16/02/2017 South Today - Oxford

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from Oxfordshire and the surrounding region.

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Coming up: his administration.


A second day of searching for a man missing since an explosion


Also: their children were born with heart problems,


now two mothers want to get defibrilators into all


And left disabled by a brain injury - how music has enabled this man


Police have identified the man they believe died in Tuesday's


explosion at a block of flats in Oxford.


48-year-old Guido Schuette is still unaccounted for


Emergency crews have spent a second day searching the rubble


of the collapsed flats looking for him.


As many as 20 people have been left homeless after the incident.


David Lumb has spent the day at the scene


More than 60 members of the emergency services


Today, police revealed the identity of the man they feared


Our strong hypothesis is that Guido died in the fire


and we are continuing to offer support to his family.


Reminders of the commotion that shook this community


Shards of glass about 30m from the blast.


And if it wasn't tough enough already, more complications.


Firefighters say their search is being delayed because part


Because that particular part has become more unsafe we've had to pull


back from that area and it's probably likely we'll have


to bring in mechanical aid like a digger or something.


40 home owners were evacuated following the blast.


Only half of them have been able to return home.


I want to get my charger for my phone.


They won't let me go anywhere near because of the danger.


The homes here in Gibbs Crescent are all one-bedroomed flats


and we understand three have been completeded gutted and four others


Those that have been allowed to go back, are still coming to terms


It wasn't a bang, it was like boom, just that echoed.


I thought somebody had fell down the stairs


Me and my partner were sitting down watching TV.


When the explosion happened the chair did lift up.


I ran out, I thought the whole Crescent was going to go.


Police and fire crews were called to the Nuffield Hospital


in Headington after a chemical incident at the swimming pool there.


Two members of staff, who had been mixing chemicals,


were treated after inhaling "a chorine-type" gas


The front entrance to the hospital was sealed off


while emergency services made the area safe,


There's been no impact on patient care.


There's been no impact at all on patient processes in the hospital.


Police in Nuneham Courtenay have spent the day investigating part


of the A4074 after a man was found critically injured


Officers shut the A4074 between the Goldenballs


and Berinsfield roundabouts for most of the day.


The 20-year-old man from Oxford was discovered on Valentines day.


It's thought he was a pedestrian who was hit by a car.


He's still being treated in hospital.


Two mothers from Swindon have launched a campaign to get


life-saving heart defibrillators installed in all of


Kayleigh Headland and Sonia Dykes both have children with potentially


They've already raised enough money for a unit at one primary school


but there are dozens more on their list.


Katharine DaCosta has been to meet them.


Two of Sonia Dykes' children suffer from the same rare


Both have implanted mini defibrillators


Tyrone was left badly brain damaged after he suffered a cardiac


A decade later Sonia went through the same trauma


I found her in the bedroom, on the floor, lifeless.


My son, who was 16 at the time, took over CPR while I basically broke


down in the corner because I just couldn't cope.


you go through that with one child but to go through that twice


Kayleigh got in touch with Sonia when her daughter


Ellie-Mai was just three months' old when she stopped breathing.


Doctors later discovered she had a hole in her heart.


When I looked down, she was lifeless and blue


people on the ambulance they told me to lay her down on the floor with no


When he lay her down, she started to go grey and her


Then they just came in and took one look at her and


just - yeah, you need to get to hospital.


All her organs, everything was shutting down in her body.


Now the mums have set up the Swindon Heart Safe campaign.


They've already raised enough money to buy a defibrillator


for Beechcroft Infant school and plan to continue


until all the town's schools are equipped.


Because there are a number of children and members of staff as


well that may have these underlying conditions that we don't know about.


Obviously having the equipment on site means there are enough people


trained up and ready to deal with these problems


Their parents hope one day all schools and nurseries will be


Oxford's only gymnastics club has been told it


will lose its new home after a planning


Cherwell Gymnastics has a four-year waiting list.


It was originally given permission to move into a warehouse


The club has also spent around ?20,000 converting


the unit at Ashville Way but councillors have now voted


unanimously to reject the application to stay.


They previously said the premises were registered as a key


Music has enabled a man in Aylesbury who suffered a brain injury


Eric Aldridge was left disabled after he fell down


He believes one-to-one music therapy sessions run by the charity Headway


Do you know I've never played like that


A trip on the stairs changed 73-year-old Eric's life forever.


Previously fit and healthy and walking four miles a day, Eric


He's reliant on a wheelchair, can't drive, has poor eyesight


His left hand was not functioning and he was very upset about it.


He was almost crying and complaining every week


like you can see, he is playing, left-hand, right-handed


Eric and his family believe his recovery is down to music therapy.


It has caused quite a lot of damage to him but he is beginning


A lot to do with music, which he adores.


Music therapy's one of a range of creative therapies provided


We have other projects as well - art, photography.


Just to give them an interest, just to try to encourage them to use


the areas that are underused or have been injured.


Academics at Oxford University say the healing power of music should


There's been some remarkable work done with people who were in a coma


or in what is called a vegetative state, where music therapists have


worked with those people over long periods of time,


sometimes sitting and playing music to them, even when they don't seem


to be responsive and little by little, some of those


people have emerged from their vegetative


It's often been reported that people did hear all those things


going on and actually found them very important and very powerful.


1,500 people in Aylesbury Vale alone have an acquired brain injury


but few younger sufferers are using local support services.


Headway are encouraging more people to try out music therapy in the hope


The weather forecast is on the way - Alexis has the details for tonight


We're back tomorrow morning in BBC Breakfast.


Through this evening we saw increasing cloud, and overnight


tonight there is the possibility of the odd spot of rain, but it


should gradually ease during the early hours of the morning,


We may have one or two mist and fog patches, particularly down


Temperatures tonight dropping to around five or six Celsius.


Wind will be fairly light, and will remain so tomorrow.


After a misty and murky start, it is an


improving picture, slightly more cloud than today, but we will see


some sunny spells and it will be feeling pleasant in the sunshine.


The wind is fairly light for the west and the south-west.


A milder day tomorrow and a mild night to come tomorrow night.


To Saturday, we are expecting a cloudy start, maybe


some mist and fog patches first thing.


And rain on Saturday evening, but the bulk of Saturday daytime


should be mainly dry, fair amount of cloud to start


with, but brightening up through the afternoon.


This weather front will arrive by the evening.


That'll produce some rain through Saturday night into the


early hours of Sunday, so that may well start on a damp


note in places but we are hoping it's going to dry


Tomorrow, after a cloudy start, we will see some


The possibility of a lot of cloud to start Saturday, but a lot of


brighter spells will break through later.


A wet start to Sunday, but drying out later on.


forthcoming weekend. Here is Nick Miller with a resume of the National