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Hello, I'm sorry Taylor. Tonight, going underground, after 30 years of


talks, controversial new plans for a major tunnel near Stonehenge. This


scheme has now been proposed, it is a major disaster for the world


Heritage site. It really is. Let's take it on the table, yes. The


strike has cost the taxpayer ?60 million, but you were to cover the


cost of rail strikes in the future. Every parent's nightmare, a child


won't sleep, but can all children be taught the art of slumber? And girls


are back on the road again in the same car, sharing a fond memories of


a fond memories of the 1970s Raleigh. We decided the best bet was


to have paper knickers, so we won't have to worry about washing


knickers. Critics say it would


cause irreparable damage to a world heritage site,


but, after almost 30 years of debate, new plans


for the region's most controversial A tunnel - just under two miles long


- to bury the A303 as it passes There will also be a bypass for


the village of Winterbourne Stoke. The total cost of the scheme


is more than ?2 billion. Our transport correspondent


Paul Clifton is at the What do we know, Paul? Sourly,


successive governments have loved this idea, and then they've hated it


-- Sally. Years after the tunnel idea was resurrected, we have the


plans. Seven miles of dual carriageway, the centrepiece, a 1.8


mile tunnel. Now, put this in perspective. In decade, no other new


road in southern England has cost this much money. At ?1.4 billion, it


is more than three times the price of the tunnel, 15 times of the


Weymouth relief road. And it is profoundly controversial.


The solution, make the whole route a dual carriageway.


The National Trust hopes it will eventually look like


It actually makes a big difference to the World Heritage


We will have 1.8 miles of clear space in the World Heritage


We would look to start construction in early 2020 and have


the road open, with all its benefits, by 2024.


But some people believe the proposed tunnel is much


If they're going to put a tunnel in, it needs to be long


enough not to do any further damage to the site.


With this scheme as now has been proposed, it's a major


disaster for the World Heritage Site.


And it is a shocking indictment on our


government, that it would consider damaging


a World Heritage Site in


Winterbourne Stoke will get a much-needed bypass, perhaps


through here to the north of the village, an embankment, using spoil


Yes, we campaigned for a dual, that could be a


dual tunnel, a dual carriageway, a dual anything, but we need what's


This is the most difficult part, but the


bigger picture is an expressway to the south-west, with average speeds


The A33 follows the line of an ancient route, one of Britain's


hideous roads. But it was not until six years ago that it was the main


road, it only took that role when lorries got bigger and they had to


avoid towns. Salisbury, Shastri. The tunnel idea appeared in 1989, after


Selby is planning the government decided it was a bad idea, it was


dropped. Two years later it was back, then a public enquiry approved


it. Ten years ago the cost reached ?500 million, so it was dropped,


again. Four years ago, the idea came back three thirds time, but now the


tunnel was to be much longer and cost more than twice as much. Then,


at Stonehenge, Prime Minister David Cameron made the promise. We have


managed the nation's finances carefully, the money is there in the


budget and you will see that in the Autumn Statement on Wednesday, is


this will go ahead. So, what happens next? Public consultation starts


now, and a preferred route will be fixed this summer. The target is to


start digging in three years' time and it will take four years to


build. What are the chances of this happening, it is the third attempt?


It is without doubt one of the most controversial road schemes in the


entire country. Lots of people will hate it, locals broadly like it.


There will have to be a dual carriageway, the amount of traffic


the man said. It is a notorious bottleneck. But in transport terms,


it makes no difference whether the dual carriageway is on the ground


beneath it. The tunnel is really an environmental scheme to protect our


most famous ancient monument. Ultimately, whether it gets built


not depends on how much as a we are willing to pay to remove the traffic


from our global icon of Stonehenge. And at ?1.4 billion, it comes quite


a price tag. It is likely to go ahead, but there still time to yet


another change of heart. Paul, thank you very much.


After two days of strikes, drivers on Southern Rail


returned to work today - but not for long.


Industrial action will resume from midnight.


Tonight, we hear the story of Alex Prosser-Snelling from Horsham.


His daily commute to London has been disrupted for the last 10 months -


and it's got so bad, he now cycles for part of the route.


Two years ago, Alex Prosser-Snelling started commuting from Horsham to


London and the journey taken on a heart. For the past year it has


taken between two and five hours one-way, often requiring a route


involving car, train and bicycle. It has taken its toll and Alex and the


people with whom he usually travels. I have two small children so bedroom


is eight o'clock at night. Sometimes they will wait sometimes they won't.


I know people who've lost their jobs because of it and I know people who


to have a house move, people who've lost their relationship, the impact


is appalling. Alexeev a passenger representative on board said by


government to improve the government. He said the service is


not a normal franchise operations of the government should take greater


responsibility. When you buy your ticket, the money goes to the


government, said this is not a franchise, it's a contract and the


Department for Transport keeps revenue. Southern Dem commentate


you, it is a taxpayer who pays. It is the taxpayer that will pay the


extra compensation per season ticket holders, so this starts at the door


of the Department for Transport, namely to intervene much more


actively to get a resolution to this long-running dispute. Passengers who


like cannon fodder, we just wanted resolved and that really is a that


advancement -- responsibility for the Department for Transport.


It's been revealed that the government is to put clauses


in new rail franchise agreements that will allow employers to claim


back any revenue they may lose because of industrial action over


The Department for Transport say modernisation is needed,


but the RMT say taxpayers shouldn't be forced to foot the bill.


The role of guards is the cause of months of strike


Meanwhile, in Liverpool, plans by Merseyrail


to introduce the scheme are also proving controversial.


Today, the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn spoke


about the dispute to our political editor Peter Henley.


Southern Rail has to fess up and deal with the issue.


They've run a bad service, they've run short trains,


they've cancelled trains, they've still been paid


by the government to do it


and it is a very odd sort of contractual


government pays them whether they run


the service or not, and the


government retains the fare income from it.


The RMT tell us today that the government


new contracts for Northern Rail, for South West Trains, saying they will


reimburse them for future strike action.


Would you allow that to happen, do you agree with that?


seems a very odd way of doing things because


government is then abdicating their responsibility on that.


Surely it is up to the franchisee, where they run


a service, to run it properly and to have good


relations with its staff, rather than have this back-up with


the government saying, it doesn't matter how


bad your relationships get, you will continue to get your


Is it the safety issue that you are backing the union on?


Because in Liverpool, they are introducing


driver only trains, and this is a Labour authority.


They've come to an agreement, I assume, on that in


Let's go back to the issue of Southern.


The safety issue, you've got packed trains, you've got one


driver with four seconds to decide whether or not the train is safe to


It only wants one mistake, somebody's hand trapped in a door,


bag trapped in a door, not spotted, we've got a dangerous situation.


The RMT say they are in dispute about driver operated trains on


I want them to come to an agreement on it, everywhere.


And let's just go back to the issue of


Southern, they've run a terrible service.


They've disrupted a lot of people's lives, and the strike is a


result of all of that service problem.


Surely it is up to the government to encourage Southern and


the union to get together and make an agreement on the safety issue,


just as much as I'm sure Joe Anderson in


Liverpool has come to an


How many of your MPs would join you on a Southern


They know it sends the wrong message to the


Well, the message to commuters is simply this, we want a


rail system that works, we want everyone to


nobody's interest to have a strike, it is in nobody's interests to have


disruption, but that's what happens when a company doesn't


recognise that there are legitimate safety concerns.


Later, warnings of icy conditions tonight.


Here's Alexis braving the wintry conditions.


Snow has been falling in many places, but wanted clears, big issue


tonight will be ice. I will have the details for you shortly.


Many of you may have seen snow today.


In some parts of the South, it's been a light flurry


And, as temperatures drop, people are being warned to stay safe


in the icy conditions, Let's join Ben Moore in Reading,


Yes, I'm sorry to disappoint you, we had quite a lot of snow and sleet at


about five o'clock until six o'clock, it cause a lot of problems,


but now we barely got a rather cold drizzle. It seems like a lot of


people left to work early expecting the snow, and it has calmed down.


But other travel, the airport around Southampton and Gatwick have


survived their dusting of snow, any problems they have were because by


those flights that were cancelled at Heathrow. The message from them is


do check before you travel. As Alexis just mentioned briefly, the


big problem tonight is going to be ice. The local authorities across


the South are saying this now that has fallen has melted, a lot of


water on the roads, with the freezing temperatures and night,


very icy conditions expected tomorrow. When the road will be


busiest at rush hour. The message is, do check everything, take the


roads, check the airports before you travel tomorrow. Whilst we may have


survived the worst night, it could cause trouble tomorrow. Alexis is


coming up shortly. Now, yesterday, we had an exclusive


insight into the work of the Children's Sleep Service in


Southampton. They treat highly unusual sleep


disorders, conditions In a moment we'll hear just why


childhood sleep is so important, first Chrissy Sturt reports


on another difficult case. He's very cheeky, since he was


a baby he was walking early, talking Ever since he was born,


Lucas has woken He screams and screams and screams


and screams and we don't know what's It's like he's almost having


a fit, you can't even You've literally just


got to let him ride He struggles the next day,


his behaviour is really changing. He's not getting


the sleep he should. He should be getting at least


12, 13 hours a night. You never get a chance to actually


catch up on your sleep, you need to sleep for months,


I think, to be able to feel normal Lucas's broken nights seem severe,


but this family don't meet the strict criteria for a referral


to the Southampton sleep clinic. It would absolutely not be


right for every child with a sleep problem


We should only be seeing probably 5% or


less of children with sleep problems.


That leaves a care gap of families like this.


Too complex for health visitors, but not severe


enough Cathy's team at Southampton's sleep disorder service.


enough for Cathy's team at Southampton's


The answer is to train more community nurses


who can visit families in their own homes.


Rachel has now received such specialist help.


The vast majority of children can be taught how to


settle themselves to sleep that night and how to settle themselves


back to sleep when they wake up at night, which they will do naturally.


Cathy's aim is to train many more community nurses to meet these


You've got to be living it to realise how stressful and how bad it


Not only is the child not sleeping, the parents aren't


And we all know what that feels like, maybe on one tonight,


And we all know what that feels like, maybe on one night,


but what we don't know what that feels like it if it is happening for


Even though he's tired, and he tells me he's tired,


It can break marriages, it can ruin families, it


Earlier, I spoke to Dr Cathy Hill, who runs the clinic,


and she began by explaining why sleep is so important for children.


So, I think the starting point is, children spent half their lives


So, I think the starting point is, children spend half their lives


If there wasn't something fundamentally important about that,


So sleep cuts through everything in terms


terms of your mental health, so we tend to be only interested


in sleep when we're not getting it, and we


forget that when we are asleep, there are lots of amazing things


happening in the brain and in the body.


So, example, healing, learning, things that you've learned


in the day are actually stored away in your brain,


So, when this goes wrong, it has a big impact later in life,


Well, that's a really interesting question, potentially yes.


That information and research has just


started to evolve, but there's some very interesting data that suggests


So what is it, then, that triggers the sleep


So there is a whole array of sleep disorders in


The one that we most commonly see is what we call


behavioural insomnia, and the main principle


to understand that is that


all children, in fact all of us, naturally wake up multiple times


We don't remember it, they're often brief awakenings.


And what children have to learn to do is settle back to sleep after


And that's why it often goes wrong in young


And it's interesting what you have said in the films we've


seen, that children can learn and do learned how to sleep


seen, that children can learn and do learn how to sleep


So, is it our fault as adults that we are not teaching them


There's often reasons we can find as to why


Sometimes perhaps a child has got a physical illness,


and that makes it much, much harder for parents


And one of the top tricks for young children, and the


parents of young children, is to teach the child to self


soothe, to settle themselves to sleep at the


And how do you do that, what are the tricks?


Because there's something called sleep hygiene you talk about?


One of the things we say to parents is


imagine when your child naturally wakes at perhaps 11 o'clock at


Does their bedroom look exactly the same as when they


settled to sleep at the beginning of the night?


And almost always when we see children in clinic, there is


Whether it is the light show on the ceiling


when a child is falling asleep, the music that is playing,


the parent that is sitting alongside them,


And imagine yourself, if you woke up and your


room suddenly look different, you would struggle


You are one of only a few centres in the UK, you've got a huge waiting


You can't take all the referrals that come to you.


How frustrating is it that you can't help


practically every day, saying, when am I going to be seen?


And that's very frustrating, but obviously we


have the resources we have, we'd love to have more resources, and we


So it all comes down to money, does it?


And, if you'd like to find out more or support


Dr Hill and the team at the Southampton Child Health


Health Sleep Clinic, visit their website on


On to sport, with football. Saints won a 1-0. How we feeling? They will


feel all right, good results. There's just something in the back


of a mind which is they have some good chances maybe when 2-0,


Liverpool didn't do too much. They will be stronger at Anfield. That's


not complain, it's needed that is good. -- lets knock on playing, it


is good. 30 years ago Liverpool came out


on top when these two sides contested the semifinal


of the same competition. Last night it was Southampton


who dominated for long The only concern that they didn't


score more in this first leg. A minute after missing


out on a chance, Nathan Claude Puel's men were


playing with a flourish, something Saints fans haven't


always seen this season. Redmond nearly doubled


the lead before the break. A two-goal advantage


to take to Anfield Cedric made the wrong


choice here with a great And late on, Redmond


came agonisingly close Should they have got


more than one goal? Hopefully we can do the same


in a fortnight's time. Definitely should have had more


than one, but they should have had more than one as well,


more than We stopped the rot, we had a draw


at the weekend, we've got Fantastic game against a great


team, great players. I think it is the first


time since the beginning of the season, Liverpool, with


the one chance here in the game. Jurgen Klopp bemoaned


his side's lack of For Saints, Wembley is one step


away, but that is still a big We will be at Anfield


in a couple of weeks. Reading hope to secure a 9th home


win in 13 matches in the EFL Jaap Stam's men will no doubt be


hoping for a performance to erase memories of that 4-0 defeat


at Manchester United in the FA Cup. It will be a different game tonight,


and more important, that 4-0 defeat you mentioned at Old Trafford made


the headlines, but priority number one is promotion to the Premier


League. Reading so good in the championship, here at home where


they are looking for a six consecutive win. They will have to


do it without their captain Paul McShane, Cullen Harriet also out.


Reading third, QPR down in 17th, a win and they will move up to three


pints of second-place Newcastle. The weather isn't a worry, there has


been talk of snow. Cold and wet, but snow won't be an issue denied. The


goals at 10:25pm. Alex Thomson says his last chance


of winning the Vendee Globe races rests with a ridge of high pressure


close to the finish line off He still lies around 250 miles


behind the leader in the single There's less than a week


remaining for the front pair, Thomson and Armel le Cleach


as they sail north The Frenchman is maintaining his


lead despite the Gosport sailor gaining more speed


in the last few hours. Back in 1970 Bronwyn Burrell


was the youngest driver in the World Cup Rally from London


to Mexico, now half a century later she's been reunited with her car


and is competing again. At the age of 72 and living


in Hampshire village of Milford on Sea, she's planning to re-stage


the first leg of John Maguire caught up


with her in training. Wembley 1970, had a car rally marks


the handover of the World Cup hosting duties from England to


Mexico. Sir Alf Ramsey waves them off, and in car 20, three women


about to start a 16,000 mile race. We were away for six weeks, it


seemed like a lifetime. It wasn't a lifetime, it was a flash. Gosh,


there is those in our lovely green dresses and red jackets. On the


ramp, we are starting our huge adventure. We were young. I think I


was the youngest. The team was well-prepared, mechanically and


personally. We decided the best bet was to have paper knickers, so we


could discard them, not worry about washing. Such ingenuity might return


as almost 50 years on, she has recently bought the original car,


nicknamed Puff the Magic wagon, and they are ready to race again. What a


shame, she is no longer with us. She will love it. We are going to miss


her, we have to change a tyre. Should we take her out? See if we


can still do it. She hasn't driven competitively since the early 70s,


but you would never guess. In April they will drive to Portugal once


again, this time in a classic car rally. It's a bit more control


because of health and safety. You can't do what we used to do, please


do have one night sleep, not any more. The sport may have changed,


but the car and especially the driver looked as fast and furious as


ever. Come on, go, girls. Fearless! What a


ride. OK, onto the weather, you want to know what's going on. Still the


risk of snow and ice is the big issue.


Angela Walters took this photo of the snow settling


in the Chilterns this evening near Princes Risborough.


David Ryves sent us this picture via twitter of the snow


And Dot Williams took this picture of her snow man in Thatcham.


A few centimetres over the Chilterns and higher ground in Oxfordshire.


Overnight, once the rain, sleet and snow clears, there is a big risk of


ice on untreated surfaces. So the chance of one to snow showers


drifting in from the north-west, but mainly dry overnight tonight, and


through clearing skies, temperatures will fall away into minus figures,


even in towns and cities. In the countryside we could see a low of


minus four Celsius. A cold, frosty and very icy start to the day


tomorrow, the ground is damp. A big risk of ice do stay tuned to your


local radio station for the latest on the travel. Through the morning


tomorrow, we may see the odd snow shower, particularly the eastern


part, Berkshire, Surrey and also west Sussex, but otherwise a dry day


with plenty of sunshine, with feeling cold, bitterly cold north


westerly breeze digging in. Temperatures up to around four to


seven Celsius but feeling more like two or three, given the wind-chill.


Tomorrow evening and overnight, the chance we could have the odd snow


shower. It should stay dry and once again, with a light wind, a


widespread frosty start Saturday. Cold temperatures as well, falling


to around -1 Celsius in urban areas. Cold, frosty potentially icy start


to the weekend, but Saturday should be mainly dry, although there will


still be that keen northerly wind driving in that Arctic air, taken


the edge of temperatures. Feeling chilly with the weather front moving


south on Saturday, which may produce a wintry weather. Some rain and


sleet moving its way south across the country. As we look ahead to the


rest of the week, and into the weekend, lovely sunny conditions


both tomorrow and Saturday, although that cold, strong northerly winds.


That starts to ease over the weekend and we draw in some slightly milder


air from the Atlantic. Sunday, the chance of rain, also some rain on


Monday, but the ..and keep telling yourself


over and over, "This will end." Ladies and gentlemen,


the bride and groom. So what if I forgot


our poxy anniversary? Er, I think this year


was copper. 14th is poxy. Marriage is a marathon,


not a sprint. Like a marathon,


you have to keep on going...


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