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A former Oxfordshire scout leader's been jailed for 16 years


after pleading guilty to child sex offences.


Gary Lane, who's 52, admitted two counts of raping


It happened in Kidlington two years ago.


Gary Lane came to know these boys in 2013.


The court was told he groomed them with toys and expensive


He occasionally took them away on fishing trips.


And, sometimes, they even stayed at his house overnight.


But, it was between January, and also November 2015,


that he raped both boys and committed other multiple sexual


They were aged just eight and ten at the time.


He was also a scoutmaster but it's important to emphasise that neither


After he was arrested and bailed, he fled to Scotland before


He'd missed two court dates during that time before he pleaded


guilty to all the charges, here at Oxfordshire


Now, the officer in charge of this case, who can't be identified


for operational reasons, gave me his reaction


These victims were cruelly robbed of a normal childhood


and even though the sentence could never repair the damage caused


by his heinous actions, I hope that the victims


and their families can now try to move forward with their lives,


knowing that this man is finally behind bars.


In victim impact videos played in court, both


of the boys said they were sad, upset, and angry about


The mother of one of the boys said that their lives had


In sentencing him to 16 years in prison, Judge Patrick Eccles QC


said there was something with Gary Lane's sexual


thinking and that he'd shown no remorse for his crimes.


A teenager from Aylesbury's appeared in court, charged


Brandon Lavender, who's 18, is accused of fatally stabbing


Brandon Lavender didn't enter a plea.


Police have named a man who died, when his car was hit by a train,


on a level crossing in the Cotswolds.


Colin Cameron, who was 60, was in his Landrover with two dogs


when the vehicle was struck by a train in Frampton


It's prompted calls about the safety of the unmanned crossing.


Network Rail says the number of deaths at level crossings


Next tonight - the Oxfordshire parents who were told their twin


boys only had a 50% chance of survival.


Charlie and Hayley Lampshire from Kidlington say they're


relieved their boys overcame risky health complications -


Serena Martin has been to meet the family.


In the Lampshire household, there's two of everything -


two toy monkeys, two sets of shoes and two identical baby boys.


But due to a risky pregnancy, there was a chance both wouldn't make it.


We went from shock to utter joy, finding out we were going to have


two and then finding out we were going to the twins


"Mo Mo" or monoamniotic twins are incredibly rare.


They share the same amniotic sack, so there's a high risk of them


strangling each other with their umbilical cord.


There's only a 50% chance of both twins surviving.


There was nothing we could do and if anything had gone wrong,


we wouldn't have necessarily know until we went for a scan.


They are quite tightly packed in the same sac.


They looked like they were cuddled up together.


We've always felt that they have always been very close,


Rowan and Blake defied the odds to be born healthy.


And their parents hope their story will bring a glimmer


Schoolchildren in Banbury have been given the chance to get hands-on


The high tech kit is now a permanent feature -


This is a VR headset and it's connected to


From a classroom to a make-believe castle.


Just about anything's possible with virtual reality.


and I have to defend the castle and shoot them with my


There's now a virtual reality room at the Space Studio


The pupils don't just play the games - they create them.


It's definitely like a more futuristic approach to life.


Something that I wouldn't consider back in my secondary school


but now I'm doing it, it's something I know


Until you actually start doing it, you learn so much and it's amazing


Today the local MP officially launched the suite.


Like everyone else, Victoria Prentis enjoyed visiting the virtual world,


but there's more to the experience than just having fun.


I've just been talking to the head about how


they can use it for history, how they can use it for drama,


how they can use it for all sorts of scientific exploration and it's


also great that the children in the space studio


who are into this sort of development and programming can


use their skills to help other students learn.


Critics of virtual reality say it's a gimmick,


Staff at the academy say their new suite is here to stay.


A company in Oxfordshire has successfully re-produced bones


from one of the biggest marine reptiles of the Jurassic era -


Half of the skull of a pliosaur was printed


Overnight it will stay cold and cloudy, with


We could even see a dusting of snow over higher levels through the early


The showers may become heavy for a time.


Temperatures in the countryside will dip the to around -1 or -2.


The snow showers will continue tomorrow morning.


We will continue to hold onto that cloud cover,


Through the afternoon, snow showers turn more to rain showers,


and there will be a lot of cloud through the afternoon,


feeling bitterly cold with the strength of the wind.


A high tomorrow of 2-3 Celsius, so a lot of cloud


But finally, we will see some sunshine on Monday


Next week, temperatures will slowly start to creep up.


exception to that rule probably over the hills where again there could be


a bit of snow, but not accumulating. Another cold


However I paint this weekend's picture, I'll need a palette of


grey. Thereby a a lot of cloud around but I managed to find some


sunshine. I don't know how but there was a couple of hours towards the


south-west in Cornwall, a beautiful day. The south-west saw glimpses of


sunshine. Further east, cloudy, cold and grey with winds off the North


seep and a scattering of wintry showers. Yes, rain sleet and snow, a


dusting at lower levels through the day. It brought this beautiful


picture on the outskirts