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The family who claim their lother could have been saved but f`ilings


at Southern Health allowed a tragedy to unfold.


We had to go through this process and knowing there are other families


in exactly the same failings and the trust still haven't got thehr act


together. The bombings, the miscarriage


of justice, and the newly-rdleased secret files which tell a ndw story


and mean so much The truth matters. It has to matter


because if it doesn't matter we live in her society that is ruled by


anarchy. -- a society. Bouf`l brings it down brilliantly and he will curl


it. Oh, what a goal! Saints' new signing


and a piece of singular maghc. And the project trying to bring barn


owls back. Her family say she had


so much to live for. But Marion Munns became sevdrely


depressed and one November night last year, she fell to her death


from a motorway bridge. Today, at the end of her inpuest,


the coroner criticised the Southern Health Trust


for failing Marion. "Her death could have been


prevented," they said, Our Health Correspondent


David Fenton has been following the inquest


from the start. He's live at Southern Health's


headquarters tonight. Munns was a very ill woman who was


let down by Southern help not because people didn't care, but


because they didn't do what they should have done. Her familx


believed that she may still be alive if she had been properly looked


after. I think at death could


have been prevented. They missed so many opportunities,


so many professionals believed what my mum was saying when actually


that wasn't the right way I'd like to take you back to the


night of November 12 last ydar when Mrs Munns had called a family


meeting. There were chaotic scenes, she became agitated and had to be


pinned to the ground while her daughter tried to call the police


and call for help from Southern help. Mrs Munson escaped, fled into


the night and came to this bridge over the motorway. She climbed over


the railings and felt her ddath on the road. It was a moment, `nd night


that her will never forget. You just have to do what yot have


to do, but I was very, very apprehensive because it


wasn't my mum. But the problem is I have to live


with that image of my mum on that last incident that


I saw her and that will haunt.. Well, my mum said that she will


haunt me for the rest of my life. In reality, it wasn't my mul,


but it is still very, very hard What went wrong with her care? The


coroner said in his narrative verdict there were three kex


failings. Firstly, there was no real care plan for Mrs Munns. Secondly,


her condition wasn't being reviewed as it should be. Thirdly, there was


no crisis plan in place for when things went wrong, as they clearly


did on November 12. Southern help that today they accepted thd coroner


's findings and have since lade comprehensive changes to thd way


they look after older peopld with mental health issues. A fin`l were


from the coroner, he said Mrs Munns's death should be a w`ke-up


call to Southern help. -- Southern Health.


the way it deals with patients and their loved ones.


But some of the families interviewed for a new report,


commissioned by the trust, have expressed scepticism


Today, just a few miles from where the inquest took place,


some of the relatives met with trust governors.


I thought it was extremely inappropriate that you would even


say that you might have adddd to our group as a family whdn you


We are all, myself personally and all of us, are incredibly sorry.


It's been a torrid 12 months for Southern Health -


with a series of highly critical reports.


Two chairmen and the Chief Executive have gone.


Today, as the verdict in the Marion Munns case


was delivered, some of the other families whose loved ones h`ve died


while in Southern Health's care were meeting the Trust's


Maureen Rickman - whose sister died back in 2011 -


gave this reaction to today's comment by the coroner that


Mrs Munns case should act as a wake-up call to the Trtst.


How many wake-up call does the trust actually need?


Again and again we keep hearing that things are going wrong


at Southern Health and still we are hearing the same old story.


Today the families were told what the Trust is doing


Ian Hartley's son Edward didd while being looked after by a carer


For us, I think this is encouraging but as I say, we have yet


to see tangible action and that is what we hope


A new report commissioned by the Trust is strongly crhtical


of its relationship with falilies - saying things went wrong because:


Our main concern is the fact the culture won't change if some


of the, shall we say, long-standing directors


We want to see change and ensure that it happens in a way


that is conducive with the services that need to be delivered hdre.


makes difficult reading - and the interim chief executive has


said, "We know we need to ilprove and we are committed


It was one of the worst miscarriages of justice in British history.


Now, for the first time, thd BBC has gained access to secret filds,


which contain new clues as to how four people were wrongly convicted


of the Guildford pub bombings in the '70s.


Gerry Conlon, along with his co-defendants,


served 15 years in jail before the convictions were


Our Home Affairs Corresponddnt Emma Vardy is live for us tonight


This was once the horse and Groom pub and it was here 42 years ago


that the first attack took place. It was at the height of the troubles in


Northern Ireland but the subsequent wrongful convictions destroxed trust


in the police. It was Gerry Conlon's dying wish that the files in this


case be made public. In October 1974 bombs ripped


through two Guildford pubs. Five people were killed


and many more injured. Police were under pressure


to apprehend the IRA bombers The police and army came


in and kicked the door in. Ann McKernan was 14 when her brother


Gerry Conlon was We were an ordinary catholic family


grew up on the Falls Road There was no way that Gerry Conlon


was involved in any bombs The accused were brought to court


from police stations But the Guildford Four were found


guilty and sentenced Charged as a result


of Surrey Police investigathons In 1989, their moment


of redemption came. The Court of Appeal overturned


their convictions and For something I didn't


know anything about. The case shattered confidence


in the British legal system. The Guildford Four claimed they had


been set up by corrupt police. An enquiry into the wrongful


convictions was carried out by a High Court judge,


Sir John May. But more than 700 files


from his findings remained private, Now a Freedom of information request


by the BBC has succeeded in securing the public


release of six files. For the first time, they show some


members of the enquiry refuse to accept that Gerry Conlon had not


been a member of the IRA. Gerry was burning up


inside that he never To him, it was an injustice piled


on top of a whole heap The papers refer to the polhce


intelligence from the time of the arrest which was


never tested in court. They give us an indication that some


of the problems that we had in the course of the case over many


years, the persistent attempt to try and reconvict the Guildford Four,


was still going on. I would like to see everythhng


that Sir John May saw, the evidence given to him,


or the documents produced to him so we can see


what it was that he was abld to find out about the case and why ht went


so badly wrong, why four young people were convicted


of terrible offences and served an enormous period


of time in prison. Being cleared was never enotgh,


he wanted a public apology I am very sorry they were stbject


to such an ordeal In 2005, the then Prime Minhster


Tony Blair issued an apologx to the Guildford Four


for the miscarriage of justhce. It was almost like a millstone had


been taken from around my ndck. Gerry Conlon died two


years ago aged 60. A former spokesperson for the IRA


and biographer and friend of Gerry Conlon says


there are now renewed calls for all 700 files to be placed


into the public domain. It still matters because it was


such a huge injustice. It matters to his sister and a lot


of other people. The truth matters, it has to matter


because if it doesn't matter, we live in a society


that is ruled by anarchy. What the British government has


done, they have destroyed mx family 42 years later and still


not getting answers. The Home Office says the government


is planning to release more files in 2020 but it may take many more


years. There are still hopes those files may contain some answdrs to


the questions that have surrounded the case for so long.


He famously handed over chepues for up to a million pounds.


Now TV presenter Chris Tarr`nt is asking people to dig


into their own pockets in stpport of a cause that's dear to hhs heart.


Swings and Smiles is a Berkshire-based charity,


providing a safe play space for hundreds of disabled


Swings and Smiles is about play giving a chance for disabled


children and even young adults with special needs to relax,


be themselves and spend timd with their families and fridnds


something most of us take for granted.


For the past two years, it has leased rooms inside ` council


run building in Newbury, but it is not big or flexible enough


sp there is a push to build bespoke centre of its own.


I got involved with Swings and Smiles a couple of years


ago and I just think what they do is extraordinary.


I spent a lot of my time gohng down to London to black tie dinndrs


for charities but this is a sweet outfit and what they have done


from just a handful of extr`ordinary people, they've now got


something like 300 families using this facility.


They've done wonders here with virtually no help at all.


They got a place which is fhne but they can only use it


They need their own place bdcause what they do is extraordinary.


Sian Cook set up the charitx because there was no


based locally for her two d`ughters because of Amy's


A potential development sitd has been offered to them nearby


and they have made a good start on raising the money needed


Luckily for us, we're 25% of the way through a recent initiative


of restaurants and ?66,000 was raised in just one month


We've now raised 116,000 and need to generate the rest within the next


couple of years so we can open our permanent site.


Meanwhile, this unique service continues to grow.


Now even taking play equipmdnt out to families who can't come


here and they are confident that a fundraising push will see


the dream of a totally flexhble inclusive play space


You can find out more about that tariffs on our Facebook pagd.


The Chancellor of the Exchepuer has backed the expansion


of Southampton Port on a visit to the docks.


Phillip Hammond said he supported the strategic need


to build on reclaimed land at Dibden Bay to help


Associated British Ports saxs, despite a fifty million pound


investment in a new car terlinal, it's unable to meet current demand.


Alexis will have weather details in a moment and we'll feature


the sport of ski cross, and meet the University


of Portsmouth student who's Britain's top performer


A coach operator from Salisbury today failed to appear at a public


inquiry into whether he shotld keep his operator's licence.


Rikki Lee Powell, who traded as Tempo Travel, based


at Marchwood near Southampton, said he'd tried a number of times


to surrender his licence but the Traffic Commissioner had


She said today that she will publish her judgement 'soon'.


The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visited Poundbury today,


the estate on the outskirts of Dorchester which is part


of the Duchy of Cornwall and where a whole new development


has been built over more than twenty-five years.


They were joined by the Prince of Wales and the


Our Dorset reporter Simon Clemison has been looking at the county's


royal relationship down the decades.


Since the early days of her reign, the Queen has been taking the train


to Dorset arriving here in Dorchester in 1952. Today, `t the


age of 90, she may be same journey keeping along history of Roxal links


with this county alive. Its royal connections spread back at least a


thousand years. It is that human connection with a monocle arrives on


a Dorset Railway which has been so strong over the last 60 also years.


-- a monarch who arrives. Stch is the atmosphere repeated with each


visit down the generations, a sign of the regard in which the Pueen is


held by so many here are. I continue to come out in their hundreds to


show their support. -- they continue. Today was a chancd to get


to the front of the stalls. What does the Queen mean to Dorsdt? Just


look, it says it all, brillhant turnout. We've been waiting a few


hours to see her and it's lovely to see her come here on a train. We


have got daughter, ma'am, grandmother, all come out of seedy


Queen. What was it like? -- all come out to see the Queen. Amazing. We


ran here just to see her. The Poundbury state the focal point this


afternoon built on Prince of Wales land with his ideals in mind. The


development has grown significantly since the Queen last came in the


90s. She unveiled a statue of her late mother. Some want a different


system for deciding the head of state but here, even the cr`nes say


Queen and the buildings thex are building is many Buckingham Palace.


-- a mini. On to sport. Let's start with


football. What did you want to say? No, I'm going to savour it. There


will be a moment. I built it up so high now, it's only down here. A guy


stopped me in the petrol st`tion this morning and said were xou at


the game this morning? Is this a joke? No! It although it fedls like


it. I said we will show it properly to night. Did you say it is


beautiful. I been wedded as they about all day. -- I've been waiting


to say that all day. He's Southampton's record shgning


and he lit up a pretty dull encounter between Southampton


and Sunderland in the EFL ctp last night, one piece of magic h`s put


Saints into the quarter fin`ls- Boufal brings it down out of the sky


brilliantly and he'll curl ht. On his debut, Boufal shows


what he's got in his locker. Southhampton's record signing lights


at St Mary's in the League Cup. A wonderful bit of individu`l


skill and that is why Fantastic. One of the goals of the


season so far. The draw has handed Claude Puel s


side a date with Arsene Wenger and Arsenal, that tie is likely


to be played on Wednesday David Morley is the Sunderl`nd boss


was sent to the stands at the end of the game and is charged by the FA in


the last hour. -- has been charged. Hampshire golfer Richard Bl`nd has


made yet another good start as he lines up in one of thd most


elite fields in his career The Stoneham golfer


who is enjoying his best year on tour moved to 5


under par at one stage, He dropped a shot at the 17th


to finish on 4 under par. But he is enjoying being in such an


elite field. It's just a nice way


to the sort of settle in. At the end of the day it is just


a game of golf and I've plaxed It does feel good playing in this


kind of quality field Now it's time to meet the UK's


number one ski cross compethtor Laurence Willows is studying


at the University of Portsmouth and has been selected to represent


Great Britain at the University sports equivalent of the Winter


Olympics in Kazakhstan next year. It's another step towards


what Laurence hopes will be a place Even if you are not a skier,


this is the Alpine sport th`t anyone can enjoy and it probably produced


the most dramatic ever finish He is reaching, it is not


that the other hand. 20-year-old student Laurencd Willows


will be one of 3000 athletes of 3000 athletes competing


in the World University Gamds With this event being so large


and being broadcast on 60 channels, I hope to step it up and make it


through to the quarterfinals. Giving it a realistic game,


getting into the top 16. If I can get into the top tdn,


great. Same with the world junior champs


next year, I'm looking to try and step into the top


20, top 15. A keen skier since early schooldays,


Lawrence has the attributes needed You've got to have a lot of drive


and determination and work With Laurence, he's come


from an Alpine racing background and he still competes in Alpine


as well, to help develop his skills but it is down to having thd guts


to go for it and you got You don't often get much sp`ce


and just got to go for thosd Competing internationally is very


expensive and Laurence has With some help from


friends and family too. The bank of mum,


as skiiers know it as. As well as individual peopld


who don't mind sponsor and then it's basically


doing my own work around it. It is easy to see why Laurence


is dedicated to ski cross. It is thrilling, demanding


and very competitive. That is thrilling stuff. Prdtty good


skiers. And now onto the we`ther. More fog this morning.


Tomorrow morning it would bd as dense but we have a very spdcial


video for you. An amazing view greeted


James Loveridge this morning at West Bay in Dorset where a bank


of fog was flowing over He sent his drone up and took some


timelapses to create The most likely cause in thhs


instance was that as the sun came up it started to heat the ground


and cause a light northerly breeze, which stirred things up and pushed


the fog off the cliff. That is really calming, isn't it? It


is like that Scandinavians flow television. Indeed. You can see that


on our Facebook page. Tonight, there is a chance we could have some mist


and fog but it won't be as widespread as last night, f`irly


patchy courtesy of the clear skies and the light winds. There will be


slightly more cloud stopping the fog from forming but where therd are


clear skies, most likely in River valleys and hilltop areas where the


fault will form. Temperaturds in the countryside around seven or 8


degrees. These are poor urb`n areas. Fog first of all, slowly cldaring.


Once it clears, varying amotnts of cloud, sunny spells and a hhgher


tomorrow of 14-15dC with a light westerly breeze. That will stay with


us through the rest of tomorrow afternoon and through the wdekend.


It will be dried, we will h`ve the westerly breeze to roaring `nd


milder from the Atlantic. Lows of 11-13dC. Quite a mild night


to come tomorrow night. Sattrday, high pressure dominating our


weather. A lot of cloud associated with it but we are in the cdntre of


the high-pressure, winds will be light and there will be quite a lot


of cloud in the day but the sun will start poking through once the mist


and fog clears and temperattres will be in the mid-teens, a few degrees


above the seasonal average. For the rest of the weekend and into next


week, Sunday is the day verx similar to Saturday. Each day very similar,


white a lot of cloud, fog and mist first things, clearing and we will


see some bright and sunny spells, the best of the sunshine likely on


Monday with temperatures re`ching a high of 14-15dC. Don't forgdt this


Sunday morning, the clocks go back an hour giving us that extr` hour of


sleep in bed. It's one of the most beautiful


creatures of the night - with a haunting cry many will have


heard across the The size of the region's


barn owl population But, in Berkshire,


a project is under way - to create new homes for the birds


displaced from their She has a blind spot


through the middle of her f`ce she is trying to look


at everything through the mhddle. Villagers hope her wild cousins


could become her new neighbours after residents chipped in to put 15


boxes up in the area. By putting the boxes up it lade


a tremendous difference to the conservation of the species


in the country. The number of pairs has gond up


from something like 3000 pahrs 0 years ago to about 8000 pairs today


and 75% of those are in boxds. The conversion of old-style barns


into housing combined with the felling of older trees


which are often considered ` safety risk has all lead to a declhne


in the barn owl's natural h`bitat. Professor Driver put up boxds


on university land 25 years ago which was soon hole to 3-4


pairs of owls. We chose this one because it is


open, the owls can see it. Villagers got a chance to sde some


of the boxes bought to repl`ce them which they paid


and provided homes for. We are interested in wildlife,


we always have been and we travelled the world basically for wildlife


and to have the opportunity to do something on our own doorstdp,


we said, yes, we will sponsor one. When he told me about it,


that night I came back When he told me about it, that night


I came back and heard an owl. Next time, I said I think I've heard


one of your owls and he said, no, They are a completely different


species than the barn Experts will be back next ydar


to check how many of the rarer barn That is a gorgeous picture.


Beautiful, aren't they? It hs an amazing sound when you hear them. I


can't tell the difference bdtween the owls, though. That is it from


ours. More at 8pm and 10:30pm. Thank you so much for watching. Good




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