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In tonight's programme: Bird flu in Dorset -


cases in the county - but it's feared dozens more swans


It's a very serious condition for the birds and it strikes the young


ones particularly very hard. I cannot get over the fact that


grown adults cannot sit around a table and actually come to some kind


of compromise. Miserable is the word. You're being held to ransom


effectively. As commuters face another


strike the both sides in the Southern Rail dispute go head


to head in a televised debate. His boat may be damaged but could


Hampshire's Alex Thomson now win And the Wiltshire couple


boldly going where no When the opportunity presents


itself, you just say yes. An outbreak of bird flu has been


confirmed at the famous Abbotsbury Swannery


near Weymouth in Dorset. Nine swans have tested positive


for the H5N8 strain of the disease. Last month, the government


ordered poultry farmers to take precautions -


to try to stop the spread of the virus from wild birds


to commercial and domestic flocks. One Dorset egg farm says


the restrictions are having an impact on the welfare


of their chickens, Reporter Steve Humphrey is at


Abbotsbury Swannery this evening. But the new discovery of the virus


here isn't totally unexpected. There've been cases across Europe,


and it arrived here last month, with outbreaks in Wales


and Scotland, and a number of English counties,


including Gloucestershire, where the wetland reserve


at Slimbridge was affected. Since New Year, there've been


further cases in Devon and Wales, but the outbreak here


is the biggest so far. Confirmation of the presence of the


bird flu virus here that Abbotsbury 's winery came after ten dead swans


were sent for tests. Nine tested positive for the H5N8 strain of the


disease. Very concerned for the birds. It's not a threat to our


staff or humans generally, that's been confirmed by the health


agencies, so that's the good thing, but it is a very serious condition


for the birds down there and it doesn't strike the young ones


particularly very hard. So far this winter, around 80 swans have been


found dead, double the usual number for the winter period. Back in 2008,


the area was hit by the more valuable -- gent hey-mac strain but


precautions were put in place. It was a different strain which they


thought might be harmful to humans. We lost less birds then then we have


this time. At the start of December, the Government ordered poultry farms


to bring free range hens in doors and to take precautions in a bid to


stop the virus spreading. They say they are disappointed that death


Defra didn't tell them about the presence of the virus at Abbotsbury.


You want more information? Yes, I feel it isn't good enough. Keeping


hens indoors has led to a substantial cut in production. 20%


of what we normally get so for us financially, it's quite a big


impact, really. the motion was -- the measures imposed to help


restrict the spread of bird flu will be in place until February 28.


Abbotsbury is closed at the moment. People are hoping the bird flu virus


runs its course by the time it is reopened on March 18.


A little earlier I spoke to England's Chief Veterinary


Officer, Nigel Gibbens, he gave me his reaction


We've seen the disease spread through wild birds throughout Europe


There is little that can be done because these are wild birds but it


does show the level of infection that is present


How worried are you that this might spread from there?


There's a constant threat from different wild birds.


The important thing is we prevent it getting into kept birds,


like commercial birds and birds people keep in their backyards.


We are keen to advise people to do everything they can to keep birds


Public Health England have looked carefully at this and confirmed


This is a bird flu that is affecting only birds and hasn't affected


people and the Food Standards Agency has said the food


Just how concerned are you this year?


This is a very serious disease of birds.


It is highly infectious and causes diseases,


especially in chickens and turkeys, but also potentially swans and geese


so it is a particularly serious disease in birds but the good thing


is that it's not causing any harm to humans so we need people to keep


this disease out of their kept birds, whether it's


in their backyard or a commercial poultry farm.


Another strike by drivers on Southern Railway


The company says no trains will run tomorrow, on Wednesday or Friday.


Meanwhile, a strike on London Underground has been


causing major disruption for all commuters that was due


A BBC news special to be broadcast this evening debates


the Southern Rail issues, and hears from passengers.


Our transport correspondent Paul Clifton reports.


Britain's first rail strike in 20 years has meant misery for hundreds


and thousands of people. the debate generated plenty of heat and


sunlight, too. It is causing unprecedented disruption to working


people. the debate saw the head of Southern's parent company go


head-to-head with the leader of the RMT union. There will be a second


safety trained person. Guaranteed on every train? Let him speak, for


goodness' sake. We will foster a second safety trained person on as


many trains as had them before. He won't say it. A second safety


trained person on as many trains as we had before this started. What's


stopping the settlement of the attitude of the company towards


changing the way that trains operated, backed up by Chris


Grayling and are refusing to come to compromise. It was a chance for


passengers to face the people responsible for ten months of


strikes. July I had quit my job and taking a job closer to home, losing


myself ?7,000 a year but I did it so I could see my son because you could


not get me home on time to do so. Might only -- my journey time is 2.5


hours and led to the break-up of our relationship. How did you sleep at


night? It's complete and utter nonsense. Afterwards, the company


and union had a chat, not formal talks but at least they didn't leave


by separate doors without speaking. The Southern dispute has brought


misery to thousands of commuters on a daily basis over the past 11


months, and every night this week, we're going to be hearing


from someone whose life has Tonight, Joe Campbell has been


talking to a charity worker now facing a commute which takes two


or three times longer Alison wasn't at home today because


of her birthday because orbs of getting to the charity office where


she works had been scuppered by the tube strike. My very first day, my


first week, was when the strike started, so the timing was just


unbelievable. It's what happens, you turn up early and find out your


claim has been cancelled. Even when the trains are running, getting from


Crawley to her office is a nightmare. Alison recorded her


journey on this video diary. Finally at Victoria and this is what you


get. That isn't enough, you then get handed leaflets telling you things


like this. I cannot get over the fact that grown adults cannot sit


around a table and actually come to some sort of compromise, agreement,


something, and that it would take this long. Alison's job means she


can work from home on strike days and she accepts others are in a far


worse situation. She says she isn't prounion or management, instead she


is on the side of her fellow commuters. I pay almost ?4500 for a


season ticket when you don't even get a seat, you get this miserable


service, you're surrounded by people who just want to get to work and


come home like you. It is miserable, that is the word, you're being held


to ransom, effectively. Our transport correspondent


Paul Clifton is here - The company and the unions


are still poles apart. Last week the drivers' union said


they weren't so much on different planets


as occupying separate universes. We've had two separate and very


detailed industry studies by safety experts which show that driver only


operation is safe. And perhaps safer than


operation with a guard. The unions have completely dismissed


those studies, saying train So from midnight the misery


for commuters starts all over again. Tomorrow there will be no trains


on Southern Railway at all. The company will lay on buses


from Chichester and Horsham, but they will carry just a tiny


fraction of the normal passengers. Its advice to passengers


is not to travel, and to Wednesday will follow


the same pattern. Trains will run on Thursday


but be severely disrupted, then on Friday there will again be


no trains at all. And a reminder that you can see


the debate in full this evening There's also a special extended


programme on Radio Sussex and Radio Solent, starting


at seven tonight. A new report has found


Gatwick Airport contributed ?5.3 billion to the UK's


economy last year. The research by Oxford Economics


also shows the facility could support an extra 13,000


new jobs by 2025 with its Stay with us as we chart


the progress of Gosport Could he be on course to win


the Vendee round the world race? A 17-year-old boy has been charged


with attempted murder following a stabbing


on Saturday in Boscombe. Police were called to Ashley Road


in Boscombe, where a man The boy has been remanded


in youth detention to appear at Winchester Crown Court tomorrow


charged with attempted murder and possession of bladed


article in public place. The Prime Minister Theresa May


visited Hampshire to launch her new initiative


on mental health today. The Wellbeing Centre


in Aldershot provides support for people with a wide range


of mental health conditions. It's a charity, but funded


by the local health authority The Prime Minister spent half


an hour talking to users We're very fortunate in Hampshire,


in this area especially, in that we've got funding that has


been put in to deliver They are reasonably inexpensive


and produce such great outcomes, which is obviously what


the Prime Minister has heard today. I thought she would be more stern


but she was really laid-back, quite relaxed, and she seemed


genuinely interested The West Sussex car-maker


Rolls Royce says it will keep its headquarters in the UK,


despite telling workers last year that Brexit would limit its ability


to plan and budget for the future. Today the Goodwood-based company


reported a 6% rise in sales. Last year, it delivered just over


4,000 cars to customers, the second-highest sales


record in its history. It's consistently voted one


of the best places to live in the hole of the UK,


but over the decades many feel Wokingham Town centre has


been showing its age. Now, after five years of delay,


work is finally starting on the regeneration of the main


shopping area, Peach Street. A completely new public


square will be created, but the council is warning of no


gain without pain, with severe delays expected in one


of the busiest towns in Berkshire. As a main shopping street,


Peach Street has been a bit It's going to be


very Wokinghamesque. It's not going to be this


street you see right now. This redevelopment will cost ?24


million but the busy thoroughfare will be down to just one lane


for 15 weeks. A stone's throw away,


the popular Rose Street car park Congestion in the town


isn't good, but we need Not a lot of character


at the moment, a few shops. I think more independent


shops would be lovely. I work in mental health and I'd


like to see more money Completely redeveloping a main


part of the town centre As well as the destruction caused


to the thoroughfare, we have counted eating into units


and all those shops had As the council bought


all the land in 2010, it says it's in line


to make a profit. They say they're going


to make the money back. We would have kept the car park


and instead of building houses on Rose Street, we would have


created a memorial garden. This is the investment we have


wanted for years and years, to stop The Peach Street project is expected


to finally bear fruit when it Let's move on to sport. We're going


to start with sailing. You don't think of the word exciting when you


hear about a round the world race. I've been watching Alex Thomson over


the Christmas period. When he was passing Cape Horn, now he's so close


to the leader. You slowdown in the doldrums and shall be hoping he can


get some wind. It is an amazing event, the biggest challenge of them


all. We think it's probably got about a week to go.


The gap is just under 100 miles and shortening as Alex Thomson


attempts to make history and become the first Briton to win


The Gosport sailor aboard Hugo Boss has had a terrific few days


as he heads up to the finish in Western France, approaching


an area in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans known for light winds


and when Thomson sent this update, he'd seen his boat


Firmly in the doldrums, had a terrible night last night.


There's been some wind that I wasn't expecting and I'm


There's definitely going to be another slowdown before we get


there, the easterly breeze is going to come in


We'll have more on the race tomorrow night.


The draw for the FA cup fourth round is coming up at 7


o'clock over on BBC2, but only two of the region's sides


On a weekend where there was very little magic sprinkled around


Michael Appleton's men served up a victory against higher


Brighton too, secured their place in the next round.


Brighton and Hove Albion boss Chris Hughton was named Manager


of the Month for December and January started well too.


He made 11 changes to his side, but the gamble paid off.


It took a while for the Albion to put league one Dons away,


but a free header 18 minutes from time means the promotion


chasers are into round four for the seventh time in eight years.


The first one put us very much on the road and gave us


that lift we needed, probably at a period of the game


where MK were pushing to get back as a real threat.


Rotherham are bottom of the Championship so perhaps it


wasn't a shock that Oxford hit the heights at the New York Stadium.


McGuire missed a penalty but before long, Ryan Taylor gave them the lead


Rotherham levelled, but Oxford were on course for a convincing cup


win when Phil Edwards headed in a corner.


Then a dangerous cross made it three.


Rotherham made the finish interesting, but this header


It would be fantastic if we can get a tie against a Premier League side,


to give players and fans a chance to go head-to-head


Southampton were seconds from going through at Norwich.


The not-for-sale Van Dyke volleyed them in front.


The teenage debutant Harry Lewis led to his giving away a penalty,


converted by Steven Whittaker to level the scores.


This super header sent them through and they won't have wanted


a replay with the FA Cup semifinal to come, but that's exactly


what the face after Steven Naismith's injury-time header.


Details of the draw in a moment, but first, the losers this weekend.


Eddie Howe admitted with hindsight he regretted making 11 changes


as a virtual Bournemouth reserve team lost at Millwall.


There weren't too many recognisable figures on the team bus,


but a side that's still valued at 40 million shouldn't have


capitulated so easily against third-tier opponents.


The home side were in front through Steve Morrison before


the break and added two more in the second half


through Shaun Cummings and Shane Ferguson in stoppage time.


Jaap Stam was back at Old Trafford but it was a visit to forget


Wayne Rooney's record equalling goal had United on their way to a 5-0


It was game over pretty quickly for the Royals.


Goalkeeper Al Habsi had a moment to forget too,


And Martin Allen said he enjoyed his return to Brentford


but his Eastleigh team from the national league were well


beaten by the Championship side who stormed into a 3-0 lead


Eyeowe Obileye got on the score sheet but the game was over


by the break as Brentford powered their way into a 5-1 lead,


the non-leaguers out in round three for the second successive year.


All the goals are on the BBC website.


The draw is live on BBC2 straight after this programme.


Brighton are ball 9, Southampton are 29 along with Norwich.


The ties are played over the final weekend of January.


Claude Puel says he won't select wantaway captain Jose Fnote


in Wednesday's EFL cup semifinal first leg against Liverpool.


Southampton's Moroccan international Sofianne Boufal is out


of the African Cup of Nations due to a knee injury and Nathan Ake has


been recalled by Chelsea from his loan spell at Bournemouth.


The local derby on the ice between Basingstoke Bison


and Bracknell bees was won by the Bison.


They triumphed 5-2 in the English premier league clash last night It


made it a weekend double for the Bison, who beat


Peterborough Phantoms 6-1 over the weekend.


Slovakian Rene Jarolin got 4 of the 6 goals.


They won 7-1 at Manchester last night.


Some cricket news, and another South African is coming


to the region under the freedom of movement clause known in sport


David Wiese has agreed a three-year deal at Sussex.


The 31-year-old all-rounder has played 20 T20 internationals


He has played for Sussex before, having featured


The move is subject to English cricket board approval.


Would you get into a flap at the prospect of a long trip


I did it between Antarctica and Chile and I was scared.


If not, how about flying more than three-thousand miles


in a microlight over Europe, and the Sahara desert down


Well, one couple from Wiltshire are planning to do just that.


It's never been officially tried in this class of aircraft.


They are often seen in the skies, but how about flying thousands


Julian and Sarah are both qualified pilots.


They want to take on the Paris to Dakar rally route.


It's going to take us to parts of the world


we've never been in, it's going to stretch


Microlights look like small planes but the wings are essentially


The panels are extremely thin and you can lift them with one hand.


The couple will take off from Wiltshire, flying down


through France and Spain across to Africa through


Morocco, Western Sahara and Mauritania to Dakar.


The terrain will be remote and inhospitable


There are miles where the Sahara desert goes into the Atlantic Ocean


We live very long way away from help.


-- They don't have complex instruments.


Bad weather and cloud will force you down.


It's a little cockleshell of a planes so if it gets windy


or if it looks like there might be rain to content with, you have


Julian and Sarah hope to raise money for the charity Water Aid.


Before that, they still need to raise around ?10,000


They hope to set off sometime next spring.


Good luck. Onto the weather. Let's look at the weather pictures.


Dan Mapes photographed the cloudy skies in Mudeford.


Cathy Anning captured a buck at Bolderwood in the New Forest.


And Anthony Morris took this picture of the cloudy skies


A mild started the day and a lot of rain, it has been patchy and


drizzly. We will see sunny spells tomorrow. Before that, a mild


started a week, breezy with some rain for sun but turning colder from


the latter part of Wednesday and more so through Thursday daytime.


Overnight tonight, a few clear spells, so the chance of the odd


shower and a breeze will increase during the early hours of the


morning with the lows of 329 Celsius -- three. Some patchy rain, may be


light and drizzly with the high of seven or 10 Celsius. You please


tomorrow, feeling cooler and fresher -- a breeze. The chance of light


rain or drizzle at times but dry weather as well and temperatures


dropping to seven or eight Celsius. Tomorrow will be a lot milder than


tonight. Wednesday, a damn, drizzly start but it will improve. Still a


lot of cloud through the course of the day. It will feel chilly with


the northwesterly breeze digging in, I of nine to 10 Celsius -- highs.


The rain will set into the course of Thursday, digging into the North,


cold through Thursday daytime, the chance of the odd, isolated wintry


shower and snow or sleet but we're not expecting any accumulations of


snow in any places. Friday, the odd snow showers possible. Sleet and


snow in places and as we look ahead to the weekend, it should be cold


with that northerly wind, wintry showers possible, but there will be


dry weather as well. United scored four goals, not five, apologies.


There'll be a summary at 8pm and we'll be back at 10:30pm.


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