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And we will ask why so many more people over the age of 65 are


Welcome to South Today. getting married these days.


Coming up: A murder investigation is underway


His body was found at a house in Faringdon.


A 40-year-old woman has been arrested.


Also, how doctors in Oxford are using virtual reality to help


Ladies day at the Cheltenham Festival.


Police have launched a murder investigation after a boy's body


Officers were called to a cottage near the centre of the town


A post-mortem examination was due to be carried out today.


The cottage cordoned off by police after finding


Officers were called to this main road in Faringdon


yesterday afternoon, just a short walk away


A forensic tent is now in place while detectives continue


Yesterday afternoon police officers were called to an address in


Farringdon where they discovered that a boy of Premier school age


tragically died. This came as a shock to everyone. Next of kin have


been informed and are being supported by specially trained


police officers. People here have been paying their respects by


leaving flowers and cuddly toys. One message says rest in peace young


man. Farringdon is a small town in the cottage is just off the main


road and people nearby have been telling me they are completely


saddened and shocked by the news. Totally astonished. Complete shock.


Never thought anything like that would happen here. You don't think


of that happening in a small town like this. But it's the world. It's


shocking. You don't expect these things to happen in a small market


town. People on Facebook are rallying around and looking after


each other. But hopefully it's an isolated incident.


A 40-year-old woman from Faringdon has been arrested


Police have released CCTV images of two men they'd like to speak


to following disorder at the football match between


Fans invaded the pitch at the County Ground


Three men have already been charged and this week police have made


Workers at BMW's Mini plant in Oxford have staged a protest over


plans to close the final salary pension scheme.


The UNITE union claims workers could be thousands of pounds


The protest comes ahead of a vote to strike.


The ballot for industrial action closes at the end of the month.


BMW says it prides itself on offering staff excellent pensions


Swindon's largest country park will be run by a new local charity


The town's Conservative administration had been looking


for bidders to take over the maintenance of Lydiard Park,


saying it could no longer afford the running costs.


Tonight councillors have agreed they want the community-run


Lydiard Park Heritage Trust to take over next year.


Doctors at the University of Oxford are using virtual reality


The technology is a low cost way of providing training overseas


that should lead to more lives being saved.


The virtual world this headset transports you to is a reality for


In this scenario, a baby's unconscious.


It's so difficult to give high quality training in places like


Kenny were training centres are disbursed. With this technology you


can put the expert in the room with people at a relatively low cost.


Child mortality is a major problem in Africa.


One in ten dies before their fifth birthday.


It's hoped the headset can drastically reduce this.


If we can improve life-saving skills there's huge


And for staff without access, there's a mobile phone


The first app we're doing is to resuscitate a new-born baby


so the key steps you need to do we've tried to put in


There will be multiple choices and a 3D hospital


The technology's still being tested but it's hoped it could soon be used


Developers are appealing against the refusal of planning


permission in Aston Clinton near Aylesbury after being told more


homes would harm the character and appearance of the village.


A public inquiry has opened into plans for 85


A separate planning application to build 400 new homes has also


Campaigners say the area isn't ready for that level of growth.


Most of the development is taking place on greenfield sites and most


of those greenfield sites surround the old part of Aston Clinton.


The roads therefore are country lanes and in certain places


we are being asked to accommodate hundreds and hundreds of more


We are completely sick to death with applications that


are in and also the approvals that have been done.


We are going to be completely under siege.


Reading's Caribbean community will host a carnival for the first


The once annual event began forty years ago,


but it hasn't been run since 2014 due to a lack of money


The unmistakable colour and sound of Carnival.


This was until a few years ago a popular annual event in Reading.


It's not been held for the past two years, a lack of organisation


and money to blame, but it's back this year with new organisers hoping


to draw on the event's past as they shape its future.


There is a lot of history in Reading and a lot of passion and feeling


It's something that belongs to all the community


We are really proud to be hosting it.


Artist Philbert Herman will help children make costumes this year.


He organised the carnivals in the early days and has fond


memories of the very first one in 1977.


It rained and the people still came out because there were a lot


of street parties to celebrate the Queen's Silver Jubilee.


The West Indians were out there dancing with bin liners


and brollies regardless of the weather.


They just came out and celebrated with all the community.


?10,000 of lottery money has been awarded this year.


Organisers say they still need more but crucially they want support.


Keep the last bank holiday Monday in May free, it's carnival day.


Ladies Day at the Cheltenham Festival brought fascinators,


feathers and fashionistas to the racecourse.


The weather was on their side for showing off their clothing


All the Irish women wear green to represent their country


so I thought this year I would go for red, representing England.


Obviously it goes with my brunette hair and brown eyes.


It took me about six days to do in total


I think it's time for us to step up to the plate now,


hence why I've gone all out because why has it just


got to be ladies day, why can't the gentlemen dress up?


I think the time is changing and I've seen a few blokes today


who are looking on point so maybe in a few years' time you'll see


But I do like seeing the ladies dress up,


You can dress up on any of the days but this is particularly a good


opportunity to do it and showcase your race fashion


Andy Howard, BBC South Today, at Cheltenham.


After a lovely spring day today, Alexis has the outlook


It was a globally stay with a high of 15 Celsius but tomorrow will be


different. A lot of cloud and mist and fog. A chance of mist and fog


overnight and it will be cloudy but clear spells initially following the


lovely clear spells we had today. The cloud will filter in during the


early hours of the morning. Publishers will fall away to six or


seven Celsius. Quite a mild night. Quite a misty and murky start to the


day tomorrow and a lot of cloud through the course of the day. It


will stay like that and they will be limited brightness with chants of


outbreaks of rain in the afternoon. Temperatures were reached double


figures. Through Friday we start on a fairly bright note but clouding


over during the course of the afternoon and a band of rain will


arrive and the wind will be brisk as well from the West. The change in


the weather comes about through Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Looking


ahead to the weekend, a lot of cloud tomorrow and mist and fog patches


first thing. The cloud will break to allow forward to brighter spells.


Cloudy on Friday a bright start. Rain is expected during the


afternoon and into the evening. It will feel fresh on Friday. Over the


weekend, it stays dry I will be surprised.


Here is Nick with the national headlines.


For large parts of Wales and England there was blue