12/05/2017 South Today - Oxford

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from Oxfordshire and the surrounding region.

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An inquest jury has concluded that a string of failures contributed


to the death of a prisoner at Woodhill Prison in Milton Keynes.


45-year-old Michael Cameron was found hanging in his cell days


after arriving at the jail - he's one of 18 prisoners that have


taken their own lives in the past 4 years.


The prison says changes have already been made and nobody has


Kate Bradbrook has been at the inquest.


Michael Cameron had been charged with serious offences


He was dependent on alcohol and known to take drugs.


The inquest heard while in police custody he put


He was assessed as being at very high risk of self-harm.


When he was transferred to Woodhill Prison,


He was given a three-minute mental-health screening but never


referred for an urgent mental health review.


I think a mental health assessment should have been done for him


and if he had seen the doctor when he was there, he never saw


a doctor, I think Michael would still be with us today.


The jury was told while at Woodhill Prison razor blades were found


in his cell and handed to staff by his cell-mate.


Prescription medication was not always given because staff


were concerned he was under the influence of drugs.


On the day he was found hanged, his cell-mate


The inquest heard on that day Michael Cameron should have been


observed by staff every 30 minutes but he was found hanging 36


He died at Milton Keynes Hospital two days after being found


in his cell having suffered severe brain damage.


Today, the jury found there was a failure to carry out


adequate procedures and reviews and each of these failures


These conclusions are the same, Michael is the 14th self-inflicted


death between 2013 and 2016, it is dispiriting to ask the same


questions of off in the same witnesses and have the same answers.


It was the conclusion Michael's mother had been hoping


for but she says nothing will bring him back.


Following the national cyber security attack


affecting parts of the NHS, BBC South understands the health


trusts in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Swindon


In many parts of the country computer systems have been shut down


and contingency plans have been activated.


In some instances hackers have been demanding money to unlock systems.


Here, our health trusts have said they are "on alert"


New figures suggest more than 2-hundred cyclists have been


caught riding their bikes in parts of Oxford city centre


which are restricted to pedestrians in little more than a year.


Under the council's public spaces protection orders,


restrictions are in place in daylight hours on Queen Street


Campaigners say the rules arent clear enough,


Oxford is known for its high number of cyclists.


But here in this part of the city centre it is a pedestrian-only zone


during the day between 10 and 6, or should be.


We have only been here for a few minutes but already dozens


of cyclists are ignoring this ban like this one right here.


Campaigners say the signage isn't clear and it is too high.


They are not in the right place for where a cyclist


Especially with a lot of people on foot they are trying


to quite rightly make sure they don't interact with.


So the signs are not in the right place to make an effective message.


More than 230 cyclists have been caught breaching the rules according


And it says this type of offence is much more of a problem compared


to other behaviour they class as a nuisance like


Do you know you are not supposed to ride your bike along here?


Are you aware you're not allowed to ride your bike in this area?


I guess I was aware there were not that many bikes going down here.


Are you aware you are not allowed to ride your bike on here?


I'm never quite sure about this street when I am allowed.


Anyone caught flouting the ban is initially given a warning.


But repeat offenders can then be given a fixed penalty notice.


Are you aware you are not allowed to ride your bike along here?


New recommendations at Oxford City Council include


targeting groups like students who might be unaware of the rules


But it's clear some people just aren't bothered.


Are you aware you're not supposed to ride your bike on this road?


Are you aware you are breaking the rule?


As long as I don't run anyone over at this speed.


A week of action to target Rogue Traders has been carried out


Officers have been using Number Plate recognition cameras


to pull over vans and small trucks that are suspected of


More than a hundred vehicles were stopped.


Two drivers were found to have no licences and at least four


One unlicensed scrap metal dealer was stopped and will be formally


We target rogue traders which the community like.


We are looking for defective unroadworthy vehicles which is good


Every now and then we'll get someone who is wanted as well


Long delays are expected on the roads this weekend as part


of the M4 in West Berkshire will be fully closed.


There'll be no access to the motorway between junctions 12


The road was closed at 9 o'clock tonight and won't re-open


Alternative routes are expected to be extremely busy.


The weekend weather is coming up with Alexis, but that's it from us.


Hello and a very good evening to you. We have had some very heavy


downpours today but they have eased the way now, but there are one or


two night showers to be had through the course of the night. We will


have one or two holes in the cloud as well and looks like we will see a


mild night through the night, ten or 11 degrees the load. One pieces of


wet weather around through dawn, generally a bright start of the day.


We hope we will have sunny intervals and one or two showers could crop up


but in the sunshine temperatures pleasantly warm eyes of 17 or 18


degrees. There is rain overnight Saturday to Sunday, Sunday at self


shaping up to be another fine and bright day with some sunny spells


and scattered showers. Rain A bit of a mixed bag earlier on


today, some of us were cloudy with rain. This is the view from one of


our weather watchers in Cornwall. But in the Highlands of Scotland, it


was completely different, find, sunny and warm. The satellite and


radar picture shows the variety of weather we have had. It brightened


up into the afternoon, early