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In tonight's programme: so it's goodbye from me,


Six weeks on, six people are still homeless


following an explosion in their block of flats.


Also tonight, re-united - the lorry driver meets


the woman who saved his life, when his heart stopped beating.


and later on , the weekend's football -


could this be the start of a great escape for Swindon Town?


A housing company says it's still working to find permanent


places to live for people left homeless following


Ten one-bedroom flats in Gibbs Crescent were destroyed


The remains of one resident were found in the rubble.


Habiba Gudal washes dishes in her communal kitchen.


She was moved into this flat after her home was destroyed


It was meant to be a temporary solution.


Now she says it's prolonging her nightmare.


First of all it's tiny, very small. Second, it's not easy for transport.


Plus, you know, I'm sharing with people I don't know. I'm really very


depressed and frustrated. Peter Schoen also had to move


out after the blast. Now in a room opposite Habiba, and


sharing the facilities, he too has frustrations. We're far away from


the city. It takes a good half hour to get to the city. That's the


frustration that I have difficulties with. On the weekend, you have to


get the bus right, if you get the bus wrong, you stand there for


hours. Thames Valley Police have finished their inquiries into the


cause of the explosion. It's passed its findings onto the Coroner.


Habiba says the uncertainty of her future is agonising. We've been kept


in the dark, when, how and if I get house even, what do I have? Nothing.


Everything's been lost. The flat operators A 2 dominion said they had


done everything possible to help affected residents. A statement


said: For Habiba, it doesn't look


like a solution will be found soon. Women, travelling from the Banbury


to Oxford to give birth, are facing journeys of more than 90


minutes, according Victoria Prentis is campaigning


against a plan to permanently downgrade the maternity unit


at the Horton Hospital, so that women with more complicated


pregnancies have to go to the John She tried out the journey with our


political reporter, Bethan Phillips. We are just leaving the Horton


maternity hospital, where I was born. We're driving to the John


Radcliffe maternity wing. This is a journey that hundreds


of mums to be are now facing, after the downgrade


of the Horton hospital. And Banbury MP Victoria Prentis says


a survey of nearly 400 patients has found that people are finding


the drive takes 80 minutes, I've had lots and lots of responses


to my travel survey and what the consensus of that has shown me is


that most people allow about two hours to make the journey. And also


to park. We might get there in an hour if we're lucky, we might not.


What it won't be, I'm sure, is the sort of journey, described by the


Trust and the clinical commissioning group in their evidence, which is


just taken from Google Maps. It's a journey currently


being contemplated by Heidi Yates, who's 35 weeks pregnant


with her second child. Theo arrived just an hour


after her waters broke. So she's nervous about


having to get to the JR. It's something that I'm trying not


to think about, whilst a lot of people think you're very fortunate


to be able to have a quick labour and in most cases, I've been very


lucky, but the prospect of that becoming a major concern about my


not making it to the hospital, it's not something that I'm feeling


particularly lucky at having. Meanwhile, on the road


from Banbury to Oxford, I feel so sorry for the dads. We're


an hour and five minutes into this journey. We are stuck in almost


stationary traffic. By this point, if the labour is progressing well,


their partners will really not be feeling great and will be quite


frustrated by being stuck in traffic. It must be awful to be the


dad and just feel completely powerless to do anything to help.


This journey took us one hour and nine minutes.


The clinical commissioning group - which is behind the plans to change


health services in Oxfordshire - says it will consider the survey


of journey times carried out by Victoria Prentis.


Two men have been convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment


with a minimum term of 30 years each, following a murder


Mohamed Noor, on the left, and Albert Prempeh approached


a house in Osprey Close at 5am on the 13th September last year.


Noor pointed a gun through an open window and fired, shooting


He later died at Milton Keynes General Hospital.


A ?6 billion contract to decommission a dozen Magnox


nuclear power stations, including site being decommisioned


at Harwell, has been scrapped after what's been described


As a result, around ?100 million has been paid out in compensation


The Business Secretary, Greg Clark, told the Commons that an independent


inquiry would now take place, with the possibility


A lorry driver has been reunited with the woman who saved his life,


after he had a cardiac arrest while on a delivery in Cirencester.


Stuart James returned to the spot where he died,


then came back to life, just three weeks ago,


Without you, I wouldn't be here today. It's an emotional time.


Holding hands with the woman who saved his life, lorry driver


and father of two young children Stuart James is back


Stuart was delivering a sofa with his colleague Craig,


when he collapsed on the pavement and had a cardiac arrest I looked


I looked round a I thought, he's gone. I said, are you OK? He wasn't


breathing. He was purple and not responsive. At that moment an


eyewitness ran into the dog groomers opposite, knowing Drawn, who worked


there, had been in the Army. She came straight outside to help Stuart


and at that point, her military training kicked in. I made sure his


airway was clear. I checked his pulse. There was absolutely nothing.


I started two rescue breaths and then the chest compressions. Dawn's


quick actions kept the blood pumping around Stuart's body bringing him


Stuart was airlifted to the Great Western Hospital in Swindon.


When he woke up a few hours later he had no idea what had happened.


I just thought I might have passed out and banged my head,


then to be told I'd died and been brought back, it's quite


I can't thank her enough for giving me a second chance.


Knowing I can still see my kids grow up.


Dawn is now raising money for a defribrillator to be placed


outside her dog grooming shop, so that others can be saved


A boy from Aylesbury has been told his life-threatening


Ollie Gardiner was given just months to live,


after being diagnosed with cancer of the brain and spine in 2015.


After a number of failed sessions of chemotherapy,


his community raised more than ?400,000 so he could


Matt Graveling has been to meet him.


In this house, even the most mundane of moments are cherished.


10-year-old Theo and 11-year-old brother Ollie.


Sorry, 12-year-old brother Ollie, have an extra special bond.


Ollie is currently battling cancer, but with the love of his


...and cat Lucy, Ollie is winning his fight.


One year ago, this normal life seemed gone forever, but now,


thanks to a huge fundraising drive to pay for private treatment,


Here we are at, this is where Olly goes to school as a year nine. He's


going to be doing his GCSEs here... Actually I'm in year eight. This is


a hard job, do you think you can do better? I think I can do a lot


better. Give me the microphone. Hi, I'm Olly. In 2015, I was told that I


had cancer in my brain and my spine. I had ten sessions of chemotherapy


and 34 sessions of radio therapy, but this didn't work. My treatment


now isn't available on the NHS, so lovely people have raised ?400,000


for me. We've been stopped in the street and he gets a hug and people


just love him. They've taken him to heart. The fundraisers and


donations, without that, Olly wouldn't be here today. Last week, I


was told my tumours are shrinking. After my treatment, I hope my


tumours will be gone forever. Olly's such a positive young man. He comes


into school and the school community love to see him. He comes back with


piles of marking for teachers and he just approaches everything with such


fortitude that we're really proud of him. That's how you do it. Right,


can I have my job back now please? No. Olly gardener, BBC South Today.


One of the best pieces of this programme for a very long time. Snvm


Follow that Sally Taylor. Bye for now.


A care home in West Sussex says it will have to close within a month,


The Abbeyfield in Bognor Regis provides shelter for up to 18


elderly people, but at a time when many areas


are struggling to find accommodation in care homes and nursing homes,


it's having to give up due to lack of demand.


Lunchtime for the few remaining residents at Abbeyfield.


It's provided sheltered accommodation for 60 years


and additionally a care home for two decades.


However, a ?30,000 boiler replacement bill caused budget


The boiler issue was resolved, but in the meantime, nine of the 14


care home residents left, and it's now unviable


The home, rated good by the Care Quality Commission,


says it's offered rooms to help relieve hospital bed-blocking


Twice a week, the hospital sent it to


others to see what bed availability we have.


We tell them, but we never hear anything back.


My chairman last year, when there was a lot of talk


in the media about it, she wrote to Worthing Hospital,


Bognor Hospital, Sir Richard's at Chichester and


social services to say we had rooms and respite rooms available for


people and not one of them replied, nobody.


Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust said it provides a list


of care and nursing home vacancies to patients who cannot return


to their own home, but it doesn't make recommendations.


The Bognor home is an independent local charity but affiliated


to a national umbrella group called The Abbeyfield Society,


which says it has been financially supporting the Bognor home recently


and will continue to do so until all residents are re-housed


when the building will be sold to recover costs.


No date has been confirmed for the closure.


Police are appealing for more information


after a body was discovered in Winchester last week.


Police have released this photo of the victim,


His body was found at a house in Birch Court


in the Stanmore area on Wednesday afternoon.


A 58-year-old man from Winchester who was arrested on Friday has


The Bournemouth East MP and Foreign Office Minister Tobias Ellwood has


said he's "heartbroken" that he couldn't do more to help


the officer killed in last week's attack on parliament.


Mr Ellwood gave first aid to PC Keith Palmer after he was stabbed


by Khalid Masood at the gates of the Houses of Parliament.


Mr Ellwood said in a statement today that he was "deeply


"humbled and overwhelmed" by messages of support.


Tributes are being paid to the leader of West Berkshire Council


who has died five weeks after he was involved


70-year-old Roger Croft was seriously injured


in the collision last month, which killed his wife, Zelda.


I think he was a very no-nonsense character,


he knew what he wanted and was not afraid to say it, which


But he also listened, and I think that is


extremely important for us to remember.


He did listen to others and he did lead


Modern-day piracy may seem a world away from the south.


But the trauma of kidnappings at sea are now at their highest level


for a decade with obvious implications for a region which


Now a Hampshire-based charity has launched a crisis response


network to help victims of piracy and trauma.


When I got to the captain's room, the pirates were shouting,


They did not know that he was already dead in the engine room.


32-year-old Adi Manurung from Indonesia was one of 26 people


kidnapped when the fishing boat he was on - the Naham three -


was seized by pirates, just off The Seychelles.


These BBC News pictures show the crew's release last October.


They forced us to eat one by one and we were frightened.


The food was terrible and we ate mice and wild cats to survive.


Thousands of miles away in a corner of Hampshire


the Southampton-based Sailors' Society are helping people like Adi.


Their crisis response network means they've trained 20


They offer 24 hour support to victims of piracy


And if you think about coming out of a trauma and having no support


which for many of these people that's the case, you know


the majority of seafarers now come from developing countries and that's


where we step in so, yes, it's invaluable.


It comes just a few weeks after this: Somali pirates


hijacking an oil tanker off the coast of Somalia.


There was no hope, but I just kept praying anyway.


Adi says it's thanks to his faith that he survived five


He now want to help others like him to rebuild their lives.


Now for the sport. Where are we at as far as the takeover is concerned?


So many people will remember that the dreadful, dreadful fall from


grace Portsmouth had and lived it, they will want to be reassured that


of an overseas investors coming in, it is absolutely for the right


reasons. He's taken a big interest in the club and is monitoring things


very closely. Portsmouth's prospective


new owner was among those celebrating their victory


on Saturday as Paul Cook's men pushed closer to


promotion from League Two. Carl Baker played a lovely ball


into Kyle Bennett as Pompey took It was 2-0 after the break when


Conor Chaplin set up Kal Naismith. But the Welsh side did show some


fight and pulled a goal back Pompey held on and the win


was greeted by this tweet from American Michael Eisner


who listened to the commentary Portsmouth have a six-point lead


over Stevenage in fourth and a much They remain seven points


behind Plymouth who won Pompey face Hartlepool, Yeovil


and Plymouth in their next three. There were goalless draws for both


Oxford and MK Dons this weekend United keeper Simon Eastwood saved a


penalty as Oxford held Northampton. Meanwhile a priceless win


for Swindon, in the 94th minute of their game with Millwall,


substitute Conor Thomas secured a 1-0 win to keep their hopes


of avoiding the drop alive. An Aldershot Farnham and district


runner mixed with the best cross country athletes in the world this


weekend Louise Small put in a very


creditable display in breaking the top 40 in the women's race


of the world cross country In a field dominated by Africa's


traditionally strong runners, Small finished 37th out of 106


in a quick race which finished The National League season and with


Reading dropping to third after losing a close game at... The


rockets are now set to face the kestrels at the end of the season.


The scale of the challenge facing Sir Ben Ainslie and his Portsmouth


based team competing in the America's Cup is highlighted


by the latest results from practice races in Bermuda where the cup


will be defended by America this summer.


Britain won two of the ten races it competed in last week,


while the Americans dominated the field winning nine


BAR have released more images of their boat and the team hard


60 days until racing starts for real, but the phoney war


Five of the six teams that will compete in the America Cup racing


These first images from the British team's


drone show the race boats are one, hitting the water and at times,


They won two of their ten practice races last week, so Ben


Ainslie described it as a useful few days going into the next design


No new team has ever won the cup at the first attempt.


Ainslie once again is trying to make history.


A host of golden daffodils in Thatcham - Dot Williams


A lovely day for a walk in Emsworth - here's a brave poodle


And this is Harnham Bridge in the lunchtime sun -


It was a glorious day in the region with sunshine and temperatures of 16


Celsius. What of the week ahead have in store? There will be sunny spells


throughout and the warm air that goes with it, too. But things will


become a bit more showery from midweek. For tonight, a clear night


and a bit of mist and fog by dawn for some places, but not too bad.


Most places having lows of around seven Celsius. Same for tomorrow


morning, and any mist and fog burns off quickly when the sun comes up.


Good sunny spells and a bit more cloud through the afternoon. A odd


shower coming from the south-west. Tomorrow's high, 15 Celsius. A bit


cooler along the coast. Through tomorrow evening, cloud builds and


we may see rain, especially for the southern part of the region, but the


cloudy skies, temperatures not dropping much below double figures,


tender Celsius mostly. Looking to Wednesday, it is a cloudy picture,


but many places are staying dry throughout the day. We had this rain


band to the north and it is never far away. It may just wiggle in now


and then. Most places will spend the day dry with a high of 14 Celsius.


Looking toward Thursday, we will see high pressure moving away to the


continent and a cold front moving in from the West will impact things.


Some cloud on Thursday, bright spells, too. By Friday, it is a


better picture. Cooler, fresher conditions and some rain coming


persistence for a while. For the weekend, we are looking at: showery


conditions on Saturday and Sunday, a ridge of high pressure builds up and


we may see sunny spells. Thank you, Sam.


It's one of the oldest heritage sites in the South


and was the capital of England's cultural and political life


But despite their international significance, the ruins


of Reading Abbey have been closed for eight years since


Now, after years of delays and wrangling over cost,


work has started to repair the crumbling walls ahead


of the grand opening of the town's Abbey quarter,


It was built by Henry I for the salvation of his soul.


Nine centuries later, the ruins of Reading Abbey


These techniques actually go back over 10,000 years


and it's one of the earliest forms of building, and it's literally


within the last two or three years that we're really re-learning


and re-discovering how these buildings were actually originally


built, and there's nothing better for the building itself


then using the material it was intended to be built with.


This hot lyme mortar is exactly what Henry used


What's left though is just 20% of a vast complex that stretched


Pretty much every King or Queen came here.


they might have been here staying with the Abbot.


There's a thousand years of history here.


It's internationally important history, it's


not just local history, and Reading needs to shout about it


and that's what this project's about.


Henry is buried here, but there were worries that he wouldn't


has closed the ruins for the best part of a decade.


In 2009, repairs began but the damage was more


In April 2011, plans for an eight million pound


But it was late 2015 before funding was finally secured


Back in the 1100s, Reading Abbey would have


taken 40 years to build, the equivalent cost in modern times


But the team here have just one year to complete this before it


The total cost of the restoration, about three million pounds.


A figure that may sound like a king's ransom,


but less than half has come from the council coffers.


Reading obviously is associated with commerce,


and that's great, but also Reading is also placed with a fantastic


cultural offering and we believe we can build on that,


develop the Abbey Quarter as a cultural attraction


and attract a wider public to Reading.


Once finished, the ruins will re-open as the centre


of the new Abbey Quarter, taking its rightful and original


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