BBC South


today, Bournemouth. A new temporary service station has


opened at Fleet on the southbound M3 after the building was gutted


by fire in December. The flatpack structure was formerly


used as the food hall for Olympic athletes during the London 2012


Games. The old building, badly damaged


by a fire which started in a coffee machine,


will be demolished with a new permanent service


station opening next year. The fire was a terrible thing


to happen, but primarily, no-one was injured,


that was the main thing. And the fact is that


when it reopens, it will be The original site opened in 1974,


and since then, there have been But 44 years later,


when it does open in 2018, it will be a brand-new building,


it will look completely different to the way it did, and again,


we'll have everything that's behind us inside and maybe some


other things as well. Disney, Pompey, Mickey Mouse, surely


there is a film to come out of it? It could be a film. Big development


story today. Portsmouth's Chief Executive has


told us fans should be cautiously optimistic after it was confirmed


Pompey were entering formal talks to sell the club to the former


Disney boss Michael Eisner. Trevor Birch will advise the club


during negotiations, he was the administrator who helped


save Portsmouth from extinction. We can reveal tonight US investment


firm Inner Circle sports of other English clubs


including Liverpool. There's nothing Mickey Mouse


about Eisner's credentials. He is a man who led Walt Disney into


the millennium, seen here opening Euro in Paris. The Disney culture


came from Europe. Michael Eisner left behind that world in 2005,


turning to other ventures. Football and Portsmouth could be next.


Judging by his Critically today, Eisner has developed a soft spot


during several months of research. There are no informal talks which


could lead to a sale. He is an individual, with a proven track


record of dealing in a responsible manner. He is heavily committed to


community, charitable causes back in the States, so he takes a lot of


boxers. He has gone over the lot of hurdles to get to this point. I


think it's great for Pompey fans in general, the excitement is good.


From our point of view, it's good for us to concentrate on the


promotion, but this is great for everyone, so we will watch this


space, like everyone else and fingers crossed, it goes well.


Portsmouth's decline followed a highly public meltdown in 2010. Fans


took control in 2013. And the winds of change may not be restricted to


Portsmouth. While Eisner heralds American interest in Pompey,


Southampton remains linked with a takeover from a sports within China.


Eisner himself was linked with rating last year. But tonight, if


Pompey are at the start of their own March two the Magic Kingdom.


We will keep a very close eye on what happens at Portsmouth in the


days and weeks to come. Interesting times. Moving across to Southampton


now. Southampton duo James Ward-Prowse


and Nathan Redmond made their international


debuts last night. 25 minutes of England's defeat


in Dortmund while Hampshire born Ward-Prowse was a late sub


alongside his former team-mate Luke Shaw,


now of Manchester United. Both stay with the squad


for this weekend's world cup A foundry in Basingstoke is busy


casting a series of bronze busts of the fantasy author Sir Terry


Pratchett. They've been designed by Paul Kidby,


who did many of the illustrations It's just a warm-up


to a much bigger project - to create a larger than life statue


of the man - to be placed not far The warm and mischievous expression


of a local literary legend, emerging Welded, polished and brightened


under the blowtorch. The artist's work


is done, the experts at the foundry take it from here,


making the vision into a bronze Paul Kidby was Sir Terry's


artist of choice for well To him, it has been


so important to get it right. Our relationship was,


I loved his writing, And it seemed to be


a mutual respect. So I have tried to capture Terry


as best I can, really, from working with him, so the expression


is really the expression I remember So, yeah, it's lovely


to have been asked. Sir Terry died two years ago, eight


years after being diagnosed with During his career, he wrote more


than 70 books, including the passionate fans will forever be


thankful for the worlds he shared with them, and will no doubt support


Paul's next project is to create It's sort of an informal


sculpture of Terry that ideally


people will engage with. And hopefully, it will be


intriguing, so there will be a few of Terry's characters


there somewhere for you to find. I know what having


a seven foot statue in the centre of Salisbury


would mean to Terry. He would consider it


completely ridiculous. However, he did feel


that it would give the pigeons somewhere to rest,


so he would find that quite amusing. But he would look at


all of this and find it all rather bizarre,


but I think secretly, very proud


that we are doing this for him. There is a determination


never to forget. An exhibition this


autumn at Salisbury Museum will pay tribute,


and friends say having these about the place will bring the man


they miss a Amanda Parr reporting


there from Basingstoke. I love a good statue and it would be


lovely to see that in Salisbury. Did you think the likeness was


extraordinary? Superb job. Sarah is here tonight


with the weather. It has been a lovely day today, blustery. We have


had glorious weather pictures. Grey and gloomy for some


of our coastal spots today - this was the scene in Swanage taken


by Gill Richards. This little robin is looking


a little windswept - caught on camera by Dulcie Levett in


Chichester. And a lovely scene at


Cobler's Lock On The Kennet And Avon Blustery scenes today and more of


that come in the next couple of days. Tonight is no exception. There


is a split between wet and dry conditions tonight. For the coastal


areas and the Isle of Wight, we have some rain nudging in along the


coastal stretch here. That rainbow Centre, go through the course of


tonight. Drier conditions the North. Where we stick with those east and


north is, it will feel a little on the chilly side and those winds


should do just enough to keep the frost at bay for most of us. A grey


start tomorrow, perhaps damp for parts of Dorset first thing. But the


cloud will gradually ease away, so brighter skies as we go into the


afternoon. The keen easterly breeze will take the edge off the


temperatures, so it will feel chilly with the wind. It looks like people


start to lose any cloud through the course of tomorrow evening and it is


a clear nights to come. Temperatures will take a job as a result and we


can expect temperatures in our towns and cities to head down to two or


three degrees. The breeze is still around and it will prevent a frost


for most of us, but some sheltered spots could see a little frost. As


we journey into Saturday, the high pressure is still in charge.


Saturday is set fair, we will see decent, brighter skies through the


course of the day. The good news is the winds eased down as well and


decent sunny spells on the cards, particularly for Saturday. Sunday is


still a largely dry picture, although a little cloudier. 35


coastal areas tomorrow, but brighter further north. Cloudier for a Sunday


and proud once again to start the new week.


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