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Hello and welcome to South Today, I'm Sally Taylor. Tonight, a third


of those living with eating disorders say they are not getting


the help they need. A charity says GPs don't have the right training. I


was so desperate, I actually think I would have died, honestly. Five


dogs, one walker and the local council. Join us for the shaggy dog


story in Gosport. A lick of paint and a brush up, the house where Jane


Austen lived prepares to celebrate the novelist's life. And the


country's oldest partially sighted cricketer tells us why playing the


game keeps her young. I have a great retirement because I don't do any of


the things I ought to do like ironing or dusting or any of those


things! Family doctors need better training


to deal with patients That's the call from one charity


which supports sufferers. More than 1.5 million people


in the UK are affected And there are more deaths


from these conditions The charity Beat says three out


of ten people with an eating disorder do not receive a referral


from their GP to a mental health In a moment, we'll hear from a GP


about this issue, but, first, Anjana Gadgil has been talking


to a woman from Hampshire who struggled to get


the help she needed. Said this is why a claim into it,


years ago, I was looking at it. Natasha was diagnosed with anorexia


by her GP when she was 18 I didn't have a period


for about three or four years. She calorie counted all her food,


even weighing her lettuce, but she knew she was mentally ill and wanted


to get better. I went to GPs who weighed me and at that point, said


I'd slightly increased my weight. I was told I was only slightly


underweight and just needed to eat more. Eventually, she met a GP who


understood and referred her to a specialist unit but the charity Beat


says her story is typical, with three in ten people not receiving a


referral from their GP and half saying their GP's care was poor. The


referral criteria can be limited by weight measure which we know should


not happen. The severity of eating disorders cannot be measured by a


BMI or a number on the scale. It needs to be measured by what they


are which are serious mental illnesses. The Royal College of GPs


said it is simply not true that GPs are not trained to identify and


treat patients with eating disorders. As with all other aspects


of mental health, eating disorders are included in the compressive GP


curriculum. Got to the point where I couldn't cope on my own. Natasha


feels she was lucky to get support when she did. I no longer knew what


healthy eating was. I was so desperate, and I actually think I


would have died. Earlier, I spoke to


Dr Elizabeth McNaught. She suffered an eating


disorder as a teenager Now, aged 25, she's written a book


about her experience. I began by asking her how she first


got access to treatment. So, I was incredibly


fortunate that when I was 14, my mum took me to the GP and we had


a mixed experience with the GP. But what was crucial


is that she made a referral that day to the mental health services


and I got involved with those. Regarding where I am now,


I'm actually very open in saying 11 years later, I wouldn't say I've


recovered and that's because I did not get effective


talking therapy early enough. And that referral is


clearly crucial, isn't it? So it must be worrying when you hear


things like there are three in ten people who go to their GP for help


who are not being referred. I think that's a combination


of education for GPs and for health care providers to know how crucial


that early intervention is. We know from research and recent


studies that early intervention Do you think it is down to training


as far as GPs are concerned, and not understanding


what they are confronted by? How much training were you given


in your study of medicine So, throughout five years at medical


school, we only got two Obviously, I am a junior doctor


at the moment and I don't know But two hours out of five years


is simply not adequate. So you would say that GPs need more


training in this field? Eating disorders are on the increase


and they have such a high morbidity and mortality that we need to be


reflecting that in our training. When they go there, they want help


at that time and we hear so many stories of the delays and they get


worse and terrible, tragic What should change apart


from early intervention? We need to be educating health


professionals as a whole, not just GPs, not just doctors,


but nurses, health care assistants. We need to be educating


everyone so they can pick up the early signs and symptoms


and what to do about it. We also need to be working


with the government to improve the services that we provide,


to reduce waiting times and get And just to finish, very


briefly, what role does It is often, people's eating


disorders often feel like it is just them suffering


and it is just their Eating disorders affect the whole


family and we need to be educating family and supporting them


through this journey. Dr Elizabeth McNaught,


thank you very much. And, there's more information


about eating disorders A man has been found


guilty of murdering his girlfriend with a lump hammer


at their flat in Bournemouth. 50-year-old James Augustus John


D'Arcy killed 38-year-old Hayley at the bedsit flat they shared


in Derby Road. A post-mortem examination found that


Hayley Dean suffered A 15-year-old boy has been arrested


on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm,


after a serious incident at a school A second boy is being treated


in hospital after what's believed to have been a fight between two


teenagers at the Oasis Police say they have


seized a "bladed article", Officers say they are working


with the school to ascertain An inquest has heard that


a Southampton man was stabbed to death after he stormed


into a flat with a sawn-off shotgun 49-year-old Michael Freshwater


was found dead in the flat The three dealers were held


over his death but never The coroner today gave


a narrative verdict, stating Mr Freshwater died


from a stab wound to the chest. There's a row brewing in Gosport


over the number of dogs one person The Borough Council's


proposing to cut the current It claims the measure will help


deal with those who fail But there's anger amongst some


dog walkers and owners, Nushka, Buddy, Storm,


Mowgli and Polly, heading out on one But the pack may soon


have to be split up, with council plans to cut the number


of dogs that one person's allowed I'm quite upset because it feels


like the many are being I make a point, yes,


I've got five dogs, it doesn't mean They are very good dogs


and I do make sure I clean It's a walk in the park


for these five. Dog walker Lisa comes well-prepared.


I've got lots and lots of poo bags. But she's worried the change


could hurt her business. It's going to mean more petrol costs


which means I'm going to have to increase the prices which I don't


want to do. And then obviously,


I won't get the clients because it is going to be too


expensive for them. Government guidance says the maximum


number of dogs per handler But it's up to individual councils


to set actual limits. So is Gosport barking


mad or leading the way? Well, I'm a dog owner


and I would have trouble walking with six dogs,


to be honest. Four is a more manageable group


because it only takes one dog, even if it's not their pack,


to be aggressive. I know of dog walkers


who walk half a dozen dogs What would you say to someone


who says you are interfering too As a council, we need to control


what can and can't be done. We would rather everyone


acted in a responsible manner but unfortunately,


there are those in the minority that always cause problems


for the majority. Anyone breaking the new rules


could face a ?100 fine. Jessica Parker, BBC


South Today, Gosport. Plans for nearly 100 homes


in Sonning Common near Reading have Campaigners said granting permission


would have been a betrayal, because only 26 homes at the site


were included in the village's neighbourhood plan, voted


through by residents last year. Developers have been refused


permission to build 95 After today's glorious sunshine,


there's a scent of spring in the air but sadly, that's going to be washed


away with the arrival of rain. Hampshire and Sussex Police have


both been judged to "require improvement" in a report


by Her Majesty's The forces have been told they need


to raise standards on keeping people It says it's "unacceptable" that


two-thirds of Hampshire's investigations into domestic abuse


don't progress, because the victim Sussex was found to be


"inconsistent" in the quality Portsmouth has been named as one


of 11 locations that has submitted a bid to become the UK City


of Culture for 2021. The city is of course most well


known for its rich naval heritage. And how can it beat off


competition from the likes Edward Sault is live


at Gunwharf Quays. Ed, this isn't the first time


Portsmouth has thrown Portsmouth and Southampton joined


forces in the past to become UK cities of culture the 2017 but


unfortunately, it was not meant to be and they did not make the short


list, Hull and Leicester battled it out instead. Portsmouth have


regrouped and they want to go it alone in 2021 and they are pretty


convinced they can make a go of it. Do you think you can


win it this time? If you're not in it,


you can't win it anyway, can you? So our view is that we feel we have


such a lot to offer in this city. We have got huge


areas of deprivation. To be able to regenerate those areas


would be just wonderful. And of course, this


would help immensely. Of course, this is something that


brings in millions of pounds ?3 million alone is guaranteed


by the Heritage Lottery fund. So what's Portsmouth got


that its competitors don't? I've been asking people in the city


today. I think they've got


a great football club. And you can tell by the fan base


what it's all about, really. Massive naval history, military


history, beautiful Guildhall, I can't put it in words.


I just love it! Some came for the America's Cup,


of course, and some come for Victoria's festival,


so we're beginning to get more of a reputation and I think


to build on those things, to bring people into Portsmouth


and see what we can offer to the nation, well,


to the world, it would be a really Well, Hull is the


current title holder. At the beginning of this year,


they had a huge fireworks display to celebrate the start of their year


as City of Culture. Hull's had over ?1 billion


of investment as a result. But what has Portsmouth got to do to


win? They had this piece of advice from Hull earlier.


What I would say to Portsmouth and what we learned,


an awful lot of the world's history was made a new waterfront


an awful lot of the world's history was made on your waterfront


and your communities were shaped by what happened on the waterfront.


And it's about celebrating that and really projecting just


what Portsmouth did and what Hull has done for the world.


And I'm sure that Portsmouth will want a piece of Hull's success.


11 cities vying for the prize which will be narrowed down to two.


Portsmouth will be keeping their fingers crossed that they finally


make the short list. Back to you. Ed, thank you and good luck to


Portsmouth. It was the place where she wrote


or revised all of her novels. Jane Austen lived in a red


brick house in Chawton in Hampshire for eight years,


until shortly before For her fans, the house -


now a museum - has always offered a glimpse into the kind


of life she led. But now, as the bicentenary


of her death is marked, the interior has been recreated


to make it even more authentic. James Ingham is live


at the house now. It is quite something to be standing


in the very room where one of our most cherished authors


penned her great works, This is the table where Jane Austin


were dashed down to and right after breakfast every day, novels like


Pride And Prejudice. The house has been a museum since the 1940s but is


still revealing its secrets. Tiny fragments of Regency wallpaper


founded out of the way corners in the house have allowed curators to


reinterpret the interior and these little fragments tell a fascinating


tale about the life of the Austin family. -- Jane Austen's family.


Specialist decorators and restorers have been working hard


to refurbish Jane Austen's home, paying close attention to detail.


This wallpaper has been recreated by architectural historians,


based on what was left of the original, but it


There was a motif in this one which they could not make sense of.


And after some puzzling, they realised that there


was a manufacturing fault in this paper.


This meant it was probably a second, and cheaper.


Wallpaper was an expensive and heavily-taxed luxury


There was a missing detail, which meant the paper


There's a central motif that looks a bit like a little spider.


That was meant to have a rosebud there.


The person who was hanging the paper didn't have that to go on.


If it had been there, he would have understood immediately


To commemororate the bicentenary, the museum also has


These are two of the treasures, a gold and turquoise ring, and this.


The three-volume first edition of Pride And Prejudice,


And she described her first bound copy as "my own darling child".


Pictures have been hung on the walls this afternoon and overseeing all


that is the curator, Mary, who joins me again now. Tell me a bit more


about your plans to celebrate the bison centenary. It is a very


important year for the Jane Austin community and the museum. We are


delighted with the way the houses looking after two months of


redecorating. But we have got plans to do much more in the future. After


we have raised the money. This year, we have launched Jane's Fund, a big


public appeal for the funds that will allow us to undertake vital


repairs, and we will then roll out the redecoration through the house.


It is such an old house, I imagine there's a lot of structural work to


do as well as decoration. It is, there's a lot of work in different


areas of the house and it is a grade one listed building so it needs to


be done very carefully. Thank you for joining us. The house reopens


after two months tomorrow at 10:30am. I'm sure everyone here is


ready for an influx of guests keen to see some of the changes that have


been made. And Chawton is just one


of the locations in the south which will be celebrating


Jane Austen's life and work I'm sure you know all the others.


And it has a nice tea room. I've been there, very recently. You


know all the best tearooms.


And where they serve the best cake. Tony is here with the sport. In a


moment, we will meet our 85 Rod cricketer, Jean. I'm looking forward


to that. A great character who embodies what community sport is all


about. But first, Wembley last weekend and more coming.


Oxford United have booked another trip to Wembley.


They'll play Coventry on April 2nd in the Checkatrade Trophy.


The competition was controversial this season as for the first time,


Premier League and Championship sides could field Under-23 teams.


It led to some farcical moments in the early rounds but ultimately


two lower league clubs are in the final as


The sweet sound of the final whistles. Oxford United are still in


the hunt for promotion from League 1, but they already have a date at


Wembley in their diaries. They came through a tricky semifinal at Luton,


a scrambled effort from Phil Edwards and a deflected shot from Marvin


Johnson put the visitors firmly on course for a second successive trip


to the National Stadium. I must admit, it's different to last year,


it is a fantastic feeling to get there. Last year was more, probably


getting there than actually thinking, what we were going to do


once we were there. This year, we've got the opportunity to play another


showcase final. Now we want to go ahead and win it. It was a nervous


night as the Hatters refused to roll over. Isaac Vassell reduced the


deficit and then former Oxford striker Danny Hylton equalised with


just eight minutes to go. The tie looked set for penalties but


United's Magic Johnson still had something left in the box of tricks.


I had nothing in my mind other than try to hit the target and I caught


it well. Getting to Wembley, arguably the most famous football


stadium in the world, what does it mean? It's massive, I've not played


there before so it would be good for me but obviously, quite a few of the


boys went there last year and it ended in disappointment so they have


a second chance to correct it. Last year's finals are an exodus of over


30,000 fans from Oxfordshire. The match against Barnsley ended in


defeat. This year's game against Coventry on the 2nd of April second


chance at national silverware. Ross Eden, South Today.


Now it's time to meet the country's oldest blind cricketer.


Jean Sparrowhawk from Dorset didn't intend to start playing


cricket in her retirement, but she soon found it was more


interesting them some of the more mundane parts of life.


Training hard with the Dorset Dolphins.


It's not what 85-year-old Jean Sparrowhawk envisaged


I have a great retirement because I don't do any of the things


I ought to do like ironing or dusting or any of those things.


Jean is the oldest visually impaired cricketer in the country.


She tried archery after losing her sight and the retired


headteacher is now a fixture on the cricket field.


But I had no intention of ever playing proper cricket.


I thought their cricket was the sort that I would play


with my grandchildren or my children, you know,


on the beach or in the local park, not,


Dolphins play in the Southwest Development League.


Every player must have at least 50% impairment


so there are various keys to success.


Did you see us playing, and if you think it is an aggressive


sport at times with the way we shout but again, a lot of


They all have loud voices so that if I'm fielding, Sam particularly,


I often field near him, he shouts in a loud


So I know it is coming in my direction.


On the global stage, England's team recently lofted


On the global stage, England's team recently lost


a World Cup semifinal against Pakistan but here in Dorset,


proof that the sport brings a lot more than just competition


I would say, if anyone suggests that you have a go, have a go at it!


Quite right, too, have a go if anyone asks you and she's a great


example for all of us at 85 years old. Great to meet her. Staying with


cricket now. Sussex Cricket have reported a small


profit in their latest A decline in match income was offset


by a strong commercial The club's profit for the year


was ?1000 but represents an improvement after posting a loss


of ?139,000 in the year to 2015. Chairman Jim May says


the club is in good shape. You may remember we featured


the junior golfers from Romsey in Hampshire, who were off


to represent England in the home nations tournament


being staged in the Algarve. Well, the seven-strong team


finished runners-up, winning through the knockout stages


only to fall just short against another English club,


Beadlow Manor from Bedfordshire. The final was halved but they lost


on holes won in the match. Rather frustrating for them, a tough


way to lose, not even a play-off! No, but how well do they do! And a


great early golfing performance. Hundreds of pupils in Basingstoke


are hoping to get into the Guinness Book of World Records


by getting hit in the The Costello School hopes to create


"The Longest Pie Train" to raise Determined to get it right,


the students pied each other in slapstick Mexican-wave style


today, as a rehearsal ahead More than 250 people are needed


to break the record. When you get hit, it is just like


the adrenaline just wants you to do it to someone else. Watching


everyone else go, and then me, I was like "Seriously, do I have to do


this?" It's not bad, went in my face and was disgusting. It's not like


gone off ice cream. And don't forget, if you're


doing something funny for money for Comic Relief,


let us know ahead of And the obvious link would be cream


pies, now, wouldn't it? I was going to start at present and then move


down. I have to do the weather with custard pie? And get paid lots of


money for it. I tell you what, they wanted 250 people to break the


record and they have 249, Alexis. Great minds think alike! Let's get


onto the weather. That is far more important.


Lovely day today and sadly it is all over because we're going to see some


rain. These were the blue skies over Gosport in lunchtime. John Booth but


took this picture of a daffodil in the sunshine at head end. And Martin


took this of the sand dunes at West wittering. Stand-by, Alexis, here


come the pies! Not yet. Lovely blue sky overhead


today but tonight we are looking at the arrival of rain. Clear skies


initially so the first part of the night, temperatures at their lowest,


and they will start to rise by Dawn. The cloud and rain will arrive and


it could be heavy at times in the early hours of the morning. There


will be a wet rush-hour drive to work. Temperatures falling to a mild


five, to seven Celsius. Quite a soggy start to tomorrow. The rain


slowly but surely moving northwards. The wind will pick up with the


rainfall and it will clear eastern part of the region in the afternoon


but through parts of Dorset and Wiltshire, still the likelihood we


will see rain during the afternoon, mainly light and patchy with the odd


moderate burst and the front still lingering through part of


Oxfordshire and gusty shared through the latter part of tomorrow


afternoon. Highs of 9-11. A wet end to the day for many other rain


showers will continue during the early hours of the morning on


Saturday. But drying out by Dawn on Saturday so dry start to the


weekend. Lowes tomorrow night of 7-8. The breeze coming in from the


south, drawing in milder air from the near continent. A cloudy day on


Saturday in general. There will be the odd shower and low pressure


starts to slowly pull away. That may bring one or two scattered showers


but for the bulk of the day it should be mainly dry and we will see


some bright or sunny spells, possibly more clout than sunshine


and there will be some rain. Saturday night in the early hours of


Sunday morning. Saturday is probably the best day of the weekend. Taking


a look ahead to the rest of the week and into next, Friday, tomorrow,


rain at times which could be heavy for the rush-hour drive to work. The


winds will pick up with the rainfall. Saturday mainly cloudy


with some bright spell through the day, the risk of the odd isolated


shower. Quite soggy on Sunday with rain at times which could be heavy


and places. And the chance also some thunderstorms tomorrow night. Sally?


That is it from us, more again at eight o'clock and then 10:30pm and


we are at tomorrow morning. -- tomorrow evening. Join us if you can


at 6:30pm. Good night. WHISTLING: Blue Danube


by Johann Strauss II the gap between the richest


and everyone else And while the funding for our


schools and hospitals is being cut, many of the largest companies


and wealthiest individuals And the tax dodgers


are getting away with it


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