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The first word from Freddie as he wakes up from a brain tumour


Meanwhile, support grows for the Hampshire toddler.


This taxi driver's doing the right thing but why are others defying


the law and refusing to take guide dogs?


My dog is less trouble than other passengers.


The youngsters from Romsey Golf Club on their way to Portugal


And it is a little cold to be under canvas. Find out why this


headteacher of the school in Surrey is camping in the woods for ten


days. One operation down


and, so far, so good. Two-year-old Freddie Hunt


from Hampshire last night underwent his first surgery


at an American hospital It's been an anxious time


for his family and also people in his home town of Yateley,


where a fundraising drive is still trying to make up


an unexpected shortfall when the costs of his potentially


life-saving treatment doubled. Let's get the latest


from Nikki Mitchell Freddie's family have been riding


an emotional roller-coaster Freddie was on the operating table


in a private clinic in Arizona Since I filmed these pictures


of Freddie playing at home in Yateley three months ago,


his tumour has grown at a much faster rate than any


of his surgeons had predicted. So cutting it out was much more


complicated than expected and hence Freddie's mum, Abby,


has been posting regular updates on their Together For Freddie


facebook page. "They have reached the tumour site,"


she wrote after the operation began. This morning, after the operation


was completed, she posted that he was still under anesthetic


and as much of the tumour had been But then, "Freddie scared the life


out of us last night when he had But, within an hour,


he was breathing on his own again and Abby wrote he was "now heavily


sedated and quite peaceful". "He shouted out Mum -


just all I need to know and hear". So, even though he's not


yet awake, he appears But it's early days yet


as his dad, David, told me Freddie at the moment still has not


opened his eyes all seen us. He is heavily sedated. The next five days


a huge for him. It has been a emotional, that is an


understatement. And this second chance Freddie's


been given at life would not have been possible without huge community


support, would it? The support for Freddie


and his family from people People are stretching themselves,


not just financially but with prayers and well-wishers.


Children, like Amelie at Westfield School,


In fact, a lot of local schools have raised thousands of pounds by having


Knowing the whole community is behind them is giving


the Hunt family an enormous amount of strength.


?368,500 has been raised in total so far.


?107,000 more is needed and more fundraising events


are planned including a dinner, dance and auction later this month.


"You can get in but your dog will have to go in the boot."


That was the response from one taxi driver to a blind woman


from Hampshire who was trying to get home with her guide dog.


Madeline Close from Fareham says she regularly experiences cabbies


refusing to take her on journeys even though it's actually


She's calling for greater awareness and enforcement when necessary.


In the course of her community work, Madeline Close, with guide


dog Deano by her side, is out and about each day,


In Eastleigh this morning, they had a very good


experience but Madeline, who is registered blind,


says at least once a month taxi drivers refuse to take her


It makes me very angry. It is very inconvenient because you could end


up needing to be somewhere or having a meeting or something and not being


able to get a taxi. 7000 assistant dogs currently work in the UK...


The law says that taxis must accept assistance dogs


unless they have a medical certificate proving


Recently at her local station in Fareham, a fellow passenger told


Madeline a cabbie took one look at the dog and rejoined the back


of the queue to avoid taking picking them up.


They are providing a service, they get paid, they are charging. My dog


is a lot less trouble than other passengers, he always sits in the


foot well. I do not see why they cannot take him.


The Taxi Association in Fareham says it's doing what it can


I am disappointed especially in this day and age when we notice abilities


are out there and we have our job to do. The taxi driver's dog is all


about trying to please. Fines of up to ?1,000


can be imposed. The Guide Dogs Association


is pressing for better We have done a survey of 500 guide


dog owners across the UK in 2016 and it is prevalent, from Cornwall up to


Scotland, guide dog owners are being refused access to taxis.


So far, the number of prosecutions has been small - gathering


Madeline says she's determined to make the discrimination


that she and others like her encounter a thing of the past.


The partner of a young Hampshire father accused


of murdering their baby daughter has told a jury he'd previously made


Jemma Pethybridge's seven-week-old daughter, Ezmai Martin, died


Her father, Joshua Martin, denies murder.


20-year-old labourer Joshua Martin is accused


of murdering his seven-week-old baby daughter, Ezmai, in June last year.


The prosecution alleges Ezmai suffered a fatal head injury


at the family's flat, above a funeral company's premises


in New Road in Bordon, while her mother, Jemma Pethybridge,


Ezmai died 24 hours later after being transferred


to a specialist unit at George's Hospital in London.


She'd suffered a fractured skull and died from a brain injury.


Ezmai's mother, Jemma Pethybridge, who is 19, has been giving evidence


for the past two days from behind a screen here at Winchester Crown


The jury heard that, in police interviews soon


after her baby's death, Miss Pethybridge made no mention


of Joshua Martin's violent or threatening behaviour,


describing him at the time as caring.


But the court was told that, three months later,


she went to the police with a very different story.


Miss Pethybridge said, on one occasion, he'd threatened


to smash her head in with a baseball bat


and, during an argument two weeks before Ezmai's death, he'd gone


to punch her but accidentally struck the baby.


Asked why she hadn't gone to police sooner,


she said she'd known Joshua would get bail and she


Joshua Martin, who now lives in Alton, denies murder


For the past four years, a specially equipped bus has been


parked up in central Reading on weekend evenings,


The First Stop service helps those who've had a bit too much to drink,


had a minor scrape or just need a safe place to sit and recover.


From tonight, it's coming in from the cold.


The service is being relaunched from a new base


Sally, it's a combination of things - one of the main ones


But this move secures the longer-term future of a service


that was valued but had been in doubt because some


which chip in to run it are tightening the purse strings.


The First Stop bus was hired in and had to be driven


to and from the centre of town plus it needed security


But coming into a permanent building offered freely by the church


and with its own volunteers will be much cheaper.


It's more secure, there's just more space and there's also a belief


that, contrary to what you might think, it's a perfect use for this


People who come in are worse for wear and we have plenty of pockets


available when they are required. This is a community space, a place


where we can accept people, where they can feel safe, we are reaching


out to people and meeting the needs and we're trying to do that in a


modern urban way. Patients to do need to go to hospital but the vast


majority we see and treat here. That benefits the Indy, it also benefits


the Ambulance Service. This is the chill-out


area which will be used This is normally the vestry but


tonight they will be dressing rooms and injuries in this place.


Sally Leonard helped set up the service four years ago.


This will be cheaper than the bus but is the service itself


Absolutely, it is better all the way round, not just about cost but it


was a warmer place for everyone to be and a lot of agencies are working


together in partnership. Some nights, you're helping just


a handful of people. People do not only come in to be


treated but to have conversations. From tonight, it's being run


by Reading Christian Network. Fire has destroyed the office of


a software company in Waterlooville. Staff at Nxtera raised the alarm


when the blaze broke out in the roof of the building


on Waterbury Drive overnight. A formal request has been made


to the Secretary of State for Local Government to back plans


to shake up Dorset's Six of the county's nine councils -


including Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole -


voted to support the proposal, which would see a merger to create


two unitary authorities. Christchurch, East Dorset


and Purbeck all voted Later, despite the cold, we're under


canvas with the headteacher fending for himself to raise


money for charity. I think it is mad but brilliant.


There is no outside so it is a really great thing to do. Really


admirable. 16 years since it first


opened to the public, Southampton's main West Quay


shopping centre is now complete. Restaurants, a cinema and a bowling


alley have been added It cost ?85 million


and is being heralded as an example of the strength


of the city's economic revival. But is it the type of


growth the city needs? Here's our business


correspondent, Alastair Fee. For years, Southampton was on catch


up, a trend to it, shop and be entertained began long ago but now,


West Quay, you can do all. We appeal right along the south coast. We can


now compete with anything, whether it be shopping or leisure in the


catchment. To complement the shopping centre, visitors have more


than 20 new places to eat, is an complete the package. This will


undoubtedly improve Southampton's retail and leisure appeal. That is


good for quality-of-life and consumers spending but critics


question whether this will bring sustainable long-term economic


growth. If you just rely on retail, then you are not heading down a road


of long-term sustained high value growth because that's not what


retailers about. It is a perfectly respectable industry sector but not


the sort of thing that we could be doing and other cities in the south


are doing. The City Council has seven large development projects


worth ?3 billion of investment opportunities. It says Harper that


has been achieved already. A report on urban economic well-being by


business advice is ranked Southampton third in England because


growth. But another report ranked Southampton is the low-wage, low


welfare city and on several other economic measures lags behind


Portsmouth. We're trying to make the most of what we have got and trying


to make Southampton a place where people want to come and visit and do


business in, so people will post the company in a place for the employers


want to live and spent time in. The fan that it was aimed at drawing in


the crowds who would've travelled along the coast of the same


experience. The city will need to look beyond is consumer spending if


it is the really light up its long-term future.


Imagine putting up with white noise all day, every day.


That's what life is like for one in ten adults who endures tinnitus.


Campaign groups who represent sufferers say many get a raw


deal from their GPs, who often know little about it.


Joe Campbell has met one teenager who is facing up to it.


You mentioned you were having a ringing sound...


Dean Fisher first began to be troubled by a constant ringing


If you see an action film, an explosion or bomb just goes off, and


then, the camera focuses on one person and they cannot see a thing


or they cannot hear anything apart from ringing. That is what I feel


like. All I can hear is just this whining in my ears.


Tinnitus is not a condition in itself but a symptom resulting


from a range of things, from ear infections through stress


If you have hearing loss, your brain tries to fill in the gaps. The brain


has to turn up again and becomes much more sensitive. It is very


common that you would hear something that is a in the year went inner is


struggling to hear. This is a waterfall, a waterfall, a bit more


like white noise. Experts here at the Royal Berkshire


can help with a range of therapies, from relaxation to devices that help


mask the noise. But groups representing sufferers


say that many feel let down by their first point of contact


with the Health Service. They say GPs are often dismissive


while unsympathetic. Awareness amongst GPs


about tinnitus can be quite low. They may not know what to do when


people reporting the test. They might not take it seriously


and people are not often, therefore, But the need for proper medical help


remains vital. You have been on the golf course


today? I have, I met very talented juniors. We will start with


football, though. The Reading boss, Jaap Stam, has


picked up the Championship Manager Stam says it's a team effort


although it is good to be recognised Reading managed four


wins in January, two at home and two away,


including their match against Bristol City,


where they came from two down in the first half to


clinch a 3-2 victory. A run of three wins at the end


of the month helped catapult It was nice to win something on a


personal note as well but I have not done by myself. I have got great


staff with me who have helped me out and I've done a lot of work to make


the team better, to get results. It is good I get a trophy but it is not


only for me but for my team members. Well, Reading are now four games


unbeaten as they head into their match tomorrow


against ninth-placed Barnsley, who are the visitors


at the Madjeski Stadium. Things are tight at the top


of the play-off places so the Royals will be looking to consolidate


that third place. Meanwhile, Brighton,


currently second and just a point behind leaders Newcastle,


are also at home and in with a good chance of grabbing points


as they host struggling In the Premier League,


a long trip north for Southampton. It's their last game before


the League Cup final Saints have only managed


one league win in 2017. They face a bottom-placed


Sunderland, fighting Bournemouth play Man


City on Monday night. In League 1, Swindon


are the visitors at Bury while Oxford and the MK


Dons go head-to-head. And in League 2, Portsmouth


host Accrington Stanley. For many youngsters,


next week is half term and junior golfers from Romsey Golf Club


will be spending it But there'll be no relaxing


because they're out to win They're one of three teams


representing England in the Home Nations Final,


which is being held I caught up with them


this afternoon. Like a tea shop, Ramsey golf club's


Junior team is flying high and tomorrow the flying off Portugal.


You cannot get much higher than that. England is the next level. Top


of the top. The England call-up came after months of tough competition,


qualifying from the local league, winning regional finals at the top


three place in the national finals. We came up against very good teams


who pushed us as us as far as they could. We have managed to do it so


it feels so much better than winning a few easy games. Like a hole in


one, it is left them feeling on top of the world. It is pretty much a


dream country. I have just wanted to represent England my whole life. It


means everything. We have worked really hard as a team and it is my


biggest achievement so I am very proud. And they are definitely in it


to win it. At the end of the day, we have got to remember we are still


trying to win, we're going there for a reason, so just want to win,


but... Like a bunker shot, they know it will not be easy. They are up


against the best from elsewhere in England, Scotland and Wales. We will


just have to see how it goes. The young players aged 16 to 18 and with


experience in the game ranging from two to 12 years now the pressure


will be on but I hope the tight-knit team spirit will get them through.


We have done very well and to go out there and beat the other teams would


be such an achievement for such a small club like us. And beat the


other teams would be such an achievement for such a small club


like us. Unlike that perfect tricky putt, they are hoping to nail it. --


and the like. The Vendee Globe sailing hero


Alex Thomson returns Celebrations are planned to welcome


the ocean racer home after his second place finish


in the race known as the world's Alex Thomson on board his racing


yacht completed a single-handed non-stop circumnavigation


of the globe in 74 days, Tomorrow, you'll be able to see


Alex in person and this At 10:15am, a parade of sail


or flotilla will start out at Spitbank Fort in the Solent,


heading into Portsmouth Harbour. You'll be able to view it


from waterfront locations in and around Portsmouth and Gosport


- so Southsea's round tower, Gunwharf Quays,


the Gosport waterfront. At 11am, Alex will bring his boat,


Hugo Boss, alongside You'll be able to see all of this


from Falklands Gardens in Gosport, where a civic reception will be


held at 11:20am. After the formalities are over,


Alex will be meeting members The weather forecast in a moment


but you'll already know it's not the sort of night to be out


in the open unless you have to be. So respect is due to Andrew Fisher,


who is spending ten nights in a tent in woods near Farnham to raise


money for charity. It's not just the cold he has


to contend with because Andrew is also continuing to hold


down his day job as the head teacher So it's a quick wash


in a bucket before heading off Let's join our reporter,


Chrissy Sturt. I know you envy me, really. This


very cold, very dark wood in Surrey. Why would you want to sleep in that


tent at this time of year? Let's meet the man doing just that, the


head of French heights. This is all do with raising money for a school


in Malawi you are closely linked to? I am trying to raise enough money as


I can for our partner school and inspire my own students to question


the quality-of-life they take for granted. You hope this code to


achieve? We look to buy desks, stationery, textbooks, contribute to


building a house for the headteacher and give them support and friendship


as well as teacher training and other equipment. Let's polls there


in here from two of your students about what they make of this


challenge. I think it is such a good idea because it is such an active


way of helping raise money for them, it will make such a big difference.


Amazing. I think it is mad but brilliant. It is snowing outside so


it is really brave thing do. What is your life actually life they debate


the moment? I have tried to strip it back to reflect the life of the


phone teachers I consider friends in Malawi. I am carrying my food and


water in, cooking over an open fire and live as basic life as I can as


well as continuing to work effectively is a headteacher. It has


been pretty gruelling, it has been bitterly cold. Monday night, when it


rained for four hours, was very difficult, looks like it will snow


tonight, but the point of a challenge is that it is hard and


that has inspired my students to think carefully about the things we


take for granted. And what have you learned from this? It is easy to get


tired, cooking over a fire takes a long time, and there is still peace


and quiet that you can find in the world, even on a cold winter's


night. We wish you well with your challenge. The weather forecast is


up next, spare a thought for Andrew when you listen to that forecast and


those temperatures. Give him an extra blanket, give them


your cold! We have had some snow today in some places.


Red Watch at Rushmoor Fire Station took this video of the light snow


You may think it's chilly here in the south but,


because of the colder temperatures, along the east coast of the UK


and in Europe, Dorset has seen some unusual visitors.


Waxwings were spotted in a car park off Ringwood Road


in Poole by Ian Ballam, and it's caused excitement


Through the course of the night, we are expecting a good deal of cloud,


very cold indeed, and maybe some snow showers. It may give a dusting


of snow in places first thing tomorrow morning. Where we do have


clearing skies, the chance of frost in the countryside. A cold night


with temperatures falling to freezing but down to minus one


Celsius in the countryside. Quite a lot of cloud about tomorrow, very


similar to the day, we will have that cold north-easterly wind, and


the continuing snow flurries joined the cause of the day. Dry through


the afternoon but the showers may well fall as rain rather than snow.


Temperatures reach a high of 3-4 C. To the cause of the afternoon, we


will hold onto that cloud cover and that bitterly cold wind. Tomorrow


evening, the temperatures will fall away in the risk of snow showers.


Temperatures will fall away the one or two Celsius in towns and cities


and down to freezing in the countryside. The potential for snow


showers first thing on Sunday morning but an improving picture in


terms of the snow showers. But we still hold onto that cloud cover and


back road east to north-easterly wind. With the cloud, it will feel


bitterly cold. Sunday, temperatures will reach a high of five or six


Celsius but feel more like two or three Celsius without wind chill. It


stays cold in the next week. But we will start to see milder


temperatures arrive into the middle part of next week. A good deal of


cloud over this weekend, limited brightness, and a strengthening wind


on Sunday, that wind will be very raw indeed. But the sunshine makes a


return on Monday and Tuesday into next week, now in the way of dry


conditions and less in the wake of showers, so fairly settled with high


pressure not far away. Chilling, very chilling. Whatever you are


doing this weekend, have a great one. We will be back on Monday.


Enjoy yourselves.


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