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Could legal action save a doctor's surgery in


One campaigner's taking her fight to the High Court.


And we've been to a special birthday party, celebrating Oxford Children's


People living in Witney are hoping a High Court judge


The Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group wants to close


One resident is now taking legal action, claiming there wasn't


It comes as NHS England says it won't allow GPs to charge patients


for some extra services, an idea that doctors


Last September they heard that the Deer Park GP surgery


I think it is totally disgusting what they are doing.


I had a problem that I thought might be serious, and


I got to see the doctor the same day.


My wife was seriously ill for four years, and the doctor up there


Now one patient has taken the fight to the High Court to seek an order


We are waiting for a judge to look at


it to say whether it will go ahead or not.


If we succeed, we will set a precedent


so that anyone else in the


The CCG, who run the Deer Park practice, wouldn't talk to us today,


If we close down, the knock-on effect


for everyone to discuss and come to a solution,


and I would urge all parties, but particularly Oxfordshire health


bosses, to get around the table and discuss a happy solution.


The pages from Deepak and an easy raising money to their legal fees.


Adding to see whether their practice were close in March.


There's a warning about contaminated Class A drugs circulating in west


Oxfordshire,after at least three people are now known to have died.


GP surgeries, hospitals and other agencies are on red alert


following the deaths of two men within four days in the Witney


A third death has also now been reported to police.


They're all believed to be linked to a bad batch of crack


A mother from south Oxfordshire who's serving a three-year jail


sentence for the manslaughter of her daughter has had it


Jasmine Gregory, who's 24 and from Wantage,


was convicted over the death of her 14-month-old daughter,


Her sentence has now been put up to four-and-a-half years.


A fourth person's been charged with the murder of a Canadian man


whose body was found in Milton Keynes.


Police were called to Great Linford on Saturday morning


where the body of 32-year-old Suren Siva-nan-than was found.


A 23-year-old has now been charged, as well as two other men


The case has also been referred to the Independent Police


A political activist has been accused of hypocrisy


after accepting a scholarship to Oxford University


from the very organisation he was criticising.


South African Joshua Nott was heavily involved


It condemned a statue of the nineteenth-century


British imperialist Cecil Rhodes as a symbol


Joshua Nott has now accepted a ?40,000 grant


He says he'll use it to fight against Rhodes' ideals.


Next tonight, another one of our special reports marking


Oxford Children's Hospital's tenth anniversary.


Earlier, past and present patients were being treated


First though, Serena Martin has been looking back at how


It started with the idea to put all children's care under one roof,


rather than split across two sites, the Radcliffe Infirmary and the JR.


It means that all of the children's things


can be brought together, so that we have children's radiology, play


therapists, an enormous amount of things that are dedicated


You walk into this space and immediately you know that you


Families have been at the heart of its design since the beginning,


choosing paint colours, naming and labelling the wards,


with boys wanting a sport theme, girls wanting cuddly animals,


so it's ended up somewhere in between.


And to make the idea a reality, ?15 million


In the past decade, the hospital has looked after half a million children


from newborns to teenagers, served more than 4,000 meals


And today some of the very first patients are back to celebrate


The best thing about it is the staff and the nurses.


We came here when Fred was a week old.


We stayed here for seven weeks and they were amazing.


They are caring, they were there for when we


I was in another hospital, but then I got moved here,


The overuse of antibiotics was mainly to blame for a serious


stomach bug outbreak in hospitals around ten years ago,


according to new research by Oxford University.


The outbreak of C-difficile in 2006 led to deep cleaning and other


infection control measures by the NHS.


Scientists found that cases of C-Diff only fell when use


of certain antibiotics were reduced and used in a targeted way.


This week, people in and around Milton Keynes are celebrating


When the area was first developed, art was a big focus,


with large numbers of public art being purchased or commissioned


Around in the many corners of Milton Keynes, you will find


They are often placed with a sense of humour, like


this horse standing outside the bank with the same logo.


This shopping centre installation celebrates


accessible art that has always been at the heart of the town.


Depicted as a stage set here, the idea is for


you to go out and find the originals yourself.


I think art is always about thinking about what might come next.


Milton Keynes is also a town that was following a similar thought


process, how can you construct a space that will also work 50 years


I think it makes sense that integrated


art is in the fabric of its open architecture.


These concrete cows from 1978 have to be the most famous


or infamous piece of public art here in Milton Keynes.


But over the years, there has been far


more going on in the art scene here than these brutalist beasts.


In 1988, roads were closed when Michael Jackson performed here.


MK Bowl bathing in the heyday of stadium tours.


From pop royalty to jazz royalty, Sir John Dankworth abd


Dame Cleo Laine founded The Stables at Wavendon,


a melting point for all types of music.


But they had no idea that Milton Keynes


was about to be developed when they bought the rural property.


At first, they were a bit sort of, Oh no, we don't want to...


But then my dad really grew to love Milton Keynes.


Stadium MK is also developing as a concert venue.


Theatre is thriving, and MK Gallery is undergoing a


So, the concrete cows may be living out their


retirement at the town's museum, but the success and vitality


of the art scene here is no laughing matter.


Meanwhile, Milton Keynes' 50th birthday received a cheer


in parliament today, after a local MP asked


the Prime Minister what the future holds for the town.


Theresa May praised strong local leadership in the area.


Plans for the new town were approved five decades ago.


We have been the most successful of the new


cities, and have one of the


Will the Prime Minister agree that Milton Keynes has a great future and


that it will be central in delivering this


I join my honourable friend in marking Milton


Keynes' 50th birthday, and also I understand he has secured a


Westminster Hall debate today on the subject.


I would like to congratulate him on having done that.


I think that Milton Keynes is a great example of what you can


achieve with a clear plan and with strong local leadership.


Alexis Green has the weather next.


Very like last night, there will be a widespread frost,


One or two foggy patches but a good deal of cloud during the course of


It will turn to freezing in the countryside.


These are our temperatures in our towns and


cities, but in the countryside we could see loads of -3 or


A bitterly cold start to the day tomorrow.


The wind be slightly mild initially, we'll have a lot of cloud.


Through the course of the day, the cloud will start to thin


and break, particularly for southern parts.


But we will hold onto the cloud cover into the afternoon and


temperatures in some places will reach just freezing.


Given the strength of the wind, the air is


coming in from Europe, and that air is bitterly cold.


An icy feel to things tomorrow with temperatures


reaching a high of around two Celsius, but feeling more


It will thin to allow for another widespread frost first thing


Friday, patchy rain is a possibility at times, not amounting to much.


There will be dry interludes as well, and a band of


more persistent rain might spread into Friday night and stay with us


through the early hours of Saturday morning.


As we look ahead to the rest of the week, tomorrow some


sunny spells for some, but generally a lot of cloud.


Feeling more like freezing, down to -2 Celsius


given the wind-chill, and on Friday we will have the potential


for a wintry shower, and on Saturday


take a look at the Outlook towards the weekend.


Good evening. If you think it was cold today, for many it will be


colder still tomorrow. Cold even when we have the sunshine today.


This was one of the wonderful weather watcher pictures we had sent


in from Cornwall. It contrasts with a cloudy and foggy eastern half of


the country, and a bank of cloud. Still foggy, but it is starting to


lift. It is being pushed north and west, this bank of cloud. That will


continue through the night. We will still have some fog sitting on the


hills. Even with the cloud, it will be a cold night, with temperatures


away from the far north and west falling to


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