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In tonight's programme. news teams where you are.


The helicopter crash that killed five members of the same family.


Also, a second trip to Wembley in a year, 30,000 Oxford fans will be


making the journey but some supporters are avoiding the match.


Later on, after 72 years in the same salon.


A legal challenge has been launched over plans to downgrade key services


Campaigners and the district council claim the consultation


by Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group is "confusing


and flawed", and want a High Court judge to review it.


Campaigners have fought on as the Horton General Hospital


The maternity unit has lost specialist consultants


and become midwife-led, with mums-to-be now traveling to the


There are proposals to move other services too.


But now, campaigners are fighting back, this time through the courts.


We have been working on the legal route for some time.


The appeal has been sent to a case to be heard in the High Court.


It won't bring back maternity if we win this case.


It will legally force the Clinical Commissioning Group


to go back and start again at the beginning


with their consultation, and this time do it in one.


Mechanic Keith Strangwood leads the campaign group


He, like many others, has his own reasons


One day, there was no heartbeat, that was it.


My other half, she had to go through normal labour.


But we spent the night with thatbaby in her arms and it


Changes to services are being made by the Oxfordshire Clinical


Commissiong Group who are tasked with saving a predicted


A consultation into the changes was carried out in June.


But campaigners and councillers have said it was confusing and flawed.


We believe we have got some very strong points to make


in terms of the legalities of the consultation process.


And we believe as local councils we do reflect the views of local


people and hence the action we have taken.


Nobody was available from Oxfordshire Clinical


Commissioning Group to speak to us today, but a spokesperson did say


they have received the letter and will respond appropriately.


For now, campaigners and councillors will be waiting to see if their case


In the past hour, police have confirmed the bodies of five people


from this region killed in a helicopter crash two days


ago have finally been recovered by search teams.


Kevin and Ruth Burke, from near Milton Keynes,


and three other adult members of their family, were flying


to Dublin when the aircraft ditched in the North Wales mountains


Emma Baugh has spent the day in the village of Hulcote


A British today saddened that five members of the same family are


believed to have lost their lives from such a close-knit community.


It is just sad that someone who lives locally has passed away in


such a tragic way. It is a tiny village although we are spread quite


a way, to think it has happened to some locally is sad.


Ruth and Kevin Burke had lived in the area for some time but had just


moved to the dream home they had built. Then neighbour served on the


parish council with Kevin Burke. Very outgoing, charming. But I


imagine he was a very successful businessman. He had a lot of


attributes. Desperately sad to hear about this very tragic accident


particularly of course for the children, very sad. And a terrible


shock to the people who live in this little community here.


Kevin Burke had a local building firm and his company were involved


in projects like the expansion of the stadium. The family set off from


Milton Keynes flying to Ireland on Wednesday but crashed here.


Rescue services were still trying to recover the bodies but the weather


is hampering the operation. Conditions up on the mountains are


extreme the treacherous even the experienced climbers are having


difficulty. We have very skilled individuals up there but even they


are finding it difficult. Once the bodies have been recovered,


investigators will want to examine the scene as an aviation expert told


me. It could be a tough technical


investigation depending on how bad the damage is from the impact. There


is unlikely to be every quarter on this aircraft. So you then depend on


other forms of evidence, that will be a painstaking exam nation of


forensics which may take some time. A growing number of patients


in Oxfordshire are having mental health consultations remotely


using video conferencing. Oxford Health Trust has been named


as one of the most advanced It's been awarded ?5 million to help


other trusts improve their use This project has allowed us to give


really quick assessments to patients Most importantly, it has allowed us


to offer patients who are at home the opportunity to have follow-up


sessions at home. We all know how difficult


it is to travel in for appointments, particularly if those appointments


are only offered A research centre which aims


to translate the latest lab science into innovative treatments


to improve mental health and dementia has launched


at the Warneford Hospital in Oxford. The centre will be one


of only two across England, Tackling mental health


in Oxfordshire. Today, a plaque was unveiled


kickstarting almost ?13 million It's people like Nicola


who will benefit. She was diagnosed bipolar 11 years


ago, and said it had If I'd had a shower I couldn't


remember I'd had a shower. I was in hospital for 12 months


where I was initially diagnosed. I couldn't go out,


I couldn't enjoy friends. I was almost, it was


like being a zombie. The centre will be using machines


like this to identify the signs of dementia


early, and keep the brain Only in London will they be


doing anything similar. Health bosses say they're


delighted their bid was successful. It is very competitive and reflects


a fantastic team effort from across We think it will immediately benefit


everyone in Oxfordshire because it Everyone will benefit from increased


research activity immediately even before we provide


these new treatments. Through investment like this,


?12 million over the next few years, we know we will start to make


a real difference. And I am really proud to be


here opening this research centre, recognising the world-leading


excellence we do have here right Nicola hopes the research carried


out in Oxford will lead to advances in mental health and make life


easier for people like her. Workers at BMW have voted


overwhelmingly to go on strike The firm builds more than 200,000


Minis a year at its Oxford plant where employees have already staged


a series of protests. BMW wants to close its two final


salary pension schemes. It says it's always prided itself


in providing excellent pensions for its staff and wants to act now


to protect future pension provision. Just a year since their last Wembley


final, Oxford United fans are preparing for another trip


to the national stadium. On Sunday, they play


Coventry in the final A crowd of more than 75,000


is expected but some fans For Oxford United's


opponents, Coventry, Sunday will be a first visit


to Wembley in 30 years. But Oxford fans know


the way to Wembley Way, it is only 12 months


since were there last season. I am looking forward to it,


of course I am, see if we can't do Hopefully we will put in a better


performance than last year. The competition is traditionally


contested by clubs from Around 30,000 Oxford fans


are heading to the national stadium this weekend,


but some of their most ardent followers are staying at home,


continuing their boycott of the competition after


the Football League trialled the introduction of under-23 teams


from Premiership and If everyone that wasn't boycotting


went, there could be 75,000. By putting in the Premier League B


teams, even though it didn't turn out to be many of the big clubs that


did actually put teams in, Last year, United, highly


excited to be at Wembley, This time around, with a calmer


air around the club, They have come into a bit of form,


they have won the last two games. They will be back


superbly, as we are. We will go in there to hopefully,


hopefully do enough Oxford United have enjoyed the sweet


smell of success in recent years as the team has blossomed under


Michael Appleton. He wants them in full


bloom on Sunday. Chiltern Railways, who operate


trains to Wembley Stadium from Oxfordshire, say


they are laying on extra trains with increased capacity


to cope with demand. Fans are advised to use Oxford


Parkway station where possible. BBC Radio Oxford will have


the latest travel news and the build-up to the game


from 7am, with live coverage She was a farm worker


during the Second World War, whose life became an


enduring tale of love. And now, the story of


Elizabeth Henderson has been turned into a stage play,


created by man who has written 600 episodes


of BBC Radio 4's The Archers. Now 92, Elizabeth Henderson


still lives on the Cotswold farm where she fell in love with farming,


and her husband-to-be. That her life


has become a stage play is, It is an excuse


to have a party, yes. Oh, yes, on the whole


it is a plus rather than a minus. Only it's me that gets checked


up on, not the boys. No Finer Life played


to a packed house on Exmoor It is set towards the end


of the Second World War when an 18-year-old Somerset girl


wrote to a rather famous Oxfordshire He was an author,


and quite a famous one. Simply everyone


was reading his book. You see, George Henderson wasn't


just a farmer, he was an author and his book on how to work


the land became iconic. It was after reading that book that


Exmoor farmer and one-time producer of Radio 4's The Archers


decided to take Elizabeth's It is a brilliant story


because all she wanted to do was be a farmer and that's why


she joined the land army. And it was that period


at the end of the war, and a year or two after the war


when there was a great sense of idealism, to make Britain better,


the countryside was going Oxford University's men's rowing


team will be looking to make up for last year's crushing defeat


in the annual university Last March, Cambridge


put a halt to Oxford's three-year winning streak


with a two-and-a-half length win. The first race was


in 1829 in Henley. Visitors to the Cotswold Wildlife


Park can now catch a glimpse of a rare baby lemur


which is the first of its kind Although born last December,


Yousstwo is now out and about in Crowned Sifakas are native


to Madagascar but classified as endangered, so it's hoped


Yousstwo will go on to become an important part of the species


breeding programme. Stay with us because, coming up,


Sam Fraser has the weekend weather, We will look ahead to the south


coast clash in the Premier League as Bournemouth travel to Southampton.


Pride and a top half is at stake. Homes in west Berkshire


were evacuated yesterday after a lorry began leaking


highly explosive gas. A tanker carrying liquid petroleum


gas developed a fault Firefighters and police cleared


the area and residents were sent They were allowed back home


later in the evening. I was walking down the road. I saw a


tanker. It was squirting gas from it. Police and fire engines were


surrounding it. We walked down to the shop and the police told us it


was a gas leak so we got evacuated. Now, two artists are painting


the problems of the Middle East in a new light by encouraging others


to pick up a brush and Murad Subay from the Yemen


and Lisa Marie Gibbs from Berkshire live 4,500 miles apart but they've


been linking their local communities The aim - to forge friendships


and promote peace. Two award-winning artists,


two very different communities, I have a lovely friend


who introduced me to the work of We wanted to link up on a project


and we decided that this might be a beautiful project in these really


difficult times in Yemen, to kind of work together,


show solidarity and peace Yemen has been in the grip


of civil war since 2015. So far, it's estimated


that over 7,000 men, women and children have been killed


as a result. At a time of war with borders


that separate people Even if it is for a short time it's


an outlet for people who need it in such hardship and it also a way


for them to seek peace. And at the same time, thousands


of miles away, men and women in Sana and boys and girls


in Reading's Dee Park did just that. It was a day that made my heart


skipped a beat as an artist. You never know what's


going to happen, if the day was going to work and it was just


a beautiful day of solidarity and, yeah, one of wonder,


it was wonderful. They may be thousands of miles


apart, but Lisa-Marie and Murad are not letting that get


in their way. They are hoping to work on another


project linking Yemen and Reading in their bid to build


bridges through art. Onto sport now and Tony's


here to look ahead to a big game in the Premier League tomorrow


as Southampton host Bournemouth. A game the complexion of which has


changed a little since it was moved Bournemouth's resurgence has


moved them to the brink Seven points from nine, including


a draw at Manchester United, earned Eddie Howe the Manager


of the Month award for March. Tomorrow, the Cherries, in 11th,


visit a Southampton side gearing up for a strong finish and just a place


above them in the table. When they met in December, the sides


were neck and neck in the Premier League table. It is the same again


tomorrow. We are taking every game individually, so starting with


Southampton, a special game for the football club. We are really looking


forward to it. For Claude Puel well, victory was a lift. He was rotating


his side at the side due to a fixture pile-up but now little such


talk. He is without Gabbiadini so the squirrel two goals and December


could start. He cannot see a lot of rotation. I think it is important to


keep structure of the team but I do not know. Perhaps two or three


players can change on the game. It is billed as a Derby but still an


emerging rivalry in Premier League terms and there is respect on both


sides. He has done a good job. It is very difficult to continually lose


your best players and still be competitive in the Premier League. A


real credit to the club. I respect this team because I find qualities


with technical players, quality of the management or so. I think it is


a good game. Back-to-back wins in the Premier League is difficult to


achieve the economic massive difference to your season. I would


like to think we are looking up now rather than behind us. If we can


build on those wins, it would be great. A win would probably mean


different things for these two. For Bournemouth, safety, the


Southampton, the chance at a top eight finish and today's Premier


League, neither club can be too disappointed with those aims.


Reading could take a giant stride towards securing


They host Leeds at the Madejski Stadium.


It's a game which pits fifth against fourth.


A win for the Royals would lift them above their opponents


and build on a fine win away at Sheffield Wednesday


We have two enjoy it because we have worked hard to be where we are and


we are in such a break position so now we have to make the most of it


and make sure we stay in this position. It is the best way to go


up if you want to go up. While Reading's focus


is realistically on the play-offs, that's a fate Brighton hope to avoid


at all costs. Automatic promotion is the only aim


for the Albion, who host Blackburn Chris Hughton has a clutch


of players returning from injury. Brighton are just a point


behind leaders Newcastle. Blackburn are in the division's


bottom three, fighting to stay in the Championship under


a new manager in Tony Mowbray. Teams that come to the AMEX coming


good form. Sometimes you can get a change of manager and things do not


change too much, sometimes they do, and the form has been very good, and


it will be a tough game. With Oxford involved


in Sunday's Checkatrade Trophy final, only Swindon and MK Dons


are in League 1 action. Swindon go to Fleetwood,


MK host Gillingham, Portsmouth can move a step closer to promotion


when they travel to Hartlepool, Pompey have won two


of their last three away games. You can follow it all across TV


radio and online tomorrow, including live commentary


on BBC local radio. Poole rider Sam Sunderland will be


part of a strong field in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge -


the latest stage of the World Cup The 27-year-old will be tackling


the terrain of the western desert in Abu Dhabi and he's been blown


away by the response since his Dakar It has been really cool. All the


people I grew up racing within the UK, all the messages and everything,


it is really nice. It is back to work now. The pressure is now here.


Time to go back and fight again. He has got good fan base good to him.


Now, choosing when to retire from work can be a difficult


decision, particularly if you have a job you love,


which is why 93-year-old hairdresser Kathleen Privett from Portsmouth has


Yes, after an incredible 72 years in the family salon, Kathleen's


Briony Leyland shared a special last day with her.


Hairdressing has been a life's work for 93-year-old Kathleen Privett.


She has grown up and grown old in the salon opened


by her father in the 1940s in the Drayton area of Portsmouth.


He encouraged the young Kathleen's emerging enthusiasm


and she would try out her skills on anyone who would let her.


My aunt, when she came down, I asked if she wanted to help. I felt quite


chuffed. Kathleen looks back fondly


on the experimentation One customer took great pains


to preserve her "bubble" cut. She said she would lay on her face


because she did not want to disturb it. I thought, how silly!


Widowed at the age of just 28 with three small children,


earning a living was important but working in the salon has always


It is part of your life. It is not just an ordinary business, it is


much more personal contact them back.


Kathleen's daughter Barbara followed her mum


into the business and her daughter in law Pat too.


suffering from osteoporosis they've decided together that's it's time


to close the salon and enjoy retirement.


I feel sorry for the ladies because they are like family is all good


things must come to an end. Some days you could order than others. I


am really sad. After coming in all this time. You get to know the


girls, they are really lovely. Kathleen is really special.


An apprentice once suggested to Kathleen that she'd


missed out on adventures by spending all her life in Drayton.


Kathleen sees things differently - for more than 70 years she has


been at the heart of life here and wouldn't swap


Yesterday was fab. I even got some sunburn yesterday.


This was Lepe Lighthouse first thing.


And this was the scene under cloudy skies at Barton on Sea.


March ended on a try and find note in the end. For April, April


showers, something more traditional on the way. Tonight, cloudy with


showers. This evening starts dry, you can see this band of rain out to


the West. That will make its way in to the early hours. A damp place for


some places and under cloudy skies temperatures drop away to 89


Celsius. For Saturday morning, a damp start. Those showers becoming


more widespread. Very little in the way of wind tomorrow. If you get


caught under one, you will know about it. Bright spells too.


Temperatures will reach 14 Celsius. As we go through Saturday afternoon


into the evening, those showers clear away to the north-east and


overnight, try and find. Clear spells, a touch of mist developing


here and there, overnight lows of seven Celsius. Looking ahead to


Sunday, an area of high pressure builds so Sunday, much more settled.


Dry, fine, sunny spells, temperatures up to 14 Celsius, and


that high pressure set to stay with us as we head into the start of the


new week. To recap of the weekend, Saturday, showers. They could be


accompanied by a rumble of thunder and hail that we should see bright


spells as well. Looking ahead to Sunday, that will be the better day


of the weekend. It will be dry and fine, high pressure dominating, so


we will see a sunny spells. To make the most of it. Looking ahead to the


start of the new week, that high pressure stays with us so Monday is


a dry day. Bright spells, a little bit of cloud, overnight rain into


Tuesday means a great start for Tuesday but again high pressure


mix-up, returns with bright spells. Tony, enjoy your trip to Brighton


tomorrow. Thank you for your company this evening. We are back again with


the headlines at 8pm. Whatever you are up to this weekend, have a great


one. Goodbye.


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