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In tonight's programme: it. Now on BBC One we


Patients stranded and medic`l appointments missed.


Coperforma is stripped of its contract for


We look at what's next for thousands of patients


Could these be coming to the leafy Surrey hills?


Protestors hope not, as they set up camp.


Weather it is conventional or something else it is an


inappropriate area. There is outstanding natural beauty `nd


nature which could be irrep`rably damaged.


Rising from the ashes - a temporary school opens to students


after their old classrooms burned down.


And fresh from the cow, the raw milk revolution keeping


And fresh from the cow, the raw milk revolution keeping


Delayed pick-ups, missed medical appointments and patients stranded


in hospitals unable to get home a catalogue of problems


for Coperforma who took over patient transport service in Sussex


Now it's been stripped of its duties after just seven months.


The ?62 million contract was due to last six years.


So let's look at what happened after Coperformer took over.


there were reports of hundrdds of patients being left stranded


And by the end of April, 5,000 people had signed a pdtition


calling on the NHS to end it's contract.


In May, following dozens of complaints from constitudnts


12 Sussex MPs raised their concerns about the service.


one of the companies providhng ambulances ran into


Then, in August, an NHS report found Coperforma had


failed to plan properly to take on the service.


four sub-contractors providhng patient transport said the service


They claimed they were owed millions.


Today, following growing spdculation and mounting public pressurd,


the NHS confirmed Coperform` had given up its contract.


One leading patient's group says it can't remember a failure


Patient transport services will now be provided


by the South Central Ambulance Service.


Four days a week former Armx officer Michael needs transport to hospital


for kidney dialysis but for the last seven months he has never knowing


whether or not Coperforma whll actually turn out to taken to


appointments. It is incredibly frustrating, it is annoying to have


to go in for dialysis but h`d to wait for transport which yot now


could be organised better, ht is annoying. So your thoughts on the


fact that they will no longdr have the contract? I was going to say I


am delighted, because they `re not capable of running it. In April


local health bosses awarded the contract for nonemergency albulances


to the company who have dealt with the fallout ever since.


Angry patients not collected, staff unpaid, hospitals picking up the


pieces, angry MPs, angry unhons But in the end it was the fact that


patient safety was being colpromised that was the final straw. The


service is very fragile. In addition we have received a communic`tion


from Coperforma that last performance has improved thd


contract is not economical for them. So we have agreed an exit


arrangements for them. Which begs the question, were they pushed or


did they jump? It is a combhnation of the two. We have agreed to end


the contract between us and transition the contract over to a


new provider. For the unions and MPs who have repeatedly called for


Coperforma to be stripped of the contract, this feels like


vindication. In the short tdrm the news is fantastic and myself and the


members I have spoken to already this morning are absolutely


delighted that finally what has been seen as a disastrous error hs being


corrected. The improvement has been there but this was never gohng to


work in the long term. I am just delighted that finally it h`s come


to an end and we hope that patients will get a better transport service


that they deserve. The servhce will be gradually taken over by the South


Central Ambulance Service who will take complete responsibilitx by


April next year. We are told that patients don't have to do anything


and should not notice any change in provider.


Our Health Correspondent David Fenton joins us from Coperforma s


This has been on the cards for sometime, some might evdn say it


They were overwhelmed almost from the very start. They had


difficulties with their software. Not working properly. They have


problems with some of their subcontractors. One went bust. And


they were under constant public scrutiny. All the time. The company


did say that things were getting better towards the end and they were


hitting their targets, but were they making any money? It may have been


that this contract was just not economical for them. Patients want


to know what will happen next. The contract has been taken over by


South Central ambulance who will know what is expected of thdm. But


will they want to continue with the contract? Because there will need to


be another tender and we will need to go through this all over again,


maybe in a year or so. The lain thing now is to make sure that


patients get to and from hospital, safely. We were successful last year


in winning the contract in Surrey and the neighbouring county, our


team are currently on the ground at the moment, putting in placd systems


and processes, vehicles and staff, to run the business. So we `re in


the adjacent county and there also a lot of cross-border transporting


patients between Surrey and Sussex, so we are confident that we can run


good service even though it is not in our current line-up, we will look


hard to do that. And any apology from Coperforma?


No word from them at all. I have been into the headquarters, the


lights are on but no one is home. Or if they are, they are not answering


the door to me. Potentially it houses the fhfth


largest onshore oil field in the UK and could be worth millions


of pounds - but drilling into the Surrey Hills to extract it,


is highly controversial. Campaigners concerned


about the possible environmdntal impact are pledging to do everything


possible to stop work But the company involved has sought


to reassure local people. It is a popular part of leafy Surrey


for walkers, cyclists, and horse riders looking for peace and quiet.


But now the area has become the site of a battle between the Europa oil


and gas company, and environmental campaigners. Last Friday thd


campaigners began setting up this protest camp, complete with tree


houses. Central government has completely overridden the whshes of


the people in this area, thdy have been made completely clear, it could


not be more obvious that thhs is not wanted. Today the Green party MEP


for the south-east visited the site to learn more about the campaign.


There are enough people sayhng, hang on, this is a beautiful neck of the


woods, literally, why on earth would we want to disrupt it? The south


already has a series of onshore oil wells. This site would allow the


operator access to reserves estimates that around 5 million


barrels. The site was approved by the planning Inspectorate following


a seven-year battle but there are outstanding issues including an


application for new securitx fencing around the site. It is over one


hectare of land that they are talking about fencing off. Ht will


be visible from the road, ndver in the original plans. Nobody from


Europa oil and gas was available for interview today but in a radio


interview last Friday the company stressed they will not use


controversial fracking techniques. It is a conventional explor`tion


well. Firstly identified in 198 by BP. So it predates the invention of


fracking in the UK. The oil industry says it has a good track record when


it comes to protecting the environment. In the UK, and in


particular, the area where this site exists, we have already drilled


about 250 wells. It is essentially nothing different to what wd have


done for decades now. Europd are gas and oil does need a series of final


approvals before it can start work on this site. The company is hoping


to start drilling here at some stage next year.


Overcrowded trains, cancelldd services and strikes.


It's a depressingly familiar story for passengers on Southern Railway -


caught in the middle of a long running and bitter dispute.


One Surrey commuter got so fed up - he actually moved house -


and has now won the right to sue the company for packed


It comes as the RMT union h`s been protesting outside


parliament, demanding action from the government.


Sergei, who moved back to London from Surrey after getting fdd up


with Southern rail's poor sdrvice. A judge has now given him perlission


to sue for ?500 for trains he could not get on and those that wdre


cancelled. Service is not normally covered by compensation. It could


set a precedent for more cl`ims I feel privileged and humbled that my


tiny little ?500 claim turndd into this big thing which may possibly


mean justice and some compensation for thousands of people. Outside


Parliament and the unions again pressed their case that guards are


safety critical. They say the guard should dispatch the train. The


company say the driver can do that using new CCTV. If you are getting


your members to sign a contract surely it is over and you h`ve lost


this one? It is not over, that is an irrelevance, changing the job title


does not change the safety critical role of the second person on board.


The company must come to terms with that, they cannot bribe and


intimidate us. Will you condemn the strike? I condemned the fact they


are necessary but I will not condemn the strike. It is a critical issue


of passenger safety here. Wd rail minister said the government would


not intervene in this dispute. Even though those changes are part of a


government contract that Sotthern rail is bringing in. We havd a


significant capacity challenge on the southern network. One of the


best ways to deal with the capacity challenge is new rolling stock with


more seats on it, which is what we are delivering with the new class of


700. It would be silly to compromise on passenger capacity just to


appease a trade union. Both sides remain entrenched and anothdr


48-hour strike starts on Frhday Expect more industrial action.


Later we have the forecast with Alexis and there's


Yesterday temperatures reached a high of 20 Celsius. Today, just 12.


Tomorrow could be cooler. Ddtails shortly.


Emergency services had to free a person trapped


in a car that over-turned in New Milton this afternoon.


The crash is also thought to have involved a pedestrian.


It happened just before 2 o'clock at the junction of Whitefield


Police, fire and ambulance services all attended the scene.


The German discount supermarket chain Lidl says it's created four


hundred jobs at its new reghonal distribution centre


The warehouse off the M271 hs now the company's biggest


in the UK and cost more than 50 million pounds.


The depot which opened for business today will serve communities


from Brighton to Poole and tp to Newbury in Berkshire.


It's the 10th centre of it's kind to open as the company expands.


Work to repair a huge railw`y embankment near Farnham


For three weeks, commuters on this busy route had to travel by bus


A temporary fix was put in place, but now a permanent repair will be


Here's our transport correspondent Paul Clifton.


Creeping through the morning mist. Trains from Alton have been


travelling the slowly since April. Below the tracks, giant diggers


reconstructing the hillside. Drainage channels are filled with


loose stones. Baskets of rocks have been inserted and huge steel piles


driven deep into the ground. Local housing is also protected bx the


railway, high above the valley floor. It is a big job. There is a


lot of material. A lot of m`terial we have to bring in. Last April the


embankment collapsed. Soaked with winter rain. The line to London was


closed for three weeks. Then, Alton Station stood empty. There were


buses instead. A temporary fix was put in place. When it reopened we


filmed the first train. Now the permanent solution is under way The


work will take until Christlas. At the moment we are investing ?4.


million just to rebuild the embankment. A massive step toward


returning the railway to normal Academics at the University of


Southampton believe that increasingly frequent landslips like


this one are linked to clim`te change. Warmer, drier summers, and


more intense winter rainfall, affecting thousands of clay


embankments like this across southern England.


For most students it's back to the usual old classrooms this


But for pupils at The Academy Selsey,


Their school burnt down over the summer and since then ldssons


have been held in various locations across the town.


Today they moved into what they re calling a "temporary villagd"


of portable classrooms while their school is re-buhlt.


For these year ten students and there was an impromptu first session


in the new classroom. Lesson one, how to get around what is


effectively a new school. Wd will do an assembly, from their you will go


to your classes, because yot don't know where they are yet, yot have


not had them... Business during the school summer holidays that the


Academy burned down, it is believed the fire started while contractors


were working there, 75% of the school was destroyed. For the first


of the academic year lessons were held around other buildings in the


town, including the town hall, a sports centre, and the Chichester


secondary school. Meanwhile the field was converted to a telporary


classroom village of portable buildings. From a outside they look


like portable buildings but once you get inside you are in a classroom.


Many of the rooms have air conditioning, it shows you how far


they have moved since previously. They are double glazed, fully


functional classrooms with the IT facilities you would expect, and in


the specialist rooms, science, technology, IT, they have the exact


a group students need. Over the past few days they have packed thousands


of new books. The old library was totally destroyed. The old `nd from


dreams also burned down and replaced. The school held an open


day for parents to look arotnd. I am excited we don't need to get on the


bus every day to go to another high school, but now we are here and now


the way around. It is amazing, really impressive. Can get over it,


really, how quickly they have done it. It is great. Better than the old


school. Students are expectdd to be in the temporary village for around


18 months. Tenders have gond out for the work to rebuild the old school


and it is hoped that the sttdents can move back in in the middle of


2018. And now the sport. It is not that


long ago we were talking about the Olympics. It is nice to reflect on


one of the highlights of thd summer. It is, but you wonder where all the


athletes have gone. Some ard tired and some are looking to Tokxo. What


about others? Indeed, just the Olympic build-up. The cycle takes


them through hopefully for lany of them to Tokyo, so, what do some of


them do in the meantime? A couple of them, will be, playing hockdy


abroad. Because that is the next step in the careers of many of our


gold medallist in Rio. The next step in the hockey careers


of many of our gold medallists in Rio has been to play


professionally in the Netherlands. Maddie Hinch from West Chiltington


in Sussex came up against a familiar face in this weekend's local derby


as she represented Stickster. Our reporter Charlie Rose


was there and sent us this It was the nail-biting clim`x to an


Olympic final which immortalised this women's hockey team. The


goalkeeper saving all four penalties. Ten weeks on a m`gical


moment is still sinking in. I still find it hard to put words to the


experience. It is still a blur. I cannot tell you what I was thinking


or feeling at the time, it did not feel real. Now two of the players


have swapped Copacabana beach for the cooler climes of Holland. Today


is their first local derby latch of the season. The team kick off with a


serious team talk. The man who coached her to Olympic glorx


believes that the experiencd she and other team Britain players `re


gaining in Holland will bring significant benefits. It is good for


them, good for the players on it makes a difference, having the


programme we do it keeps thdm in the UK for the bulk of the Olympic


cycle. That said, the concltsion of the first local derby match of the


season, a fantastic one for Maddie Hinch was her team winning 4-0. It


is a very young side were up against and we had a lot of experienced


heads so we just need to pl`y a simple game and hopefully the result


could take care of itself. Her team-mates as a player who failed to


get a shot past in the final in Rio. She is a fun girl. And they could do


that as well. So it is good to have her. England's are goalkeepdr, now


plying his trade in Holland, and all the while continuing to boost the


profile of women's hockey b`ck at home.


Champion jockey Jim Crowley has been released from hospital


Crowley, from Pulbrough in West Sussex, came away


from a horrific looking crash with only a broken nose.


Fellow jockey Freddy Tylitski remains in a stable condition


Hampshire cricket have annotnced that all rounder Liam Dawson has


agreed a contact extension to 2 19, he's one of the stars


Meanwhile the county have bden paying tribute to two


Vic Cannings took 834 first class wickets over ten seasons


and all after his 30th birthday in the 1950's side.


Hampshire have also announcdd the death of former chairman


of cricket Jimmy Gray, opening batsman in the county


Last month they also lost the wicketkeeper of that te`m


It's Milan week on South Today as Southampton prepares


to host Internazionale, the Italian giants from Mil`n


Big news from the Inter camp today is that


manager Frank De Boer has been sacked just 48


It follows a poor run of results in the Italian league for the 1


Youth team coach Stefano Vecchi will be in charge at


And on tomorrow night's programme we're getting in the Italian spirit.


I've been to the corner of Southampton which feels


like Milan, to try my hand `t some Italian cooking, at the restaurant


which bears the name of the city and whose manager is a fan of Inter.


Find out what came out of the pizza oven tomorrow.


Did you know that many athldtes swear by the benefits of raw milk?


Forget isotonic sports drinks and protein shakes, apparently


the benefits of unpasteurisdd milk - fresh from the cow -


are unparalled when it comes to hydration and nutrition.


It's growing appeal is also giving dairy farmers a boost.


As the price of supermarket milk has continued to drop,


farmers have been looking at ways to diversify and one farmer


in Botley in Hampshire has started selling raw milk direct


Olly Neagle hopes it will fhnally help him balance his books.


Olly Neagle can trace the pddigree of his Jerseys back to his grand


But this long line of of falily farming was at risk of coming


to an end - as the price he receives for his


Today the cost is 30p per lhtre We are getting 21, 22, at the linute,


we cannot carry on and stay in business so we have to look at


alternative ways of bringing in income to try to support thd dairy.


selling his milk fresh from his farm - cutting out the middle men.


This is raw milk - it's not pasteurised -


so it can only be sold this way - not in shops.


We can sell the milk raw direct to the public for ?1 30 a litrd, or to


pound 50 for two. That is its true worth. People are prepared to pay


the money for it and it is getting people really engaged back to where


their food is coming from. H believe it is better for you becausd it has


still got all the vitamins `nd enzymes in it and all the good


proteins and fats. I have bden drinking it since I was small. Hence


why I let my son drink it as well. I just really enjoyed it. I used to


have it when I was a child. As soon as I stopped drinking and I ended up


with pneumonia. Food regulators do warn that non-pasteurised mhlk may


contain bacteria that can c`use food poisoning. But production is tightly


regulated to ensure that farms like this comply with standards. All he


is currently selling around 80 litres of raw milk a day. Hd hopes


to increase that to 300, 400, which would give him and the next


generation of his cows a secure future.


Grahame Howard photographed the morning mist at


Here's another murky shot from this morning


of the sunshine this morning in Portchester from


Today we did have some sunnx spells and that was this morning, with


increasing cloud through thd course of the day. The cloud will stay with


us for the first part of thd night but it will clear away and there's a


chance we could have some frost in the countryside. Temperaturds in


towns and cities will fall to around three, four Celsius. But integral


areas, possibly around freezing or just above. The mist and fog tonight


will not be as extensive as it was last night, one or two pockdts here


and there. A frosty start in places. Blue sky overhead from the word go.


Barely a cloud in the sky tomorrow. It is a lovely day. It will feel


quite chilly though with temperatures reaching a high of


possibly 12 Celsius for the Isle of Wight. The breeze will remahn a


light through the course of the day. Tomorrow night, sky stays clear


temperatures falling lower than tonight,


around freezing or just below in the countryside. These are the


temperatures in our towns and cities. A chilly start. Thursday is


dry and a sunny start. Throtgh the course of the morning and the


afternoon we will see the club increase with high-pressure pulling


away and low-pressure swinghng in from the North. And this we`ther


front will bring cloud during Thursday afternoon into the evening


and overnight. A chance of patchy rain as the weather front and


south-east across the region on Thursday night. As we look `head to


the rest of the week we can expect some lovely sunny conditions


tomorrow, a high of 10 Celshus, a lovely sunny start to the d`y on


Thursday, the wind will rem`in light from the south-west, the cloud will


increase, and it will seem patchy rain in the evening and overnight.


Friday itself, we will have some rain at times, but in amongst the


showers and the rainfall we will have some sunny spells as wdll. And


the wind will start to change direction once again through the


weekend. It will take a look colder over the weekend, especiallx for


bonfire night on Saturday, hf you aren't about over the weekend it


will be chilly so wrapped up. Send us your photographs tomorrow if you


are out in the Thank you very much. That is all we


have time for. More at 8pm `nd 0:30 p.m.. Goodbye.


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