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A hero's welcome. The rising cost of


some parking spaces in this one are too small.


For one night only, Southampton's Craig David


announces a homecoming concert at The Ageas Bowl.


It always feels amazing when I come home. Like, I am from Southampton


and even though people stayed where I sound moment I can't be


Southampton boy, it's true. And a century on,


a fitting tribute to the hundreds of South African troops who died


in the sinking of the SS Mendi. It is very emotional to be here but


it's also pride in the sense that they did not die in vain.


Mourners from the Kurdish community in Britain paid a remarkable


spontaneous tribute this weekend to Ryan Lock from Chichester


who died in Syria fighting the so-called Islamic State.


As his body was returned to Heathrow, they were out in force


to pay their respects to a man they regard as a hero.


Our home affairs correspondent Emma Vardy has this exclusive report.


You could be forgiven for thinking this was Kurdistan,


but actually, it was Heathrow Airport on Saturday.


Ryan Lock, a former chef from Chichester, for these people a


Ryan's sacrifice will be written in our history


and humanity's history, I believe personally.


A young man, you know, going 1000 miles


Ryan Lock had told friends and family he was going on


holiday to Turkey last year before revealing on Facebook he was joining


In December, he and four others came under attack from


so-called Islamic State fighters near the Syrian city of Raqqa.


It's believed that to avoid being taken hostage,


Ryan Lock turned his gun on himself.


What Isis is doing in Kurdistan is fascist things.


Many Kurds here today, they all lost some member of


their family within the last few years.


Ryan Lock is the third British man to die fighting alongside the Kurds.


His body was recovered from IS held territory.


In Syria, he was given full military honours by the Kurds


before his coffin began its long journey home.


It's taken some eight weeks to bring Ryan Lock's body back home via Iraq.


The people who have turned out today to pay their respects,


they did not know Ryan before he went to fight,


but they see him as a British man who decided to fight their cars.


Dozens of western volunteers are known to have joined


For these young men and women to feel such responsibility to go


out there and try to do something and unfortunately to sacrifice their


The British Government is against British people


going to join this war.


Do you think they should be discouraged from doing this?


I mean, there are enough people fighting,


but of course we don't want to encourage anyone to go out there.


They don't know what kind of battle is happening.


I think probably if the British Government were doing


what they can and what they should, maybe these people didn't have to go


After this colourful sendoff, Ryan Lock's family are now


planning a private funeral for him at home.


So, just who are the YPG, and who's joining them?


There are many different groups fighting in Syria.


The YPG are the Kurdish people's home grown defence forces


in Northern Syria, in a region known as Rojava.


They have become one of the key groups fighting the ground war


And they've been battling to liberate Syrian towns


and villages that have been under the control of the IS jihadists.


The YPG allows foreign volunteers to come and fight with them.


People not only from Britain, but also from other countries


in Europe, as well as America and Canada have joined up.


For the British authorities, legally though, this is a grey area.


The government warns people not to fight with the YPG in Syria,


but no one from the UK has yet been prosecuted on their return.


These three British men have now died in Syria with the YPG.


And others are still out there fighting.


Well, a little earlier I spoke to Dr Jack Holland,


an international security expert from Leeds University,


and I asked him to spell out the risks to those thinking


So there's the very obvious risk to British


nationals who go out and fight


in one of the most dangerous battlefields in the world.


There's the risk of what happens when those people


come home having been battle hardened and pick up certain skills


and the risk of the complexities of different groups merging together


because not everyone draws the same lines between groups that the Brits


And so, is it that the British Government do not want


to get drawn into this in the sense that there are these


sensitivities with the YPG and Turkey?


Yes, they are certainly worried about the relationship


The YPG are one of the most important groups on


the ground for the Brits and the Americans


but for the Turks, that group


on the ground has actually been


a long-standing problem for the Turkish state,


so even though Turkey is a Nato ally, there is a very


different relationship with the YPG for the Turks whereas the Brits


and the Americans see these guys is absolutely crucial ground forces.


Could you see a new policy being put in place by the British Government


in the sense of taking a harder line with those going out to fight?


Belgium and Australia for example have


legislated against this, so in the same way as in Britain


you can't go abroad and support terrorism, where


as the relationship for going to support someone


for the Australians, they've just said, you cannot go


Hard to prosecute, but still, that's one option that's open


I guess the critique of that is, is it really in the public


interest to try and prosecute anyone?


Are they really a danger if they are fighting


Are they anything of a threat back home in the UK?


And how much, if you like, propaganda value


when a British person goes out and gets either kidnapped or indeed


Isis has been a pretty phenomenal fighting machine,


but it social media and propaganda presence has been


unparalleled amongst terrorist networks and any Western victim


There are calls for Wiltshire's Chief Constable to explain how


details of his force's investigation into Sir Edward Heath ended up


Officers have been investigating the former Prime Minister,


who died ten years ago, as part of a wider


It all started here at the gates of Sir Edward Heath's Salisbury home.


I'm really appealing for anybody who's been a victim of crime


or who is a victim of anything that may have taken place involving


At a cost of more than ?800,000, Wiltshire Police's investigation


Operation Conifer, has been trawling through every aspect of the former


Wiltshire Police say they have a duty to properly


investigate all allegations of historical sexual abuse.


With such a high-profile investigation,


there is no surprise it has come under intense scrutiny.


None more so than from friends like his former agent.


It should have stopped months and months and months ago.


It's our money that's being spent and it's destroying the idea


And today, she and others, including Wiltshire MPs,


are concerned about apparent leaks or briefings to the


Mail on Sunday about operational details in this case.


Yesterday, the paper claims that more than 30 alleged


victims had come forward and that the Chief Constable was certain


The Chief Constable made a promise that


there would be no leaks confirming numbers or any details of the


alleged victims and that he is responsible for this investigation.


But the force have refused to answer my question


as to where this leak or briefing came from and whether


was involved in the Mail on Sunday's story.


from the investigation but they have no links to Sir Edward Heath.


For now, his life remains under investigation.


In the last few hours, it's been revealed that


the Hampshire mother who's been imprisoned in an Iranian jail -


has been taken to a Tehran hospital to see a specialist neurologist.


For the past month, Nazanin has been complaining


of neck and back pains and there are concerns


about the nerves within her right arm and hand.


The young mum, from Fleet in Hampshire, is facing


a five-year prison sentence on what are described


And also later for a special announcement...


I've got some amazing news for all the Southamptoners out there.


Well, right here on Saturday, I'll be telling you


Frustration is growing in Berkshire over repeated delays to the opening


The Shinfield Eastern Relief Road has been dogged by setbacks


and should have been finished last summer.


Local businesses say it's killing their trade and residents


The Swan Inn at Arborfield Cross reopened for business last summer,


about the same time the new relief road should have opened.


Expected profits are down by at least 15%.


We've got quite a good reputation so far,


but to try and get here, it's impossible.


We lost a lot of trade when they actually stopped work for


a week because some of the signs never got


moved and basically, it closed down,


which no one knew it was supposed to be opened and it


wasn't open and it did cost is major problems.


When they've got that road closed, the detour is miles, so I tend


if I've got to go that way, I don't bother.


I'll go to Aldershot or somewhere instead.


It's a nightmare here for traffic in the mornings,


Melina Harrison says patients at her clinic are often late


We're in our 14th year here and I've never known


Even getting the business off the ground was easier


They're getting so frustrated with the traffic that


they actually missed their appointment and, you know, when


you're trying to get somebody better and maybe are rehabbing them after


they've had disc surgery or something like that, the timing of


appointments is really important to their well-being.


The road will serve Reading University's


huge new Science Park currently under construction.


But with so much house building also underway here,


it's vital to the local authorities future development plans.


In a statement, Wokingham Borough Council told us it


shares people's frustration with the delays.


It says it doesn't have any control over the contract but it's


working with Hochtief and the University


of Reading to get the project finished and open.


It says though, with complex projects like this,


there are always unforeseen problems.


Currently issues include water seeping up through the road


The contractor Hochtief UK has apologised for the delays and says


it's brought in significant extra resources to address


the unforeseen challenges it's facing.


The road should be open within the next couple of months.


Parking and issue but this story is very different.


South West Trains is having to repaint part of its car park


at Southampton Central station after a driver proved some


Jago Lawless got a penalty notice because his car overlapped one


And that's when he turned to his tape measure,


he proved that the car park doesn't actually meet


Keeping between the lines isn't always easy.


And it's even harder these days because cars are bigger, but


I've been to meet one man who has proved in his case it wasn't


It was just over a week ago, 46-year-old Jago Lawless was issued


a penalty notice because his car just overlapped one


of the spaces at Southampton Central Station.


My front wheel, where I had pitched the front of the car over so


I could actually get out of the door, the front of the car


had moved over an inch, two inches over the line.


But he felt something wasn't right and as a naval architect by


day, who reviews detailed measurements, he took out his own


measuring tape to find out what was going wrong.


When I first measured the entrance into the car park bay,


But because they have angled parking bay


over, the parallel with between the lines is actually only 1.978


metres wide which is too small for the


After he highlighted the issue to South West


South West trains says the car park was painted out before the


Government advisers came in and the fee was withdrawn.


But it appears small parking spaces isn't


In general, all parking spaces are way too small for today's cars.


My personal opinion is that I have two


children with disabilities and that's even worse because if you


don't qualify for a blue badge, you're forced to park


I find that parking spaces are a bit too small because whenever


I go out with my fiancee, he invariably has to let me out


beforehand otherwise I can't open the door properly and squeeze out.


Jago tells me he's happy that the company is taking positive


steps to widen the spaces and I'm sure that


will be thankful that one man really had it taped.


Southampton's Craig David has announced he's to play a one-off gig


The singer shot to fame as a teenager at the end


of the '90s after growing up on a Southampton council estate.


He's currently enjoying a spectacular career comeback,


with a number one album, and a nomination as best solo male


# I feel nothing like this, like this


# I have felt nothing like this, like this... This is what is taking


Craig David back to the top. 16 years since his first album went to


number one, he would did it again stopped on the 1st of September, he


will play for founds new and old at the Ageas Bowl. The generation think


of people who are now discovering my music who would have only followed


my last album. The were kids who only just found out about my music.


Calling me a new kid! I loved the new kid thing, I will run with that.


And then there was a generation who grew up with my stuff from back in


1999. Last year, things really took off again for Craig David. He had a


residency and I be there with his DJ sets TS five which she also


performed at Southampton's Common people Festival. But the date at the


Ageas Bowl will be his first headline show in his home city. You


can take the boy out of Southampton but you can't take Southampton at


the boy and it's true. Wherever I go, as soon as I come back down the


avenue, I feel like I'm home and the crowd responds in that way and any


shows that I've done here, either at the Guildhall or at Common People, I


could feel that there was an ownership of coming from here and


we've got your back. A source on his ties with home that this afternoon,


Craig took the time along with his manager to talk to and perform for


students at the city's Solent University. When you meet your


favourite artist, you kind of get disappointed but I don't feel like


that. I was like, yeah, man! That was exciting. To see an idle but is


performing five metres from you, it's amazing. Craig David's story is


about talent and staying power. Through it all, he has never


forgotten his roots. Tickets for his Southampton concert go on general


sale this Friday. I like that line, talent and staying


power. We know all about that, don't we?


I met Craig before the FA Cup final in 2003 and I'm still here! I could


be on stage with him. Big Southampton fan and we will hear his


spots about that EFL Cup final which is going to dominate the week,


really. Later in the week though, so as was his concert, he was keen to


talk about saints. Football to start with as well tonight.


The two horse race at the top of the Championship saw Brighton


leap above Newcastle and back into top spot, although


could return to the top if they beat Aston Villa tonight.


A double from Sam Baldock in the second half at Oakwell


was enough to hand Albion their 20th win of the campaign,


Reading on Saturday, then Newcastle a week tomorrow.


Meanwhile with no Premier League action this weekend,


Good luck to Sutton United and their former Eastleigh boss


Paul Doswell, the Surrey club take on Arsenal tonight live on BBC One.


Oxford United's cup dreams ended on Saturday and we start


Three and a half thousand Oxford fans were in the north-east aiming


for a giant-killing at the home of Premier League opposition. For the


first hour, that seemed highly unlikely after Stewart Downing was


bundled over in the box, Grant Leadbeater scored from the box.


United had been unable to weather the early storm and it got worse.


Acrobatics put Middlesbrough two up before the break. But it was far


from over. Chris Maguire placed this free kick perfectly to pull a goal


back just after the hour mark. The momentum of that goal was ensemble.


Within 60 seconds, they swept forward again and although Maguire's


effort was boiled, Toni Martinez followed up to level the scores. A


replay would have been the right reward for Oxford's endeavours, but


four minutes from time, their hearts were broken. We've got one big


semifinal coming up that we're all looking forward to and then to be


fair, we have about 16 cup finals is well on the way, so we've still got


two great opportunities to have a little bit of success this year and


we're not going to let go of that. In the two, Portsmouth remain on


course for the play-offs but ahead of a huge travelling contingent,


they fell behind at Barnet through this free kick. Inspiration was in


short supply until Conor Chaplin stepped up late in the game with a


brilliant long-range effort, probably his best. In week one, MK


dons were beaten at home by this goal at the Stadium MK. A big game


for Reading the championship tomorrow night.


It was a successful weekend for some of the country's top


university sports stars in the British Universities


Rhys Gray from Southampton University took the honours


with this performance in the elite men's trampoline.


The 22-year-old is a former Great britain trampolinist who left


the national programme to pursue his academic studies.


And a reminder this week is all about the EFL Cup final.


Southampton take on Manchester United on Sunday in their first


major cup final at Wembley for 38 years.


We'll be building up to Wembley where Claude Puel's men


go for glory and we want to hear from you, wherever you might


How will you be watching the game, how far have you come to be here.


Give us a shout via our Facebook page.


We would love your video messages to the team.


We will play them out on Friday night. It's each week for


Southampton. We will look forward to that.


It was a terrible maritime disaster but the sinking of the SS Mendi


is a story that remains largely unknown in the UK.


More than 600 people lost their lives when the troopship


went down off the Isle of Wight exactly a hundred


Most of those onboard were black South Africans,


travelling to France to assist the allies.


Today their loss was commemorated at a service attended


by Her Royal Highness Princess Anne in Southampton.


I'm driving to honour lost countrymen, members of the South


African Navy have sailed 6000 miles to Southampton to commemorate a


tragedy their nation has never forgotten. In February 1917, the


trip ship the S S Mendi was on the last leg of her journey from Africa


to France. She carried members of the South African native labour


corps, forbidden to bear arms, they were recruited to build trenches,


railways and roads for the Allied forces. In thick fog, south of the


Isle of Wight, the Mendi collided with the much larger ship. There was


effectively cut into by the impact, take relatively quickly in only a


matter of minutes so many of those who lost their never even made it


out into the water. Many of those who did drowned and many of these


men had never even seen the sea, let alone been to see before. It must've


an incredibly harrowing experience. More than 600 men died. A few bodies


washed ashore and were buried but most were lost at sea, their names


recorded here in Hollybrook Cemetery. Natalia is here on a


pilgrimage to remember her relatives, the Reverend Isaac Job.


Survivors said he calmed the men as the ship went down saying to them,


we are the sons of Africa, let us die like brothers. It is very


emotional to be here, but it is also pride in the sense that they did not


die in vain. 100 years later, they are brought to life with this


commemoration. Though long honoured in South Africa, in the UK, the


recognition for trips lost on the Mendi have taken time, the story


only becoming more known after the wreck was discovered by an Isle of


Wight diver in 1974. It is just a horrendous story of loss of life.


Almost half the loss of the number of the Titanic and here it is of the


Isle of Wight. There are two ways of looking at it. Either it was covered


up by the Admiralty for propaganda reasons and row or we have to look


the other aspect of was it because they were black people and they were


considered, you know, not as important as white people and


unfortunately we had to consider that aspect. Now the story of the SS


Mendi is being taught to a new generation and in the centenary


year, two nations stand together to remember the contribution and


sacrifice of men who died far from home in very different things. --


very different times. Remembering the SS Mendi and those


who lost their lives. Moving ahead to the weather now. Very mild today


with a high of 17 Celsius. That is around 8 degrees above the seasonal


average. So, we sat some sunshine today and


through the course of this week, we will have some brighter spells here


and there. But there will be a great deal of Plaid as well and the chance


we could have some outbreaks of rain. Mild start to the week but


turning cooler with a brisk, called Westerly winds from Thursday


onwards. Through the course of two nights, there will be a good deal of


cloud, outbreaks of rain here and there. Could be on the heavy side as


well with one or two heavy bursts and president for a time before


temperatures fall away by Don to around nine or 11 Celsius so a mild


night. It cloudy start to the date tomorrow. Slow, improving picture


has to ring for the morning, we will start to see one or two brighter


spells more likely the further north and west you are. Generally, cloud


tomorrow and another mild day but today's temperatures, culturally


different from tomorrow. High today of 17, high tomorrow of 12. Through


tomorrow night and the early hours of Wednesday morning, the winds will


increase from the south-west. Quite a cloudy night tomorrow night with


outbreaks of light and patchy rain. Drier interludes as well with


temperatures falling away to around nine or 10 Celsius. A cloudy day on


Wednesday. Outbreaks of rain at times and winds will strengthen to


touch the force. Even stronger winds inland with one or two brighter


spells. Highs of ten to 11 Celsius. On Thursday we start to drop in


Calder, Westerly air. That will bring us an area of low pressures of


the chance of deals and again. A real squeeze on the isobars. Very


cold winds coming directly down from the north and there will be spells


of rain during the course of Thursday daytime with a great deal


of cloud so a fresh feeling take and it will also feel very cold on


Friday with it the chance of the wintry showers. A bit of sweet and


even the stall shower here and there with height of 8-7 Celsius. Frost on


early Saturday, wet for a time and showers on Sunday.


That's always got time for this evening. There is more at 10:30pm


tonight and will be back tomorrow at 6:30pm tomorrow. Join us then if you


can, but have a lovely evening. Good night.


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OK, that's too complicated. Do another one.


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Ugh. No, but, like, you get these flavoured... Not going to happen.


You take a selfie and post it on social media or whatever,


and then people have to pay to guess who it is?


That's a no-brainer, we love the secret selfie.


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